Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats Expecting Baby #2


Alicia Keys took to Instagram to announce that she and husband Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child.
The two tied the knot July 31, 2010, which makes today their four year wedding anniversary.

Here is how Keys made the announcement:

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz !!” Keys, 33, captioned her beautiful photo, adding: “And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here’s to many many more years of the best parts of life! ☺️”

The couple also share a son, Egypt, who will turn four in October.


  1. Ha. And people said it wouldnt last. Shes back to wearing ethnic hair styles, something I havent seen since the A Minor lp promo. Miss old the non bearded pretty butch Alicia

  2. Same here non importante. She looks about as real as a dress up doll in those femme outfits.

    • lol@ your handle. Yes she looks uncomfortable. I miss the come-up before prepackaged days; Yellow Rat Bastard mag interviews, no dresses or glamorous crap. Even had bass in her voice and braids were always on point. The Alicia who owned a purple escalade and broke femme hearts from CT to NYC. I aint mad at her.

      • Yes wasn’t Alicia openly gay in the beginning of her career? Then somebody told her to go back in the closet or it will affect her career.

  3. You know what? I wish them well lesbian and whore hopper, more power they married=family legacy money. Hope the baby is born healthy.

    • Yeh I read that too if so he is royally F’d its stupid if that is him he’s sunk.

  4. That’s good if she’s happy I am happy for her. I wonder what happened to her I don’t see her as much are hear her music I think girl on fire.was the last song I hope she comes back I like her music alot.

  5. taking away someone else’s man rewards her with baby!! damn alica ain’t nothing but a home wrecker!!!! enjoy your marriage alica
    because when swizz cheese sexes someone else and lefts you. you will be pissed and men usually cheat when their wife’s are fat and ugly

    just ask kendra baskett her husband was sexing a trans while she was pregnant!!!

    • Wow you are all up in your feelings like these are everyday folks they are of the elite come on ma! its biz, totally.

      • ????? so your saying cheating ok!! you saying taking a man away from his kids is ok

        • NOBODY takes a man away from his woman that is ghetto talk! MEN LEAVE. He CHOSE to LEAVE. In the GROWN UP WORLD mature folks understand the real. NOBODY can break up a marriage unless ONE OF THE PARTIES WANT IT BROKEN. #GrownFolksLesson

  6. I think Alicia carries her preganicies WELL!! She looked stunning while pregnant with Egypt!

  7. you people are forgetting she stole a man away from his wife and kids. she got herself knocked up married him kissed him
    in front of his ex wife who she stole from!!! now she’s rewarded with another baby!!! women like alica are selfish they only
    care about themselves which is messed up luring a man away from his kids is messed up and sickening!!

    • All well and good; however Casio keys, should have just said no. It’s absolutely hard to ‘steal someone’s from a relationship, unless they are a willing participant .

      • swizz cheese was willing because he was in debt he saw alica keys as a come up!!! the dummy fall for it he’s only with her
        for the fame and money. alica no use getting yourself knocked up swizz cheese is using you!!!

        he’s probably f*ucking his ex wife behind alica’s back they probably laughing about while they f*ucking!!!

        • Hmm, I would have thought his collaboration with Jay Z on ‘On To The Next One’ and any residual earnings, would have kept him away from the red, no?
          He won a Grammy for that song too.

          Still atrocious carry ons!

          • Chocolate Lips is correct. Swizz Beakz was broke as a joke. His house with Mashonda went into foreclosure, he owed the IRS $2.5 million and he was mass producing children. He had the audacity to own Basquiat paintings, yet his house was in foreclosure. He should’ve sold his art. He probably could’ve broken even.

            Tax debts, child support and student loans cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. Swizz was financially insolvent when he got with A. Keys. Their marriage is likely a business arrangement/marriage of convenience.

    • Men do what they’re going to do, a woman can’t steal any man from anyone. If men were that easily manipulated I’m sure women would have come up w/ a way to manipulate them into being faithful or at least honest.

      This could just be another beard situation, or arrangement like camel/bey-illiterate.

