Lil Debbie Straight Punks Snoop & 2 Chainz


She’s back, gunz blazin’! Lil Debbie — whose turnt level is to the point that even her former White Girl Mob squad don’t want her — just set off shots at Snoop and 2 Chainz, taking it back to a time when she blazed up with the the boyz.

“I remember nobody would take the blunt from me. I was so irritated ’cause Snoop kept giving me blunts.”

Check this… ‘Debbie Does Hip Hop’ hasn’t only called these two grown azz men “old, like as sh*t”… Miss. ‘Aunt Jamima We Sippin’ also refuses to refer to 2 Chainz as anything but his throwback title, ‘Tity Boi’. Ya Heard!?

“Snoop Dogg has collaborated with the White Girl Mob in the past, featuring Kreayshawn and V-Nasty on his own “Keep It Crackin’.”

Check it:

“I talk shit about Tity Boi all the time and how old he is. I love him, but I’m like, ‘Yo, he’s old, like as shit, but that’s tight’.

Snoop Dogg is 42 years old and still is able to keep his brand up. I feel like sometimes he’s [Snoop] too high, to like give a f*ck about the politics of this. shit.”


  1. Massa keeps his boys in line they won’t be calling her a bitch or a hoe or a THOT they keep that for the sistas stay in line boy you can’t diss the slave master’s great granddaughter. Stay blazing, granddaddy pimp!

    • ^^agreed @Thee1 I couldn’t have said it better myself..well maybe yeas, but you said enough..#StayBlack

      • Yeh gurl and as usual up pop some sell out sambos in denial to the truth quick to call a bw a bed wench they the biggest dusty dicked bed wenches of all time. I saw a video of this white bitch calling BM the N word and THEY TOOK IT. BW with a WM she working for a slave massa? I turn that shit back to a sambo. SHE THE SLAVE MASSAS GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER and you sambos aint’ gonna do a damn thing about it but take it and keep sucking up to white trash while you diss the motherblood. Stay blazing sambos and granddaddy pimps the whole world is laughing at your CONQUERED ass so quick to call out the women of your clan and give white trash bitches a pass #FAILURE

    • u got to be kidding! niggas talk worse shit about them!!! thats that insecurity speaking. Im sure you’ll tell me how you the shit yadda yadda, but 4real y’all think dudes be out here like that?! Thats f*cking crazy! Maybe them oreo ass niggas you dont want anyway, but I dont know any non oreo ass niggas or men that be biggin them up on no shit like that, y’all got life f*cked up.

      • Yawn. BM scared of even calling out WW and the truth is slapping you in the face they be cooning shucking and jiving to come to the rescue and defend white woman. From all the rappers giving Gweynth Paltrow a hood pass for saying NIGGAZ IN PARIS to SNOOP cooning and giving passes. CONQUERED CHUMPS SELLOUTS!!!!!!!!

    • Oh baloney. She’s not the massa’s great grand daughter, she’s not even the wicked white trash overseer’s great granddaughter. She’s the gonorrhea ridden town whore’s great granddaughter. And the apple stayed close to the tree.

  2. I doubt they even care what this garbage pail kid thinks of them. I also doubt they remember trying to get her high or recording with her..

    Although a quick “STFU White B ” is in order. Id love to tell her myself…

        • Thanks. It was in reference to Monday’s comments about a white girl in Nebraska saying she was so black, her stuff smelled like Newports, for all who didn’t catch the original post…

          • I caught it…then we went there with, is it right then for a black woman to say “I’m so white my stuff smells like Bologna..” lol

  3. When it comes to white women, these black men’s pimp hands are weak. They fear backlash from white men if they utter any negative words towards their white queens. If this was a black women, they would have dragged her for filth.

    • 2 chainz is 36 you think

      2 chainz is 36 you think that’s old.

      snoop’s only 42 snoop[‘s not that old but hes too old to be degrading any woman omn record.

      • 36 is old to be rapping. Its a young man’s (children’s) game now.

        What real 36 yo is in the club every night, talking about gold chains and fancy lIquor, or whatever he talks about. Idk don’t listen to (c) rap anymore..

        • not true!!!! jayz is rapping in his slipper he keeps retiring and returning he loves the money and fame too much

          • Hes too old, too .
            Btw, he and his team buy the first million or so copies of his cds . That’s how he gets the big sales numbers.

            Idk how any rappers make money these days. Who is really shellig out hard earned money to pad these ppls wallets?

            Jays life is falling apart. His wife’s gonna leave him. Ppl thInk hes a cheater. Its time to grow up.

          • @Willie Jones jr

            beyonce can’t leave him their a business brand!! and jayz will probably hire someone to axed beydummie if she leaves him
            look online there’s millions of threads saying the same thing!!

            beyonce and jayz are like the 21st century ike and tina!!!!!

            jayz cheats because he’s powerful in Hollywood!!! and beyonce knows that she has to compete with jayz’s side chick!!
            that’s why she copies their style dance routine etc etc to win!!

            her miss naughty routine is for jayz benefits to keep his d*ck in his pants!! she’s really coping rihanna’s style

          • Businesses split and divide and merge all the time.

            Ike and Tina? Really? Ok.

            The world will continue when they break up.
            They will find other partners. Him, someone new and young and gullIble. Her, hopefully a REAL business man, a REAL billionaire. . Maybe even a white man or a European.

            Its not the end of the world . It ain’t this serious.
            If they can fake it a few more wks, finish the tour and be done with it.

          • @Willie Jones jr

            jayz only got with beydummie for the money and the fame he’s using her
            even young couples wanna have a relationship like them!! but their marriage is fake
            kanye west and kimmie fake cakes is going to take their place if they split

            as for the business part is really is senseless how will jayz survive without miss pesky bee flying around him??
            how will she survive without joe camel humping around her???

          • We must be talking about 2 different ppl.

            What money? They got together before she went solo, mama Tina was still sewing their costumes when Destinys Child won those Grammys the year Bey and Jay started dating. Before Austin Powers, before Loreal, before the first Oprah interview.

            Kanye and Kim? Really? Ok. You were joking, right? He’s gay she’s a ho. No ones trying to emulate that.

