Laverne Cox Checks Gayle King: “I was assigned male at birth”


The transsexual actor who calls himself Laverne Cox corrected Oprah’s bestie, Gayle King who reminded him he was born a boy. The exchange occurred during Cox’s appearance on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday.

Cox, who is the first transsexual male to be nominated for an Emmy for “Orange is the New Black,” quickly corrected Gayle when she said, “So, you were born a boy…”

Cox told Gayle he was “assigned male at birth.” He said he always believed he was a female, despite the fact he was born an anatomical boy with male chromosomes.

Yahoo’s TV writer seemed offended that Gayle and her co-hosts were “a bit stuck on” asking Cox questions about being a transgender — as if it’s unusual for daytime talk show hosts to ask questions of a guest.

“It seemed that King and her co-anchors, Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose, were a bit stuck on Cox being transgender, asking her questions about when she knew she was a girl and many standard queries that any other transgender person has been asked a million times.”


  1. Who cares…. Mr Cox is going to have to face Jesus during judgement day… I just hope he turns around before it”s too late….

  2. Ugh! I don’t care what that dude says, he’s a man. Is he a good actor? I can’t stand that Orange is the new black show so I don’t know.

    • Hey, Say Cheese. I saw her act in a few episodes of OINB and I can’t front, she was pretty good. I peeped it when my cable was shut off…LMAOOOO

      • Uh-huh! So you’ve been “evaluating” the show online? LOL!
        I can’t get past the stereotypical characters to even get into that show but it will be interesting if Laverne wins.

        • #1, i’m still f…ed upvon “OITNB” HIW, & more importa, WHEN? SO, WHAT in the f*ck is the “new” White? This b.s. done went too m.f. far!

          • Im with you! That shit is propaganda and niggas in a hurry to always be apart of something thats popular will go in any direction theey are lead. Even if its some shit thats telling them who to be and what to think! smfh!

    • Alot of people like OINB. That Pennsatucky methhead religious freak is the funniest. Pussay also, Kinda weird the entire cast promoted the show on bet 106 and park.

      • Crazy Eyes is funny as hell too. They come close to depicting “the inside”…How do I know? Just ask “TainoBoriqua” LMAO

        • She is insane. Ive only watched the first episode of season 2. Guess I need to get caught up. The old haitian woman who murdered the rich rapist of one of her cleaning girls was my favorite storyline. I need to binge watch it.

  3. bet this bytch is getting more d*ck!! than she wanted beyonce knockoff!!!!
    lose the blonde wig girl you look like a trans oops your are one……. who are you fooling maybe beyonce can hire you

    to do her talking for her cos you know beyonce can’t talk for dog shyt

    • I wonder who Beyonce is a knock off of. Being that none of what she reveals is hers by nature there must be someone she modeled her white woman circus side show after.

  4. Im not here to judge but transpeople are taking this to far. We are assigned/designated names, races and families since those are manmade legal and mutable. Your are born with a physiological makeup. Chopping your organs, wearing makeup and monin'(hormones injections) does not make you anything less than a denatured male. If you were assigned a gender by the Creator and then change you telling God a mistake was made and are you playing God? I guess he wants to be taking seriously as an “actress”. Who knows he may be the next woman of colour to land a Lancome campaign like Lupita.

      • “DeNatured Male” Great decription ….we should call them that instead of TransMale

        God Assigned us all Before and After Birth… came out the way you were intended to come out …not what you changed yourself to be

    • Correcting a something cleft palate is a physical correction and cannot be compared with reconstructing sex organs and hormones. Gender reassignment involves manipulating natural biochemistry and is hence if transwomen stop the monin’ they will revert back to their natural hairy testosterone dominant selves. Where did you get religion out of the Creator? Everything has a source and a divine intelligence.

    • I maybe black on the outside but im really a yte person. I believe i was born a yte person but they wont change my race. What should i do?
      Im very serious

      • Ask a group of white strangers when you are alone with them, the KKK, or a white police officer. Im sure they will lead you in the right direction…

      • It depends. You can always mark which race you identify with on census forms, voter’s registration and EEOC documents. As far as birth certificate should contact your local/state bureau of vital records since race is assigned at birth, in most states its the race of the father but sometimes that of the mother. They then send this information to federal. If you are an foreigner, this is determined during your immigration process and you can contact USCIS to contest( formerly INS). Some contest race on grounds that it disallows grants/opportunities that are otherwise awarded.