      Women need to stop blaming other women for men cheating. Chalk it up as a loss and that you dodged a bullet…let it go..if he was happy/faithful he wouldn’t be going back on his vows in the first place.

      • EXACTLY! I’m a hard core critic of Black people messing up BUT when it comes to cheating IT TAKES 2. I don’t ride for chicks blaming the other woman! If your man choses to step out its on HIM. And NO I don’t mess with other women’s men only a tacky ass chick goes after another woman’s man.

  8. Hmm, I would have thought his collaboration with Jay Z on ‘On To The Next One’ and any residual earnings, would have kept him away from the red, no?
    He won a Grammy for that song too.

    Still atrocious carry ons!

    • he did that song while he was f*ucking alica!! swizz cheese is nothing but a loose d*ck!!! mashonda is beautiful chocolate while
      alica looks like stale bread covered with mold!!!

    • philandering bisexual phallus aside – Swizz can always sell that Ernie Barnes(rip) painting to me if he hasnt done so already. Dude had a nice art collection didnt know that he too is a painter. Recently donated art to a Harlem hospital. He should add some Haitian artist Hertz Nazaire pieces.

      • Non Importante…lol I am looking at an original Barnes on my living room wall as I type! I was fortunate enough to receive it as a 25th birthday gift from my father. I’ll have it until they take me away in a box.

        • Lucky you I only have two signed prints 🙁 I autographed pads to pallette book. My girlfriends father was NCCU alum and knew him.

          • NI:

            Are Ernie Barnes paintings expensive/worth much? I have a cousin (by marriage) who worked for Barnes back when. Being that Basquiat is the only Black artist listed as having any notoriety in the art world, I never paid Barnes any mind, beyond looking at Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” album cover.

            • That is the Sugar Shack print and an open edition. Pricing depends. Since his passing his original works are hard to source. signed prints can range from 500+USD giclee and lithographs 800-8000usd in some cases. The one painting I saw on ebay is was 25K.

              Swiss paid 1.7 million for Barnes original artwork before honing the exaggerated movements that became his signature style. I want come sunday original but only unsigned prints are available. Im hoping to luck up and find it at Father Joes Village or something.

            • Swizz needs a good art broker. He could’ve gotten real a Lichtenstein, Warhol, etc. for < $1.7 million. A fool and his money shall soon part.

              Thanks for your reply.

            • I don’t know where you get get your information from, but Basquait is not the only Artist of African descent to have his work acknowledged or respected in the Art world. For starters, Jacob Lawrence is not only the first African-American artist to have his work shown in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., he was well established in the game at least 20 years before Basquait came along. there’s also a gentleman by the name of Romare Bearden who is not only regarded as the greatest artist of the 20th century, he’s considered the godfather of black art who kicked down the doors for all black artist like Varnette honeywood and more. I think it’s important to learn about these trailblazers because Basquait was a drug addict who slept around with the right people in order to break into the elite crowd, whereas Lawrence and Bearden made main stream America get into their work the same way James Brown made white America get into his music without selling out. My point is don’t just buy art because you see your favorite celebrity buy it, be an educated consumer. SWIZZ, Kayne, and Jay-Z all buy into the obvious names in the art world because the truth is they really don’t know art but they want to appear as if they’re hip and cool and better than the average black person.

        • Agreed. Or just used any art gallery software. Everything is database driven. Hood Rich, Money Poor syndrome.

  9. There was word that Szizz knocked someone else up. Alicia found out and decided to get pregnant herself. She don’t want her marriage exposed as a fraud. If Mashonda ever gets pissed enough she could end Alicia’s little image because she’s aware of the other babies.

  10. Dam I love Alicia keys an hell no she didn’t point no gun to make him leave hell they was already separated!! Wow this woman is breathtaking!! Sometimes iI wish I was a man so I could get her wow I’m addicted to that redbone!! Lol!!! Love u Alicia an switzz better do u right or I’m coming for u girl! U even beautiful pregnant woman!!

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