Kerry Washington & Lily Tomlin Blast Beyonce

Kerry Washington vs Beyonce

“She need to do more to empower women!”

Kerry Washington is going in on Mrs. Carter! The new mom is less than impressed with the substance-lacking “entertainment” Bey’s brought to the table. “Beyonce should spend less time shaking her booty and more time pushing other agendas, like the value of education and healthy eating, as well as promoting book reading,” says Washington.

“Beyonce relies on her body and sexual innuendo to sell records.”

The Scandal star isn’t alone in her Beyonce-beliefs. Just ask OG Hollywood actress Lily Tomlin, who says: ”
She is a pretty popular woman and she’s married to a very powerful man, but she’s still selling sex to teenyboppers.”

Here is what’s out there:

“Kerry wholeheartedly agrees with Lily. She also thinks the way Beyonce is reveling in rumors about her private life is, at best, cheesy, and, at worst, dangerous.

Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable.”


    • Beyonce needs to let me empower her REAL TALK. Dem hoes just jealous. Nice Beyonce booty shot 2 DAYUM homie.

      • Kerry sounds like a REAL first lady who cares about values that decent people cherish. She’s a hero.

        Beyonce promotes allowing your husband to treat u like a hooker while driver looks on.

        Beyonce promotes that RIDE OR DIE mess that is sending young black women to prison when they assist criminals in committing crimes. She is evil.

        • Kerry promotes being a white man’s concubine. And the jury is still out of her sham of a marriage. Maybe she should clean up her front yard before looking into someone else’s. Just a thought.

          • A concubine is a woman who has no job other than to sit around s8cking dyck, sounds like beyonce creole ancestors to me.

            Kerry is a model and great actress who makes her OWN money, and she doesn’t try to turn her beautiful brown skin to white like that white wannabee beyonce, who fantasizes about being a white man’s d6ck s8cker in her videos.

  1. What every Beyonce is not really a role model are trying to be one if they wanted someone to sang about reading and healthy eating go look for Ms Mary popping are Barney .

      • Since you’re making corrections: It’s Whatever; or, not are (you used it twice); sing, not sang. Also, learn to use capitol letters, commas and periods.

    • As much as I hate to admit it, Beyonce and other public figures are role models to some young people. How many times have people said here how much they admire the Carters for being a strong, black couple?

      It’s time for Beyonce and her husband to grow up and use their fame for something more than making a quick buck off their foolish fans.

      • Thank you, Cheese! Anyone who children look up to is a role model. Adults need to be mindful of what they say and do in front of children. I told my mom years ago that I will never be photographed with a glass in my hand at a social event due to the implication that it contains an alcoholic beverage. I have such a great bond with children and they gravitate towards me. I would be devastated if I thought I disappointed a child and I don’t have the platforms that Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna, etc. have.

        Lily Tomlin and Kerry Washington weren’t abrasive in their suggestions. I sincerely hope Beyonce takes their words into consideration.

        • I’ve been sayin it every since she went solo. Crazy in love video was basically sayin im your hoe dancing round like a street walker and every video on. Video phone really did it for me I said she’s sending out the wrong message to lil girls watchin. Im jus glad ppl our calling her out on it cuz yrs ago I was every jealous bitch in the world.

          • I’ve been calling Beyonce and “entertainers” like her out, but my words fall upon blind eyes. I’m just happy posts are date and time stamped. Lol

    • Zelma, please refrain from TRYING to write – your grammar is pathetic. Sheesh!

  2. Damn Kerry say that shit…say that shit. THE WALLS HAVE COME TUMBLING DOWN ON CIRCUS CAMEL AND BEYODEL. Bey still on that nursery rhyme bullsh*t and then turned extremely sexual with no substance or
    emotional growth in her lyrics.

    You know it’s hit the fan since Solange served Jay that azz whuppin when peeps are no longer afraid to go in on Beydummy.

    • Of course she’s on nursery rhymes- you KNOW she can barely string together a sentence! Lololol.

      • Yeap. Those damn Dr. Seuss and Reading Rainbow special haven’t done a damn thang for her!

  3. If Kerry was true to her core beliefs she wouldn’t be playing the role of a h00ker/bedwench on television. Her role is encouraging women to be a side piece.

