Pittsburgh Steelers Lineman Cam Thomas Faces STD Lawsuit


The Steelers, Cam Thomas, is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her the sexually transmitted disease, herpes and then hid it from her by saying sores on his penis were caused by a zipper malfunction. According to a lawsuit published by TMZ Sports.

Here is what’s been reported:

“Filed in San Diego, a woman named “Adrienne” says she started dating Thomas in 2010 and often had unprotected sex.

Adrienne claims she noticed “puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh” and asked about them — but he explained they were the result of sweat buildup caused by his football gear.

In the docs, Adrienne says she also noticed “bruises and sores” on his penis back in March 2010 — but again, he had an explanation … telling her “the sores on [the] penis came from getting it stuck in a zipper.”

Adrienne claims she was tested for STDs in December 2010 but the results showed she was clean. It wasn’t until February 2012 that she tested positive for genital herpes … and she claims Thomas is the only person who could’ve passed along the disease.

In her suit, Adrienne also claims Thomas was physically abusive during their relationship. She’s suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence. She’s asking for unspecified damages.”

Cam has since claimed he did not give her herpes. His lawyers say the woman behind the lawsuit, “is a bitter girl whose lawsuit is a shameless attempt at a money grab.”

Who do you believe?


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  1. Really? This is what happens when your a sack chaser. If he was not an NFL player, I highly doubt that he would have put up with his excuses. Why do women put themselves through bull for money? Not condoning his behavior but she’s a bird and now a diseased one at that. Get your own money ladies and you will not feel that you have to lower your standards.

  2. condoms??? lemme guess you were hoping for a bun in the oven and it backfired. Not saying that condoms fix everything but come on.

    • Condoms are not enough of a barrier to stop the spread of herpes, particularly if a person is having an outbreak. That is why they should be taking Valtrex or other meds that suppress their symptoms. Even then, they need to be honest with their partners re: their STD status.

      • To bang someone with puss filled bumps, is way beyond a condom fix! Mayb she was hoping to get preggo, but it’s a shame she didn’t know STD’S can take years before you show symptoms… at the same time, she prob always rode bare back. If your ok with puss filled bumps, you’ll bang anything.

  3. Pretty gross.
    Pus filled bumps and bruising?
    Yuk. I’m not getting on that.
    Go wash your dirty ass and you won’t get bumps

    • willie, the pus filled bumps are actually viral fluid filled blisters. No amount of washing can clear that up. When you have an outbreak on the lip area, you get the fluid sacs and then they break and t dries up. It’s the same down south of the border.

      The thing that has me confused is that there is a lot of pain when the blisters are present. Most folks don’t want anything touching them when they have an outbreak because it hurts. You ever heard of “shingles”? That’s another form of herpes(zoster)which older people get, and the pain is outrageous.

      • He probably has MRSA.
        Its highly contagious. It spreads in locker rooms and weight rooms and even hospitals and day cares.
        He needs to see a doctor – quick – it can turn into an abscess that can lead to a flesh -eating virus..

        Someone I know got MRSA from an amusement park visit recently and it reminded me of this story..

  4. who cares that’s what she gets for being a hoe, next time do your homework on someone before you sleep with them.

  5. Well dam how much nasty sh@t she had to see on his ass before she realized something was.Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Lmaooooo. Rightttt!! She was blinded by the $$$ because if this was an average regular dude she would have been drop his azz once she seen the puss filled booty bumps. ewwwwwwww

      The Onus is totally on her because she had an ulterior motive (get pregnant) but instead she got Herpes.

      • Don’t really know logistics of herpes. . But do they normally appear on your butt. . If ur having hetero sex. . Or does he also have another dirty little secret?

        • Herpes can appear on your genitals, in or around your anus, and even in your eyes. If herpes gets in your eyes, it can cause blindness, which is why people need to be cautious of receiving “facials.” Pardon my candor, but if I can help potentially prevent the spread or bring something to someone’s attention that will benefit them, I will.

          • B. Let me help you a lil bit. Herpes can spread anywhere on the body. Depends where and what type you have which is HSV-1 and HSV-2. Valtrex or Valacyclovir helps with the outbreaks but there isn’t cure. This medicine is expensive! U have to made money or good insurance to pay for it.

            • You aren’t helping me. You’re helping people who need information re: herpes and don’t have it.

            • Ew. I know it’s immature of me but that is just gross. The crazy thing is some people don’t consider H2 to be that big of a deal. I had a friend who was infected, she told me she thought everyone had it. Our friendship was pretty short lived.