            They are grown. They’ll get over it.
            I just hope she made some good claims in the prenup.

            I don’t think they even share one business. She has her own (dereon) and he has his own. (40/40). Both their names aren’t on either business.

            Not sure why you can’t accept what they as a couple realized… Its over.

          • @Willie Jones jr

            i’m talking about their brand image “black married couple” and “black love” and “black sex”

          • Oh honey.
            If you believe their phoney baloney bullshit, I got a bridge to sell you..

            You bought into the lie. Let it go. Image means jack to me if you have nothing real to back it up.
            And they obviously don’t.

          • @Willie Jones jr

            i wasn’t backing nothing up in away i was agreeing with you!!!!

          • Oh. Sorry lady.
            Its hard to tell sometime s because I don’t hear your tone, am only reading words.

            Its like texting and thIngs get misconstrued.

            Sorry again.
            Go to hell Carters!

        • Willie for the first time i agree with you. you know what’s so sad is that allot black women like choco lips really believe and fed into this gimmick image, of jay z and beyfake!! This black love crap, really!!! I saw through from day 1, but everyone swore up and down i was hating (being jealous).

          • black love is real!!!!

            maybe someone’s not getting enough sex!!! that’s why their vex!!! sex and relive stress hop on someone!!!!!!!

          • No choco lips however, love is a spiritual fruit grown by God’s spirit and anyone can possess it. Maybe what you have at home is that and that’s nice but love is not a color its celebrated by 2 individuals that have this spiritual fruit. And anyone can experience that love no matter what culture.

          • Really? That’s odd because my opinions are usually on point! BOL!

            But thanks anyways Anon 13:01.. I do what I can…

    • Thank you bro I totally agree w you, and both them ni66as is old and Snoops ass is way out the stratosphere I think his ass is on jupiter… Now she has said some sideways isht before but this is a non issue. Boyz in the hood scene reenactment “We gotta prollem here….We got a prollem?” Nah no prollem Dough….. She still gets a cup of Shutdafucup tho…

  4. The idea is to split us up as a people, this chick is a fake!!!! Everything about her is phoney, this chick just like any white girl or dude that grew up watching hip hop videos being easily influence by ghetto images, by emulating what they saw. That’s not real,i guarantee they don’t hadn’t around real ghetto thug sistas cause they day the wrong thing, they’ll get their @$$ whipped !!! That’s why us sistad not down for these phoney ghetto cracker girls, cause we know their fake. They come from these high lifestyles their parents bless then with but would not ever want to live their lives in poverty in the ghetto. Don’t get me wrong they’re whites in the ghetto,a little here and there but not at a large amount. Nobody likes a phoney, that’s why nobody take their music serious cause this cracker bunch is just playing ghetto., when they got the means to live a very fruitful lifestyle their parents worked hard to give them.

    • I doubt her parents had a fruitful life. She seems like trailer trash. Mama probably didn’t catch Dads name as he was getting dressed and leaving the meth party.

      Uneducated, dirty, ignant, and loose. She’s no ones white queen. Whites ain’t claiming that.
      Sandra Bullock, Celine Dion, Sally FIelds… now those are some classy white women! BOL!

      • celine dion with her flat wallpaper ass her husband was a creep he said he wanted her since she was a child.

        • Hey, no one called her a looker. But at least she never runs her mouth or acts foolish in the media. She’s homely, but classy. WJ Jr point is taken.

      • @ juiceman, brother i disagree on too things you said. First, low income houses are not built for soldiers coming home from war. I’m basing this on the education I received in college. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we were taught different on this subject? Second, there’s no such thing as a white ghetto. A bunch of whites living in one area is just that. I love your insight. Keep posting I enjoy your comments

        • @ juice a ghetto is a place where due to legal,social, or economic restrictions a group of people have been forced (for lack of a better word) to live. As far as the reservation, I have visited a few not talking about the casinos, but I have never lived there. I have lived on a plantation. Now that’s something on a different level. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy discussion. I see other posters be coming for your head, lol.

        • Wrong, there were Jewish ghettos, and gay ghettos, and the first ghetto was in Italy which is where the word comes from”borghetto”

          • Thank u Anna. I just didn’t have the energy. There seems to be a lack of just basic intelligence here lately. If you’ve ever read literature or ANY of the classics ghettos are mentioned throughout. It’s discouraging really that people don’t know the origin of the word.

          • First off jews Hebrews and Israelites r the so called African Americans they r not normally has they ever been white do yo research potna

        • @ juice i was responding to anon who said that there’s no such thing as a white ghetto, pointing out that the first ghetto was in Italy and there were Jewish ghettos as well

    • When the families of blacks that been murdered and enslaved get paid for crimes against humanity, it will continue to be enmity between or cultures. Add for *white ghettos* it looked nothing like the ghettos of blacks. I’ve also been to trailer home parks, well seen it, and their culture is nothing like ours. So miss me with the white bull crap talk, there’s no such thing as white ghettos try again !!!! : | !! I’m sure you met some nice white people, i met some myself, but lets see how long this niceness last when the government shut of public assistance. And i bet when anything go down with our people they won’t get their nice ass out there with us to stand. You be blinded by the niceness i rather stay vigilant.

      • Those ghettos was put there for us to for us to destroy ourselves not to help us. The ghettos was not a black suburb to live. The government didn’t create it to be a nice beautiful environment, try again. Drugs already waiting there when blacks began a mass exodus into the ghettos during the beginning of the Vietnam war. So like i said it’s nothing you can say to make this chick be acceptable i will never accept this phoney and krayshawn whatever the fake hoe name is, said herself she and her friends grew up inn the burbs. Point blank, she’s fake and i and the likes of other sistas will never accept these fake cracker want to be hood chicks. Oh and by the way being that you’re on the internet you could be who ever you want to be, you always have seen this and that, yeah ok, I’m sure !!!!

