Nicholas Chiassan Called Out Charlie Sheen at Center HIV Breakout!

nicholas chiassan charlie sheen herpes

HSK Exclusive – Word from the streets points to Nicholas Chiasson (from the Dance Music crew ‘We Are The Apocalypse’) as Charlie Sheen’s ex D-boy. But we’re told dope ain’t the only thing the actor alleged served Sheen up with.

Just ask Jaelyn Fox. “He connected Charlie with porn stars too,” says our source. According to our source, “Nick said, ‘Charlie pays off the people he gives diseases to.'” Don’t believe me… Ask Bree Olson.

Dig the Drop:

“There’s a bunch of girls Charlie supposedly gave herpes to. It’s f*cked up ’cause I’m hearing he gave Brett Rossi HIV… which is rumored to be why they stay together.”


    • STD’s are rampant in Hollywood…… because of all of the orgies that go on weekly…

  1. Well if they choose to get with Charlie after he has been exposed of dealing with whores, trannies etc… then what do they expect.

  2. Damn near every celebrity has STD’s in herpeswood! Alot of celebrities have the monster!

  3. Just ask rihanna everyone knows that nasty bitch got herpes but they all nasty an pass each other around in hollyweird thats why its a constant rumor bout her havin it cause she does they hook up wit people that are infected like them or some just spead it too others thats hollyweid for you.

    • Ding dong we have a winner! Always look at the circle of ex’s and who they date, that’s why certain celebs date each other. Look at Derek Jeter and his ex’s and who the date.. 10-15 ppl all date each other. I think this is why a lot of women beard. Its safer than being with other actors. Ever wonder why Charle’s ex Denise doesn’t date, now you know!

      • Because Denise charges by the hour, she doesn’t date.

        Let’s see if this gets erased again.

      • Oddly enough…if I recall correctly Derek Jeter dated Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton & Halle Berry back in the day although it seems the media chose to seemingly omit ALL the black women he’s dated &/or screwed around with from his dating past AS IF his disease ridden ass hasn’t EVER dated black women.

        And…if I recall correctly it was said Jessica Alba broke up with him because he gave her herpes. I’ve long wondered if Toni Braxton’s berrage of health issues was aggravated by her having the virus as well. It’s never been said that she has it but…I wonder.

  4. I seriously doubt that these Celebes engage in any conventional form of sex.
    I can not call it, but what’s there to enjoy if both parties are hurting from blisters /outbreaks?

  5. Money makes life less stressful, but, it can’t cure “Mad Cow Disease.” All the problems and isms don’t go away because of the cash. Herpes is the least of his problems. Sheen has buffer money, but, new money is not rolling in as it did in the past. Coulda had a brautiful wife and all, but, wanted to slang and bang instead.

    • He had a beautiful wife and a nice family and f*cked it all up…… He is a big dummy….. In my Fred Sandford voice

  6. ISo when does the CDC intervene and declare him a health menace to society???

  7. All of Hoolyweird is DISEASED INFESTED. I can’ t believe these ppl have unprotected sex. Just GROSS

  8. People who are new to hollywood know damn well about these celebs.
    I just believe having unprotected sex is another ritual for them.. They deem it as kind of a right of passage. Forreal, I doubt alot of these people were even regularly banging when these so called love children surface. I honestly believe its just another side effect to the unprotected sex. Not to mention people complain now but I guarentee if CS or anyone else promised them the world, they could care less about the lifetime supply of Valtrax. He pays for that too.

    But all I’m saying is I believe unprotected sex is a must dealing with the industry and the casting couch.

  9. Hmmm, I wonder if that is the reason Rhi dissed him when he tried to introduce her to his fiance?

    Maybe she was part of one of those “secret” parties and he gave her the early Christmas present. It would explain why she blew him off (no pun intended)the way she did. -_-

  10. @Jacky Jasper
    Jack what is this I hear about Michael Strahan ex bf ranting and raving about the illuminati trying to kill him in court today? We need the drop.


  12. Look up the herpes list in hollyweird detrick geter gave it to jessica alba, paris hillton everybody knows she his it, rihanna gave it to.chris brown,janet jackson,brittany spears,an the list goes on an on they are nasty this how they get down in hollyweird they dont care about having herpes shit that nothing to them cause everybody got that shit out there.

  13. They look a that shit like whats a herpes gon hurt im rich foreva they dont give a f*ck when they can f*ck each other give a lil settlement to who they infect an move to speading it to the next they dont care they going to hell anyway so whats a lil herpes to them

  14. U would be surpised who has herpes in music industry an acting it would shock u the people u least expect got that an hiv. Its a cesspool full of nasty diseases.

  15. according to the cdc half of black females ages 14-45 have genital herpes (from sharing men) so its not just celebrities

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