Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Refuse Drug Test for Boxing Match


Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s celebrity boxing match has been forced to switch its location from Las Vegas to Dubai because of strict boxing regulations.

One very important rule that Vegas has is a mandatory drug test for amateur fights. They have called each other “druggies” and “cokeheads” throughout this entire beef, so you know neither one of them would be able to pass a drug test!

But, the show/fight must go on, and that’s why they plan on taking the fight overseas.

The boxing match will air on pay-per-view, with some of the money going to charity and the rest of the proceeds going to the rappers.

Are you surprised the fight is being moved overseas to dodge boxing regulations?


  1. going overseas to fight makes you think of one being tossed off of a boat lol xD

  2. If I ever wanted tattoos before, looking at Chris, I change my mind right now.

  3. One of them doesn’t want his HIV status revealed/

    That is the real story. They are pop artists. Nobody thinks they are drug free nor does anyone care.
    Of course the HIV stsus would not be revealed “officially,” but potential leakers have Harvey’s phone number.

  4. If I wanted to see two crackheads fight over the pipe, I could easily go to the hood laundromat or bodega and wait patiently.

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