Ex-Girlfriend of Former Hollywood Drug Dealer: “Charlie Sheen is spreading AIDS”

Charlie Sheen Spreading HIV

HSK Exclusive – We’ve confirmed another source who has admitted “Charlie Sheen is spreading HIV.” Her name is Kali Rachel Hanks — and, according to what she recently revealed to an HSK reporter — Kali is no stranger to “Charlie Sheen spreading HIV.”

So what’s Kali Hank’s connection to the ‘Anger Management’ actor? She is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Nicholas Chiassan — who is confirmed to be Charlie Sheen’s former drug dealer. We’re told Kali Hanks was “so scared” that she might have been infected… so she got tested. She was reportedly relieved when her HIV test came back negative.

“Charlie Sheen and Nicholas Chiassan used to be get-high-buddies, doing booty bumps of cocaine.”

Here’s what an industry insider says is the reason why Rihanna dissed Charlie, back in May:

“Rihanna didn’t want to take a picture with Charlie Sheen because she heard about him being HIV positive…and she didn’t want to get caught up in the hoopla when the shit hits the fan.”


  1. Well riri probably got it too. That big head bitch not amune ain’t that hoe spreading herpes. I know its not the same but she got her dam nerves.

    • LMAO at you for feeling like I do about that bobble head girl! But on a more serious note…I’ve honestly heard executives of a certain prodiction company discuss how “aweful they thought is was for Ms Rihanna is knowingly having open sex (their words meaning unprotected sex) with SEVERAL people including but not limited to other celebrities & not just men.” In the same conversation it was said how “Nobody in the industry will say anything about it until she actually kills someone.”

      In case you didn’t know…that big head girl does a lot we don’t see with people in high places & she makes quite a few people a LOT of money. I personally will be glad when she’s off the scene for good!

      • Well, does this mean that J and B are affected, too, because I believe J has been sleeping with her. But then again…I’ve heard a long time ago that J has that same gift that keeps on giving. Maybe this is one reason B couldn’t carry their baby. IDK.

      • Thanks for the tea and Ew again. So is Rihanna pimping or is she being pimped or is she sleeping around just for the hell of it?

      • So Rihanna "acts like a guy." also
        "I’ve honestly heard executives of a certain prodiction company discuss how “aweful they thought is was for Ms Rihanna is knowingly having open sex (their words meaning unprotected sex) with SEVERAL people including but not limited to other celebrities & not just men.”
        So they were talking about her behind her back, and wouldn't say it to her face, why, probably because she wouldn't give them any, because if she was, they would have nothing to say. The hypocrisy of it all.

    • Preach 14:24! Herpes is a gateway to HIV. Once you’re infected with one STD, it weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to HIV.

      • Anything that weakens your immune system makes you susceptible…including acidosis. Alot of people have that…and they don’t even know it.

  2. Oh shit! Its about to go down in Hollywood! Now watch how many folks is going to get blasted. And I betcha 10:1 odds Charlie is going to dropped names now that his situation is now exposed. Y’all sit back and wait. The empire is about to crumble and the shit is stinking up something in Hollywood.

    • Charlie earned $125 million for Two-And-A-Half Men and he earned another $125 million for Anger Management. Only a fool would air anyone out over unfounded rumors, or even the truth, and f*ck up that kind of money. That’s exactly why Black folks aren’t as successful as white folks — no allegiance.

      • It will come out and know why? Let’s just say I know something about this similar situation. Once U have contracted one STD, U have to give names. THATS THE LAW! And the reason I am telling U this because my sperm donor gave me STD. Thank God it was curable. Not only that, he has Hepatitis C of the liver. Again, me and my son had to get tested. Thank God we came up negative. So I see B. its best to be in the know than not know and be dead. So now that Charlie and whoever he had infected and it doesn’t matter about no damn money, Charlie still got to drop names or do life in imprisonment.

        • I won’t hold my breath for Charlie to go to jail for life for allegedly infecting anyone with an STD, more or less HIV. That happens in Hollywood daily. Most people sue the person who infected them, accept their settlement and move on.

          I still want to know if Charlie is the A-lister who gave herpes to a one-night-stand he had in Vegas? The woman sued the celeb and received $5 million. I know he is obviously white because a Black female plaintiff would never score that high of a settlement. See: Ron Mexico.

        • Sorry about that DaR1, some of the men out here are just plain nasty. My father was infected with Hep C by the Army during the Vietnam era, Uncle Sam ain’t shat.

      • I know about Ron. But the point is no matter how much money U have he still have to drop them names. Now if he gave names, ok that’s good. But…..Yes thee is a but if Charlie do decide to sleep with anybody he has to tell that person what he has. But if he don’t that’s 1st degree murder! Oh he and a few others are in the system no doubt. But if he do sleep with anyone not only he has to ask them, but the other party has to sign a written statement with two witnesses and have that motorized. I saw this with my own two eyes! I was shocked! In fact it was my neighbors middle son. He is in Columbia, SC right now. He contracted from this white girl who had infected half of the workers in the Honda plant in Timmonsville! They had to shut the entire plant down!

        • Charlie Sheen has money, celebrity money, and as long as his money hasn’t gone up in smoke, or up his nose, or in his veins, those rules the CDC has in place about mandatory reporting all your partners, im pretty sure don’t apply to him. To us lil folk yeah, it would, celebrities get passes.