        • @anon you are wasting your time. Juice mane job is to defend everything that’s white. As far as littering is concerned, there is a lot of littering that takes place in the suburbs. There is however a lot more street cleaning (courtesy of the city) that comes through and clean the streets. Bus stops, gas stations and parks get cleaned daily via the city. I see it with my own eyes. On the contrary in the hood, if littering is done it just stays that way. No clean up crew coming through daily. So don’t act like those rude little ass kids in the suburbs don’t tear shit up. Because they do, I live in a really nice neighborhood, I know what goes on. I’m all for a person being true to who they are, if you are white and you are from the sticks in Alabama and you want to rap about your hood, by any means do you. But don’t act like you have some pass to talk reckless about black people. The trailer parks are where you find the most prejudice people, as funny as that sounds. They are very envious of any success that blacks have, they are bitter that white privilege has only taken them to the trailer park..lmao

      • You lived in the pjs???

        I thought your father was the med school grad who lived in an all white community and hated white folks who had treated him so badly in med school and wanted him to fail out.

        You need an income threshold to live in the pjs. A doctor’s income would disqualify him from living in the pjs.

        Look “Black Like Me”, we already got someone on here who lived 20 lives and ain’t no one takin’ our dear little Christa’s place so they be missin’ you at tmz so get goin’ ova dere in cyberspace.

  5. If these white chicks want to impress me, they should be the influence to their men to change some laws treatment we still endure at the hands of the leaders of this country, the men of their culture. When that happen i will see them (white women) in a different light !!!! :-)! A lot of black men think a lot of white women want them when it’s only 3% that’s with them, most of these chicks are sticking with the men of their culture. When the numbers go up near 50% then we know things have change, amongst this nation, we know that won’t happen.

    • these white girls rapping don’t phase me sooner or later they learn they’re out they’re element.

      blondie went back rto punk rock Deborah harry looks old and wrinkled now drugs wasn’t her friend.

      let the white gorl ho mob and iggy enjoy their moments.

      they’ll be gone soon.

    • majority of black guys who date white women in the south they are fat, chubby, out of shape and unpretty.

      most of the black dudes want money and they realize sisters aren’t gona take care of them burt a fat ugly white girl will.

      yes seen fat ugly white girls come out in the streets and make money.

      but any woman with a p*ssy can sell it regardless of skin color.

    • No it does not depend on the location, due to the 2012 census. Calculating the whole entire nation only 3% rep white chicks and black men married. A huge jump soccer laws have change? Hell no !!! But who cares love is love, right?!! 🙂

  6. snoop dog or snop lion is a hypocrite!!

    when he started rapping he was rapping about gunz drugs and sex now!! this motherf*cker is rapping about no gunz allowed??
    this fool is hypocrite!! he changed his name to snoop lion locked up his hair supposedly!! rapping about piece and equality
    but back in the day he was rapping about sex,drugs,gunz,cheating

    as for 2 chains he wanted to be like 2 pac sadly for him there can only be one 2pac!! 2pac rapped with style classy he was a poet
    he educated people about his culture 2 chains is rip off judging by how he looks he looks like a sell out probably has a white girlfriend/wife

    as for the trailer trash lil debbie she’s nasty black men stop hyping this white women up. stop helping them these white women today copy and mimic black women
    they want to be like us a black women

    • Respectfully @ chocolate, when snoop came in the game he was like 18 or 19, and was from gang infested long beach Ca. He has had a 21,22 year run he has been blessed financially and also legally he has had trials and tribulations. He has grown somewhat from where he was, his music gets the side eye most of the time but I prop him up since he aint on that bang bang isht. Some of my favorite artist that are 15 to 20 years in the game are still rapping about the exact same isht they was rapping about in 94. He has been exposed to knew experiences. We all hopefully grow as people(not true but its a dream). I use to have very extreme views about white people in my late teens and twenties. Now as a somewhat older man I see things from a different perspective based on life experience. Dont get it twisted I dont trust white people in general, because I know better, but hell I don’t trust alot of people to begin with. When its all said and done we as black people for whatever reason choose to be participants in the madness and we have to own that, all it takes is us saying yes for money celebrity admiration adoration accolades whatever. Anyway love the name. Jus giving u a lil different perspective.

  7. My mama (who raIsed me) was a tIny ItalIan wIth a bIg booty and long haIr. A real beauty. She drove a tinted out Lexus and made major bank hustling rich dudes back I the day..

    It happens. Its rare. In fact, I knew more Brazilians that hustled than whites or black ladies! They don’t take no for an answer!

    • Now yall know these white women be hustling on a bigger scale they hustlin athletes doctors lawyers. They put themselves in thebright place and time they dobthe right things… They dont wait for an athelete to notice them and wait for them to send them a drink they send drinks to the atheletes they know their stats they know who they are . They let them broke atheletes drive their bimmers when they are in college. They play the game for long term benefits. Im not saying its cool im not saying its right, its about that paper. And they get it and take it. We as black people play the game wrong at every turn. We are nurturing as a people as whole. We take people in and give away oursevles we are too trusting and unfortunately the world we live in does not recognize or reward those attributes.

      • Mama had NASCAR team owners, a former DA and BofA execs.. whoops.. probably said too much. .

        All I know is I got a free lawyer for life, use of a boat on Lake Norman whenever I want, and Pit Passes for any race I’m able to attend. .

        Whatever she did, she did it right! RIP Gina. Gone too soon.

        • @ Willie Jones, it seems like you’re saying your momma was a hoe. Brother, that’s not cool

          • That’s not very nice to speak ill of the dead.
            My mama was a saint taking my brother and I in getting us out of an abusive home.
            Everything she did was to provide a better life for us, but Id never call her a ho.

          • And let’s keep it 100% , sometimes when women are very beautiful its nothing for them to keep pulling rich dudes and they don’t turn tricks to do it. After she had to move put because her baller boo cheated,My oldest sister caught her bosses eye the second week on her new job. Fuck a stereotype, they have 12 years and three kids together . She’s the opposite of a hoe that’s why he married her . My point was her looks caught him. He wasn’t really checking for a plain Jane or regular Beth.

          • Thanks for defending beautiful women who dont have to be disrespectful to themselves, Anon 15:17.

            I really took offense to the one Anon comment slandering my mama… and I’m taking the high road instead of snapping back…

            My mama would have strangers on the street giving her money. Once someone gave her $100 for a fake phone number. A ho would have been impressed.

            Also, she could go where these executive guys couldn’t. Some had habits and couldn’t go to the hood without fear of being robbed or stabbed. My mama didn’t like the competition, as she would resell the stuff for a 500% markup!
            I miss her so much. I don’t get to talk about her a lot..

