Bey & Jay Staged Photo’s For Damage Control


Bey’s like, ‘What Break Up?…. Releasing staged pictures to keep the couples multi-million dollar “On The Run” tour profits to grow.

Just look at my IG pic of Blue with Jay!’ — relying on a photo of Young Hov and their daughter Blue Ivy Carter to silence the gossip this week.

The 32-year-old posted a photo to her Instagram Tuesday afternoon of her rapper hubby carrying their toddler Blue Ivy across a tropical beach. “My favorite hue is Jay Z blue” she noted as he stood against a gorgeous sea.

Here’s what an industry insider had to say:

“This is a classic case of damage control. Staged photos,tweets, it’s a business relationship. They’re on tour and to get through the tour they have to put up a persona. It’s all spelled out. It’s more financially beneficial for them to continue the tour and the Instagrams and tweets while all this is happening. That’s how damage control works.”


  1. Cant tell if blue is happy or what, never see her face, so tired with their blue pics. Where is j’s grown daughter, and abandoned grand child?

  2. Right we never see her face damn they always taking pics of the back of her head very weird just show us her face already she looks like gayz anyway

      • i just read faith evans book, where she talks about how this gayz n8ggah allowed biggie smalls to disrespect her pregnancy in the music and it hurt her to the core of her being. he’s a woman hating troll who always needs a woman to victimize. i cant wait until he turns all his hate on that stupid gullible beyonce. she deserves it.

        • Wow, who are you say what someone deserves. What has she personally done to you for you to put something like that in the universe? Being Ugly aint pretty and you’re more likely the down fall than her. You won’t shine throwing shade. BTW…I could careless about their family.

  3. Bey dummy gonna need about 5,678,328 more people to convince me all is well in Camel-lot.

    Bish we are are not fooled or impressed. This is some pic she pulled off her phone to prove all is well and I’m not buying the bullsh*t she’s shoveling.

  4. Bey is not 32 years old!!!!! That is a lie!!!!! She’s 35/36!!!! I know y she never shows the baby’s face, people have said sum mean things about her baby, and that’s uncool…smh, she is a pretty little girl..

  5. when will we see a recent pic of her and Jay Z ‘Happy’? Love how they use Blue as a deterrent.. Lol.

  6. why is everybody so pressed about her leaving Jay? everybody was so pressed about her having a baby and when she did all they did was talk trash about her kid. Beyonce would be beyond dumb to listen to anyone other than herself, being that the majority of the world is secretly jealous of her anyway! smdh

  7. Ok I am not going to lie and say I don’t but yes I do hate on her and love her at the same time so what but Jacky please I am so sick of hearing about them enough aready I can’t wait to this tour is over.

  8. Thank you Starr. Who delights in anyone’s marriage failing any way? Let me drop some knowledge on the haters/negative ppl, “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss things, little minds discuss people” Eleanor Roosevelt

        • Well, its true.
          Did Einstein waste days gossiping about fake celeb marriages?
          Probably not.

          I’m glad you reminded me of that quote, along with “The Four Agreements” , a self help book I read.

          One agreement is about gossiping and how it is not good. But gossiping is my vice. I don’t drink or smoke cigarettes, but I spend many many hours online gossiping. Too many hours. I gossip in real life too. I like to gossip. Guess it makes me feel good to read someone whom I will never meet.

          I am going to give up gossiping and focus on my own life for awhile. Focus on how I feel about myself.. its much easier to focus on celeb faults tho…

          I’ve enjoyed the back and forth banter about sometimes totally stupid topics and I will miss it..

          • Hey Willie, I’m on this blog and like you said gossiping is a vice. I just don’t like it when ppl seem to delight in someone else’s pain. Also the crazy “conspiracy theories” expressed by some are down right scary. Sorry I was not raised to take delight in hearing about evil. Yes this world is filled with wickedness but its also filled with goodness. I choose to try and stay positive.

            • I think you’re reaching on that one.

              Whilst gossip and rumours has it’s uses in self preservation. ie as a warning device.

              Psychologically It’s impact can unfortunately be mainly negative for both the person(s) spreading or partaking in the gossip and more obviously the person who is the subject.

              This is proven by feelings of anger and frustration often displayed by people here on HSK when posting negative opinions about a celebrity. Mainly because they feel let down, or angered by their subject and even the frustration at other post(s) /person(s) offering a different opinion to yours on the issue. The result of which is often name calling or some other form of disrespect.

              Hence you ultimately FEEL WORSE.

          • You have JUST spoken one of the most real & profound statements in a good minute. I came upon this site approx 2 yrs ago, & for awhile I would read some ” top shelf statements”, if u will. Now it’s truly becoming or have come rather wretched, to say the least. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is what it is & f*ck it.

    • That quote is stupid and I dont believe Eleanor said that, because the only people who dont discuss other people and their evil actions are drug dealers,criminals and low lifes who dont want their dirty ways being discovered. it’s called the “dont snitch on me so i can poisoning and killing.”

    • On gossip blogs we gossip. If peeps don’t like the gpssip or so-called tearing down of folks they probably shouldn’t come on aforemetion gossip blogs. Cuz seriously all you complainers are not being held hostage to read the posts. Food for thought.

      • I’m not complaining. I’m merely stating how I feel gossip affects my life

        I never said that I didn’t like it but rather enjoy it too much and that maybe I need to lessen my time spent online gossiping. .

      • I come on this site to be entertained but sometimes when I’m reading the comments, ex. Adults talking about babies….. its too much. Actually its down right hateful but to each his own. I’m just glad some people here are trying to be more positive. This is the only site I comment on because I actually believe most of the bloggers here are intelligent.

  9. “Damage Control ” would be a great name for an album. Maybe they can go all George Jones and Tammy Wynette and do an album together.

  10. jay’s wondering d*ck ruined the marriage!!!! rihanna was f*ucking jay for years and beyonce knew it but she has to button her
    dry cracked lips up other wise jays would of slapped her upside her head. their getting blame solonge if it wasn’t for her whooping
    jayz ass in the elevator no one would of known!!!

    like yash qaraah said it all stems from aailyah

  11. Hmmm I think Matthew Knowles traded Bey for and Endless Supply of Nose Candy..Bloop.

  12. Honestly I don’t think there was going to be an on the run tour if that elevator video didn’t come out. Someone leaked that video as a warning to them that if they don’t get their shit together and do that tour to keep the money machine going more leaks of private moments would be leaked. The have a lot of dirt on them, especially j with his sex kitten rih.

  13. So I guess Beyonce gonna be 32 forever, because I could’ve sworn she was 32 2years ago…

  14. Bey is n her 40’s, don’t believe the hype. Gabrielle Union leaked her age a few years back. They’re around the same age.

  15. sometimes stuff gones down when it a billion dollars on the elevator, that statement shows you can have a billion dollars and still have no class nor taste. and you talents are illusion. a figment of your dumb ass licking stans.the so calle song i quoted is wack as all your other wack bullshit. if yallgot a billion dollars its from washing drug money, not y’all wack music nor clothes.

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