Asian Men Are Fed Up With Steve Harvey

steve harvey asian men joke

Steve Harvey has managed to tick off Asian men worldwide after a segment of the “Steve Harvey Show” went viral.

In the clip, Steve is making a joke about popular dating guides, like “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.” Steve said it would be the shortest book because white women and black women aren’t attracted to Asian men.

People are now claiming Steve is racist. Peep the video.

Do you think he deserves the backlash?


  1. Don’t give a flyin FUK about these short azz, kissin white folk azz Asian men.

    • Another jailbird queen worry about your broke unemployed ass who doesn’t build a community doesn’t own property the only thing you do is type online because you have no f*cking job a loser.

      • U just mad because he told black women to stop buying Asian weave. Y’all will sell ur first born for some new tracks. SMH

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  2. Finally he stepped on the wrong toes glad to see it he needs to shut his f*cking mouth because he’s just another hypocrite.

  3. There used to be men, decent men, posting here, but yall bitter ugly unwanted women have driven them all off with your accusations.

    Thats the same behavior that leaves yall without men in your life.

    • You’re the same sock puppet understand this punk bitch you’re not fooling anybody! good black man aren’t on gossip sites all day like women obviously you’re mentally ill and clearly you live in the hood because you don’t get out much so you’d understand that hard-working black men don’t gossip like a lunatic bitche that you are.

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  4. How To Date a White Female: A Practical Guide to Fellatio with Dogs

    Exhibit A: “Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Bobcat Goldthwait (Movie 2006)

    • How to date black women

      1) Don’t have a job
      2) Live with your mother
      3) Have a criminal record
      4) Say will leaves in an oppressive systems

      • You fit that bill so why are you single, lonely, desperate w/ blistered palms?

        Because that is not who black women date, asshole.

      • That punk is blind to the fact that black man have the most negative associations and the most negative images of any man in the world.

        • Yeh but us deadbeat black men still get to f*ck the shit out black women 🙂 My boy even lined up for a train on some black nurse the other day

          • BS and even you said your boy and NOT YOU…soooo we know you are a GOT damn lie, nice try tho…lol.

            • @21:09…….LMAO got em.
              Don’t no REAL nurse not a CNA or MA, but a REGISTERED NURSE want him or his deadbeat friends. That’s a fantasy of his.

            • No you did not lying MF re-read what you wrote…that is why I know your bitch ass is LYING…lol.

            • @09:23 I highly doubt that! With all the AIDS and HIV passing consequences they get to see everyday in helping the poor unfortunate black women who have interacted with one of your type. I HIGHLY DOUBT ANY ONE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD WOULD TOUCH YOU! You got that dusty ass vibe about you, I’m sure even Medical Transcriptionists know to steer clear!

            • IMPERSONATOR! I’M THE OG ASAP. I’m a wack ass bitter jailbird. Yeh I know I need help. I only run trains in MALES. YEP, DL.

  5. I can’t stand Steve Harvey, he did his ex wife like a DOG, when the divorced.. He has her arrested several times for telling the truth on big mouth ugly mouth.. This woman he married had told him years ago, he was too poor for her, but now that he’s wealthy, he married her..,This is his second scandal this month, he was talking about white people like a dog and now Asians men. Hope he saved some of those millions he has, because they could not renew his contract, when its due .,

    • Anyone who marries Steve Harvey makes me question their everything. For one, dude is ugly as FUCK. Two, he’s one of the most unfunny MF’s on the comedy scene. He is no king of comedy-EVER. Three, hes just ugly as FUCK.

      Plus Ive heard from numerous sources that Steve Harvey was a super ASSHOLE

      • You are so right Bernie Mack and Cedric the Entertainer made that tour worth watching..
        I can’t stand his big cheese eating ass, the roosters have come home to crow.. So it’s his turn to feel the heat.. That whorer don’t even dress like a lady or woman, she dresses like a tramp.. He did his ex like a dog and vengeance us the Lords and his time is no..