  8. That doesn’t mean anything to me, that doesn’t mean real change like i said you fall for that crap I’m not going for it. Theses chicks are not going to face the men off their nation for any of us !! The united states have tally up the numbers of these women with men of other races and it’s not a huge jump. All what you saw was influence, as for Willy Jr it’s funny every time you comment “he” show up !!!

        • Ok. You’re right. I’m 2 ppl. A split personality.
          One is a dark skinned man living in Nebraska.
          The other is a brown skinned man from Charlotte.
          I can’t make up my mind who or what I wanna be.
          Ain’t that right, juice? I mean, me?

          • Thanks Anon 2:08.

            What a nice thing to read early in the morning.
            Haters can’t stop my twisted logic!!

        • Oh. Well. Hello.
          My name is Wilt Chamberlain Jones Jr.
          I was born in Charlotte, and lived here all my life.

          I know some dumb Omahoes though.. male and female. They a dIfferent breed out there.

          Nice to meet you!

  9. snoop was hardcore true but the situationas at deathrow scared him when snoop was found not guilty at his murdserr trial and pac was killed snoop started to look at his life and future.

    snoop calmed down over the years its called againg snoop evolved over the years leaving dwathrow was his best decision and getting his own label and getting to where he can do for himself.

    artists are always trying different things.

    how many rappers did reggae in the past.

    as for 2 chainz barely listen to him he might be a pac fan but he raps nowhere on pac’s level.

    hes a clone jusdt like trick daddy, c murder, krazy, and tha realest add ja rule too.

  10. You’re nothing but a disinforment, you here too try to sway our thinking. It’s nothing you can say to make us accept the emulators that’s culture vultures. Iggy for example is from Australia, same place as Chris Hemsworth same Aussie dialect all of a sudden southern accent, this krayshawn chick makes up a name to give herself to be accepted by blacks to make her rich and her family don’t care they’ll be living off the money we give them. I’m not accepting no phoney !!!! So you can just keep getting paid to try to get us to go along with this mess but it won’t work.

    • Of course they’re not getting paid,i never said they was!! I said their wanting to make money off of being something they’re not. Their not gonna see money cause nobody takes them serious, cause their phoney.

    • Lame!! I don’t think so,toby !!! 13 people, it’s more than that if a mass of people not buying into this gimmick. Trust this site is not the only ones calling out this coonery. Trust word of mouth spread quick, so miss me with the 13 folk mess and no you’re not black and yes you are a miss informant.

    • Judyfly.. whatever.. a laced joint …
      I don’t do the stuff so I don’t have my terms right!

      Now, wanna talk about Bud Light? Lets go!!

  11. As for as change it’s nothing wrong with that, I’m happy they made it out of the ghetto. These rappers you mention saw, that it’s a bigger world out there but it’s sad a a lot of blacks especially black women don’t get it. I’m a sista and I’m greeting ready to stay traveling and seeing God beautiful creation in people and places and I’m happy about it. But it’s hard to face other cultures of people when there’s stereotypes that are not true of our people. This hip hop culture was was about a civil rights movement of what us blacks was going through in this land at the hands of the government and through spoken word and rhyme have birth to rap. Ira the government that turned rap into money. Anything kind of rebel rap goes out such as what rap stood for get made it won’t get radio play, cause it will influence amongst a people. Which is over off the main reasons tupac died along with breaking the oath he took, he didn’t think was serious.

    • @Juice mane

      snoop lion aka snoop dog is a coon!! he did a song with miley virius!! the song was crap!!
      he rapped about guns sex drug etc etc now he’s rapping about no guns allowed????

      maybe smoking too much f*cked his brain up!!!!

      • @Juice mane

        juicy j is also a sellout!!! snoop dog is one too i do’t agree with their mindset. change is good but i can’t stand hypocrite neither
        black Hollywood are basically slave!!! they serve their masters by doing the nastiest and most dirtiest tasks

      • @Juice mane

        loooool ok!!!!!!

        you know i’m right …….only joking lol!!!!!!

      • Nobody was jamming to anything other wise these sells would go through the roof double triple platinum sales !!! And it’s not even like that :-\

  12. This bish is ridiculous. I think her publicist researched which urban blogs have the biggest readership and started sending in stories to create infamy for this methhead looking wigger. They think they are slick, but before she started appearing on HSK, I never really heard of this trick or her wack ass crew. Henceforth tI’m just gonna ignore stories about her. I’m tired of these milk colored hos creating roadblocks to Chocolate city. Eff her

  13. what the f*ck this bitch try to be racist on the low like her slot machine video with black women depicted as naked jet black bald headed mannequins/she stay taking shots at blacks nbut sees to be obsessed with our culture like most NaZZis …and niggas f*ck anything so I hope this frail bitch don’t blow up past a porno blow up doll…

  14. That’s not the problem you missing the point, out course any man would shoot off in any pretty woman, black women are not exempt either. But it’s nothing than when there’s women of other cultures emulating our style and steelo and not being called out about it. And yes we as a purple can change the way people see us by telling the truth about who we are as a people by telling the truth that our culture was created as a movement. The world really think we are hoods, as for Africans i think they’re catching on to seeing we are the least of their problems.

  15. black women are copied every day yes some self hating black women will copy white women but that’s not here or there

    black women envied by all they copy black women’s hairstyle back in 90’s black women were rocking short short hairstyles
    black women was wearing black lipsticks etc etc now white women are doing it

    back in the 30’s-40’s black women had big butts and big boobs and Hollywood made fun of them!!