          • That don’t mean shit! A curable and incurable disease does not discriminate! Now I know what I am talking about. THE LAW STATES IF U HAVE ANY INCURABLE OR CURABLE DIEASE U HAVE TO REPORT IT NO IFS ANDS OR BITS ABOUT IT!! Money is not a factor when U playing Russian Roulette with folks lives. If U know U got it, any first responder asked that person how many people they have slept with and they have to give names. I know I am living proof!

            • DaR1,
              Not all states require you report HIV or AIDS status to your partners but they do suggest you do so. HIPAA makes it so states are not allowed to release an individual’s status without written permission. The CDC will report only your status as anonymous with your demo information for statistical purposes….or so they say.

              Your life is in your own hands when you lay down with someone. The government doesn’t care about us like that.

            • if Charlie can escape jail for attempted murder and torture and holding hookers hostage he can get away with anything.

              lets not forget Charlie and his family has connections.

      • I disagree.

        That junkie chick that just outed him ain’t got no allegiance. You can see she a junkie.

        Which is why in she’ll be OD’ing soon if he makin’ that kind of bank.

        • She has no credibility and as such, is inconsequential. He would be wasting time, money and drugs by doing anything to her. Learn how to pick and choose your battles. If Charlie eliminates anyone, it should be Denise Richards.

    • How does this prove he has hiv? Her test came back negative. And she didn’t even say that she slept with him; just that her bf sold him drugs. What am I missing?

      • Results from the time of the first test takes anywhere from 6 months til a year.It doesn’t mean she can find out right then and there from the first, but six months from that first test she has to be retested again in 6 months.

        • HIV tests are almost immediate now. It’s true that you need to test again when you are 90 days out from the last time you had sex, but you do not have to wait for 6 months after your last sexual intercourse to know if you have seroconverted. The Adult sex industry more or less has that system down to a science.

  3. Says the hoe who has herpes….isn’t that funni. O how the might have fallen

  4. I don’t know I am not a doctor correct me if iam wrong how is taking a picture with someone that is HIV positive going to hurt you in less taking a picture in Hollywood is code for having sex I don’t get it. Ms Rihanna can’t talk word in the street is she haves the same thing.

    • I think Rhi just wanted to be rude. Charlie has way more money than Rhi could dream of. Charlie and his dad are big Hollyweird names. Disease or not, there is really no logical reason not to take the damn 3 second picture.

      Wasnt she wearing her pink sex slave wig at the time?

  5. I’m still waiting for the press conference. If this is true Charlie needs to come clean.

  6. @18:22 He ain’t got to. When the police pick his ass up for not complying to a bench warrant issue by DHEC oh he will sing like a canary.

  7. Excuse me for not knowing. But what is a booty bump of cocaine? I get the CocAine part. . Is that under the influence perversive acts?

    • I would like to know too. I am in my 30s and have only seen cocaine on television. I also have no clue what meth or heroin look like. I guess you can call me the awkward blk girl.

  8. Um so the girl’s boyfriend is the drug dealer to Charlie sheen. She was scared she might have hiv because her bf did drugs with Charlie? And her hiv test came back negative? How exactly does that prove that Charlie is spreading hiv? It just kind of proves that this girl wanted a blog story about herself.

  9. Rihannas big fireheaded azz got herpes who the f*ck she likr her shit dpnt stunk shes speading to errbody in the industry knows that hoe got it shes know different from charlie.

  10. charile is getting married to p0rn star called scottina who looks like a trailer trash like most white women do yuck!!

    • Yeah, Charlize Theron, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence look like trailer trash. SMH. Generalizing like that is almost as bad as elevating them to a higher status. Some white women look trashy and some black women look manly. Neither is the rule.

  11. Man! I feel bad for Charlie. He’s prolly high every moment of the day, so Charlie left the building long time ago. His only way of functioning is with another crack head, that is why when these women have babies by him and want a functional life, he moves the hell on. The new women he sleeps with are porn stars, so they prolly already have HIV. I thank God I’m not addicted to sex, drugs or any temporary highs. Call me uptight if you like, I’m am healthy!


  13. Trust me when I say Charlie Sheen is not the only hollywood celebrity who is HIV positive!

  14. Yeah him and probably many other celebrities as quiet as its kept.. what else is news in Hollyweird?

  15. Not sure why. But some1 is going out of their way to put CS business out to the public

  16. guess the mafia that controls Hollywood is getting tired of chartlie and Angelina.

    Charlie been doing drugs since the 80’s maybe longer.

    Angelina is a satanic BISEXUAL WITCH SHE SERVWES SATAN.





    MICHAEL JAcksons gone but these 2 are still here doing what they do best.

    and nicki wanna name hjer alter ego after a satanic pedophile who may have possivbly hired the manson gang to kill his wife.

    • CC,

      These black entertainers are ignorant and dumb ass a bag of bricks. But this is what happens when you drop out of school to be famous.

  18. Herpes, AIDs,Clap, Crabs, Syphillis it does’t matter all those people will continue to suck, f*ck and lick each other off just to get a leg up in the industry. So why are we giving 1 f*ck about them at all? Let them kill themselves off.

  19. These two people making these accusations are such wastes of space in the media, who are they but kids looking to cover their own f*cked up choices by holding and withholding information they unfortunately have on Charlie and any celebrities their pathetic wannabe personas can create to sell to the media to cover their asses from past stupidity and consequences. They’re tweakers and manipulators thinking of ways to save their asses from jail time. Charlie’s business is his own.

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