Kylie Jenner: “I Started Wigs”

kylie jenner wig

In the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine, Kylie Jenner is letting it be known that she “started wigs.”

That’s right, the 18-year-old is staking her claim on the entire wig “trend” by becoming the self-proclaimed wig master. But not only that, she has branded herself as a leader, and no matter what she does, everyone else will follow!

“I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night…I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow,” ~ Kylie Jenner

Just in case you needed another reason to hate this family…


  1. Dear Kylie, the wig game has been done, black women have done wig lines for years. She's right, silly self hating black people will lap the sh*t, her and her family are serving.
    She's obsessed with Blac Chyna, she constantly copies her to the extreme!

    • All bitches should take care of their real hair in the first place !
      Lazy ass bitches don't wash shit for months just wear and go !
      I can't take my braids for longer than 2weeks with out going crazy but y'all do months talking about its growing FOH !

  2. maaan these Kardashians are claiming everything.. First they were acting like Kim invented Celeb Sex Tapes, Booty and Ass, now Kylie invented wigs smh f*ck outta here with that bull shit!!!! We all know ratchet women invented that shiit, Foisha and them Shanainaies created that shit.

  3. The Katrashian's have some resent against black women, why do you think, they will spend millions on plastic surgery?? Kris is probably telling them what do. They only befriend black women with self hate issue, Nene Leake, Serena William, Kelly Rowland ect..

    Black women keep your heads up high, didn't be ashamed of yourself, love your skin, because white women will lay up in tanning bed up 23 hours, just to look like a black women.

    • Don't worry we do love are skin color and that is what they hate they want to be us so bad

    • I promise you that the Kardashian sisters in now way represent white women.

      They are on their own. We don't claim them.

      • Now you know I can’t stand these lying wanna be Black heifas. They all wear wigs and extensions especially Kim. Why do you think t Kim keeps wearing braids? Because the last time she really dyed her hair platinum blonde it damaged it so bad that it started falling out. They all hate Chyna but they copy everything she does including wearing wigs to protect her natural hair.

        A lot of people don’t even know that when their favs wears braids out of the blue it is really a lace front wig. I don’t see anything wrong with weaves and wigs but keep that shit trill….We all know that no matter what color or texture of hair you have, you can’t switch it up that fast and still keep it healthy.

        • WAIT…I got one for you IF you're old enough to remember….
          If you don't know you'll need to ask your mothers or check the Internet to verify so you won't think I'm lying to you. What is so funny to me & those in my age group is THIS right here is just proof of the fact that OTHER RACES/NATIONALITIES have stolen pieces of our heritage since forever….THIS trick, who by the way, "keeps getting DARKER & her lips keep getting BIGGER" the more time passes which are 2 of many traits NATURALLY POSSESSED BY BLACK WOMEN but we've been ridiculed, called ugly & put down all while… EVERY TRAMP ON EARTH IS BREAKING THEIR NECKS TO WALK, TALK & LOOK EXACTLY LIKE US…but okay.

          Anyway, does anybody remember when Bo Derek did a photo in a bikini & "french braids" in 1979 (yes, I was in elementary school) then all of a sudden all through the media she was knows & referred to as "The Innovator of the Corn Roll." Well, guess what? THIS is that same bullshit right along with the non-black women using black men (rich or otherwise) for a come up….
          The bible said "there is nothing new under the sun" & it was right.

          • You are so right, nothing new under the sun but they swear when they do it it's new.

          • Yeah I remember that & I was in elementary school as well. Though Black women gracing the covers like Ebony, Jet, etc., were always wearing cornrows, i.e. Cicely Tyson; afros; etc. Actually, many women were wearing afro wigs as well.

        • If PMK and her daughters "hate" Blac Chyna so much, I wonder why Kris just got them to sign a contract agreeing that PMK's mgmt company has first refusal on creating a reality series covering Rob and BC's wedding?

          There is no strife or disagreement in the family over the engagement. It's all a part of the show. Everything is illusion. I bet she has an agreement to film the birth of their first baby.

  4. She wears wigs? So where are all the "black women are the only ones who don't wear their own hair!" nonsense shouting black men? *sips tea*
    But like I keep saying, we (black people) made these Kardashians. So let's dance to the beat we created lol

  5. She hasn't had enough years on the Earth to have invented anything. Hell, I'm older than she and still haven't been around when wigs were invented.
    Will someone tell these THOTs that they are nothing more than culture thieves.

    • Wigs have been around since the Egyptians ? How old are you? Also, blacks did not invent wigs either!


  7. OK so let's do what we all wanted to do kick this family ass.this girl is a nut job what ever they are pumping her head with they need to stop she is losing her mind.

  8. siddown baby-Kartrashian. u barely out that poor excuse of a mother of yours slit between her legs and claiming an item that's been around for centuries. hush attention seeker.

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