Trick Daddy Takes Turnt To The Next Level!


Trick Daddy is def riding the ratchet train! Know why? ‘Cause just when you thought dude couldn’t trump his “EataBooty” proclamation… he just did.

The 305 lyricist followed up his first Twitter bomb with “EataD*ck”… it’s BANANAS!

Peep it:




  1. Maybe he needs to read the next story about Charlie Sheen, HIV, and cocaine. ..

    Is he talking about women or men? Sounded like he was talking about doing both…

  2. I cosign with raheim. Crazy to say it but he looks a helluva lot better than what he did look like. Lol

  3. Good grief, when did eating from the shit hole become something to be proud of? The ass is the dirtiest part of the human body. Filthy wretch, no mother could be proud of birthing this thing. And not everybody uses their mouth on the lower body parts during sex, there are still many people with healthy sex lives who are quite fulfilled in their modest sexuality.

  4. Soooo, kneegrows made it cool to go to jail…

    Now, it’s cool to toss salads and be bisexual because of jail….


    Maybe, just maybe, if we do all this shit these low-life thug rappers tell us to do, we will find the disease that takes us all out.

    That is what TPTB want.

  5. eating booty is a movement. lmao. all the niggaz is doin it. and they dont get tired! lmfao

    • I think you are right. Received it once, unsolicited, and it feels very weird and I couldn’t look at the person the same anymore. Trick is keeping it trill I suppose.

      • I’m a man and I’ve had women lick mine and it feels damn good. After they did it, I didn’t look at them the same either —sheeiiit— I looked at them like sex goddesses!Over time the sex got so crazy one chic would dive in every time she got the chance. We don’t f*ck around anymore but I assume she’s carrying on tradition with some other guy/girl(?)- she said she felt in control when she performed it on me. Hey, whatever keeps the pilot lit.

  6. This is about as ghetto and ignorant as you can get. Who buys his music? You would have to be of the lowest intelligence to support this crap.

  7. There was a rumor that trick was infected with the monster but he said he has lupus. Who knows the truth?

  8. Is anybody noticing that there coming out saying these people have aids,herpes I believe they do have thoses disease

  9. Trick daddy don fall off this has to be tge ghettoest shit I ever heard in my life his career is officially gon to the dogs hes been lookin sick lately he might have that package.

  10. Trick did a recent show in my city his face was swollen and he looked like death. Backstage he treated local artist like shit – looking @ them like “who are these niggas?”… So it makes sense that he’s hated on Ross and Plies success in the game. Seems like Trick Trick need to whoop his ass again.

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