Ex-NFL Player Will Smith Shot Dead in Revenge?

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Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot dead in New Orleans late Saturday night. The shooting followed what was initially reported as a road rage incident that left Smith dead and his wife, Racquel, shot twice in the right leg.

At 11:30 p.m., Smith and his wife were driving near Sophie Wright Place and Felicity Street in the Lower Garden District of NOLA. The suspect, 28-year-old Cardell Hayes, rear ended them in his Hummer. They “exchanged words” before Hayes opened fire.

Smith died on the scene, and his wife is still recovering in the hospital.

Police have already arrested Hayes and charged him second-degree murder. His bond is set at $1 million.

But this is where the story gets a little fishy…because police think Smith’s killing may have been made out of revenge.

On the night of the murder, Smith had dinner with former New Orleans police officer Billy Ceravolo. In 2005, Hayes, sued the city’s police department over a police shooting that killed his father, and Ceravolo was name as one of the defendants.

The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount of money in 2011.

Police don’t believe Smith and Hayes knew each other before the shooting. But do you think Smith got caught in the crossfire of a revenge plot?


  1. Only a true scumbag would gossip and speculate about the untimely death of a husband and father of three. I hope HSK rots in hell…

    • I guess I'm the head of the Scum Bag Brigade on this one because I was the main one asking for the story to be covered here but not in a manner of disrespect especially since my son is friends with one of Will's relative's kids. They go to Matt Leinart's summer football camp.

      I meant not harm or disrespect & apologize humbly to you if I've offended you or anyone else for that matter. I don't know if Sasha would have covered it anyway but I did ask her to & I don't want her to catch any flack for it.

      Again, sorry if I offended you. That's not what this blog is about.


      • I'm part of that brigade too Ms Reg because I immediately sensed something was off with what's being pumped through main stream media.
        I saw your post the other day and the fact that this is being viewed suspiciously by others as well is plenty cause to dig deeper. Hat's off to Sasha as well.
        It's a terrible loss of life. My condolences go out to everyone affected by it.

      • I guess I'm a scumbag too and apart of the same brigade as @Iamaguest and @MsReg because I damn sure felt some kind of way when I heard the news. I love the Saints and I'm very aware of who Will Smith was and what he meant to New Orleans. @MsReg tends to get a lot of things faster than we do sometimes and in this case I see why if her son is friends with the people but she asked Sasha to handle it because she's the one writing for the site which makes sense and keeps people for starting shit but there's always at least one no matter where you go and what you do.

        Like the other Anonymous said, if you so annoyed and upset from reading about a horrific incident you need to stay off the Internet and most definitely off this site because we're discussing and talking about it. This isn't the place for you if you're that sensitive.

      • Would you shut your fckn pie hole? You ain't running this site bish. A broken clock is right at least twice a day. You aren't credible. Never have been.

    • So far, the details shown here is what is being provided in other sites. It is not rumor, this is factual information so far. Maybe there is more to the story and eventually that hopefully will come out too. To report a story does not equate to rumor mongering. I do believe there is more to this and that will hopefully come out. Get off the internet if learning about these horrific stories upset you.

    • @Anonymous, it isn't gossip, the revenge plot came from the cops "…because police think Smith’s killing may have been made out of revenge…"

  2. This one is a rough call at least for now. The whole story has yet to be told but the reporters in NO are really one top of it while the police up there are trying to be as tight-lipped as possible. I think the truth will come out even if the shooter already told them WHY he did it. I also believe now if the truth comes out we may learn the shooter knew or thought Will had something to do with his father's death but I personally haven't ruled out Mrs. Smith staging a set up. I know we live in a way out world now but it's just not registering in my mind…this guy would shoot Will Smith 6 times after he rear-ended him all in the name of Road Rage. There's definitely more to it.

    Sasha, thank YOU millions & please keep us updated. This is going to be something else in the end.

  3. This is very sad. There kids left fatherless and almost orphaned. This sounds like a revenge killing and still makes no sense.

  4. If this was a revenge why wasn't the officer hit. Smith had nothing to do with that man's father being killed.

    • Yes. Exactly! You mad because some random football player had dinner with a defendant in your father's murder case?!?! Sounds a lil suspect to say the least. Something's fishy!!

    • @Black Enga, did you read the comments from some of the people on nola.com? People are seriously talking and saying the same thing like why aren't the police saying anything? Maybe because there's more to it that will implicate them or elude to the actual truth. I'm starting to think we're not going to hear the real deal on this. What do you think?

      • I watched different videos from witnesses at the scene, what struck me as odd was what they said about his wife and her asking where he was hit also her saying my leg has been shot. O_o After reading the article I posted I was surprised to learn that the altercation started somewhere else and how it supposedly escalated to murder.

