Who is Phlo Finister: Is She Responsible For Peaches Geldof’s Death?


Due to the new revelations about Peaches Geldof from Pete Doherty’s recently published journal entries, a reader decided to do a little research on the friends of Peaches Geldof who may have influenced her in a negative way, and one particular stood out – her name is Phlo Finister and she has been using heroin since the age of 16. In case you were not paying attention, Peaches was found dead at her home earlier this year (April 6th, 2014). Recently release medical examiner files confirm Heroin overdose as the cause of her death.

HSK was the first to report about celebrity hanger-on Phlo Finister in May 2012, at the time Phlo was connected to a Heroin overdose (not a deadly one) suffered by the daughter of the late singer Teena Marie, Alia Rose. According to our source this all went down on Mothers Day, at the W Hotel. Also present was Peaches Geldof.

Here is what our source had to say:

“Peaches and Phlo met through a mutual friend in Los Angeles, 2010, when Peaches was living in the US. They shared an apartment in Hollywood for a while and Phlo followed her back to London – they remained friends until Peaches’ untimely death in April 2014.

The two of them did heroin together and Phlo is still very much into that scene. In 2012, there was a rumor circulating the internet that the late singer Teena Marie’s daughter, Alia Rose, had overdosed on Mother’s day in 2011, while she was doing heroin with Peaches and Phlo.

It was Phlo who leaked the story to HSK. She has been best friends with Alia Rose for many years and Teena Marie even took her in during her high school years, but Phlo is desperate for fame and uses people to get attention for herself without the consideration of others.

Her fame-whoring ways go beyond normal; she name-drops Peaches in every interview she gives and when asked what brand she would like to model for and why, she answered: “Dolce & Gabbana because Peaches is endorsed by them”. She has also recently signed with Kirsty Williams – the same agent that Peaches was signed with.

Phlo allegedly brought heroin around Peaches while she was on methadone and attempting to get clean, which sparked Peaches’ destructive side and reminded her of the youth she sometimes felt she lost out on by having children at an early age.

On July 26, Phlo posted two new photos of Peaches children, Astala and Phaedra, on her Instagram page, knowing that the family is deliberately keeping the boys out of the media following their mother’s death. The photos have since been removed due to controversy among fans of Peaches, which came to Phlo’s attention because she has a Google alert on her own name and reads everything that’s being written about her on internet.”



  1. So, you are leaking that Phlo leaked the story about Alicia Rose’s OD to you.

    From a big fan, that is kinda wack HSK.

    And trust, I am no fan of dope slingers, but just spill the tea. When you start playin’ cop or karma police, the tips gonna dry up.

    Geldorfs are good friends with Rothschilds, so Phlo will be found dead with a needle in her arm in 1, 2, 3, 4…

    Unless Bob Geldorf f*cked up somewhere and Phlo was just…

    Oh, neve rmind.

    • Some just went on a prior Peaches Geldoff/Alia Rose thread on HSK late last night or early this am. HSK jacked their info, pieced a couple parts together, and compiled this story. They’ve been doing that a lot lately.

      They don’t credit readers with anything. The images on the Iggy thread from a few days ago are from a tweet I sent Jacky. They cropped the photo. It was a montage of racist tweets that Iggy has been posting over the course of about a year. Smh

    • Nope, this girl peaches snitched about getting inducted in some secret society shit on social media. I can’t remember exactly but she was saying shit she shouldn’t have said, and next she was dead. So her parents are probably in it and couldn’t do anything about her once she spilled the tea. It’s crazy how these rich people are into this crazy stuff.

    • The speculations that Peaches Geldof was killed or sacrificed are ridiculous. She was in the grip of an addiction and it sadly took her life. My thoughts continue to go out to her loved ones, especially her two little boys.

  2. I remember those artIcles…

    I remember her moms suicide, and Michael Hutchence suicide. She was destined to die young.

    So, who is Phlo Finister? Is she related to anyone? Sounds like she was sent on purpose to maybe dose these girls…

    Teena Maries daughter Is not Rick James kid..

  3. The children Paula had with.Michael, have ‘Geldof’ as their last name. I thought that peculiar.

    • She had just one child with Michael. Geldof is her legal guardian and she has Hutchence-Geldof as her surname. He said he wanted her to grow up with her half sisters. Geldof fought Hutchence’s family.

  4. Her father blood scraficed her she start exposing child sex crimes do your research her father is like a rock star in london.

  5. Peaches was definitely into the occult, which really isn’t surprising considering her family… I caught her Instagram after she died before they took it down, and she had photos of an extensive occult / magic library, original publications of Crowley and more. Ugh I wish I would’ve at least took a screen shot of it…. Why would Peaches father want custody of a child that was his wife’s lover…? UK is just filled with old dark sick perverted high society satanic pedophiles.

  6. Yeah peaches was heavily unto the occult had all those alexter crowley books she git wind of some sick shit they were doing to those kid ova there in the uk pedophiles she start speakin out against it an they killed her,her father is well known ova there he knew they had to scrafice her.

  7. She joined OTO one year prior to dying. This story here is most likely disinformation. Peaches was probably sacrificed. Do not be deceived. The devil is real.

  8. Of course she was sacrificed she stepped out of line after exposing the two mothers who were apart of a sick paedo ring that was led by Ian Watkins from the lost prophets. She and Bob were heavily into Aleister Crowley she had an OTO tattoo to show her alliances. The UK has a lot of hidden secrets regarding paedo rings just look at the Jimmy Savile scandal the lord said ‘what shall be hidden in the dark must come to light’

  9. You guys are just plain stupid if you seriously believe that Peaches was sacrificed. She had been addicted to heroin for many years prior to her death and unfortunately she had a relapse and died – she was very skinny at the time of her death, so her body probably couldn’t cope with the same amount of heroin that she used to inject. Phlo may have been a bad influence on her, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame her for Peaches’ death. My heart goes out to her two little boys. Peaches was such a loving mother and I’m sure she’s watching over them from above. God bless her soul.

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