            • That’s the problem with folks. People are sitting on this site condemning this woman because a so-called man was dishonest, did not disclose the fact he has herpes, and subsequently infected her. (I should say allegedly and potentially, since it hasn’t been proven yet.)

              All of the judgment is the reason why people lie. I’m not sure when people will realize that we’ve all been exposed to herpes and God knows what else. It may be through a kiss, sex or some other means, but we have all been exposed to it. Everyone doesn’t have HSV2, but your former friend wasn’t totally wrong. If that is your reason for ending your friendship, you were never really friends.

            • Oh, that isn’t MY problem because it isn’t my struggle.
              You should be worried about the fact that you think washing your ass prevents bumps and pus and not whether I have problems with anyone. This is the perfect thread to disseminate information to prayerfully prevent someone from contracting an STD, not for being divisive. Those who know better do better

            • Nah B my reason for ending our friendship was when I found out about her having sex with our boss in MY office and other places in the hospital I worked at. She knew she was diseased but she still put the rest of us at risk because she wanted to whore around. Oh and don’t get me started on the nasty ass boss(ick).
              Even if you aren’t infected, you should show consideration for your friends and co workers but I believe an infected person should be even more vigilant about where they spread their bodily fluids. Needless to say I left pretty soon after finding out what was going on.
              Call me what you want but I don’t care to hang out with those types of people.

            • Also B. I am very well aware we have all been exposed to Herpes at some point and time in our lives. That still doesn’t make me any less grossed out or disgusted with people who do not disclose their disease to their partners before they sleep with them. I’m sure it has to be miserable to have a STD that never goes away but those who are infected do have a responsibility to the public.
              I’m a Steelers fan but Cam is nasty as hell and should be sued for what he did but that woman is stupid as hell for sleeping with him.

            • Whoa!!! Now if those aren’t good reasons for cutting someone off, then I don’t know what is. I stopped reading after you stated she had sex in your office with your boss. Girl, bye, and take your crusty, cold sore infested cooché with you, fake friend!!! I hope you had some of those wipes that kill herpes and HIV and some holy water so you can kill everything in your office that wasn’t dust!

              And I cosign everything on your second post. To think, you have better tea than Jacky himself! *sips with pinky extended*

            • Girl some of my personal tea is almost as crazy as these celebs, minus the devil worshiping stuff. LMAO.
              The crazy part about me finding out is she only came clean after I told her about a strange dream I kept having that a blonde woman was having sex in my office with the boss.
              She thought I knew and that I was only telling her about the dream to get a confession out of her but I never suspected anything and just thought the dreams were some funny, weird thing.
              My boss gave me a $10K raise plus he back dated my raise 3 months after I confronted him. But I still left after I cashed that big paycheck and blew the whistle on both of their asses on my way out the door.

    • This nucca just didnt give a damn and obviously she knew nuthing bout the disease or she would have not had sex with the man…i mean that is just plain ole nasty. Hope she gets her money and buys some common sense.

  6. Eww always use a condom with a ball player they will do anyone and anything I think she was looking for a come up and got something more Then she wanted. Point to this is always. Use a condom people will never learn

    • I don’t get it she seen all of the proof on his body that he had something that’s a big red flag. And you still want to sleep with him that’s. Says more about her then anything she is gullible. And dumb and a idiot.

    • Condoms won’t protect you against herpes bae. You have to inspect that thang before with a magnifying glass or make him take a blood test before you touch it.

  7. Honey I always do a d*ck inspection and if I discover irregularities on the peen, all that sexin is NULL and VOID!!!!

    That heffa was slower than the F train on Sunday……no way I wait this long to sue if ole boy burned me!

    • This!!! If you see open sores, lesions, bumps, puss — anything irregular, keep it moving. You may not see anything and they can still have herpes. They may just be asymptomatic because they’re taking Rxs to suppress their symptoms. You also need to check their lips as well as their mouths and tongues for sores. A lot of people contract herpes orally. You can have oral herpes and not genital herpes, or vice versa. It is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact.

      Folks need to Google Michael Vick when he was picking up his Rxs as Ron Mexico. He literally brushed his bare penis against a former partner and infected her. It is sad, because she used condoms with him when they had sex. He knowingly infected her and she sued him and won.

      • “Lick around the bumps, bae. Its just my allergies.” – says every dirty dick to a gulliable woman.

        Also testing. Women should always test if they plan to get physical or ask for copy of full panel std results within three months. If a guy cant wait an extra 20 mins to one week for to receive results that is not a good look. Its not like they are animals or hormonal teens.

  8. Couldn’t have been more obvious than the bumps, puss, and bruises on his penis. What she needed a penis whisperer to tell her not to do it?

