Jaden Smith Has Breakdown on Instagram Live

jaden smith instagram live breakdown

Jaden Smith had a complete breakdown yesterday, and he filmed it all on Instagram live!

The troubled “rapper” was waiting at the DMV when he decided to take out his cell phone and complain about his life. He said he felt like he had failed his father, and he was ready to move out of LA to get away from all the “bad things.”

He then said he didn’t even know why he was filming himself, and scientists should use Instagram live to film a cure for cancer. Um…okay…

Peep his rant.


Do you feel sorry for him? Did Will and Jada fail their children?


  1. When your dad constantly humiliates you on tv by grabbing your face to kiss you in the mouth, that should be enough to want to “get out”…

      • Fuck You Bitch…I can say what the f*ck I want, especially when it is the truth.

    • Your comment makes me sad. Since when is a father showing affection to his son humiliating?

      • When you forcibly grab anyone’s face to kiss them in the f*cking mouth, you think that is ok?

        This child was pulling away from him every f*cking time he did it!

        This is a teenager…no man even your dad should grab your face to mouth kiss you on f*cking TELEVISION…that shit is not cute!!!

        • Shit, I didn’t know it was like that. I thought you were talking about a regular daddy kiss.

      • And when that white dude grabbed Will by his face he sure as f*ck pulled away…so why do the exact same thing to your son?

        That shit is f*cking emasculating at best and can f*ck you up mentally on a level someone like yourself cannot understand at worst. And he has done it multiple times.

        Shit there are plenty of sick people who do things to their children, thinking that shit is ok, but it is NOT!

  2. Another faux celebrity thanks to his last name is having a meltdown because that is what happens to you when you are used and abused by the people around you. Maybe he should move out of LA, it might save his life.

    • Ikr he is just talking he doesn’t sound like he going crazy or having a meltdown. They so extra just want a story

  3. boy will and jada have f*cked up those kids most hollywood kids are f*cked up becasue of their parents

  4. The young man is telling the truth.. why isn’t there a cure for Cancer? Because it’s too much money that made trying to cure cancer.. I don’t think he was having a meltdown at all, he was speaking his truth and the truth.. His parents left their kids to raise themselves, they need their asses whipped for that shit.. These kids will forever be f*cked up, peace be with you child and seek the right help to your own path in this life..

  5. I wouldn’t consider this a “breakdown”. Is anybody really taken aback because the boy has issue(s)?

  6. He did some bad drugs or some Hollyweirdo tried him.

    He never wanted any of that. His father pushed it. His father should have pushed him into directing, producing, and investing in the arts.

  7. This is a publicity stunt he’s filming it for some documentary he’s y’all fall for anything.

  8. Sounded like he was promoting his music to me. Will Smith’s first wife did a great job with their son but Jada and Will’s kids are odd to say the least.

  9. MK ULTRA. His father has been handling him, and has been forcing him to do all this outlandish shit for the sake of the hollyweird agenda. He’s finally starting to break programming-although early) and is beginning to wake up to all the shit he’s been put through. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Will and Jada both have been sexually abusing him. Getting out of Hollywood is his absolute best option, but it won’t be easy. Many who’ve broken programming have tried to no avail; especially when you can be labeled as crazy and be locked up in a mental ward, and have all your rights stripped. These celebrities are literal slaves held captive to the entertainment industry. Will and Jada are some very sick individuals for putting their kids through this, and allowing the sick jews who run hollywood to have access to their children. I seriously side-eye any celebrity parent who openly allows their child to become apart of the Hollywood monster…

  10. Jaden Smith is the TYPICAL DOWN LOW BLACK MALE. So many of them out there mentally ill as hell attention whoring all the time everybody’s sick of it.

    • LMAO- this comment made me laugh more than it should have. While I agree, at the same time, how did he get here? His nasty, bisexual, dirty dick slangin’ father along with his equally as deranged wife helped to push him to this point.

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