Charlie Sheen Caught on Video Giving Oral Sex to a Man!

charlie sheen oral sex guy

This story just gets more and more twisted… Radar Online is reporting an old video showing Charlie Sheen giving oral sex to a man has been found.

The film was recorded in Nevada back in 2011, and was at the center of a court case regarding an “A-list celebrity” spreading herpes. The man receiving oral sex was the plaintiff, and Sheen was allegedly the defendant.

Sheen was forced to pay $20 million to the plaintiff for lying about having herpes just so he could have oral sex, rub, massage, play-wrestle, lick, and have unprotected sex with the man.

When Sheen settled the case, he paid the man off in exchange for the videos. Radar allegedly has a bootleg copy of the videos that may be released.

Are you looking forward to watching Charlie slob on a knob or nah?


  1. Thats I don't mess with any male doing hard core drugs powders or pills crack and coke and meth makes some males sexually freaky they will fcuk anything including kids. How can this white male spin this shit???

  2. Nope don't want to see video. Twisted is not the word to describe the ppl in hollyweird. This is just the beginning. Others will be exposed

  3. After reading this, it appears that those prostitutes could have a case against CS. This will show that there is a pattern of failure to disclose health problems on his part.

  4. Ummmm this shit been going on in Hollyweird for centuries and it's not going to stop.l
    What is wrong with people that have unprotected sex with anyone.. There's too many diseases that's there no cure for.. All the heads of the studios in Hollyweird is gay and prey on innocent kids..
    Anyone that would sleep with Charlie knows he loved porn stars and whorers.. I have no empathy for none of them.. They sold there souls to the devil from the start..

  5. Money talks folks dont care if ypu have hiv as long as you got money theyll f*ck you

  6. Charlie Sheen needs to be in prison! That piece of shit admitted to f*cking girls bareback knowing he had HIV. LAPD isn't charging him with any crimes, that's bullshit! It also pisses me off that hollywood is not reporting the fact that Charlie Sheen was f*cking trannies raw and sucking dudes off! This dude truly is the devil yet the white owned tv networks are treating him like a hero! Are you f*cking kidding me? This f*cker isn't a hero, he is a satanist! I agree with crazychris, Charlie Sheen needs to be shot!

  7. I got something else to say, all you becky loving black guys, stay away from Jenny McCarthy! You know she did several kissing scenes with Charlie Sheen!

    • Umm she's married to Mark Wahlberg's brother Donnie from NKOTB. I doubt she's after any of the dudes reading this blog.

    • She already had the herpes before CS…she said so when Charlie came out with the news…she acted all butt-hurt about having to reveal her condition while his was not disclosed to her.

      Also WW outed her on her show after she mentioned she has the herpes…she said since Jenny put it out there I remember when she came to my radio show with a big one blaring on her lip…

    • @ NBA is Fixed 20:10 — That's very kind of you to give the warning, but becky-loving-black-guys are usually closeted h0m0s getting salads tossed and strap-on drilled by white chicks is their initiation…

  8. There's a female doing the same thing Charlie sheen is doing her name is Nicole Ortiz she picks guys up from Facebook and instagram. She has had it for years. She lives in Ohio. A mixed girl.

  9. There is a reason the Denise got custody so easily and given the boys to watch while their mother was in rehab. The boys mother is a freak too and did things with Charlie and other partners. Sad state of affairs.





      Britney another dyke whore is mentally unstable right now.

      raven symones's dyke ass don't know what the hell she wanna be she likes girls but she says shes straight.

    • Heard allegedly that Denise's supposedly adopted child may also be Charlie's by some other chick.

  10. dustin diamond wrote about all the sex that went on at saved by the bell I can believe that zack and Mario lopez were both f*cking all 3 girls on the show and that mark paul was having an affair with peter engel the executive producer.

    screech even says mark paul and peter was having threesomes with the white girl that played Kelly tiffany amber something.

    that's how Kelly got the role on saved by the bell the college years she f*cked peter engel just like mark and Mario lopez.

    zack and slater at times acted like a gay couple on the show screech also wrote that neil Patrick harris starred as a guest and he was gay back then and the guy forgot his name but he played the gay ass magician.

  11. I think Corey Feldman was trying to tell us all about Charlie a long time ago. I think Charlie is the one who messed with Corey Haim when he was a kid. Corey said Haim told him one of the older boys on the set of that movie called "Lucas" had sex with him and told him this is what guys do with each other.

  12. Why aren't they trying to press charges against Charlie the way they went after Bill Crosby? I mean, I'm no fan of Bill…..but geeeezzzz.

    • We know why they went after bill still at least bill never infected anybody that we know of i still blame those women for going to the hotel with bill knowing what he had in mind

  13. The nasty, horrible greeks stated "the only love is from another man". White man is the first to put on a dress, on their knees and sucking someone's wood. There is a serious gay/trannie again in the world and many of you are accepting this and looking into this for your own sexual needs. Then when you get hiv/aids you're running back for help.

    • @ CriticXtreme 22:26 – Good observation, but don't leave the nasty caveBytch out of this either. Remember the Island of Lesbos where these grecian females did the same gay stuff. Also the Romans and Greek Females would have sex with animals especially during their celebration of Baccus AKA what Anglo-sized kneegros happily celebrate as "christmas" these days. Today's caveBytch has escalated her perversion to preying on school children, turning men into transgenders and promoting a hyper-feminism that threatens to erase masculinity from the planet. Those succubi are not innocent and should be nailed to the cross ever time their insidious males are.

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