Derek Fisher Threatens Matt Barnes With Restraining Order?

matt barnes derek fisher restraining order

Derek Fisher scooped up Matt Barnes’ baby mama, Gloria Govan, and ran off into the sunset. But even though Fish won the girl (for now) he’s losing when it comes to Matt.

After the two got into a fist fight over Gloria back in October 2015, Matt made it his mission to beat Fish’s azz once again…on sight!

Fish has had enough of the threats, apparently. And he just wants to be able to drink smoothies with his new boo in peace.

Matt confirms on Twitter that he received a call from a lawyer who threatened to slap him with a restraining order if he doesn’t leave “someone” alone.

What do you think? Is Fish being a b*tch for threatening Matt with legal action?


  1. Off Topic:

    The two most popular OJ conspiracy theories are as follows:

    1. Italian drug dealers from the Mezzaluna restaurant in Brentwood murdered Nicole Brown Simpson over a $100,000 drug debt. Ron Goldman just happendd to be there. OJ told the Italian dealers he would no lnger pay Nicole Brown Simpson's drug debt. She and Ron Goldman gets stabbed to death.

    2. A white male serial killer name Glen Rogers murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Glen Rogers was doing maintenance work on OJ's mansion and he also sold drugs to Nicole Brown Simpson. He told OJ he either pays Nicole Brown Simpson's drug debt or he will kill her. He stabs Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman to death!

    One fact that the white media loves to leave out is the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson was a hardcore cocaine addict. For more information, read Faye Resnick's book! The white owned meedia love to portray Nicole Brown Simpson as a perfect, lilly white caucasian woman who has a pure as snow personality. Unfortunately it was the wrong kind of snow! If you want to know what kind of woman Nicole Brown Simpson was, watch the movie Casino. Pay attention to Sharon Stone's character. That is how Nicole Brown Simpson behaved.

    • @NBA is fixed, I can't say who but someone else was talking about this very subject and I'll be damn if what you just said is not similar to what she was saying including the comparison to Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone's character) you referred to.

      She told me so much about this situation and even how who learned it. It's too much for me to write at this moment but you are so on the money until it's scary is all I can tell you.

      I will leave off with this though…she said Kris Kardashian and Faye Resnick know each other very well though Kris will act as if she barely knows Faye now and gives they impression that Faye is some kind of outcast from the "circle." Faye has mega dirt on Kris that she has sat on for years there is great distance that's kept between them.

      There's a reason the whole OJ saga is being given new life here lately…and the Kardashians and some not surprising others are involved.

      Thanks @NBA is fixed. Great write up on your end.

    • REALLY!?? REALLY!?? So why was OJ driving down the 405 with a Gun to his head, a Mask and Cash AFTER leaving several Suicide Notes??.. OMG!! The police may have framed a guilty man but he *IS* GUILTY!!

      • Hey BlackOpzFX,
        From what I have been repeated told is closer to OJ didn't commit those murders but knows who did & why. The reason why is very well & closely described in NBA is fixed's narrative.

      • Don't you know that black men are not human beings in control of themselves? They don't commit any crimes, they are always framed and someone (the illuminati) always sends white women to steal their money. Somehow they don't marry these white women by choice, someone forces them. Someone is always out to get them and the money and power they don't have. Astounding really.

        • Someone with some common sense. Thank gawd, I thought almost everyone here had lost their minds.

          Especially that damn Tony Stark.

      • OJ was distraught about Nicole being dead, having to tell his children and having the LAPD automatically assume he did it.

        He was literally seeing life as he knew it end. So, yeah, his best friend Al Cowling had to talk him off the roof so to speak.

        As for the mask and cash…that was NEVER introduced at trial.

    • That Glen Rogers dude is a lunatic who has confessed to three murders he could not have committed while he was in prison. He has been completely discredited as a possible suspect.

      Do you believe everything you read on line without ever doing your due diligence? Do you ever research anything before deciding it is fact?

      You are the living proof of the saying that "we listen to people who are saying what we want to hear."