    • I 100% agree..I truly feel that the role Kerry is playing is doing far more damage than Beyonce dancing, in either event it all should stop

    • Sorry but that’s some ole b s. She, Kerry, is an actress doing her job on tv. Playing a character… In her real life she married rather than be another unwed mother. That’s being responsible, both to her child and her public. And if her husband is gay that means she’s looking through rose colored glasses. But that doesn’t make her blind. We can all see that what beyonce mainly does is pop her cootchie while scantily clad onstage.
      Both women have a platform to do good. Beyonce does charity work but she really could calm down her overtly sexual tone and be more of a role model.

      • in real life, Kerry is a downlow bisexual and so is her husband. her husband has no job and no plans on getting one. She’s the cash cow ofthe relationship…..what message is that sending to Black women? Be gay and get a gay husband and take care of him like he’s a child?
        1 is no better than the other, which means, she needs to mend her own back yard before coming for someone else.

        • Starr:

          Kerry isn’t a DL bisexual. She admitted she was bi when she was doing press for “She Hate Me.”

            • Baby, Jay and Damon were wearing matching jewelry and having sex with the same women with no shame. Roc-A-Fella was a Black Babylon. When one man is constantly going in behind another man and they’re having sex with the same woman or women, I always presume the men want each other. A lot of these women out here are nothing but buffers and warm holes, unbeknownst to them.

              As for Beyonce, the rumors have long persisted that she swims in the lady pond. She calls herself “King Bey” and seems to have more respect and reverence for male artists than female artists. Maybe her rumored lesbianism is little more than an extension of her penis envy. Maybe she has never touched another woman sexually. Either way, I’ll never know.

      • Isn’t Beyonce married? Isn’t she an entertainer playing a role on stage? When you say children, what age are you talking about? Girls at a certain age shouldn’t be listening to her music anyway, right? And role models, not! Children can “like” entertainers, athletes, but admire and call them role models, nope! At least not in my household!

    • OR her role could be discouraging to side piece. Olivia Pope is a miserable scandalous mistress. Who wants that?

    • Yeah, i must admit that her character on scandal isn’t the best look in the world. She ain’t exactly denouncing promiscuity. So in a way, she selling sex. This is a catch 22 because Beyonce is selling sex but she is only one mans slore, we can say the same for oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhLivia….lol

    • Salute.

      Kerry is just as bad as because she is telling young women to go to school, get an advanced degree, a profession, a career, AND STILL BE THE SIDE HO, HOOKER who gets f&cked in the ass, but wears nice clothes.

      As for Lily, if she had the looks, she would have been the Farrah Fawcett of her day for lesbos

      Shit is happenin’ for the Carters. I wonder if they fell out with the Obamas.

      She what happens when you lipsynch the National Anthem at a Presidential Inaugral, with a bad bottle blonde dye.

    • For real for real! The pot calling the kettle black! You know the game is designed in that way that black people have to shit on each other to get crumbs so they probably told her to aim in Beyonce direction for some doggy biscuits. The treats she got for glamorizing the role of a white man’s hoe to impressionable black women might be running low.

      • You All need to relax.. Kerry plays a fictional character on TV. An actress-Thats it!! But Byeyawnce is projected as a squeaky innocent wholesome “married” woman who tries her hardest convince the many zombie hive stans that she and her marriage is all perfect. When behind closed doors elevator-gate nailed the coffin when her ass got beat..before she stood there like a f*cking pencil. That along with the many afffairs KNEW jay had…along with her lesbian/threesome relationship with Rita Ora. Yeah…call out Kerri if you will but she is a Talented, educated, well spoken/opinionated young woman that contributed alot to society including charities and events… Beyawnce contributed to shit but P-popping on stage with a Onesie stealing everybody’s shit and trying her damnest to be a white woman..So in short , come again at Kerri if you will, but single beyonce The Secret dike/carpet munching Harlot. Kerri has way more talent than beyawnce growling country bumpkin non-coherent ass 

  4. Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable.”


    this is a joke, right????
    She should leave him and become yet another single mother statistic?? that would be better? Maybe Kerrty should worry about those pesky gay rumors thats surronuding her husband…you know,, the one with NO JOB that she barely is seen in public with

      • No she is married to a gay black man and to take the focus off that’s she feels the need to talk about someone who iam pretty sure rocks out to and own. All her cds plus know all the lyrics to.

        • Kerry has gay rumors

          I think she and Nnamdi are an arrangement which is why they never seen out much unless for photo ops to shut people up.

    • She’s right, all that money, power, and the huge platform that she has to do so much and change so many lives, all she does is give pop that “P” tips…although I’m not gonna lie, tried the ” surfboard. ” it was awesome, thanks Beyoncé !