  16. When something is popular, you see it everywhere. I’m sorry but i don’t see all this bleaching going on the average sista can’t afford such surgical procedures let alone the cream, who wants to get clowned for being a self hater. Also black women who’s light skinned to fair can pull off the blond and raggedy Ann red hair look. Most black women have toned down getting the blond look its looks scary, in fact i don’t give compliments to any sista with that look. All that i see that with is the black females in Hollywood that lost their way as a black women and gave in to something they’re not. These black women in Hollywood had to conform in order to see a pay check. I’m not fan of sista in Hollywood for denying there blackness

    • You’re being near sighted, your speaking from what you see but from a mass consumption, the average black women is broke!!! :-(and that real !! Most black women in America is not on a pole or a baller arms , so lets (you) be realistic. That’s a few compared to many not all wants to look like the black hoes of the industry, their the ones want to get in. Their materialistic what you expect, Claire huxtable !!! :-[

      • Id say Charlotte is 50/50. The younger girls are broke and bummy. They waste money on weaves, weed, garbage clothIng, etc. They are usually uneducated and in general have no direction.
        The older ladies here are the bourgeois, are established, live in nice neighborhoods, drive the nice cars, have the good careers. Think a Southern Claire Huxtable.

      • The average black woman is not broke hun. Maybe in your circle. Stop believing what’s on t.v. Black women in a whole are more educated now than ever and have sadly surpassed black men and other minorities in the work force. Are black women investing their money? Now that’s another topic. But if you look outside the ghetto, black women are definitely making that paper.

      • Trying to live ghetto fabulously is a lot of young folks problems, I guess that’s universal. .

      • I live in Cali and every woman here has long scraggly hair extentions and be in the nail shop every week, these females want to copy what they see on TV and they will break themselves for weave, fakeeye lashes, nails ect. btw im a female so i see it first hand

      • Blacks are the number 1 consumers?!! laughing over here, whites spend more than us as a people. Blacks may spend more on liabilities but remember it’s not allot of us in this country that have spending power as the majority. It’s always reported  how much we spend but we never hear how much & where the money goes from the majority, which is the white majority.

  17. If you notice that whenever a black man or woman is educated, that dating pool becomes widen. The reason for that is cause success takes you to many places outside of the environment we come from that’s very small. Its not about the outside its about what’s in and every man and woman have not plan their life well to be picked as a life mate. Juice, some brothers and sisters have to understand if you want someone on a higher level, one must get there to be picked or do the choosing. Can’t demand what you’re not, right :-)!!

  18. You seem to make it your business to come on this site to defend some side ways shit a white person said or did. What exactly is your point? Go to tmz with all of that. Most of us know how to read between the lines and call a spade a spade. Perception can make all the difference, this I know but you and your pro white B.S. is nauseating to say the least.

    • Sambos LOVE to jump to defend white womenhood everybody knows this nobody respects a butler bowing down to becky

        • You do that enough within the industry you work in. to sideways for me, you’re lukewarm and represent 99.9% of black men the industry , a conformist. black women in the industry have to do the most to get and stay out there worst than white chicks. But out of the culture ours brothers like you that would most likely take the bait and conform for a damn nick and hoping to sit at the table with the masters of this land. Of course that’ll never happen, but that don’t keep you from pursuing that hope. SMH !!! :-$

  19. Intelligent, educated. I can’t tell by your grammar. When ever someone has to point out their accolades; one should be ware. My credentials speak for themselves. I dare not down play the opinion and emotion of a black woman because she doesn’t have as much education as me or because she lives in the ghetto. That’s just weak!

    • My comment wasn’t meant for you. It was in response to anon 12:33. Follow the shaded boxes.

    • I’m not exactly at a computer, sorry for the typos!!! !! Touch screens are the worst !!!

  20. @Juice Mane–So true, ain’t no black men with even an iota of sense give a damn about this basic-ass white caricature of a black Thot. Me and my boys have been laughing at her and her ‘White Girl Mob’ since they crawled from under a wad of gum on an Oakland sidewalk a few years ago. Hell, a REAL Little Debbie snack cake looks leagues better than this mass of wasted organs. Yes, many black men (And now women) are still under the media-led impression that ‘White is Right’ when it comes to, well, EVERYTHING, especially dating/sex, but I for one don’t put white women on a pedestal over other women (And no, I’m not just saying this because of the site I’m on, it’s the truth).

    • Exactly. Hell, I’ve been trying to figure out why these white Cockroaches are even still around, considering their ‘leader,’ Kreayon or whatever her name is, went double Plywood on her first album, and the other one’s Mixtape with fellow degenerate Gucci Mane did the same. On the real, I wouldn’t be surprised if these broads were more Industry creations that didn’t work out, like Vanilla Ice, Riff Raff, & Smilez & Southstar, just to name a few.

  21. @juice mane, you are too much. Talking about helping her with her self esteem lol.

    • That’s funny I’ve been to the ATL !!! Most of those sistas you talking about either trying to get in the industry our stripping the average sista is not like that. And there’s nothing wrong with my self esteem boo !!! Like i said when something is popular & trendy you’ll see it everywhere. There’s plenty of sistas where i live , and they don’t adorn themselves like those want to be white heffas on TV.

      • YOU’ VE BEEN…..I LIVE HERE. And most of these sistas do not strip or trying to get in the industry. All you have to do is look at a dating site like plenty of fish, and you will see the THOUSANDS of successful black women. You get your info about atl frm your one or two visits here and frm love and hip hop. But there is much more to atl than that. You must forget about the ladies that attend the HBCU’s here. I guess they wanna be in the industry and dance on a pole too. You need to get out of that players club thinking. Because black men and women are doing big things down here. Maybe you shld get out more often. The next time you visit, holla at me. I’ll show you what this city all about from the 30th floor of the Twelve……

        • Like i said i lived there before and no thanks to showing me around, especially with those ebola patients in your city now. However, yes ours beautiful sistas there but they’re not fixing themselves up the way you putting on and not even the college sistas that are also classy & beautiful. You’re talking about the ones you’ve seen in the industry, that don’t count. I’m going by what I’ve seen, now in NYC that’s a different story. NYC sistas are so fly but most can be aggressive.

        • It all depends on what avg. is. IMO I have very pretty women that were financially straight, and women with avg looks who are financially straight. But we’re talking about atl, this place is sooooo spread out. Whoever that chik is talking about atl females are industry clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. Because let’s not forget this is the same place that shut every single projects…soo that means that there are also a lot of hood rats running around also.

  22. Well, instead of barkin’ on the obvious, why don’t you state where that mentality came from?

    Also, why don’t you mention how the joos love the blond Aryan look and where that came from?

    Your little fake soft black panther act is such BS.

