Nick Gordon Sets the Record Straight on Dr. Phil

nick gordon dr phil

Nick Gordon is returning to the Dr. Phil show following the unsealing of Bobbi Kristina’s death record.

BK’s cause of death was revealed as “immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.” She was found with marijuana, alcohol, a cocaine-related substance, morphine, and benzodiazepines in her system. She also had trauma to her skull and bruises on her arms and thighs.

In the promo video, Dr. Phil asks Nick the question that everyone already knows the answer to, “Did you kill Bobbi Kristina,” but we will have to wait until April 28 to hear what lies he comes up with next.


  1. Maybe one of u can answer this question for me. Why did the judge made the request for the autopsy report to be seal if there was no evidence against Gordon? Thanks

  2. Why this interview? Why is a tv 'doctor' exploiting someone again? Is the greed game that serious?
    How much is Nickodermus being paid? Or is it being done for free publicity?

  3. Answer me this who is the male who was on the scene when both of the women were either dead or dying? answer: this punk ass. If Nick was a white boy black people would be throwing him over the coals what a coincidence he is there when both women are either dead or dying that's more of a coincidence than the Kennedy family having two brothers being assassinated.

    Nick is a common denominator between mother and daughter deaths only a blind person could not see it.

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