      • I only know the regular meaning of the word surfboard. What do you mean by you tried the surfboard? I wanna learn it :o)

    • Starr,
      Why are you attacking the messenger? If you want to take shots, there have also been plenty of rumors out there about Jay Z’s sexuality so Bey is still in a worse situation than Kerry.

      Also Nnamdi is educated and has made plenty of money in the NFL without selling out himself, his family or his own people, yet you still choose to put him down in order to make the Carters look better.
      Do you know what that makes you look like?

      • women stand by their man for the sex. they do’t want to be alone!!! they want affection and attention so these women
        will button their dry lips and keep moving!!

        • When you have been together as long as the Carters it’s about much more than sex. The reality is no one wants to admit failure or give up something they worked very hard to keep.
          I do believe the Carters will remain together, live separate lives while maintaining a PR marriage.
          It makes sense and it’s the best thing for them to do financially.

  5. Kerry need to be more concern about her gay husband who was absent for the birth of baby!!
    as for this Lilly person she looks like she mixed or something!!!

    Beyonce is surely getting her karma she deserve everything she get she hasn’t been nice to her fellow band mates!
    jays is humping women left right and center Beyonce is probably boring in bed!!!

    Beyonce no use of trying to be sexy now your past your sell by date!! Rihanna is taking your crown and f*ucking your man
    at the same time!!!!!

    • Shut up really you dark shit your just a hater on light skin girls and you wish you was one stop hating on Beyonce it’s not her fault she looks better then you stop hating on light skin girl because you a dark skin girl hater.

      • bytch get your facts straight i wasn’t talking about skin color you unintelligent ratchet heffa go back to school

        clearly your lacking education because you can’t read bytch!!!! maybe you should get a G.E.D like beyonce you busted brain bytch!!!

  6. Regardless to if it’s the right thing to do or not. The Carters will only do what makes them the kind of money they want. Now if some other starlet starting promoting the things Kerry mentioned and she was making money hand over fist, while doing it…then I can almost guarantee Beyonce will jump on board. Not only would she jump on board, but she’s going to act as if she’s the first to do it and send a message that no one does it better than she does it. And Jay will be in the background securing the deals.

    • beyonce and jay’s marriage is like a pumpkin pie after 2 or 4 slice of pumpkin pie you will get tired of eating it!!!

      • I do not believe for a minute these 2 are on the verge of breaking up..I do however believe they are an excellent business couple who would be willing to mass market the breakup of their marriage just to make their ON THE RUN TOUR even more successful and then the go back to loving each other in private

        • You are probably closer to the truth than we realize. After all, what would sell tickets faster than the knowledge that this is a “final” tour? Cher has been capitalizing on the final tour thing for 15 years now.

  7. Are they willing to teach Beyawnce to read?
    Sorry….could not help myself.

    • She does not have to know how to read just be good at math …counting those millions can be challenging

  8. Beyonce is not an educated woman like you Mrs. Kerry. I give my hat off to women who pursue their education. Beyonce has no other choice but to rely on her body because she cant even formulate a sentence. I saw the episode of next chapter with Beyonce and Oprah and it was tragic. Stay in school kids!

    • c’mon “A” that is a cheap shot, she (Beyonce) has a strong Texas accent, Beyonce is a great stage entertainer, Kerry Washington is hating on Beyonce, because Kerry knows that Beyonce can be in a film that will generate millions in it’s 1st week no because of Beyonce acting, we all know she can’t act, but because Beyonce is a double threat, a Music Superstar as well as an actress who films make millions of dollars. Kerry Washington for all the talk about her hit television show “SCANDAL” has yet to carry a motion picture that makes money FACT

    • Not a single falsehood was stated in your post, Anon. As a mother, what will Beyonce teach Blue Ivy? “Surfboard, mommy!” People cannot possibly think that is cute or appropriate. BIC is an innocent child whose innocence will be compromised as a result of her parents’ irresponsibility, narcissism and general ignorance. Neither Jay or Bey are educated.

      People can speak ill of Tiny Harris, but I respect and support her decision to get her GED. Her children need to know how important a good education is. If Black people can emphasize Jordans, $200 jeans and MCM backpacks, they should have shelves full of books and educational materials for their children. A good education will help enable their children to be good providers later in life.

