Charlie Sheen’s Alleged HIV-Tiger Blood: Michael Nunnery’s The Word?


HSK Exclusive – Charlie Sheen may have one ‘Two Tigers Entertainment’ booking agent to thank for his reported HIV-positive Tiger Blood, according to our industry insider. Our source names former Hollywood music broker Michael ‘Mike’ Nunnery as the the one-time moonlighting whore-wrangler suspected to have connected the dots between Charlie Sheen and one transgender prostitute/alleged host who may have introduced HIV to the actor’s Tiger Blood.

“When Mike Nunnery wasn’t brokering concerts, he was supplying Charlie Sheen with hookers.”

Here’s the drop:

“Mike doesn’t know if Charlie Sheen gave the trans HIV or if the trans gave Charlie HIV…whatever the case maybe Mike is packing up and leaving L.A. and he’s moving back to Ohio.”

This news comes a few months after the troubled actor shut down production on the set of “Anger Management” — blaming “a nasty case of Laryngitis” for calling in sick “two days in a row”.

According to Michael Nunnery’s ‘Mythodic Stadium Solutions’ bio:

“Michael Nunnery, Owner and Director of Operations, Michael is known for “connecting the dots” in the business world. He simply has the means and the skill to get deals done and position clients with the right team. As a booking agent, artist manager and consultant, and new business developer Michael Nunnery is a cut above the rest through innovation, relationship building, and hard work.

Michael simply gets it done and produces results he has worked hard for his success and has no plans on slowing down.


  1. they both look nasty!!!! ewww Hollywood is sick “too much sex and not enough sense” as for charlie he looks dirty he’s probably
    afraid of soap and water!!!!

    • No one is to blame for Charlie’s HIV status but Charlie. He was the one who engaged in unprotected sex. To try and pin it on that Nunnery guy is just foolish. You lay down with dogs and you wake up with fleas. It’s always been that way and it always will be that way

  2. poor Charlie all that drugging and having sex with hookers.

    knew a dude who died of aids last week he was bisexual he would sex girls then get in the car with different men letting them hit for drug money.

    his girlfriend died of aids last year and every dude she had sex with were openly bisexual crackhead dudes.

    • Thank you for mentioning drugs. No one knows how Charlie allegedly contracted HIV, if he is +. With all of the drugs he has done in his lifetime, I would be more inclined to believe he was infected by a dirty needle than a dirty trans.

      • I think the odds are equal. I know men who swear that he goes both ways. And there is that long standing rumor that he was the one who turned Corey Ham out on the set of Lucas.

        • 0_o Wow…I want to say more but we can’t discuss this here. My friend was just talking about that very thing yesterday. She works for our client Lionsgate.

        • Anon:

          I read correspondence between Denise and Brooke several years ago where Denise told Brooke that Charlie has a penchant for young boys. Brooke married Charlie shortly thereafter and bore twin boys for him.

            • Joi:

              Those exchanges read like an ex-wife’s guide to the future wife. I knew then how strange white women are as well as women in Hollywood. If I divorced a man, I sure wouldn’t give his next woman a step-by-step guide to what he likes and what he dislikes, whether it be sex or steaks. That’s just nasty.

            • weird how bruce willis and ashton Kutcher were pals when ashton was hanging around demi.

              mean bruce and ashton was going to clubs together and everything getting high together and bruce was taking family pics with aSHTON AND DEMI.

          • Yeah i think i also read somewhere that Charlie used to participate in those sex rituals
            There is no way he would be making that kind of money with cbs without some hanky panky

        • corey haim and Feldman was phukked by everybody back then.

          they were both friendfs of Michael Jackson.

          corey Feldman said when he hit puberty mj didn’t want to be his friend anymore.

          • Wow CrazyChris, I remember when Feldman had his own reality show a few years back. He had Haim come on it and Haim, in a drug induced discussion, made reference to the sexual abuse they both endured while still little boys in Hollywood. Haim got angry with Feldman because he didn’t appreciate Feldman blowing it off like it never happened SMDH…besides MJ, who else supposedly violated them?

  3. Still waiting for that thing called EVIDENCE! You know that thing that people who report news needs in order to determine that what they’re posting is the truth

    • You gonna look till you are BLIND cause this is a GOSSIP ENTERTAINMENT PAGE. I may be a damn grouch but I ride for Jackie cause I know he is the truth ask me how I know.

  4. all these sexual disease do’t come from Africa! so why do people assume African people have it???
    the (white media) played a big part in this. other race suffer from it not just black people

    so basically their saying black people love sex????? are they right???

    • True, as a matter of fact, MOST, I said MOST of the recent cases of AIDS are coming out of Europe. And off topic, there are MORE whites on welfare than Blacks.

      • Well duh. There are 6 times as many of them.

        And Russia is an HIV plague right now. That’s why Putin is cracking down on homosexuality.