      • ROFL… I thoroughly enjoyed your comment!!! Thank you for that. I used to call him Steve Donkey, because those veneers when he cheeses like a clown. You make me want to go to youtube and find that throw back Kat Williams voice mail video! LOL

  6. All of that is just STUPID!!!!! He needs to STAY OUT OF THE DATING GAME FOR EVERYONE….stay in your own lane!!!

  7. Steve Harvey is bitter and jealous. He is an oldhead who refuses to move with the times. He cracks on Asian men, but what about his dentures, his fat azz and his non-jokes?

    Asian men are on the cusp of ruling the world, Steve Harvey et al better “bow down” as Beyoncé would say.

      • Let’s see here…Asian countries have dynamic economies…Africa does not. China is the 2nd biggest economy, Japan is 3rd, South Korea is 10th. Tourists the world over visit Asia and is fascinated by their cultures and food.
        No Congoloid state is even in the top 25, except South Africa due to white Afrikaans running the country.
        China is building Africa’s infrastructure due to the natives too lazy to do it themselves. London, NYC, Antwerp, Dubai, Singapore are taking Africa’s vast mineral wealth and the Tarzan natives are allowing it. La France has troops stationed in her former colonies to keep the peace due to the primitive tribes have wars with each other.
        In conclusion, Asia/Asians are respected, the voodoo lands are considered a joke.

        • and this dumb bitch are a fool if you believe any one group runs this…lol.

          Try again, dumbasses.

          • They’re delusional. Japan and Korea have no resources and their military is a joke. They’re client countries.

          • The only reason any foreigners have access to Africa’s wealth are a scrap of trade agreements and CONSTANT THEFT and TERRORISM by CACs.
            Europe and China have no wealth. Their land is crap and they have barely any resources.

          • Millions of tourists spend billions traveling to Africa:
            -visiting holy lands
            -musicians touring

            Africa is a fantasy destination that people will spend tens of thousands to visit. Even people visiting for freak vacations will spend that much.

          • Europe and China have to constantly fight for resources and leverage their military while people in Africa literally trip over gold on their way to work. Gold is *dirt* to many people in Africa.

            It’s a joke to even refer to Europe as rich or wealthy. Africa could easily deflate places like Europe if it actually cared. But Africa doesn’t need to attack anyone for resources like EuroCACs and DesertCACs; it’s overflowing with them. It’s one of the reasons Africans smile so much and have such a great spirit and are so strong; and why CACs are bitter, angry, and constantly doing wacked sh**.

            • Oh, is that why the African populace are always at war, starving and dying of disease? Why do they need China to extract the natural resources?

              Whatever the Asians need, they plan and get. Which is why China is telling America to sit down about the South China Sea Islands. All degenerate and decrepit Europe has to do is look cross-eyed at its former colonies in Africa and Africans go hide in a corner.

              • “Always at war?” “Starving?” “Dying of disease?”

                You’re a moron that gets their “facts” from stormfront. Propaganda isn’t real f**got. What’s real are CAC terrorism (CAC proxies) and CAC stooges throughout Africa, which CACs use to STEAL Africa’s resources.

                “Plan and get?” You mean steal or beg for. Ask south Asians. And don’t compare the Chinese to all Asians. South Asians actually have resources.

                China is mostly telling the US to “sit down” because they have support from Russia. LOL. And because they have access to African resources.

          • And “respected?” By who? Degenerate CACs?

            And that “respect” often comes from them being seen as a pawn or someone CACs can exploit.

            Don’t nobody care. Hell, those same CACs are obsessed with random African people who don’t care about them. They stay soooo pressed. In fact, they’re trolling this site and monitoring it right now. The depths of their obsession with people they constantly bash is….lol

          • And “respect?” What a joke. It shows how utterly clueless some people are. A perfect example is what CACs say about different parts of Asia.

            CACs praise Thailand because it’s full of ignorant, lazy, sketchy people that kiss CAC ass for tourist money. CACs smear *Muslim* Asia because those people are hard-working, educated, classy, and don’t give a crap about CACs.

