Keke Palmer Cast as Broadway’s First Black Cinderella


Actress Keke Palmer, who holds the title of the youngest talk show host in TV history, but maybe most known for her portrayal of Chili in the recent TLC biopic, was recently tapped to play the lead in the upcoming Broadway production of “Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.”

Palmer is the first African-American actress to play the role.

Here is what Palmer tweeted about it:


Here’s what’s out there:

Palmer does give props to singer and actress Brandy for paving the way for her. Brandy played the role of Cinderella back in 1997 for television in a production by the late Whitney Houston. Palmer told the Associated Press, “I feel like the reason I’m able to do this is definitely because Brandy did it on TV.”

Palmer’s historical Broadway role comes on the heels of actor Norm Lewis’ casting as the first black men to play the Phantom in Broadway’s “The Phantom of the Opera.”


  1. Good for her. She’s really paving her way to be maybe the next Angela Bassett or Ruby Dee. Let’s hope she has their longevity.

  2. Wow, good for her. She is slim and attractive but still they allowed her to be seen on screen / Broadway – progress. I wish her well and hope that she goes far in her career.

  3. Do your thing, lol mama. Marry a black man AND have some brown babies and ill really be proud of you. It’s just so rare for a young black actress to have any shine and if she does TPTB want her hooked up with a white guy (side eye at Lupita)

      • Just not used to it, is all. But seeing a story on a positive young lady was a nice change. Please keep the uplifting stories coming.

  4. Lil ke ke palmer is down with the powers that be she goes to these parties too she has her own talk show now satan rewards his children well she is no different from other stars she sold her soul too.

    • 8 shows a week are more than a notion.

      If she can pull this Broadway role, she got to where she is on her talent.

      And Disney on Broadway is no joke. They can be some real muthafathers as employers on Broadway.

      Congrats Keke, break a leg, you are booootifull!!

  5. Congratulations little Sister on your honor. Don’t wonder where the BM are they are busy praising at the white girl threads defending them. BM won’t be buying tickets to see you on Broadway not unless you got a sneaker sale going on, too!

  6. The reason why this is going on is because this will make it easy for the mainstream (white) Hollywood to keep capitalizing and owning black art platforms in entertainment. I’m not falling for the BS, i see what’s going on. The blacks in Hollywood don’t even see their being taken for a ride. It makes no sense how blacks have to deny ethnicity just to perform. Caucasian people in America is still scared of our strength in self identity. That sad allot of them really think they’re so different from their ancestors.

    • Not a faulty reasoning there, but it gives our little girls something to wonder about.

      They (our little girls) have a black Cinderella.

      Yeah, we know it is BS, but we ain’t 7 years old.

      30 years ago, white folks would have been up in arms. Now their daughters have a Black Cinderella too.

    • My gawd, some people find fault with every damn thing. Can’t you just be happy for her?

  7. The more I look at her picture….. the finer she gets…… rumble young girl rumble.

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