DMX Accused of Sexual Assault

dmx sexual assault

Just days after giving an alleged drug-fueled interview with VladTV, DMX has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met at a Hollywood bar.

The alleged incident took place after X brought the girl and a group of people back to his Orange County hotel. At some point, the rapper realized the woman was gone…and so was his $30K watch.

His crew called the cops, and when they arrived, they located the girl and the watch and arrested her for theft. Once she was in cuffs, that’s when she threw out the allegation that X had sexually assaulted her.

Witnesses in the hotel room say X never even hooked up with the girl, but police are still investigating the incident.


  1. Honey……..thought she get that watch and bounced… Thought she came up………. Poor Boo-boo…… LOL…. I'm done

  2. DMX acts like he doesn't know "fat meat is greasy."
    If he was in any way smart he'd have left this country long before now. He needed to be somewhere where he could get sober, think clearly, write poetry & some new music & find his peace level. He will not achieve that here & he knows it. Let him keep on…next thing we'll hear is his ass is behind bars only the next time they won't be letting him out.

  3. I smell another Bill Cosby act, Black men need to be soo damn careful, when it comes to sex, because these women will cry out "Sexual Assault" for money and fame. Now, not saying black men are innocent, but they're have been case, where the women (usually a white woman) have lied, because a black man sexually rejected a white woman.
    That's why is vital, that black men and women need to teach their black boys

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