    • Thank you, a few of us have been trying to tell these fools the aryans hate joos more than.they hate black people, some of them even go so far to.say joos are aliens and.not even.a part of the.human race

    • I never said anything about the joos of ATL

      and I am not a bytch so don’t allude such

      You are the one whinging and moaning about name calling.

  23. Shout out to the HSK community:

    Every once and a while we get a real good infiltrator on here.

    Juice mane is one.

    Let’s not help him write his thesis (and I am being kind) or his script. Don’t give him the vocabulary which he will eventually use to try and BS in some community displacement scheme.

    Str8t f*ckin ignore his azz and his BS.

    His father was a MD in a white neighborhood, but he grew up in the PJs.

    But some of y’alls comments about this wack bish Lil Debbie (or whateva the f&ck her name is) was so funny.

    You know, this Lil Deb could be a trillionaire, if she just take her wack azz to comedy and be the wack azz white girl which she is. She’d be real and hilarious and rich too.

    • and u must be the thought police who wants to shut down everybody who has a different opinion, the bish is trifflin we know this but juices point was that she didnt say anything insulting in THIS particular statement, she could have worded it better but we dont expect much from a peice of shyt like her anyway….

      • ain’t no thought police here, but I will call out a thought censorer like your alter ego, I mean friend, I mean self….

        who tries to make others see the “errors of their thought”.

        And where did I respond to his thread about Lil Deb. I jumped in when he started talkin’ ’bout the pjs and light skin v. dark skin.

    • @19:33, I agree. I just sat back and watched. And less than 10 minutes after your comment, here comes another one to discredit you. Pretty obvious we’ve been infiltrated, as you say. I hope more HSK readers get hip to the game of certain commentators being controversial just to create interest.

      • Exactly.

        I know some of our regulars come hard at the system and those who run the system, but it’s real and it’s da truth and that is how we roll here.

        So when I get some social worker who desperately tries to mitigate the black experience, it’s on.

        We all know whites go to jail, lose their homes, on drugs, etc., but the consequences are not as dire. They are not targeted for “mud loans”, they are not pulled over and f&cked with by the cops as much as we are, they do not get sentenced as long as we do, hell, you get sentenced more for crack possession than cocaine cuz blacks are the one sellin’ the rocks.

        So, neither I nor HSK community needs to be remodeled by some social worker.

      • “nobody sent me hear you fool”

        Nobody sent you HERE, YOU FOOL

        It’s called homonyms joos mane.

        And you are callin’ someone a fool.

    • @Juice mane–To be fair, there has been an influx of dumb-ass Trolls on here for a while now–Instigating, ‘Sybil’/Multiple-personality-having, Disinfo agent, and/or racist Trolls who claimed they were hired by the site to ‘stir shit up’ like SB/Brains/Al Sleet/Ms. Fly Pie, Myra Panache/Panache Report Cultists, racist-ass Marilyn Manson fans, and those are just a few examples. That being said, I can see why some people here would think you were another Troll or whatever, but you didn’t/still don’t seem like it to me–‘White Social Workers’ don’t extol the virtues of the Dungeon Family (‘Hey Ya!’ or not) or listen to Killer Mike and GZA, for one lol Like the one Anonymous said above, you just seem like a real black man with a slightly different perspective on the world (One that many blacks get from simply going to college [Universities, not Community Colleges], so it’s not uncommon), which is what is to be expected on and offline. So if that is truly the case, keep doing you.

      • Very true about not all whites being evil and not all blacks being righteous, and this is coming from someone who also went to a University, though I knew what the deal was beforehand. This brings to mind a quote from Dick Gregory I’m going to paraphrase: “Blacks don’t hate white people, we hate the system of White Supremacy.” That’s a very generalized comment, of course, but it’s largely true. I’ve been saying this for a while now, but like everything else in life, race relations here and abroad all boil down to two things: POWER and CONTROL. Being that whites have, for centuries, had all the POWER and CONTROL in the world, especially over blacks, it’s natural to see them as the enemy, which those in charge are, bar none. However, there are millions of other whites who are scrimping and struggling to get by just like many blacks are. Yes, they have the advantage of White Privilege, especially when it comes to law enforcement, but many of them have similar complaints about TPTB that blacks and other so-called ‘Minorities’ do.

        Not to mention the issue now is moreso about CLASSISM than racism. Not to diminish racism, especially being a black man who many whites still scurry like frightened animals and hold on to their white girlfriends when I pass them in the street, among other incidents/issues; I’m just saying that racism, while still horrible and crippling to its victims everyday (Just look at our condition in this country, despite the few of us who are ‘doing well…’ Under the control of whites in some form, but that’s a topic for another time), is essentially just another way to keep the poor divided while the rich make off like bandits on our blood, sweat, tears, & ignorance, and we keep falling for it both directly and indirectly.

        So yeah, I don’t see ALL ‘regular/everyday’ whites as racist, though, as a black man in this country, they have to show me & I have to gauge whether they are racist before I associate with them, and vice versa I’m certain. My issue is with actual racism, the system of White Supremacy, and what can be done to end it.

        • @Juice mane–Yeah, as I’m sure you know, the colorism is one of the most powerful/longstanding holdovers from slavery which culminates in the rampant plastic surgeries and skin-bleaching (More like destroying) in order to look white or lighter, despite having African (facial) bone structure, because so many blacks think that will curry them favor among whites.

          The majority of blacks–Fuck that, everyone–in Western society have been brainwashed into believing ‘White is right,’ and the fact that it’s reinforced in the media day after day makes it so powerful and hard to shake. I would also say this is why so many dark(er)-skinned black women act the way they do; they’ve been so marginalized when it comes to beauty (Notice I didn’t say sexuality) that many of them feel they have to go above and beyond ‘simple’ femininity in order to get noticed by black and other men, which is where the brightly-colored weaves, extra-long eyelashes, over-materialism despite often being broke & living in the Ghetto a.k.a. ‘Ghetto Fabulous,’ so-called ‘Ratchet’ behavior (Loud, argumentative, angry, desperate for attention, the oversexed nature/Acting out sexually which stems from the slavery-borne feelings that their only value lies in their sexuality, etc.) and over-confidence all comes in. That’s why instilling a strong racial self-esteem along with morals, values, and the like in our children is so important, especially in these beyond-crazy times.