  9. Herpes can lie dormant for years. You won’t necessarily have any outward symptoms. Wear casual sex not clothes. Young people have better morals. Get tested for ALL STD’S & see proof of the test before you enter someone & or allow someone to enter you. Your body is only for wife/husband’s pleasure

  10. I live in Pittsburgh and know Cam. He’s a whore and tbh..there’s huge rumors going around here saying he had the clap and gave it to 5 girls. When someone asked him in the club he laughed n was like, “Oh well!” Really though…oh well? Smh..nasty.

    • These dirty d* ck mofos don’t give a rat’s azz about who they infect while slangin that peen. That’s why these heffas that lay up with them unprotected deserve all the herpes, syphillis, gonnorhea, hpv, genital warts and hiv they get!

  11. We’ll Damn, I’m not excusing him but why would she have sex when she sees it might be an outbreak. Like I could understand better if it was in a dormant stage. He bogus as hell. She should sue. He’s nasty nasty…smh

    • Your exactly right. She should’ve known better and he’s nasty. Both of them are f*cked. She went against her better judgement and now she’s paying for it.

  12. This reminds me of that Michael Vick herpes suit and how he did his std test under the name “Ron Mexico”………I see these hos still didn’t learn a damn thang.

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      • A racist comment was deleted but the responses were kept. A poster named White Boy said ole boy looked like a chimpanzee and I said no he looks like your raggedg azz mama.

      • bitin’ off every one else’s natural resources and killin’ or enslavin’ them in the process.

        • Oh definitely. I was just saying that their affinity for dogs and the shared aroma hasn’t held them back. Maybe we should worry about why we keep letting them get ahead all over the world.

  14. dutty d*ck go see a doctor quick!!!! too much sex and not enough sense and they say sex will make you dumb!!



  15. she’s suing him for something she should have known from the jump. if she saw all that and then smashed him anyway how can she expect to get paid?

  16. Adrienne Bailon? If this is that little skank from that girl group and who used to date Rob Kardashian sorry to say she had it coming if its her. She gets passed around more times than the collection plate at church. When will they learn? Condoms people!

    • Again. Condoms don’t protect you against herpes. If everyone gets the message on that, then this thread will have served a very good purpose.

  17. This sounds like a white woman. Who would buy that nonsense about the zipper getting stuck that still wouldnt explain the puss and bumps. Only white woman would fall for some ish like that.

    • Black women fall for it everyday. I don’t usually refer to comments against white people as racist, but that was an extremely prejudicial thing to post.

    • I think if she were white they would have definitely said.
      Called it a swirl or becky or whatever. .
      But since they didn’t explicitly say, I’m betting she was black..

  18. This could be true but if you want readers to believe a story, why would you quote anything from TMZ? They are well-known liars and extortionist. Find some other credible sources. These stories have went completely down hill since Jacky has left. You can’t pay me to believe the person writing is Jacky. Grammar is awful, facts are unchecked, and stories are boring and most of the time old and repeated news.

    • Go read yesterdays threads. Your assumption is false.
      Jacky explains the changes.

      • I have read yesterdays thread and I still stand by my assumptions. If you do not know Jacky personally then you can’t verify he wrote it so please don’t tell me my beliefs are false just because of something that you read. Thanks

  19. Women Ignore Truth For Selfish Gain. Not saying all, but sports is populated with arrogant mofos with entitlement issues. They deserve this this and that…Women of Course! Brothaman, Chill Out! You get paid to entertain rich white folk, get off the pedestal. We’re satisfied being physical labor, which is sad to me. Other men running the world, we playin’ with balls. Men who only see themselves as physical and sexual beings are dangerous. Now, i know why sane black people fight against sexual stereotypes…Exhibit A! Another negro trying validate his humanity via reckless sexual practices. This chick got caught-up, Sex-Ed missed her in school. It was in plain sight, yet, she still played with the trigger…Ibsane Ish!

    • He lied to her though. He claimed the oozing dick boils were a reaction to football gear, caught zippers, cashews and generic fabric softener I have sensitive skin and am allergic to conventional detergents often creating my own with Dr. Bronners, Borax and whatever. Intimacy is furthest from my mind with a chaffed ass covered in hives but I guess men are down for whatever, whenever and with whoever. However idiotic she my seem he withheld the info.

      • Thank you! He is the carrier. He withheld the fact that he has herpes. He deceived her and now she has herpes. Thank you.

        Men are carriers of diseases, so all of the idiotic comments about her being a fool should be directed at him being a disgusting waste of life. Now, she will be more susceptible to HIV since her immune system has been compromised.