        But you know the old saying “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” and I wasn’t there to hear or see so I can only speculate as to what happened. I do believe that there are more witnesses and much more video evidence out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if the police were suppressing information, it’s not like they haven’t done it before. We will all just have to wait and see how they let this one play out.

        • This was another Whoredasians hit/ sacrifice Kimmy k was behind this plain and simple connect the dots !

  5. Now this is one case I am interested in! No police involved? And U just had dinner with one of the officers that had to pay U and silbling for the death of your dad? I smell a motive and that Hayes dude was set up to get that cop leverage to get back at Will about Will's dad.

    • For real Da Radiant. These athletes pal around with these sleazy cops and do all kinds of shit and don't get busted, but these cops are jealous of their azzes and will set them up.


      Maybe the tide is turning on these athletes and I HOPE THAT I AM VERY WRONG ON THIS. Maybe this is some kind of forcing them not to be against they own (think that fool Ray Lewis) or sit on the fence while black folks are going down in this country by policy and police.

    • Will's dad is in no way a part of this. It is the defendant's father who was killed by the NOPD cop.

      • Like hell! I just read BE's link. The cop was one of the officers that was involved in Will Smith's dad murder! And this fool is going to sit there and break bread with that cop thinking it's OK? That cop wants his money and his dignity back!

        • Alleged gunman Cardell 'Bear' Hayes was arrested at the scene.
          HAYES used to be a security guard for the Saints and was SUING THE CITY of New Orleans over the POLICE SHOOTING OF HIS FATHER in 2005.
          The two shootings took place slightly more than 500 yards apart.
          Among officers named in the suit was former NOPD captain Billy Ceravolo.
          Ceravolo dined with Smith and friend Pierre Thomas just before shooting.
          Would you mind posting any info that says Will Smith's father is deceased, because I'm not finding anything of the sort.

          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3532521/New-Orleans-Saints-defensive-end-Smith-killed-wife-shot-road-rage-attack.html#ixzz45dQrdLPn
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          • Um I realized I got the names mixed up but the point I am trying to figure out is why kill a man for having dinner with the cop who was allegedly klled Hayes's dad? Didn't he get paid for his dad's death? Will didn't had nothing to do with Hayes's dad. But U get what I was saying about the dad part. I hate my new seizure medicine. But U get what I am saying

        • Smith had dinner Saturday with former Saints running back Pierre Thomas and retired NOPD Capt. William Ceravolo. The former officer was one of six New Orleans police members involved in the fatal shooting of HAYES' FATHER ANTHONY HAYES in December 2005. The City of New Orleans settled a wrongful death lawsuit over that case in 2011 that paid ANTHONY HAYES' two children an undisclosed sum.
          This info was taken from the link you said you read that said Will Smith' father was killed. Are you sure you read the correct article?

  6. You guys need to read the article at Black Enga's link. I get the feeling that there is some confusion as to what occurred.

  7. The gov't knows how to set somebody up. Will Smith (blood sacrifice? ). Somebody mentioned this might be a message to the actor Will Smith whose been in the news over not being nominated for an Oscar.

  8. New Orleans is just as corrupt as Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, etc. My question is why did the killer not kill the wife. If the gov't is on it wouldn't they kill all witness. Now what is going to happen when she takes the stand?

  9. I am sick of this bullshit whenever a black male is killed idiot on this page say illuminati is though the illuminati cares about some second rate football player

    • Agreed and that shit is just a coverup and a deflection against thug and criminal black males. They never say Illuminati when a BM rapes or kills a BW, then its her own fault.

  10. clearly out of revenge. this aint rocket science to figure out. because you aint gonna sit up here and tell me that the victim didn't know the suspect or at least seen him in passing in N.O. because N.O. aint that damn big. this was a personal vendetta killing, and reason it could have been a personal vendetta killing is because the victim was hanging out with the one police officer who was involved in the death of the suspect's dad on 2005 (or whatever that year was), so it doesn't take a genius to guess why the suspect perhaps had a chip on his shoulders to begin with ever since his daddy's murder. and let's not forget that the victim bumped the suspect's vehicle first – per the video taped that has been played back over and over. why he bumped him coincidentally? we just don't know the events prior nor know what lead to him bumping his vehicle out of clean air first, again per the tape. nevertheless, doesn't justify that idiot killing a man whose kids are now left without a father and an injured mother who was shot in the leg and could be crippled for awhile and won't be able to continue to raise them adequately . sad shit all the way around.

    niggahs need to put the damn guns down, cease being punk-bitch cowards by taking these innocent lives and fight verbally with words or in last resort fight with your fists. SMDH.

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