Ludacris Disses Kim Kardashian’s Fake Booty – Shades Kanye?

ludacris kim kardashian booty

Ludacris posted a meme on Instagram mocking Kim Kardashian’s enhanced booty.

The ATL rapper didn’t care if he was throwing shade at Kanye West’s wife, and put a meme of thin-thighed Kimmy Kakes and her round booty next to a thick chick with an equally large behind.

It read “If You’re Not Sure If It’s GMO Or Organic…Just Look At The Thighs.”

ludacris kim kardashian diss 2

Luda added in the caption “For all my folks that think they’re a** connoisseurs,”  which could have been a jab at Yeezy.

kim kardashian fake booty

Kim has gone as far as taking an x-ray of her booty to show there is no implants, but that wouldn’t show if she had fat injected in there.


  1. Comment:ok why he's interested in Kim wen he's a wash up rapper wit only fast n furious movies to his name nowadays pay attention to ur wife not Kanye wife

  2. OK so if a woman would of did this she is jealous are hating same thing. But if a man does it one he needs attention two hates that his woman doesn't look like that are three he wants to hit that well sir all you have to do is go stand in line and wait your turn.

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    Fake butts may have been supported by brothers but stop. I know you saw that Kim K. got a fake butt, Nicki M, the same and you see all the THOT attention they're getting and you want some. This is insane. You must be proud of your blackness. Again, you were kings and queens before whites started calling you porch monkeys. Whites have copied/stolen and capitalized on everything black (and this includes black butts), with the take over and disease killing of your ancestors in
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    So stop trying to emulate whites, be yourself and remember that the only real thing about big butts, Kim K and her family is that they are fake.

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      Right on lol

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