        People who practice unsafe sex are judging her, yet they’re out here practicing unsafe sex. Married people aren’t exempt, either, because however a man screws his wife is how he screws his mistress(es). Wise women use condoms even with their husbands.

        • I don’t agree with you often, but you could not have said this any better. I have a close friend who got herpes from her husband while they were married. She had never been with anyone else, so there was no doubt. Plus, her attorney had her get a blood test which showed that the DNA structure of the herpes virus strain matched her husband’s exactly.

          Shaming folks with herpes is pretty harsh, because unlike all the other STDs, you can insist on protection and STILL get it. Honestly, I think it’s a near miracle that everyone who is sexually active doesn’t have it.
          They say that 1/2 of people under 45 do have it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some here have it and don’t know it.

          • You can spare me the backhanded compliment. You could’ve just made your comment and not even replied to be since you usually disagree with me.

            • Stop trying to direct the conversation like you think you are Spike Lee doing a movie. People have the right to say whatever they want to say. You would be taken much more serious if you would lose the shit attitude.

            • IDGAF about a person on HSK. Ingest that. I’m not here for anyone on HSK aside from Jacky. I didn’t ask the original respondent whether or not they like my posts, so you can fall far back.

              IDK who you are or why you felt the need to give your 2 cents, but toss those bitches back in your piggy bank and save them for a rainy day. With your shit attitude, I’m pretty sure it storms a whole lot where you are.

        • Sexism is still alive and well with our people. These parasites never get the blame, because they’re protected and defended by the NFL and NBA. They’re property of the owners, so, no way in hell Cam Thomas and the rest are gonna lose money, miss games, get suspended for unholy conduct. Money buys them cover…Momma look the other way, homeboys just see dollar signs…A Cesspool of Deceit! I’ve lost female relatives to this mindset, ain’t jack trivial about this.

          • You started your comment above with, “Women ignore the truth for selfish gain.” That can be construed as a sexist comment. You’re generalizing all women when I honestly don’t believe most women are as naive as you paint us to be. I know you don’t mean any harm, but IJS.

            • Of Course, all women are not blind and helpless…We Agree! However, some women overlook obvious character flaws from the jump. Men will sell a pipedream to a woman to get inside, this we know for sure. Trust is the most elusive trait a man can have. How can a wonan trust the intentions of a man when sex is involved? As is stated, homeboy’s body was screaming…Don’t Sleep With Me, Don’t Do It! As to sexism, you wrong for that Sis. I respect your intellect too much to let that slide. Men losing it in a major way globally. Muslim women face clitoral circumcision, Indian women are killed because they’re female and less valued than males, honor killings and stoning commonplace in the Middle East…Real Sexism Sis! Nobody is forcing these wonen to crawl in bed with oversexed dudes…It’s A Choice! Yeah, ya’ll got the power and whatnot. But, men are sly like a fox as well.

      • All of us have a sixth sense, i’m pretty sure her internal radar was vibrating like a cell-phone. Some women are just blinded by what they might have coming to them. Real Talk, a lot of these cats have no genuine respect for women. As the decades have progressed, the stupidity has gotten worse and worse. His response is so cliche…Naw Man, She Just Another Gold-Digger! Why would any woman want to advertise that she has herpes, WTF? It’s not a good look, and he ain’t alone in this either. Women got it hella hard in these streets, so much crap going on…dl life, trannies, flamers, train-bandits, etc.

          • Wow she went in deep; took me a day to read it. I will definitely stay away from Trevor. Nice she has holistic information about treatment. This inspires me to do a spoof myexgavemetrichomoniasis.blogspot

            • Okay I’m done. That has to be the funniest of all your funnies. OMSLJ that’s funny!

    • Protected sex would not have protected her. The herpes doesn’t come through the jizz, it comes from contact with the skin.

  20. I know this is about his herpes but…Am I the only one that noticed his yellow Pirhana teeth?? Yuck Mouth!!! Ewwwww.

  21. How is this different than a woman claiming to be on the pill and popping out a baby on a dude?

    • Oh stfu with that tired ole bullshit. Just write Wharton Snotnose, Jr’s tuition check and stop complaining.

    • I won’t insult you Smarter. I will answer you honestly. A man should always assume that a woman is fertile. Just like a woman should assume that a man could be HIV+. Wear a condom no matter what they say.

  22. I thought the rule was protect urself at all times. Does that only apply to men ladies?

    • Women’s protection consists of birth control, which only serves to prevent pregnancy. You know this. I’m not sure how effective the female condom is in the prevention of disease, which is why men should wear condoms. Dental dams exist to prevent disease transmission during oral sex.