      • I wrote on the cusp, oh, but that’s right, you are the first generation in America TO BE ABLE TO READ.

            • LOL..come up with an original comeback slingblade…and there are at least three people who agree you a blind dumb motherf*cker.

              Check the comments against you again dummy.

              • You have no intelligent responses, so now you’re doing this. You know everything you say will be destroyed with facts and reality.



              • LOL…bitch you would not know a fact if it was a big dick slapping you upside your tiny head.

                Even though I am sure you know what being slapped upside the head with a dick feels like…lol.

        • They’re “on the cusp of” STILL DEPENDING ON African resources, external resources, and selling finished products to western countries.

          Shut the hell up.

          • But they are working with the little they have TO SUCCESS. BTW, the dependence is mutual.

            And Africa???

            I’ll wait.

            • There isn’t mutual dependence. Africa is exploiting what China has to offer, but they don’t need China. China needs them.

              China can’t maintain anything they’re doing or even support their people without Africa and a bunch of other providers; and buyers.

              What “success?” They rely on everyone else; furthermore, when the west catches a cold…when Russia decides to stop gassing them up…

              And your knowledge of what Africa has or is like comes from stormfront or redneck media, so please shut all the way up. Hell, most of China is a dirty ghetto. Which part of China would the average person want to move to…I’ll wait

            • Also, the average Chinese woman, rich or poor, would get with any foreigner that could take her out of China.

              These women are middle class, educated, and come from good families; but you can throw a rock and have a harem of 50 if you want.

    • @ 20:26 “Rule the world”??? Typical asian… You clearly can’t see straight!

  8. Asian Americans came out like it was Chinese New Years when Peter Liang went to trial.

    Steve Harvey may have said something insensitive, but he didn’t devalue the life of a race.

    Steve Harvey > All of Asian America

    • Thank you. Our folk always cryin’ when the murderer ain’t black, but ain’t got shit to say when the murderer is black.

        • Default answer for being in total denial about black folks and the failure of our communities.

          Yes, YT is to blame, but don’t sit up here and act like we don’t conspire with YT to destroy ourselves.

            • That is not drug use just pure brainwashing and self-hate.

              They can do nothing but be the kakkra’s sock puppet, mouthpiece…because they have no mind or thoughts of their own.

  9. It’s funny for them to play victim. They should really shut the f**k up and be thankful that black neighborhoods allow them to do business. They would have almost nothing in America without that.

    Hopefully one day, black Americans will wake up and be more aware of their power and stop making those people millionaires.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A MILLION UP VOTES!

      • AA need to boycott Asian businesses. Stop making those people rich. Support your own.

        Let those people make their money through their “skills” and “hard work.” I’m sure CAC communities will welcome their shops. LOL.

    • Said the bumwho spends all day online because he’s unemployed bashing women online because he’s down low homosexual you’re so f*cking boring you queens always out yourself sucks to be on government benefits doesn’t it!

    • Asian American businesses are starting to use AA as front people to hide their ownership. Many AA are waking up and boycotting their businesses. They’re trying to fake people out.

      Don’t fall for it though people. You can easily check the ownership of a business online.

    • Black folks gotta stop the self-hate before they wake up. If we didn’t worship long hair, light skin and fast food — they would be broke as muthaf*ckas.

      But since we do all the above, the Asians make money off of us. But they don’t go and buy $200 sneakers and leather coats and designer jeans. They save, invest, get educated and LIVE WELL.


          • Nah. You’re a delusional moron. There isn’t an ounce of truth in your statement. But you probably tell yourself that every morning, or while you’re imitating black people, or while your wife is looking at Denzel and Will like she wants chocolate.

      • You’re a fu**ing dingbat.

        Asians make money in our communities because black people will treat anyone like family, *and* because whites deliberately make it easy for them to establish businesses in our communities to stop us from growing our wealth.

        Good luck to them in America if cheap labor is cleaned out, easy loans go away, and black people stop doing business with them.

        No one is “hating” on SERVANT countries. No one is “hating” on people who spend the better part of their life kissing redneck ass, and imitating black people.

