Kanye Model, Ian Connor, Accused of Rape

ian connor rape

Ian Connor, the snack size model who made it big after walking in Kanye West’s Yeezy runway shows, has been accused of rape. The alleged victim has indentified herself as Malika, and she detailed the whole encounter on her blog.

Their friendship started on Twitter when Malika sent out a tweet asking who Ian was. She had heard his name in the press but never understood what made him so popular. Ian saw her tweet and months later, he followed her on Twitter and she followed him back.

The two eventually became friends.

“We hung out a total of 3 times. Never did anything sexual with this man because I didn’t find him attractive, I was very much into somebody else, and I just wanted to be friends. He kissed me before but I always pushed him off because gross,” ~ Malika

The last time they hung out was in October 2014, and that’s when the alleged incident went down.

“He came to my crib in the morning and I figured we would just talk and chill per usual… But that isn’t what happened. We were sitting on my bed, just talking. and he asked if he could eat me out. I declined. And I told him I wasn’t trying to have sex. So he’s like okay. Then he asked again if he could eat me out. I said no again and he just kept asking. He was literally begging to eat me out and he said ‘we don’t gotta f***, I just wanna eat it. I wanna eat your soul out girl’ blah blah. And I was just like “nah I’m good” but he kept begging. Eventually, I gave in. I said ‘fine you can give me head,'” ~ Malika

He proceeded to ask Malika to lay on her stomach, and that’s when the alleged rape took place.

“I was shocked and didn’t know what to do and then I pushed him off of me and I was like wtf. And he says ‘your p**** is wavy. We should’ve did this a long time ago. We could’ve been dating,” ~ Malika

Ian left her house, and that next day, she went to the doctors to get tested. Come to find out, Ian had given her gonorrhea!

“I got my test results back and I found out he had given me gonorrhea. Curable. But still. I was devastated and that’s when it all finally hit me. I didn’t want any of what had happened but he just did it anyway and I had to deal with the consequences. He didn’t penetrate me with consent. He raped me,” ~ Malika

Ian is of course defending himself against the allegations.

ian connor defends rape allegations

But, Malika’s version is becoming more and more credible, especially since these old tweets of Ian’s were dug up:

ian connor malika rape allegations tweet

ian connor rape allegations

Malika also claims she isn’t the only victim and Ian is a serial rapist.


  1. Damn. But no means no. Also why allow him to eat the kitty? If he isn't attractive to you why let him perform a sex act on ya?

    This new generation ?

  2. This is a portion of what she had to say about this situation….

    “I am speaking now because my case is basically closed. And I am finally ready to share my entire story. I want the world to know who they are praising… I know the truth. And I know that I did not want to have sex with Ian Connor. He raped me.”

    I'm in no way discrediting this young lady but I'm willing to bet her case was not settled the way she had hoped. He may not have been found guilty & she may not have received a cash settlement…Hummm?

  3. If she didn't find him attractive, then why did she continue seeing him? Why did she let him eat her out? Why did she meet him for the 3rd time? So many questions, but the feminist "rape culture" morons will use her story as "See we told so."
    Dumb girl.

  4. If Ian Connor had modeled for Oliver Rousting would that be part of the headlines everywhere? What about Nicole Richie? These things happen but Kanye West's name in the headline has Kris Jenner all over it to me.

  5. Yeah…but this story just doesn't seem like it's getting much traction.
    Not like they'd want.?

  6. she also had a tweet from a few years ago where she says she would fake rape as a come up.

  7. I understand that rape happens and should be taken seriously in the same breath woman and men have to learn to stop putting themselves in positions where it can easily happen. She sought him out without knowing anything about him mentally. She got so comfortable she gave a stranger ( possible rapist) her home address to just stop by wherever. Of course he thought he could hit. What are you talking about??? Really You need a better screening process. Just cause he is Kanye West runway model doesn't mean he should get your address. He could have kill you.

    • I agree with you. It's not victim blaming to tell people- men and women) to use better precaution so that they don't end up being victims. I would never walk around chiraq wearing a gold rolex and other nice expensive things, and especially without having some protection(some heat) either. Of course we also need to do a better job at teaching our youth the rules and meanings of consent, personal boundaries and respect and compassion for each other.

  8. I swear I hate humans as a whole.

    The human race is as wicked as it's father Satan.

    May God destroy this planet soon to rid it of scum called the human race.

    • From what I read he was found slumped over the steering wheel……..WTF?…….Did he even get out the car before he was shot?

    • no need to blame anyone for destroying the black race. Because we are doing a great job doing that ourselves. How come the wife only got shot in the legs.

  9. Well, this story can go one of three ways at this point…
    -Either the shooter had a grudge of some kind because Will Smith was friends with the NO Police Officer he thinks killed his father…

    -The shooter just really got caught in the moment "thinking he could rear-end somebody, get out his car & talk mess, hear something he didn't like & started shooting…

    -The wife staged a set up for the money & assets.

    Sasha, please cover this here so we can get the details.
    I'm ALREADY wondering how much Will Smith's NFL pension is per month…Just Saying!

  10. Why would this woman invite this man to her house with nobody else there? That's rule number one never invite a guy to your place without anybody being there. Meet them in a public place.

    • Exactly. I said the same thing. But what got me is how somebody was saying how she must have last whatever kind of case she was trying to get and failed so now she's trying to tell on him publicly but nobody on this side of the Mississippi wants to hear her story after she plainly admitted she agreed to allow him to go down on her. That's considered oral SEX, right? So, this is where her problem lies. I don't care who and where you are. Sex is SEX. I'm not saying that ugly bastard was right in what he did but at the same time she truly put herself in the position for such a thing to happen and I bet the police and lawyers told her equally so.

      As a matter of fact, most men who are eager to perform oral sex on a woman are rarely doing it just to pleasure the woman. They do it to get her relaxed and ready for penetration.

  11. Will Smith rear ended Cardell Hayes prior to Hayes rare ending him. After the first accident caused by Smith, Hayes pulled over and Smith did a u turn and fled. Hayes then proceeded to follow smith while calling 911. He them rear ended Smith who then got out of his vehicle along with his wife and confronted Hayes while yelling and making threats about a gun. Hayes replied he has a gun too as Smith proceeds to his vehicle to retrieve whatever. He was then shot along with his wife. There are reports of more than one gun being seen by multiple witnesses.

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