    • I haven’t watched the latest OJ saga on tv but I did watch the actual TRIAL. And the pros did a horrible job as did the police. If I was on the jury I would of acquitted OJ too:

      – The coroner said multiple knives were used…NOT JUST ONE;
      – Nicole’s neighbor saw four latino men running away from her house when the crime was supposed to be committed;
      – OJs neighbor saw the white Bronco at his house during the time the pros said the crime was committed;
      – The pros claims OJ killed Nicole cause she didn’t invite him to dinner after Sidney’s dance recital!
      – They gave him 30 min. to kill two younger, athletic folks, get cleaned up, get rid of knives, make it home, go to airport
      – There was NO BLOOD in the car; NO BLOOD at or in his home; NONE OF OJ’S BLOOD AT CRIME SCENE
      – Cops LIED TO GET SEARCH WARRANT saying, OJ “suddenly left town” when they knew he was on a biz trip
      – Furhman’ s racist azz hopped OJs fence WITHOUT A WARRANT and claims he “found” the glove…which was TOO SMALL!
      – Who would hop a fence without backup if they thought someone had just killed not one but two people?
      – Cops PLANTED blood OJ gave them to test his dna on his sock and door handle when pros saw they were losing case
      – OJ DIDN’T WANT NICOLE. He was dating a model and had moved on with his life.
      – However, Nicole sent OJ multiple letters begging him to take HER BACK!

      That’s why Johnie C said if it doesn’t fit…And NONE OF THE BS fit. So the jury fot it right.

    • You are absolutely correct. Nicole was EVERYTHING you described her as.

      The media cleaned her up and had the public thinking she was some angel…and her sister was even selling “angel pins” to raise funds for a so-called women’s shelter we haven’t seen yet.

      Nicole was VERY WELL KNOWN. Let’s just put it that way. And ran with a very racy crowd which included Kris Jenner. The last person to speak with her that night, Faye Resnick, was also very much into the drug scene but police NEVER pursued these leads.

      Furthermore, they never looked into Ron Goldman’s background. He was reportedly trying to open his own restaurant and had allegedly borrowed funds from a bad group of people.

      And let’s not even talk about Nicole and Ron’s greedy/needy money grubbing families! They WANTED OJ to be guilty so they could do just what they did…pimp this trial and their loved memories for all it’s worth with book deals, selling stories to the tabloids and the like.

      If OJ didn’t know he was black before the trial he certainly found it out once it began. His own niece said he treated Nicole’s family like gold, hooking her dad up with biz contacts, paying for her sisters’ BOOB JOB and EDUCATION while he treated his own family like shit!

      I know there are two sides to every coin but that family, Kato Kalin’s freeloading ass, nor any of his yte business contacts stuck by him! NOT ONE!

  2. Wow NBA….wow….my hubs and I have been going back and forth about this for eons…even bet that it would never be solved…you done blew my mind like a cloud of loud. Wooow!!!!

  3. @Sasha, girl, bring us some real good shit we can give thought to please…
    Ain't no damn body trying to care about "Two Dumb Niggas and a Hoe."

  4. Watch the General"s daughter for a reason why one experiencing unrequited love would kill the object of their desires would kill the one they desire.

  5. I have something else to say about the OJ conspiracy theory. While Nicole Brown Simpson was married to OJ, she was f*cking MA. You guys are intelligent, I don't have to tell you who MA is.

    • Um, duh NBA. Faye Resnick discussed it at great length in her book.
      You're a quick one aren't you? Catherine ditched Marcus after learning of his infidelity, and they got married at OJ and Nicole's home.

      How on earth does this info help exonerate OJ? If nothing else, it would seem to add to his motives for wanting to kill her.

      • OJ had NO MOTIVE for wanting to kill Nicole and that was proven at his trial. He had moved on with his life and was dating someone else.

        The motive the pros gave…he was in a murderous rage that day and went over the top because Nicole didn't invite him to dinner after Sydney's dance recital…was preposterous.

        Especially when the defense produced a video of OJ laughing and talking with the Brown family after the recital and hours before Nicole's death.

        Best believe…Nicole's death is tied to her "get high" buddy, Faye Resnick. She's the last person Nicole spoke with that night and had a history of checking into rehab to skip out on drug debts. Did her book mention that?

        I hope the documentary Martin Sheen is producing will highlight the TRUTH. Because the media NEVER REPORTED WHAT HAPPENED AT THE TRIAL…just sensationalized a bunch of lies to keep ratings high and sell newspapers.

  6. Two Dumb Niggas and a Hoe………Hilariously funny…Still will be CTFU for at least a week….. ……Agree with NBA……always thought drugs………I think the hint was the columbian necktie…if my memory serves me correctly…..

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