        LOL@ $200 dollar sneakers. Three Chinese dudes probably have more gambling debt than all of Brooklyn.

          • So you use tests designed by whites to rate your intelligence…yeah you are a f*cking idiot….lol.

            • The thing about this stuff is it’s a part of CAC BS. They like to wave this total nonsense around to deny the obvious.

              And you know why CACs say positive things about Asians? They see them as pawns.

          • LOL. More CAC propaganda and BS, or maybe it’s one of these ankle-grabbing Asian Americans who’s desperate for more head pats from CACs.

            Like I said, AA are waking up. Good luck to Asians in America without the black dollar. And when regs tighten up on cheap labor in America…again, good luck to them.

            • Trust me, CACs would gladly forfeit the black dollar if it meant being free from the black population.

              • 1. I’m talking about Asians you inbred piece of sh**.
                2. CACs have no choice, but to beg black people. They have no resources.

              • 3. If CACs have an issue with us, perhaps they should get off our dick. They’re the most sickly obsessed bastards on earth. Black people don’t give a f*ck about them, but they stay pressed about us.

                4. Blacks would love to be FREE of crackers, but the faggots are forever begging for resources, stealing resources, polluting our countries, and constantly trying to steal our ideas and culture. Whites are a disease, a cancer.

          • @21:29 Is that why the so called “white” race makes you work in the labs like monkeys and files the patents with THEIR names? LOL! Now you’re demoted to poisonous chinese food rat shops, nail salons and beauty stores?? Hold the L mr. Magoo!

        • I forgot, and I bet that debt is to another Asian, not some YT like so many of our folks.

          • LOL. It’s to any race that lets them gamble, but especially Asian mafia.

            For some reason, they don’t care about the danger. The gangs spray paint threats about them and their family members when they owe gambling debts. It’s actually not funny, but Asians don’t care.

          • This is how I know you are an ignorant self-hating SOS…Asians keep Vegas in business by losing millions you f*cked up in the head imbecile.

  10. I’m a BW who happens to find Asian men attractive. If you or someone you know has some Asian male friends who are single with no dependents, drug and disease free, feel free to slide their digits over yonder. Thanks in advance!

    • BTW. Like .00000000000000000000000001% of black women anywhere in the world finds those dudes attractive. Literally, not even 1% is interested. Even when the dudes have millions, workout, are “models”, etc.

      • LOL. No they don’t.

        Millions of women finance the lifestyle of millions of dusty black men. It’s practically a worldwide industry. American black men with American women. South American black men with South American women. African and Caribbean men with Euro women and Asian women.

        Who’s bankrolling Asian dudes besides gay white dudes?

      • And the only “Asian” dudes that women are into are Melanesians/Polynesians — the most *black* ones.

      • That IMPOSTER lies!! Black american males are the swirl kings. Entitled, violent, bitter, baby daddies. Trump won’t be FN with you, hip hop is over and the black baby daddy is mocked.

        • All your babbling about nonsense doesn’t change the fact that every kind of woman prefers black men to you. Deal with it, bologna face.

    • @18:37 ***ASIAN ALERT***
      Black women aren’t checking for you. You’re not equipped, too effete, NOT ATTRACTIVE and frail. NEXT!!!!!!

      • ***BITTER BLACK MALE ALERT %%%%%***


        • ******CAC ALERT*********

          Black women aren’t feeling you. Deal with it. You look like a damn tonsil.

          The only bw that f*** with you are addicts and strippers, and chicks with Stockholm syndrome. Fuck off.

      • You’re 100% correct. They want to believe total nonsense to boost up their ego, and when they’re confronted with reality, they get mad.

        Even in Asia, even Asian women who have never even seen a black man and prefer to date Asian men; they prefer dark skin men. What does that tell you?

        In South Asian films, and even in Chinese films, they sh** on lighter skinned Asian men. They call them bitches, airheads, pussies and etc. Indians clown NE Asians too and talk about how their women run to them for “real men.”

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