Trey Songz Gets Gully After Bottle Gets Thrown At Him On Stage!


Not too sure why Trey Songz would sign up to perform smack dab in the middle of a drunken crowd… but he did… which had dude dodging flying bottles. That’s why Trey got turnt, talkin’ about “come up here and get phucked up.”

Here’s how it went down:

“A few days ago, a club patron tried to test Tremaine’s gangster by launching a bottle at the singer while he performed the lukewarm, “Na Na.” Trey luckily caught the flying projectile before it hit its target and the singer tried to continue with his performance. But it was too late. Trey’s inner #RN had been activated and he just couldn’t let the disrespect slide.

“Hey, whoever p*ssy *ss n*gga throwin’ bottles…we right here. We right here. We’ll clear the way for your *ss, n*gga. We right chea! Wassup? You can keep throwing bottles like a b*tch and you can come up here and get f*cked up. Wassup?”


  1. I still can not understand why certain patrons fling bottles at entertainers?

    What if such projectile, were to maim or worse kill the artist? Then the said individual will shed a crocodile tear or two , while apologising .

    • That confuses me too..

      Why spend money to abuse a music act?
      If I dIdnt lIke someone I certainly would not give them my hard earned money.

      Or maybe these crazies hate for an act Is so bad and a concert is their only opportunity. ..

      • You could be onto something there mate, ;). Or perhaps, it’s simply a case of ‘bragging rights’ – I think that is the phrase.

  2. Idk why I picture him fighting with knives and scarves like the scene from beat it

  3. Right trey gay aint gon do shit that nigga aint gon buss a grape at a food fight he is corny ass hell just like drake ass soft ass niggas.

  4. *****giving Trey the side-eye****.

    Knee-grow please…..yo pansy azz the one that’s gonna get f*cked up!

    Smdh@ these celeb mofos BEGGIN for a beat-down.

  5. He just tryna be like August when someone took his hat. Trey doin whateva to try to stay relevant. He along with Nicki Minaj are learning that when you dnt pay homage to someone after swagga jackin their style you go outta style. He thought he was on Kels level and she Kim. Fame went to the head now their careers are goin dead.

    • How is he tryna be like August?? Do you not know Trey jumped in a crowd before and fought 3 dudes at once for throwing up a hand sign and talking reckless. Trey stopped singing & asked them what the hand signals meant & what they wanna do. Then jumped in the crowd & fought them. So, no one is tryna be August. Trey did it first. THANK YOU!!

  6. What does gay have to do with how tough he is ? Some of the worlds most revered athletes and gangsters are gay. Trey is in great shape so he’s pretty strong and won’t get winded, plus a lot of gays have a lot of rage in them. Throwing bottles is actually what’s gay to me . Throwing a rock then hide your hand type sh**…

    • And y’all are missing the fact that he CAUGHT the bottle. It’s pretty hard to be in a dark club, people all around u , singing a song, and to catch a bottle thrown at u. That’s gangster.

  7. Lol @ the fact that he caught the bottle mid-air, in a dark ass club, loud ass folks acting reckless, & he was singing 2??!!! Wow!!! LOL!!!

  8. Trez should have found da bitch azz mofo beat dat punk azz bitch down if trez such a punk y his punk azz @ club listening to his music punk bitch just wanted trez to f*ck him

  9. Lol. Reminds me of the vid with Drake attempting to “sing” live at an outdoor festival off-pitch, off-key and through his nostrils per usual and this drunken White guy in the audience howls “Autotuneeeee”

  10. Not too sure why Trey Songz would sign up to perform smack dab in the middle of a drunken crowd…

    hahaha….he needed some chicken wire to block the bottles

  11. He caught it because….knew it was coming !
    Let’s get it straight gay dudes always know what’s coming lmao!

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