        My friends are multi-generation, multicutural people damn near fight hospital staff when their children are born since most people categorize things by appearance alone. Hope that helps if a sincere question.

    • Excellent post.

      Basically this comes down to God shall not be mocked.

      Larry/Laverne is gonna show us that, real soon.

      We cannot swallow the lies that have been exchanged for the truth.

      And I if he is hermaphrodite, he should say that. But no amount of make up will turn that manly face into a woman.

  5. This is real. Many years ago one of my relstives were assigned a sex at birth. Some of relatives told my aunt to not to do it, wait. But she didn’t. He’s a boy, no regrets, he’s gay, but don’t see him as gay. It could’ve went either way

    • This is interesting. Does your relative have female organs as well, which is why he was assigned a gender at birth? I am not trying to be invasive, I just have not heard of such a situation before. Thank you.

      • You know if I can remember correctly, he had both I believe. Its been many, many years & I was a kid when he was born. We never asked and it never mattered to us we just love him. Now I’ve heard about others and I don’t believe its common

        • That’s what I thought re: him potentially having male & female organs. My mom had a male friend who went through a similar situation as your relative, but her friend was most assuredly a (excuse the term) hermaphrodite. He identified more as a female. I assume his estrogen levels were > his testosterone levels despite having both male and female sex organs.

  6. face it black women you are being replaced , get use to it . these boys can rock a weave as good as you can

    • Someone jokingly said single mothers > childless women since the former have a badge of womanhood and the latter is possibly a transwoman. Yet again another blow for the attractive and single sexually responsible sisters. Then again men say dumb stuff.

      • TMI: With all of the menstrual cycles I’ve had, I wish a n*gga would question my biological makeup. Lol. When Laverne “Sucks” Cox approaches me in the ladies’ room and asks if I have a tampon or pad for his use, I will refer to him as a she. Until then…

        Transsexuals will never be the new women.

    • @knutz:

      Face it white man…

      This will be you in 20 years.

      The experiment is always in our communities before it hits yours.

    • na b/w cant ever be replace as these man/it woman (ORWhatever)dont have monthly periods, cant procreate,cant breast feed, dont have puzzys that receives the dick naturally…….hell naw….lol aint worried not one bit….God is good did a wonderful job…
      aint nothing natural about these fake azz man woman ….ai

  7. LaVerne Cox has an identical twin brother and he’s gay too, but identifies as male. Apparently her mother is supportive. But to me, she will always be a man. All transgenders are whatever gender they were born. All the cosmetic changes and hormones is just a legal construct to make those individuals feel more comfortable with themselves. But you can’t really change your gender. That’s why they have to remain on hormones for life or they will revert and start looking like their original selves.

    • If you got a gay kid and a trans kid.. you f*cked up raising them.
      Or somethings wrong with mamas DNA ..

      • interesting…. well my mom was deemed mentally ill by NYDOHMH and my lovely old school southern belle racist grandma raised me.. whew feels nice to have someone to blame for my love of the smooth jewel we sometimes refer to as p*ssy.

    • I wondered how they made her look like a man in that flasback scene of OINB season 1

  8. Easily manipulated? If that were true Downs syndrome , cystic fibrosis, retardation and deformities would be obsolete. And even if you manipulate DNA for gender after conception, which we currently cannot, it would still be a gender reassignment be aide gender is coded as soon as sperm and egg meet , although the assignment is not carried out until some weeks after conception. So, you are whatever God conceived you as. Anything afterwards is is smoke and mirrors

    • These people are playin GOD out here..
      Cant trust the food ..they puttin all type of shit
      In these vaccines people are giving there kids
      And now the bous wanna be gurls and the girls
      Wanna be bois

      • I blame Mcdonalds, TV, music, vaccines, and food for making these ppl sexually confused.

      • My sister is off the hook. She found a hippie farm thing where she basically orders an entire cow that’s fed on grass, no hormones and its butchered for her and her husband drive their truck and put it in two freezers in her basement. She won’t give my nephew fluoride or multivitamins . And she no longer let’s him eat kid cereal. All she lets him have is oatmeal and granola. I told her she is ruining the joy of being a kid by denying him fruity pebbles so she have me a challenge: go to any grocery store and find a box of cereal with no soy in it. I tried. I couldn’t do it. Soy is in everything! Soy is not good for us like we think. And it causes hormone switching. Now I see why so many people are on this grass fed,no hormones, no soy bandwagon. American food production w all the GMOs is likely behind at least some of the gender confusion we are seeing.

