I Heart Cocaine: Charlie Sheen Living On Borrowed Time?

Charlie Sheen is Dead

“If he [Charlie] doesn’t quit doing cocaine his heart could stop.”

HSK Exclusive – Decades of delving into drugs are reported to be the reason why Charlie Sheen is said to be living the physical effects of junkie-activity. We’re told the central vessel pumping the actor’s HIV positive ‘Tiger Blood’ throughout his system is off beat in doing so.

According to our source… despite doctor’s urging Charlie to kick cocaine, the “Anger Management” man refuses to follow the Doc’s orders.

Here’s what a source spilled:

“Between being HIV positive, having an irregular heartbeat and his drug binges… it’s only a matter of time before Charlie checks out.”

Charlie Sheen Bad Heart


  1. Sheen has done more cocaine than Paris Hilton and never went to jail! Sheen has smoked more crack than Rob Ford and never went to jail! The justice system however will not hesitate to put a black man in prison for drugs! I have to agree with comedian Corey Holcmb when he said, “They spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year building prisons for one reason, to put us in them!”

    • Well Charlie is coppin his coke on a corner in south central he’s getting high behind his gates in Beverly Hills niggas kill me with this all the black man locked up for drugs bullshit I sold drugs for a number of years white boys get locked up to Hispanics get locked up too if niggas don’t wanna be in jail don’t sell f*cking drugs

      • Amen black people need to stop with all this self pity shyt and take responsibility for thier own dumbass actions

        • Exactly drugs have been illegal for how long the US has had mandatory minimum sentencing for how long and niggas still choose to deal drugs but wanna cry when they go to jail then wanna say well such and such white celebrity didn’t go to jail well that celebrity ain’t standing in a high crime area with a 500 pack in his draws niggas need to educate themselves about the system just like they do these damn celebs and f*cking Jordan sneakers

  2. We all knew Charlie was a mess but ever since that Rihanna thing, it’s been wall to wall charlie coverage. Why?

  3. Jacky thank you for putting the negative effects of cocaine on your website. Black people who do that shit need to know what will happen to you if they put that white devil up their nose! Just say no to drugs!

    • If niggas don’t know what coke do them in 2014 they deserve the shit that happens when u become a slave to narcotics

      • Regardless of what ‘niggas'(as you state) should or shouldn’t know, it is part of the solution to show the consequences to foul deeds. And 2014 doesn’t really mean much if someone is 18 and just starting life. They don’t have as many reference points as your old ass. You ignorant bastard!

        • Nigga At 18 if u don’t know the consequences of drugs that sounds like bad parenting luckily for me we had the phrase crack kills spray painted on the wall when I was coming up

          • I was unaware that it affects your skin and lungs.
            I thought it hurt your brain, nose and heart.
            Learn something new everyday.

            Just say no, y’all.

            • Yeah coke f*cks up ur lungs that’s why so many addicts die from respiratory failure and many long time user develope asthma and any toxins u put in ur body f*cks up ur skin I’m sure u seen long time junkies before maybe u never paid attention to those things but next time u see a fiend just analyze them look into their eyes look at skin listen to breathing yes just say no I’m 100% sure u know before finding out that it f*cks with lungs and skin

            • I always thought the breathing was cigarette related..
              Doesn’t it all go through the liver, too?
              I think all toxins (cigs, alcohol, fast food) end up in the liver.

              I’m a little green when it comes to this stuff. Doing drugs was never an option for me… thankfully!

            • yes I sold I was fully aware of the consequences of my actions and was prepared to deal with them I never put a gun to nobody head to make the get high just like nobody put a gun to my head and make me deal ppl need to take responsibility for their actions like I said its 2014 the black community doesn’t need a celebrity as an example of what coke do to u we’ve been living with examples for the last 30yrs so if a 18yr old in 2014 doesn’t know drugs f*ck u up I suggest that kid pay more attention to his or her surroundings and what’s going on outside and sometime inaide their home being young isn’t a excuse for being uneducated

    • @Willie, Keeping him alive ? Shit….dude might as well drop dead and get it over with. Now if he is getting that 100% uncut coke, then yeah he might as well drop dead. But it depends how many hands that coke has been passed down to.

      • Its not like he eats or sleeps.
        Coke and liquor seem to be the main staples of his diet.
        Quitting either would kill him just as much as using.
        The life of an addict!

        • I heard of an lady smoking cigarettes for 40yrs the minute she stopped was when her health seriously decline
          So it does makes some sense @Willie Jones Jr.

  4. I know it catches up to you, but he’s been a drug addict for about 30 years now.
    Charlie with his HIV, Heroin and Coke addiction will probably out live all of us who live a clean, drug free life.

  5. Caligirl I agree aren’t we all living on borrowed time.maybe he knows he not gonna live long so he might as well enjoy himself.his money his nose his body his life his death.

  6. I always liked Charlie as an actor. Always felt there was something a bit off about the Sheen family dynamics. I know back in the days Martin Sheen & Andy Gibb were very close friends. I never understood what a 40 yrs old man( Sheen) was doing hanging out with a 20-22 yrs old( Gibb)

  7. After so many years he probably can’t stop won’t stop. Why do old heads like coke and crack so much when pills, weed and syrup are less costly and a better buzz 😉

  8. There are some people who came to earth with no expectation of living long. They are here for a purpose only they know, but being interested in living to 100 is not one of their dreams. If they ain’t taking illegal drugs they hooked on prescriptions. Ppl like Charlie need constant stimulation to exist, their breath is not enough and the God essence is not enough to keep them content in life.

    • Truth is, we are all here for a purpose . But, some people will leave the earth never knowing what that purpose is, due to their own selfish ways. We were never intended to just live for ourselves. If you think you’re living your purpose and you have full control of it, that is not it. It’s that simple. God thoughts are far more bigger then what we can ever imagine or think.

    • WOW BEAUTIFULLY SAID—>Ppl like Charlie need constant stimulation to exist, their breath is not enough and the God essence is not enough to keep them content in life.

  9. Y feel sorry for some1 like him that’s what he gets for disrespecting his blessns he knows already his life is done FUCK HIM

  10. Who gives a f*ck! He wants to do that, and if he’s dying that’s how he’ll want to go out! He has kids he doesn’t see, he is a grandfather and doesnt care. He prob will leave all the money to the hos… and that is the purest of sads.

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