Brandy Exposed as Secret Member of Church of Scientology

brandy scientology

There was a surprising celebrity featured in actress Leah Remini’s documentary exposing the Church of Scientology…R&B singer Brandy!

Rumors have been floating around since her deadly 2006 car crash. She has always denied the rumors, but the proof is in this still shot from the docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

The explosive footage shows the singer at a fundraiser for the church.

Can this explain why she has been off the hinges lately?


  1. Who cares. If it’s her secret why blast it? Who gives a f*ck.

    Let’s talk about science… Important things, Black people.

    Quit the FUCKER all day.

  2. Who cares. If it’s her secret why blast it? Who gives a f*ck.

    Let’s talk about science… Important things, Black people.

    Quit the FUCKERY all day.

  3. Brandy messed up. At least she doesn’t fall for a white Jesus none sense like these other women

    • You’re messed up. You always talking about white males and black women this points to closeted homosexuality you can’t hide so many black males are bitter down lows. #busted

    • If people read their Bible, they will know Jesus isn’t white. He had skin like bronze and hair like wool. TBH, if you ever read a Bible you would know better. Rather than worrying about someone else’s faith or spiritual journey, just make sure you’re living right. Let the rest of us do us.

      • The Bible was written 300 years after Jesus died. No one who wrote the books of the Bible ever saw Jesus.

        It’s all bullshit. He most likely looked like a Palestinian—not an African.

    • What the hell do you expect people to fall for especially during slavery WHEN it’s being BEATING into you! But in actuality, neither is any good…with both your like a ROBOT!

  4. most people in hollywood are into they believe when die they will turn into a bird whitney houst belived in that shit too

  5. I’m not sure where Brandy is being “exposed” if she is a Scientologist. That is her choice. Scientology is growing amongst Black communities. There’s a Church of Scientology in Inglewood, CA. Everyone has the right to decide where their faith lies.

  6. Leah outing everybody! Aliens and paying for salvation. Sound like the government to me.

  7. They’re not nuts so much as they’re so bitter and angry. And that is driving a wedge between black women and men which seems almost irreparable.

  8. Im not the least bit surprised. All of the Hollywood elite/legends are satanist/Scientologist. How else would her and her family have the amount of control, protection and power that they do? Sure it’s not as high as other families, but it’s still there nonetheless. Especially given the fact that they allowed their son, Ray J to be passed around the industry and abused as a kid and teen. Look at all the Hollywood Scientologist, and dig into their past to uncover the f*cked up shit they’ve either done, or have been connect to.

    • Are you saying that an atheist is analogous to a satanist?

      That’s completely false. In order to believe that there exists a creature named Satan, one must believe in a creature named God.

      I am an atheist and I believe in neither.

  9. How do we know she HASN’T done those things? Brandy is one of those people who’s image has been largely kept squeeky clean; surprisingly, and usually celebs who image has been upheld as perfect generally have committed or have been apart of some of the most foul shit imaginable. Ive heard some “things” about brandy on the low, and Im sure we’ll hear more within years to come. All that’s hidden in the dark will come to the light, and as the cabal, and the entertainment industry begins to fall, so will the true character of these celebrities.

    If you were being sarcastic, then just disregard what Im saying.

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  12. No you not bool Jan 13, 2017 at 18:11
    Who cares. If it’s her secret why blast it? Who gives a f*ck.

    Let’s talk about science… Important things, Black people.

    Quit the FUCKERY all day.


  13. Baby baby baby babaaay
    Don’t chu know that you’re so fiiiiiiine

    Leave Brandy alone, or catch me ousside. How bout dat?

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