      • “Surfboard mommy” lmmfao now that was funny. Personally I understand where everyone is comin from cept that light n dark shit, but the fact of the matter is that Beyonce is a singer her songs are on the radio at all times. Children can easily here I dont want u to see Yonce on her knees. Scandal comes on at a certain time and can be supervised thru parents and channel blocking. U can hear Beyonce in grocery stores jus sayin its easier to censor scandal.

        • There was really video of BIC saying, “Surfboard, mommy” while with Beyonce. I couldn’t make that up.

  9. I agree with Kerry but I just hope the Beyhive doesn’t bully her into retracting that statement.

  10. @oneandonly the comment about light vs dark that comment is very ignorant. Both Kerry and Beyonce are beautiful looking women but Kerry takes the crown for speaking the truth.

    • Number 1 this haves nothing to do with Kerry are Beyonce this is about that chocolate lip girls aks CB talking shit about light are mix black girls.

      • Bitch wtf are you?

        Beyoncé is a brown girl, ain’t nuthin’ light about her except who voodoo creole mama

    • Let’s support the anti troll movement all collectively all ignore these fools comments

      • Oh I am truly sorry i know how dark skin girls stick up for each other but one thing I am not a troll just someone that is sick and tired of people that talk a lot of shit about light or mixed black.girls see for your self she dose it on all her post. I am good I won’t come on agin. But you all know I am telling the truth.

        • bytch stfu you color struck bytch go back to school is uneducated unintelligent busted brain

          • I sure hope English is @One and only second language because she is killing me with trying to make her ignorant color struck point yet, doesn’t know the difference between are-or, then-than, have-has and so on. And no one mentioned skin tone first, but her. I guess she is a troll and should be put on mute.

        • AFUM

          Another f*cked up mulatto troll.

          What’s the problem hun? Dad left your mom for ANOTHER YT WOMAN? LOL.

          • Fuck off. She’s exactly right. There’s more hatred thrown at lightskin black girls her than at white people.

            • No f*ck you. There is more hatred and confusion in you f*cked up mulattos than anything else.

              Nobody checkin’ for you on here.

          • So that’s a new put down now. Haha your dad left your mom. One thing worst than cb, a cb Stan. Thinking use to run rampant here. Now it’s just people trying to outdo each other with insults. Damn shame.

            • Put down? A hit dog hollerin’ hard right here. Please, just callin’ it as I see it. Bytch need to get in therapy than talkin’ some shit about skin tone on a gossip blog.

            • Ur just a f*ckwit. Can’t talk to f*ckwits. Thier wit is just f*cked. Just callin it the way I see it.

            • Then if you stop talking to yourself in the mirror you corny byatch because you are the f*ck wit who is easily f*cked with.

      • Lol.. told Yall we should just ignore the troll. She got us stooping down to her illiterate rage monster level. Obviously a dark skinned girl stole every man she ever had . I feel sad for her.

  11. Kerry Washington is just mad, because she does not have access to the WHITE HOUSE occupants President Obama and 1st Lady Michelle Obama, if you recall, it’s been reported that 1st Lady Michelle O. has banned Kerry Washington from the W.H. for trying to get too close to President Obama for what some say is sexual purposes, so she attacks Beyonce, who the 1st Lady has is a very dear, close friend of hers

    • Plz….close friend my arse. And Michelle O can’t stand presidential model Bey and we can all imagine why…

  12. It can be said that Kerry shouldnt portray jezebels to white like Olivia Pope on Scandal and Last King of Scotland or lesbo gorilla on She Hates Me. Women like Angela Bassett, Kimberly Elise or Cicily Tyson remained clothed with professional integrity dont comment on such things. Bey does need to cover up a bit and get r&r. I know her inner big girl is craving popeyes right about now.

    • Mathew took her Popeyes card a long time ago, so unless she took it back upon firing him, she’ll actually have to pay for her 3 wings, fries and biscuit.

  13. #Truth…but if it wasn’t an old #Becky and a Black who eats off of portraying a whiteboy’s whore on #Scandal IT WOULD BE A BETTER REFERENCE:

  14. Damn Kerry you mad or not stay in your lane girl we all know you really only married the african because the white man only wanted you as a sidepiece and would not wife you catch that tea mad black woman how you doin

  15. Lily sit yo old azz dyke azz down shut da f*ck up nobody gives a damn bout u go make a movie bitch kerry dat goes fo u 2 on dat bullshidd azz scandel ur not setting example fo young girls either it call entertainment

  16. Maybe Beyonce isn’t cut out for what gay ass Lily Tomlin and slore playing Kerry Washington wants.

    Their role is to do them and worry about themselves and let Beyonce do what she feels she is called to do.