      • @Juice–Thanks, man. And yeah, some people don’t think colorism is real…While they’re the main ones saying shit like your quote! lol The fact that blacks are basically glorifying rape victims in their pasts when showing a preference for light(er)-skinned blacks or not marrying & having kids with dark(er)-skinned blacks (This is especially prevalent among the so-called ‘elite’ blacks [Who came to be from their mixed ‘free black’ ancestors during slavery, many of whom started the so-called ‘Black’ Fraternities & Sororities with their ‘Paper Bag Tests’] and among Puerto-Ricans, Cubans, & Dominicans) is lost on everyone who is colorist. And like I said in my last comment, all of us ‘Western (And now Eastern)’ blacks are a victim of it, but with the media (Even our so-called own media, such as BET and the like) pushing a ‘White is right’ agenda every damn day, you can’t blame some of us for falling for it.

        As for you saying ‘nigga,’ man, I ain’t trippin–‘ We black! I try not to say it, especially in public, but I’m not the ‘Nigga Police’ among my own, especially since I know part of it stems from an effort by Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney in the ’70s to take the power from the word…And ignorant-ass rap songs and ‘black culture,’ too, of course lol

        • ‘Lucy’ to me is an intersection of some good ole’ fashioned ‘White is Right’ Hollyweird illusion-casting (i.e. the not-so-implicit message that blonde hair & blue eyes [Uh oh…lol] is the pinnacle of evolution), their reliance on a famous and bankable face to drive ticket sales (Especially overseas, as I learned on another site) no matter how asinine the movie’s plot is, and yet another example of Hollyweird’s desperation to stay afloat in this age of piracy and unoriginality. ‘Lucy’ is also in good company, as there are two Ancient-Egyptian-themed movies coming out, ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ and The Gods of Egypt,’ that depict ALL the Pharaohs/Royalty as (You guessed it!) white, when history itself (And not just so-called ‘Afrocentrist’ history) has shown said Royalty was black and MAYBE mixed prior to the time immediately preceding and following Cleopatra. Don’t get me wrong, I just got done saying that the world has been under the white media-fed impression that ‘White is Right,’ and most moviegoers, even blacks, likely wouldn’t go to movies starring non-whites in droves (There are exceptions, of course, but I’m talking in general), but it’s still a ‘slap in the face’ as you put it & yet another example of white revisionist bullshit.

          In fact, a white woman (gasp!) wrote an article about this very topic a few days ago, though the Jury is still out on her reason(s) for doing so:

      • ^And you stupid for that ‘New Jack City’ quote lol I was just watching that a few days ago.

      • You said you said you lived in the pjs.

        You’ve been exposed mane.

        I don’t care about your recriminations.

        I am informing my fellow HSK posters. What you say and write and profess is BS.

        HSK has very savvy readers. They peeped your game.

        • i got you! just sayin what the old heads here have been through… There have been some legendary trolls on HSK. Don’t believe me? Ask LB3 or SB!

          otherwise go nutz im only suppose to delete the spam comments anyhow.

        • I don’t have shit to show you about racism and lil Deb because I never said her words were racist.

          I said her wack azz needs to make some real money in comedy.

          When you are shut down you resort to non sequiturs and excuses.

          You should be rename your handle as joos lame.

  24. She probably has. You should watch one yourself. Nazis were heavily into eugenics. They had camps where they literally bred attractive young blond German women with buff blond Nazi soldiers and men that weren’t necessarily as attractive but very mentally gifted. They were trying to create a race of white super humans. So to say she is wrong about their live of blond hair and blue eyes just makes you look stupid and uninformed.

    • Hitler made the Joos wear badges identifying themselves as such.
      Guess they we’re physically indistinguishable from the Germans..

      “All whites look alike but are not alike”

    • “Place a light skinned girl aka a bad yells bish on a pedestal and dog the dark skin girl. We do this”

      Those are your words joos mane.

      How is this different from the joos who worship blonde hair and blue eyes? I said talk about the underlying cause about the light skin/dark skin rather than bark at it.

      And if you don’t think joos idolize the Aryan look, what is the standard of beauty in fashion and entertainment, and WHO RUNS that?

      Don’t answer, types like you love to pontificate on the failings of Black people (who are not without fault) but fail to pluck the wood out of your own eye.


    • Thats because these dumbasses are lumping an entire group of people together based on how they look, the Jews did not prefer blond hair and blue eyes the Nazis did, and the Nazis were the ones killing the Jews (sorry for typos)
      Jews are not like white supremacists they dont care, its more about the religon

  25. Ok, then I agree with you. This thread is so convoluted its hardto keep track but I was trying to respond to someone who was insisting that Jews were opposite of Aryan and hate blue eyed blondes. My mother went to Israel before all the violence broke out.Most Jews there are European descendents and they are obsessed with blondes. Ms Israel is a gorgeous black girl though. But generally that Aryan look is still PRIZED.

    • Thank you for the real talk.

      Soon, information will be a prized source of survival.

      Unless you have idiots screaming what we should and should not know and talk about.

      • Is that why Zoe Saldana was cast as Nina Simone?

        Because we know who is overly represented at the controls in Hollyweird.

      • @HSK–Funny you mention that, as there was a cartoon on Adult Swim called ‘Minoriteam’ about multicultural superheroes that played several racial stereotypes for humor (Yes, including white ones), the ‘American Jewish men loving dark-skinned black women’ one among them.

    • Again the aryans hate the joos, and that was the basis of the holocaust, one persons expierience (your mom) dont mean shyt, they feel like joos are greedy and inferior and they hate the fact that they believe they are the chosen ones

      • Joos are greedy and feel superior. That’s why they don’t encourage inter-religion dating. They want you to convert to Judaism. They have their own bible, the Torah. They don’t believe in heaven and hell because they’re chosen and heaven is a given because if their religion. They do not believe Jesus is their savior so they killed him.

    • Black folk are everywhere.
      There are black Israelites, black Brazilians..
      My birth mother is a black Colombian.