        • the white media has played a huge part in this some african’s do’t have sexaul disease is just the white media brainwashing people
          in to thinking African’s are dirty etc etc. the media portrays Africa to be a poor country which is a load of shyt

          some parts in Africa they have shopping malls, restaurants, car dealerships, apartments, condo’s, hotel, boarding school, colleges
          Asian countries like India and Thailand Cambodia Philippines etc etc have poor people living there but the white media doesn’t make a big deal about it

          • Africa is not a country. Yes it is a relatively poor continent with some areas of prosperity. Unfortunately the war torn areas such as Darfur have dominated the news in the last 5 years.

            If you think India receives good press, you must not spend much time on the internet. There are many sites just dedicated to how horrible Calcutta and other large cities are. One site simply shows all the dead rotting bodies floating in the Ganges.

    • My ex’s mom used to work for the feds and she told me that…1. Aids was created in a lab for chemical war fare 2. Once they realized it did make a body count right way they 3. exposed it to the public experimenting with gays, then hetero black and hispanic men. It got out of control with hetero whites started catching it a dying. It was all a gov’t plan. They just blamed Africans to make blacks look bad.

    • Well put. How is your downs syndrome looking “intelligent” black woman? You’re acting as a disgrace to all black women using that name. Please change it to “Muppet With an Assembly Line Opinion”

  5. Damn i knew something was off i told my brother years ago when he was still on two and half men and he came back from rehab he looked sickly. Shouldn’t have rebelled against his jesuit masters he could have got the cure oh well.

  6. I hate this happened to him. I’m surprised it took this long for him to catch that bug.

    • Why do you ‘hate it,’ especially if you’re black? Charlie Sheen is little more than another coked-out Hollyweird racist. I guess all his blathering about ‘Tiger Blood’ overshadowed his intoxicated & high yelling of ‘Niggers’ in a Hollywood bathroom years prior. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again–FUCK Charlie Sheen and his rapidly drooping, coke-infested nostril.

  7. As others have stated, white leading men don’t get hiv/aids…The Other Disease! Media does a bang-up job of ignoring the numerous whites in the sex industry that have been infected with hiv/aids. Sheen knew better, f**king with trannies(anal sex). All the hype he got for the hypersexuality of his character on “Two And A Half Men.” Yeah, the suave white guy living the dream…HIV Sees No Face!

    • You’re kidding right? The list of famous people who’ve died of AIDS is almost exclusively white. And the media didn’t hide anything. Charlie Sheen is hardly a “leading man”. He is a working TV actor. If you know of any leading men white or black who have AIDS and it’s being covered up by the media, please do tell. Women do not view CS as suave. Believe that.

      • Mainstream Media does not hype the white victims in the same way. How often do we hear about the infection rate for other folk? The infection rate for blackmen dot dot dot…Infection rate for blackwomen dot dot dot. The 1960s spawned the Free Love movement. Men were hitting bodies like baseballs, add in drug use, homosexuality, bisexuality…A Problem! HIV/AIDS could be man-made or the result of deviant sexual behavior, or just plain unclean living…All of The Above!

  8. Im not BLACK, but I understand AIDS never came from AFRICA, it was
    made in a lab in AMERIKA, when are black people going to wake up
    and understand AMERIKA is a Evil country, If I was black I would not
    take and VACINNE, and move to a black carabbian country, belive me
    you and your family will be happy

  9. Ways to not get (or make it unlikely to get) AIDS

    1.) Have sex with your spouse and no one else
    2.) Don’t use drugs and share needles
    3.) Always use protection if failing to follow rule #1
    4.) Don’t engage in anal sex

    No secret shadowy figure is injecting anyone with AIDS… If you make poor decisions for many years you run a higher risk.

    • Thank you. That absurd story about HIV being created in a military lab has been debunked by thorough investigation by ACT UP! and they would have LOVED for it to be true. It’s not. Just another way to blame “the man” for everything that goes wrong. We have a high rate of infection because we have so many gay men who are ashamed to admit they are gay or have had gay sex in prison.

    • back in the early 80’s they were infecting homosexual men with HIV by way of vaccinations for hepatitis, in addition in Africa they were infecting polio vaccinations with HIV.

      I don’t know who ACT UP is or who funded their research work, but I do know that a man by the name of Dr. Lenord Horowitz wrote a book called Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature Accident or Intentional, the book sheds light on how the virus , who created the virus, and why the virus was created.

  10. Charlie been doing drugs since the 80’s somehow he laster this long.

    how you gfonna shoot a woman and not go to jail.

    Charlie has connections and money.

    this mug phukked thousands of hookers in the 90’s according to Heidi fleiss he had even triple that amount since then.

  11. LOL, yeah he definitely got connections. How about that briefcase full of blow he had just before he had to be admitted into the hospital for a “pulled abdomin muscle”..Yeah, okay. If that had been me or you, we would have been locked up with intent to distribute. SMDH

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