    People should concentrate on doing what they can and not tell others how they should spend their time,lives,money etc.

    Because Kerry,who plays a sidepiece to a married white man on tv,what a great role model that is for young girls to see weekly, probably has no idea about what anybody does in their private lives

    Who the f*ck is Kerry Washington or Lily Tomlin to call out Beyonce or for that matter anybody!

    A lot of people would say to Lily being gay is not a positive role model.

    And I’m not much of a Beyonce fan,to me she is the Tina Turner of today entertainment wise as far as on stage performance.

  17. Just like someone at the top said Kerry is an actress and she act’s out in movie and TV shows that is not of her life.same thing with Beyonce and other female artist they are entertainment for there work that for some of them only are like that when they are on stage some don’t want to be role models some do you got a lot of Disney girls that don’t want to be role. Models at all and they don’t have to just don’t let your kids see things. Like that Britney spears said it best I am just doing my job I am not here to be a role model. For your kids that your job as a parent

  18. We all know Beyonce is the biggest hoe in Hollywood…
    her time is almost up
    Case close!!!!!

  19. Point blank if you don’t like what she dose on stage then don’t watch her people think this is how she is all the time when she is with her daughter and Jay z we don’t know what happens behind close doors just don’t watch her are listen. To her and pay attention to the musicartist that you listen to .

  20. They have no right to tell her anything. They do what they do and Bey does what she does. I hate people who try to push their agenda’s or personal beliefs onto someone else.



  22. Beyonce vs. Kerry Washington! Both black women have lots of skeletons in their closet. Both black women have done the casting couch! If these two got into a twitter beef, it would be just as entertaining as the beef between Jay-Z vs. Nas. You remember who won that battle?

    • lyrically nas.

      but then nas signed a deal with jay and jay became nas boss.

      all this over a woman

      nas and kelis divorced and jiggas still got his label and nas ios still his flunkie.

  23. Believe or not – one thing is for sure – Beyonce is a mess and the whole world knows it. Damn, she has no self esteem nor pride and she has a daughter. Shame …….

  24. Kerry’s stock is rising. Beyonce’s stock is falling! More and more black women are tuning the baphomet witch out. Damn near every black woman loves Kerry! I don’t think the baphomet hive can affect Kerry.

  25. Instead of worrying about the baphomet witch, Kerry Washington needs to worry about why she only gets paid $85,000 a episode. Scandal is a huge show and Kerry makes less than Mariska Hartigay. Shonda Rhimes is screwing Kerry Washington.

    • hey why did Shondra get rid of Sen. Edison?

      Shondra is one weird lookin’ thing. She strikes me as someone who is from a dark place.

    • Are you serious?!. $85k per episode for one of the top rated shows on television?!. Kerry needs a better agent.

      • FYI, Mariska Hartigay makes half a million dollars a episode for Law And Order SVU!

  26. ass lickers is the bitch paying your rent. no you dumb ass lickers have made that bitch rich. when you gona get off your knees? kerry ain’t on stage almost naked showing everything she got ,shaking her ass like hooker stripper while singing about sucking dick, chile please you ain’t that far gone not to know the difference.

  27. let Kerry hate beyonce.

    beyonce makes more money anyway thasts what iots all boils down to.

    black actresses barely make that much money anyway.

    nia, sanaa and gabrielle was complaining about not getting enough money and they been aROUND LONGER THAN KERRY AND BEY.


  28. So just divorce you husband because of a mistake. Spoken like women with no husband. What happened to Marriage counseling. pastoral counseling. Forgiveness in your marriage. & No my husband has never cheated BUT if he did I dont think I would throw my marriage away without fighting either. Kerry Washington got pregnant out of wedlock then hurried up & got married. She can not talk about anyones moral choices. & I like her on Scandal.

  29. kerry washington is a “white man’s whore” she plays a character who’s obsessed with white d*ck!! sexing them in inappropriate places
    making black women look bad. not all black women care about sex!!!!

    black women we must be careful “the white media” are portraying black women as tramps sluts and hos meaning that black women
    only cares about sex!!. we know that’s not true but is the facts

  30. Bey isn’t that chick. She relies on her body & looks. She’s never going to be that upstanding citizen. Sad because she can really sing. She puts up with Jay to have a man. Pitiful.

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