Nicki Minaj Fan Runs Her Off the Stage!

nicki minaj fan takes over show

Nicki Minaj performed in South Africa and invited a few of her fans on stage to dance with her. Everything was fine until one fan grabbed the mic from her and completely took over the show!

The fan rapped all of Nicki’s verses on “Bottoms Up,” but his final dance move made Nicki throw up her hands and walk off the stage. Damn, it must suck to get outperformed by your own stan!

Peep the video!


    • @DaRadiant1, that boy was twisting and booty shaking just as much as Nikki. Are y'all sure that wasn't planned or did she really get upstaged by a fan?

    • Been to south Africa! They hate gays to death like burn them and clip they ass !
      Didn't see any out in SA 2wks kicking it but this hoodbooger shows up and they actually risk death for this queen of the thots!
      Wow lmao !!!

  1. Nicki's 15 mins of fame is nearly up, tick tock, heck she had 7 years in game.

  2. Do y'all see how she been looking she's looking more and more like a demon.they all are starting to look dead.

  3. Helloooooooooo lol Fans show people that they are untalented all the time. thats why celebrities barely tweet anymore #HAHAH

  4. No hate today. That was pretty funny.

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