        • Stop checking your sister and check yourself. Kids don’t need sugar and sugar cause inflammation which starts cancer.

          • Lol…never. my sister is my hero and unlike you she has a sense of humor and knew I was kidding about the fruity pebbles because we are SISTERS. She disagrees with you by the way. She gives her son small amounts of cane sugar and honey. She says corn syrup is addicting. And anyway that wasn’t the point. Sugar is unhealthy in large amounts we all know that. I’m talking about the lengths she is going through to keep soy out of her son. She thinks there isaa link between soy, gmos and the feminization of little boys. I’m proud of her.

            • She sounds freaking amazing!! Her son is a lucky lil dude to have such a conscious and aware mom.

  9. lol lol ehhh go girl go…. i really just like reading the comments. I understand as a lesbian my comments have no real place here but i cant help but find entertainment on this lovely site.

  10. the crazy thing is closeted lesbians/gays are dreading all this interest ppl have with the lgbt community. All the out ones are mad the close ones wont come out… But idk its not worth all the hype.. its something very sweet and peacefull with loving who you love in private. Shes not the first transgenered to win/nominated for a “Prestigious” award she just one of the few who are open with it. Im not saying people cant have their beliefs.. Its just so much easier to spread love than it is hate… No need to blame outlets for ppl being sexual confused. The strong dont waiver so if someone is confused the thought was already there. if suicide became popular will everyone kill themselves or only the weak? This world is to consumed with everyone else life… (said the girl who is on a gossip site LOL) There are sooooooo many smart and bright ppl on the comment thread and i actually find myself researching some of the things I read. I just wish some ppl can speand a little time to research sexual idenity and etc… all gays arent just bad just the down low dirty niggas like Vince and Eddie

    • Interesting comment. A gay friend of mine shared a similar sentiment with me and was very concerned about the community dragging closeted gays out. From the outside looking in- it just feels like the community is plastering their viewsin our face- in addition to ridiculing closeted cases. Where once the community was focused on equal rights- now it appears that they are just operating in he spirit of hate.

      When does it stop?

    • That is an interesting point. I think a bridge is starting to be built here, cuz I don’t usually listen to anything said by the LGBT community.

      Are you telling us that LGBT community has a political class that is out of touch with its community, just like, let’s say every black neighborhood in America?

  11. I sometimes wonder if some percentage of trans’s are just gay guys that know there is more money/notoriety if they’re in women drag, get the surgeries etc

    While i do think there are cases where one is born in the wrong body or there’s hormone problems, hermaphrodite etc. I don’t feel like everyone who modifies theyre body is doing it strictly for themselves but for monetary reasons depending on what industry they’re in, or so they can trick/fool straight men and pass.

    • Doubt it. Nobody wants to be ridiculed and shunned by the world and their loved ones. No one in their right mind chooses that. Not for any amount of money.

  12. Gender and gender IDENTITY are two different things.

    You can feel like a woman in a mans body, and still want to date women. Same as feeling like a man in a womans body and still want to date men.

  13. Reading the comments and its clear folks don’t understand anything about the LGBTQ community.

    Gender consists of what sex you were born based on chromosomes and anatomy.

    Gender IDENTITY is which sex you feel more closely related to.

    That is why she said she was ASSIGNED male. Based on her preference, she feels more female.

    • Thank you for the explanation. I’ll be quick to admit I don’t understand a lot of things related to the LGBT community. Like what does the Q stand for?
      Anyway, I am always open to learning new things.

    • So, Laverne Cox FEELS like she was born a woman. Gayles statement wasn’t that he FELT like a boy when he was younger, she stated that he was born a boy…which is true. He had no reason to correct her.

  14. Gayle King and Charlie Rose have a right to be perplexed…Anybody Would! A gay man trying to live a female existence. If it’s that important to him/her, cut the damn’ thing off and keep it movin’ right along. Instead, Laverne wants to be a human unicorn…Freak of Nature! Roman Times we living in, this we cannot deny.

  15. I have gained a certain respect and admiration for Laverne Cox. To live your live authentically without much care for another opinions.

    Sadly, because many of our hetero-people have no idea how to create/maintain positive relationships with either gender, nor do they understand own bodies and sexuality beyond penis and a vagina, they see people like HER as some kind of threat where they can consciously admit this or not.