  26. WTF is Li’l Debbie? I got a box on top of my refrigerator now, she makes my Swiss Rolls.

  27. “THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL SITE. If anything Jasper shld be breaking me off for getting this thing turnt up in here. I got all you so-called pro black mofos up in arms, and for what. Some of you people see racism in every little thing.” (juice mane)


    This is not a black site per se, but the overwhelming majority of the reporting is about Black entertainers.

    If people comment with Black consciousness, referred to above as “pro-black mofos” then so be it. It may not be a political site, but if a thread or post becomes one, so what? Why is it so important to you to keep this site apolitical? You do have POLITICAL in all caps? You have the audacity to declare what this site is and is not?

    This site is what it is, real talk. Celebrity and entertainment is enmeshed with politics, always was, always is and always will be and all the regulars know that.

    If you didn’t know that “mane” then you are out of your depth on this site and it explains your fall back position to name calling and multiple questionable life scenarios.

  28. I think she should just do an interview talking about herself and her efforts in rap or what her upcoming projects are. I believe she’s name dropping, and coincidentally name dropping Snoop, who is a pioneer in the rap game and 2 Chainz, whose image is thug life. I think she believes by publicly associating herself with these established rappers, it gives her street cred…”you see ya’ll they hang with me so you know I’m da isht!”. Transparent attempt to get in on the inside track.

  29. Not quite sure if that was meant for me but anyway, Uh, Yeah, I can see that they have hung out…but I don’t hear Snoop bringing up Li’l Debbie in his interviews, cuz he can stand on his own. I’ve seen the internet and seen the google images…I’m not buying what she’s trying to sell. One can’t believe everything you see and hear. I think she’s full of shit…just trying to make a name for herself in the game by hanging out with established rappers who spent time in the hood. That all…And like you said everyone is entitled to their opinion, don’t talk me out of mine.

    • Nothing I typed was to try to “talk you out of your opinion” I fail to see how I was doing that…..I simply said for the umpteenth time….where is the bigotry/racism/hate that was said in THIS ARTICLE, and not some other website. Yet, none of you have been able to answer that in reference TO THIS ARTICLE.

      • Practice what you preach. I made a general comment (it was not a reply to ANYTHING you wrote) and you jumped on it. Talking about “some people make comments without doing research”…that was an attempted snuff at me. So please save that double talk for them cornball chicks in Nebraska. Not ova here.

  30. If he’s trying to help her career out that’s cool…I ain’t mad at nobody. She can keep doing her…but she’s definitely name dropping…

  31. Lol, welcome to HSK Juice Mane. Lol. They are really on you, huh? I also had my reservations but you are intelligent and I respect your perspective. I agreed with you about Black women doing well for themselves in Atl.(I’m currently in Alpharetta.) Exploring beyond what you’re used to is essential for growth. You seemed to have experienced that growth in NE. But welcome back to Atlanta.


    Here she talks about how “Snoop, at 42 is able to keep his brand up”…she is not in the league of Extraordinary rappers to make comments on a veteran’s career. He’s just passing her a blunt, “smoke bitch”…and then like a true snitch, she smokes with Snoop and then tells the entire world or for that matter anyone that will listen. Yes, EVERYONE knows Snoop smokes but no one is dropping dimes in an interview talking about what a spectacular time they had with Snoop smoking. LOL

  33. Juice Mane – I’m not coming for you…you can put your weapon down. Your exact words to Lovely “I didn’t comment to sway anyone’s opinion…” Same here. Why are you trying to dissuade mine? You have no fight here…

    I think she’s full of shit…plain and simple. And Katt Williams don’t know WTF he did yesterday he’s so drugged up.

    • Comes with the territory, mane. They tried (And FAILed) it with me, too, and now I’m down to only one shit-talking, self-important ‘I’m from L.A., so I’m important off of g.p.!’ crone at the moment lol The site fulfills its purpose of being entertaining, but like you and others have said, all this shit disappears when you leave the site, so it’s whatever.

      • No problem. And you’re right, I’m well aware of how those racist ‘conservative’ hicks get down on those sites, especially when the topic is on black people. But since I’m mostly on Youtube, I deal with them there. Most of them end up dumbfounded & speechless when they realize they’re dealing with a black man with intelligence who doesn’t take their regurgitated bullshit and fake/trumped-up crime statistics lying down and puts them in their place with FACTS. But like I said above, it’s overall more diversionary bullshit so we (The oppressed of all races & ethnic groups) don’t join up against TPTB. You would think these whites, the so-called ‘paragons of Intelligence’ would see that, but no–Many of them can barely keep their Trailers out of the nearest creek. Sad.

        So yeah, keep bombing on ’em.

      • Raheim Have you noticed that crone has been MIA for a few days now? Fingers crossed, maybe it’s permanent. She is the bane of my existence lol.

  34. the article about Li’ll Debbie saying she was a white rapper and can say NI99A anytime she wants WAS printed/posted in this site, I believe last week. Miss Li’lDebbie may not have said anything OVERTLY racist in this interview…but you can’t take this as an isolated event. Lol, I bet if she got stopped by the “Good Ol Boys in a state, like let’s say for example, West Virginia, in a car smoking with Snoop and 2 Chainz, she will remember she’s caucasian real quick and her she’ll pull out her white card real quick

    • @Juice Mane, first hings first, my manners..i wanted t o tell you I also respect your opinion and respect you. But in order to ascertain anything we have to look at everything, not just one incident. Whether she said it today or last week or even last year, she showed her hand. No hate, just saying…

      • “Whether she said it today or last week or even last year, she showed her hand.”

        She might wanna sanitize that hand before speaking on others. Just thinking out loud lol

  35. Snoop dogg is the epitome of hip hop. He rapped about hood life in the beginning cause that’s the life he was living, but he recognizes he’s 20 years removed from that life so now all talks about is getting high n females. He knows his hood life experiences expired when he stop living that life. Lil Debbie is whack, but her attitude embodies the deffiance that hop hop was founded on. The masses may not approve but that doesn’t influence ones opinion and how loud they express it. Real hip hop is not all about street cred. It’s about the ability to evolve without prejudice.but once an artist, white or black, overcomes obstacles they are ostracized and labeled a sell out. True in the beginning it was a voice for the unheard minority but assimilation was always implied.

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