Charlie Sheen Confirmed He’s HIV Positive So He’d Beat The Enquirer To The Punch!

Charlie Sheen Jacky Jasper National Enquirer

“Charlie has known for several weeks now that the Nation Enquirer was coming for his neck with the HIV infection revelations HSK revealed almost 2 years ago!”

HSK Exclusive – Charlie Sheen has the National Enquirer to thank for leading him in front of the cameras to confirm he carries the HIV virus. Know why? Had the popular tabloid news magazine not invested $1M into their 18-month investigation. Charlie Sheen might have decided otherwise, Matt Lauer wouldn’t have gained all that Today shine, and the Enquirer would have been the first mainstream media outlet to recognize the very news which Jacky Jasper delivered years ago.

Sure, top Hollywood figures were aware that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive — and have known for at least two-years. Just ask former Sony Pictures exec Amy Pascal, who can confirm that some of the ‘sensitive information’ in those compromised emails from the November 2014 Sony Hack told of Charlie’s HIV infection. “It’s hard to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year,” reveals an email from the hack. Still, HSK reported the news well before the Sony hack. In 2012, Jacky Jasper was contacted by Nicholas Chiassan, a Hollywood EDM DJ who told Jacky about Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis. Chiassan came with receipts to back his word: still pictures of prescription drug bottles containing medication prescribed to the actor — medication that’s used to treat symptoms of HIV. Chiassan told Jacky that the images were obtained from a computer belonging to porn star Taylor Tilden. “I broke into Taylor Tilden’s laptop,” Chiassan explained. “I did it because she told me Charlie was paying her off to keep quiet.”

Jacky Jasper ran with the story, leading HSK to deliver the exclusive drop revealing Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. That was two-years ago, when No one … Not TMZ … Not Gawker … No one picked it up. In fact, they called Jacky Jasper a liar. Know why? Because many of the attorneys representing mainstream media outlets are said to be on the take! Just ask Charlie Sheen’s manager Mark Burg.

Jacky took a trip over to Mark Burg’s office and this is what Burg had to say:

“Is Tom Cruise gay? Is John Travolta gay? Does Charlie Sheen have HIV? If so, prove it. Oh and by the way Jacky … everybody knows Charlie’s a junkie that makes homemade porn films … nobody cares.”

Jacky would later learn of a budget to fund the cover-up and discredit Jacky Jasper and HSK … and many joined the bandwagon. Nonetheless, Jacky Jasper carried on with his investigations and a transgender tipster would follow-up with more shocking findings about — not only Charlie Sheen — but other Hollywood celebrities too!

Dig the Drop:

“I used to see Charlie and Eddie Murphy. I like Charlie because he treated me better. Eddie is an asshole.”


  1. once read online that murphy was involved in some sick sh*t up in Canada. Somebody detailed what they knew about corrupt vancouver police in canada & how they were snatching hoes & raping them filming the shit then kill them & bury the bodies…witness said they were aware of murphy somehow being involved with some of these piggs and how he was to be taken care of by these cops & they let him kill and rape a prostitute or abducted woman and they buried the shit…according to witness…

    Charlie a pedophile and liar he never told nobody only elites who could affect his career. he abuse his own children they show ssigns of heavy abuse why u think denise gave them up w/the letter to cps

    birds of a wicked feather….
    jacky u the man, we aint denying that bro.

  2. This article implies that HSK was paid off to take stories down…and complied actually. The story did not re-emerge until last April…what happened to the ones from two years ago? I'd be careful Jacky; they might try to come for you on some extortion shit.

    • And you put Eddie on blast! Lol, it getting hot in here…can I come work for you? Looks like, when these celebs have dl homosexual tendencies, instead of living in their truth, they over-compensate with women…Charlie knows good and well he got that MONSTER FROM A MAN.

      • Yes he did, I just read an article and another madame was saying how he would ask the girls she sent over if they had any boys willing to come over.

  3. Keep it up Jacky yes I remember you covering this story and so many more! The phone chat you and I had several years ago about a certain celeb, they cleaned up and are looking great these days, in part due to your coverage of their issue.

  4. Crimes committed by Charlie Sheen:
    1. Pulled a knife on Brooke Mueller (Attempted murder)
    2. Beat up several women including ex wives Donna Peele, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller (Felony domestic abuse)
    3. Trashed a hotel room in New York (Felony Vandalism)
    4. Had unprotected sex with several hookers and trannies knowing he had HIV (Attempted murder)
    5. Has useed hardcore drugs inlcuding cocaine and crack (Felony drug use)

    Charlie Sheen has committed all of these crimes and has never gone to jail or prison. Best believe the LAPD knows everything about Charlie Sheen, but they will not arrest him. Proof that anyone who is rich and is white or has white privilege will receive preferential treatment from the justice system; the same justice system that will lock up a black man for twenty years for possession of a bag of weed!

  5. Stories that Jacky broke first:
    1. Charlie Sheen HIV positive
    2. Eddie Murphy murdering hookers in Vancouver
    3. LL Cool J f*cking a trans name Toni Newman
    4. Mr. Cee f*cking a trans name Toni Newman
    5. exposing Claudia Jordan as a stupid, money hoe!
    6. Oscar De La Hoya cross dressing and using cocaine
    7. Boule Bill Cosby drugging and raping women
    I said it before and I will say it again, Jacky is the best hollywood blogger in Amerikkka!
    P.S. Fuck TMZ and Mediatakeout!

    • All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie actors , and actresses. an all government all are to. you gay if you want anything sexual from another man period.

      I also co-sign however Eddie Murphy look like he got aids to a lot of thm have the Charlie sheen , Eddie Murphy dryed up look.

  6. Yes HSK broke the news first. Radar online has a story on there right now saying that a lawyer offered to pay HSK 100,000.00 to take the story down about Charlie sheen. I did read it here first years ago so I wasn't shocked. I do wonder if tyga has hiv too.

  7. I read a blind about the Corey Haim situation and it was that it was another actor just a little bit older. All the clues pointed to Charlie and that's why he's been such a wild person. I really believe Charlie molested Corey Haim.

  8. While we are being bombarded with depravity stories, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND OUT AND TELL US WTF IS GOING ON WITH LAMAR? Why are we being deprived of his story? WTF is going on??

    • Fuck Lamar that son of a bitch was warned … Now he must face this wrath alone nobody gives a f*ck !

  9. Jacky dropped this ages ago, now we got stories about a bald spot. Where's jacky, yes that again.

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