Charlie Sheen Takes Shots at Rihanna: “That B****!”

charlie sheen rihanna bitch

A couple years ago, Charlie Sheen and Rihanna were dining at the same restaurant. Charlie sent his people over to Rihanna’s people to see if his ex-fiancée could take a pic with the singer. Rihanna’s people refused, saying there were too many paparazzi swarming the building, and taking a picture “just wasn’t possible at this time.”

Charlie then took to his Twitter to clown Rihanna and a pink wig she was wearing.

The incident happened two years ago, and Charlie still can’t get over it.

On an episode of BravoTV’s “Watch What Happens Live,” when the host asked Charlie if he has ever mended things with Rihanna, Charlie looked confused for a moment, and then responded with, “Oh, that b****….”

Peep the video:

Press Play ??: #CharlieSheen called #Rihanna a bitch tonight! ❗️? boy you better get right with GOD because you got that deadly virus ??

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Do you think Charlie was wrong for calling Rih Rih out her name?


  1. Charlie Sheen must have some brain damage from all of the STDs and untreated HIV. Still no excuse for his vileness.

  2. I remember when she snubbed him and his girl at that restaurant 2 years ago. Everyone here was on his side then, but that was before the public knew of his HIV status.

  3. He still hates Denise for showing him up and being a better person. So much he evicted his ex and his two daughters from their home.

    • Thank you and when Brook go to rehab, Denise is the one to take the kids in so they can all be together.. Rihanna did right, she doesn’t owe him anything, he has refused to give autographs to his fans and the ones who watched his shows.. I been knew this trick Charlie swings anyway the wind blows.. She don’t owe him anything at all, I’m on her side and he’s not accustom to. Being told NO..

      • …and the third daughter Denise adopted is actually one of the trick babies he had with a an escort/stripper. Denise>Charlie

        • He also has two biracial kids he’s hiding and paying off. He a rapist like he was raped.. Most of the higher ups in Hollyweird is GAY.. You gave to suck pecker or take it up the butt, to get and stay on top.. It’s really said because they will sleep with anything to make it in Hollyweird.. Sad but truthful, there’s dues to pay and you must play to get played..

  4. She already has herpes, so….. she’s quite fond of STD’s. She’s a hoe with with diseased p*ssy anyways.

    • Black males have the most infected dacks in the USA LOL why do you think white males don’t want yall marrying their daughters??

        • LMAO…you know you sound stupid right? LOL…

          You stay home alone for many reasons most having to do with you being off mentally.

        • That jailbird brokeass punk bitch keeps showing his ass and getting checked. Only punk bitches lurk so hard. Gossip primarily is women’s biz – and down low queens.

      • True but black males have the worse repuation worldwide of any man #facts actually have more stds than any other group…herpes, hiv and Genital warts as a result of leftover sperm from high risk thugs/Sissy like Jaquan, jamarquvious and pookie it’s crazy how many black males are down low aids infectors trying to pass as straight to ruin yet another black woman’s lives.

        #fixed bitch

  5. That YT superiority shit where he expected her to do something for him and because she refused he calls her a B to this day and to a black man. smh
    Cancel the gd show! Nothing good happens on WWHL.

  6. what can you expect from celebs!! all up their own azz!! moderators from this site took 100k to remove the story about sheen not long after it went up – paper trail n all!!

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