Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend Gets Exposed With a Finger Up Her…



    Just one day after Fetty Wap’s sex tape featuring his ex-girlfriend/stripper boo Alexis Skyy was leaked, Fetty’s new girl is being put on blast!

    Alexis has been going back and forth with the new woman in Fetty’s harem, Slevin Monroe a.k.a. Blu, for weeks. Alexis tried telling everyone Blu was a h**, but no one believed her until this video of her was leaked!

    Fetty sure knows how to pick ’em, right?


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        • I know you’re joking. You better take a good look and see how many wealthy, affluent white men are married to Black women. It’s you delinquent Black males who couldn’t get a foot through a door if you chopped your mfing foot off and blew a door off to attempt to make your way in.

    1. ASAP

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      • That’s funny? Last I checked Paris Hilton gave a blowjob (and swallowed) on camera, Kim K was a slut on camera, the Bush girls were drunken college skanks, etc etc etc.

        Difference is, you ashy negros still hold the white woman up to the sun, no matter how dirty the slore is.


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