Lamar Odom Looking At Felony Drug Charges

lamar odom charges

The District Attorney where Lamar Odom had his drug-induced coma is considering charging him.

As has been well-reported, L.O. was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel after going on an insane drug bender where he nearly lost his life.  Angela Bello, the Nye County D.A., says they may file charges against Odom for either possessing cocaine, or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

lamar odom charges 2

This is just additional bad news in the ongoing health saga of Lamar.  His rehab has plateaued and the former Lakers star can’t walk on his own, is having trouble speaking, and has impaired cognitive function.

It’s rare for the D.A. to prosecute someone who was hospitalized for drug overdose.  The Sheriff’s department looks to the D.A. to press any such charges, but at this time, Bello’s office has not rules out the possibility of going forward with charges.


  1. This is just plain evil. When Lamar signed on to do the show he basically signed his life away. Kevin Frazier from entertainment tonight was on Dr Drew last night and said Khloe did not allow Lamar's kids to see him in the hospital.

  2. I Find it strange that Lamar' s family could not see him but the Kardashians can. Lamar messed up big time. Khloe was on Ellen the other day and she openl

  3. It's funny how one minute he is walking, talking, texting, calling off divorce, asking ppl questions about Khloe's where snouts. And NOW he can't do anything.

  4. That means Khloe been lying. Lamar isn't alert to sign documents or talk. He didn't do anything to them to deserve this. I hope the good Lord performs a miracle. Lets not forget Bobbi Kris was dead for months before they pulled the plug.

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