    Its fact most of the women who dislike him are threatened by the fact that someone who was born a male is more in touch with his femininity than they are when they have the anatomical build for it.
    Its also fact most of the males that dislike him are upset hes transgendered woman and they have to sit down and come to terms with their sexuality.

    His existence highlights the paradigm of ignorance of self & sexuality that is abundant in humanity.

    Both Sexuality is not black or white its a spectrum.
    Your bodies are vehicles, they don’t define the soul thats in them.
    YES!!! There are anomalies, hemaphrodites,intersexed individuals, male spirits born in female bodies and vice versa.

    Hopefully people will wake up one day.

    • Bitch shut the f*ck up! You are a demon as well. All u gay ,bi or trans motherf*ckers need to be shot or flushed immediately in hell! This reject dont look jack like no chick! Low selfesteem an f*cked up in the head Freak! The sooner the lord flush you f*ckin freaks out! The better the world an the youth will be! Reassignment my ass, The creator dont make no mistakes an All u gays, You bisexual Freaks an transexual horses need to hurry up an burn in hell!!! You are sick an disgusting. Pure Satan is what you are! Fuck all yall freaks! This it dont look or will never be a woman! Ladies stop takin up for these freaks too. Your demise ladies! All these fags an transs tryna replace us all ladies! Peep game!

      • @Queen Monique you had me in tears with your comment LOL. You spoke the whole truth and nothing else!

      • yes they are they taslking about hiring terannies to take leadibng black actress places.

        the gay jews who run Hollywood really wants this done.

    • Elephant in the Room I enjoyed reading words.
      Food for thought.
      I imagine that those crucifying you fall into the categories elucidated in your post.

      • Look, do what u do right? But stop shoving that filth down my throat on the children if the world! Im sick of seeing this bullshit an sick of seeing men act like fags! Da f*ck? Fashion an make up my ass! Aint yall tired of the shit? Im tired! An you black males following the ways of the Romans…..Smfh! The Creator is frowning down an he is not happy! We following there way of life an that will be our destruction! To all my people who keep it real… it is a war on our mind, body an soul! Be strong becuz the world has shift. Pretty soon we will be forced to be about man or the Creator! Mark an watch my words! Its devils playground on earth an its gone get worse. Pretty soon they gone say f*cking animals is a persons right! Stay strong yall. Motherf*ck who disagree also!

  16. Laverne Cox Checks Gayle King: “I was assigned male at birth”


    I bet Gayle went straight to the toilet to barf out all her breakfast after that shit.


  18. last year Laverne said that she’s scared of black people!!!!

    is on the hoffington post!!!!

  19. actually I unfortunately know “performers” like cox who claim to want to be a “woman” but when it comes to chopping the “manhood” off they don’t want to do it. Many are paid nicely and living life like golddigging women specifically because they can pass/fool some and keep their lady parts. Also some men want to claim that they’re not “gay” since appearance wise they may be able to fool some people.

    To me when you see gender identity etc and they have the money etc to get all the work done yet don’t do it I give side eye and think more or less this is a gay man who knows there is more money to be made w/ his “manhood” than w/o.

    I have complete sympathy for those like the recent trans featured on here involved w/ Eddie Murphy. Looks so much more womanly than cox and obviously wanted the whole operation and thought was going to get it.

    Yes there are a million different labels one can give themselves or sexuality but I think gay men who do drag and disingenuously for whatever reasons claim to want to be a woman, dress up in their off time as women, and do any and every procedure BUT the one that counts, are people looking at the bottom line. They know they could probably make more money or be accepted easier in respect to the black community or hollyweird of appearing as a woman (even as a manly looking one looking at u mister c) but still keeping their male toolbox.

    Gay men who are gay men that can’t accept themselves want to straddle the fence and screw things up for true hermaphrodites, intersexed, or incorrectly gender identified people. Many would kill for the opportunity to have enough money like cox to get the entire procedure done and finished w/.

    Men be careful when in Miami, know many “women” still w/ their manhood that might fool you. They say they make tons of money there for only a few days work and come from out of state to make that money there. No Joke!

  20. Smh, I know he didn’t say he was assigned male at birth..God designed him to be just what he is..a man…u put lipstick on a pig, it still a pig, u put lipstick on a man, it still a man….this Brotha needs 2 stop it..

  21. Been noticing how some words are codes for BS. Orange is the new gay color. Frank ocean’s album title was channel orange. Now orange is the new black, This black trans is the spokeperson for the show. they tryna equate the gay struggle to the black struggle.

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