LAPD Opens Criminal Investigation Against Charlie Sheen

lapd criminal investigation charlie sheen

The LAPD has opened a criminal investigation against actor Charlie Sheen. The police are keeping the investigation details on the low, but apparently it has something to do with the actors former fiancée, Scottine Ross.

LAPD Officer Mike Lopez said the department’s Van Nuys division took a threat report involving Charlie last Thursday. Investigators obtained a search warrant, but didn’t provide any further information.

Gossip website Radar Online also got into the middle of this investigation, and its senior editors in NYC were served with warrants by the LAPD.

Radar’s recent articles about an alleged audio tape in which Charlie admits he lied to a sex partner about being HIV-positive were apparently sought after by the police.

In case you forgot, HSK was the first media outlet to expose Charlie’s HIV diagnoses.


  1. Due to his family connections and his complexion I doubt anything will come of this! He's been a dangerous f*ck up for decades now shooting white women bareback sex while infected etc.

  2. Charlie Sheen has been committing felony crimes for over 20 years! If the LAPD hasn't busted him now, they never will. Charlie Sheen has too much money and too many powerful connections. I don't think he will ever go to prison.

    • Totally agreed. He's used many of his father's contacts and "homeboys/associates" with LAPD and the DA's office from what I heard and that's how he's avoided a bunch of shit we haven't even hard about.

    • Sad but I agree.

      All this "powerful elite" talk is so overstated. The true powerful elite are seldom involved in any of the bullshit discussed in this blog.

      Sheen has some juice, yes. But no more so than many, many other players in LA. And his juice has diminished and may not last much longer.***

      ***see Bill Cosby

      • You're wrong. Sheen is high level second generation very powerful, obviously. . Do you forget how much money he's made for H'wood with 2 and a Half Men, then Anger Management=BILLIONS not counting his zillions of movies, yes he's protected, same as Eddy Murphy he also made H'wood billions and that big mouth trannie from back in the day ended up taking a dive outside a hotel window. Naive, much?

        • If you define "The Powerful Elite" as actors who have made millions for studios, then we have very different definitions of the term.

          The Elite are 1%ers like the Kochs, Sheldon Adelman, The Waltons. Warren Buffett and many Russian oligarchs and Asian businessmen.

          And Martin Sheen is a working actor. He was never A list–the only A list acting job he ever had was in Apocalypse Now. TV actors are most certainly not "elite."

        • Oh, and I am not naive by any stretch of the imagination.

          You might want to read about movers and shakers of the world outside of show business. That is where the power lies.

          • Thank you for breaking that down. I didn't have the energy. Let these niggas tell it Pee Wee Herman is an untouchable CIA operative. And Randy Quaid is sane and under attack. Lol.

        • Anonymous at 19:58,

          I've stopped trying tell people exactly what you stated.
          Trust me, you hit it very accurately & know what you're talking about. You did not embellish or exaggerate in any way.
          You're just right on the money.

          • Thank you very much the rest of these knuckleheads they don't know what the heck they're talking about. Sheen is considered Hollywood elite if they don't understand that there's nothing else to say to them watch how this plays out and watch and see if he ends up in jail where he ought to have been decades ago.

  3. First of all, KNOWINGLY having sex while infected and not telling your partners is a crime (attempted murder). If it has been anybody else, they would've been charged. Why not him?

  4. Sometimes I wonder who has snorted more cocaine, Charlie Sheen or Nicole Brown Simpson. Sometimes I wonder who has f*cked more trans hookers, Charlie Sheen or Magic Johnson? Yeah I said it!

    • Lamar Odom was f*cking a trans hooker when he overdosed at the whorehouse in Nevada.

  5. What kills me is that Gloria Allred viciously went after Bill Cosby but she will not touch Charlie Sheen. Sheen admitted on live tv that he f*cked women knowing he had HIV. Even the white trash porn star confirmed she had unprotected sex with HIV positive Charlie Sheen. I guess Charlie Sheen is more powerful than Ms. Allred. Has anybody noticed that Gloria Allred only goes after rich black men. That old white bitch is a legal extortionist who wants to rob rich black men.

    • Because rape and lying to someone are equal crimes. Yes Gloria is the villain here. She forced Cosby to drug and rape all those women… Cosby had no control over his own actions…

    • Thank you 100. These rubes who think that Martin and Charlie Sheen are among "The Elite" don't have a clue who The Elite are.

      Just because one is a white celebrity with some money, that hardly makes them "elite."

      You guys need to get out more. Maybe in Alabama the Sheen are considered elite, but in the big picture, they are not more elite than The Prancing Elites of Mobile.

  6. Gary Coleman and JJWalker were elite by the definition you state here. Scary how uninformed thou art.

  7. PEOPLE GOTTA BE CAREFUL !!!!!! these muthaf*ckas are out here spreading the virus and they don't even know that they have it AND when they find out that they have it, they go around infecting people ON PURPOSE!!!!!

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