“Charlie Sheen Could Have Given HIV To Dozens Of Girls” – Soccer Mom Madam

charlie sheen hiv

A former madam who used to deal with Charlie Sheen says he paid girls extra to not use condoms.

Anna Gristina, who was called Manhattan’s Soccer Mom Madam, and plead guilty to charges in 2012 says she often supplied the women for Charlie Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller, back in 2009 and 2010.

“He could have given HIV to dozens of girls.”

Talking about the tactics the “Tiger Blooded” Sheen would use to have unprotected sex, the Soccer Mom says the actor offered up to $10,000 extra.

“The porn girls he liked would agree to go bareback because he gave them an extra $5,000, $10,000. And some of them would agree because they were hoping they would get pregnant.’’

Gristina adds, “He would give girls incentives not to use protection, and the girls would try to please him because they wanted to come back.’’

anna gristina madam

She believes it was around this time that he contracted the HIV virus, and that it was most likely from one of the pornstars he was so found of hiring for sex.

“These girls are definitely high-risk for HIV.  I guarantee he got it [HIV] from one of these girls.”

Revealing more details about Charlie and his manic crack/sex fueled odysseys, Anna says “he used to pop Viagra like amphetamines,” and that the lifestyle was not limited only to him.  At certain times he would just gamble online and chain smoke, but his wife, Mueller, would still partake in the prostitutes that were visiting their home.


  1. Brooke looks sick and scared in that picture. I'm sure she knew something but turned a blind eye. Charlie looks bad himself. He's aging miserably which is a tell tell sign.

    • If u are talking about the 2nd picture with the white woman, that's not Brooke. Thats the madam.
      Brooke is only in the top photo.

  2. funny how when its a black male celeb wit the gay and or trannie rumours uall quick to go in and throw shade, but wit charlie everybody downplayin the homo sh*t. HE GAY! & probably got AIDs f*ckin with them West Hollywood trannies, rentboys, stripper hoes! read the daily mail article on him i was to the ground!


    "'They were all in the movie room and there's porno going and various sexual activity going on.
    'He said Charlie was cool but he was all f***ed-up looking. He had bandages on and was a complete mess health wise – he felt sorry for him.
    'There was drugs everywhere – take your choice – there was coke, there's weed, there's crack. He's got any drug you want and if he doesn't have the drug he can make one phone call and he can get it.
    'All of a sudden Charlie says "Okay it's time for all the girls to leave the room". My buddy was like "Oh no what are you talking about bro, we don't need the girls to leave."
    'That was the direction he wanted to go – he was asking for transsexuals too – it was pretty crazy.

    yall don't even kno, this the same dude banging boys & corey haim died bcuz…charlie broke down when corey revealed his rape on the reality show on A&E Charlie start flippin must've been around the same time he found out about the monster. there also a video on youtube about this and Charlie abusing his own children, damn! karma is a nasty hoe & so is the gutta bitvh u got aids from…

  3. Guys pay close attention. Charlie Sheen admitted on live tv that he had unprotected sex with women knowing he had HIV and the police didn't arrest him. In the state of California, if you're HIV positive and you have sex with someone, you will be arrested and charged with attempted murder! Why didn't the police arrest Charlie Sheen? Why does this sick, demonic piece of shit continue to break the law and get away with it?

    • He was on PrEP and so was his girlfriend. She also signed an agreement that she knew what she was doing. While it may not be 100% safe, it's close. Many gay guys with the funds are on PrEP now and they are considered "safe" by most AIDS specialist MDs.

      I'm not defending everything CS did, but at least be fair with your accusations. He did not say that he had sexual relations with women after he knew he was positive without their knowledge.

      Even he wouldn't be so stupid as to make that admission…and I'm damn sure his lawyers wouldn't let him.

  4. Most hollywood bitches and hookers only care about money! They will f*ck a HIV positive man if they can get money(Just ask Magic Johnson). Crack head Brooke Mueller is one of them! She smoked crack along with the trans cocksucker Charlie Sheen. Yes the rumor is true, Denise Richards used to be a hooker. She worked for Heidi Fleiss. That is how she met Charlie Sheen! Both of those bitches were desperate, dumb drug users!

  5. Look at recent pictures of Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards. You can tell both of those white bitches have used drugs. Denise Richards has aged worse than that ugly, cocaine sniffing black bitch Stacey Dash! Not sure if Denise Richards has smoked crack, but Brooke Mueller has.

    • You are nuts. Stacy Dash looks beautiful for a woman of her age. I'm not commenting on her politics, just her looks.

  6. If you think Charlie just contracted HIV you are a fool. He has been rumored to have the disease over 10 yrs. The sad part is the list of women he has been with including Lindsay Lohan. When Lindsay was in trouble with the IRS he gave her 100k to fix it. Also google Denise Richards and Brook Mueller they look as bad as he does now. And the young pornstar Bree was recently living with him. They're all saying they're negative because of the bad press.

  7. Charlies had been rumored to have HIV for a really long time and most of Hollywood were aware. Both Kim k and Rihanna did not want to be caught around him. He ranted about both of them. He also slept with Lindsay and paid her IRS debt. Google Lindsay, Denise Richards, and Brook Mueller. They all look haggard. And the new ex Bree is only in her 20s and you know she has it. Sad sad sad

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