          • Not sure I understand ur question. He was born almost two years into our marriage.

            • Oh ok, only married people should have sex? Yet you give Wharton condoms. What’s up with the double standard.

            • Dammit stop dogging him because he has a son he should be proud of. We are the worst!! One of us is raised in a home where he flourishes and excels, gets into an Ivy League university and all we can do is rag on the father who did his share, along with the mom, by raising a great kid. Honestly, y’all embarrassing.

            • I think u misunderstood my abstinence remark. B stiv stated the chicks ONLY protection was birth control. I don’t agree. She willingly laid down with a dude with open sores on his dick. She had abstinence as an option not to cvtch whatever caused the open sores. That’s wat I meant by abstinence. I wondered why she then asked me if that was how my son was born. Folks comment in between comments and the order gets screwed up. No double standard. Don’t f*ck ppl with sores on their shit it aint rocket science.

            • Smarter:

              I think you mean celibacy was her option. Virgins are considered abstinent. I’m certain this woman wasn’t a virgin when she had sex with this guy.

              He also had the option of being honest about his status, treating his condition medically, using a condom and/or being celibate his damn self. The victim blaming and shaming shit is brand old. Women are always attacked for their choices while males run around being irresponsible with no reproach.

            • Lol @ “y’all embarrassing.” THAT sentence, not a sentence, is embarrassing.

            • Lol @ Yall embarrassing. Love the way the kissass switched accents right at the end like that somehow nailed its point. What’s really embarrassing is equating “ivy league” with “great kid”. That’s sounds like comments from someone who did not in fact attend a big ten. I did. Some of the most dreadful entitled waste of spaces you ever saw……

    • If a man jumps into bed with a woman with open sores on her cooch would you call him a victim? I. Doubt. It.

      • All I’m saying is don’t judge. You don’t know what her mental state is. Sounds like she is very green and don’t know much about STD’s.

      • How many of you are black women who date rainbow like I do so Imma speak on MY truth. White boys pull out the condom Black men want to hit it raw. How the hell do yall know what other races of men are doing unless you, like me, DATE AND SLEEP WITH THEM so lets be clear.

      • Back when I was single I kept it very simple when it came to condoms: Wear one or get none. Given a choice between safe sex or no booty tonight, all men will wear a condom. However….once they get you going you have to make sure they use one for round two and three…guys try to be slick with that shit.

    • That is SO not a black thing. All men will risk their health for a condom-free shag. If it weren’t for women and white rock stars, condoms would ho out of business. Regular everyday white men never wear condoms unless forced to. And they do a lot of other weird stuff too.

      • I was told the feeling a man has when wearing a condom is similar to eating your favorite food but only chewing and spitting never swallowing it. I “get” the analogy and no amount of spicy soured pickles in the world could make me compromise my health. I dont like paying insurance either but all protection is needed in these end of days. If I guy doesnt wear them says a lot about his character and and ultimately what he feels about you.

      • Black men might be in a free fall now with their behavior and I ain’t ridin’ wit them, but when I see a comment like this, I have to interject:

        Men are men, men don’t like to wear condoms. Ask Charlie Sheen, or the hundreds of young white gays getting on Truvada so they can bareback.

        Do you know the kind of HIV mutation we will see in a few years.

        Men are men, don’t sleep on that.

  23. This is so nasty I am sick to my stomach. This is one reason I keep my legs closed. People just don’t care.
    Thank God my jewelry box is clean and disease free.

  24. Clothes are off, he a big azz strong football player, got his dick hard..

    Was she in a position to say no?

    But he was honest with her to begin with.

    She should have said no, then she could sue him for sexual assault and std,

  25. Your idol George W Bush looks like a gotdam chimp, so what’s your point ,Snowbeast? Go back to trolling TMZ.

  26. But I mean, I mean…(scratching my head)…how you gonna phuck somebody who got puss bumps on their ass??? ANNNNNDDD, she believed the “There’s Something About Mary” story that he got his joint stuck in a zipper. SMDH, there just are no words…

  27. Unfortunately she was more consumed with f**king him than protecting herself. Consequences of her own behavior. However it does negate him of his responsibility, therefore he now has to pay.

  28. Lol shut yo bitch ass up. Culture vulture fool. How are you brave and your identity is anonymous? Whites went to africa to kidnap a people so they DIDNT have to work. And still living off the money my ancestors made you crackers building this country. Shut yo.pasty ass up troll

    • I’m so sick of blacks calling whites “crackers”. Call them what they are, and that’s WHITE TRASH! What the hell is a cracker? How is that an insult??? White people respond to what they fear they are. I am black and I associate with a lot of wealthy whites. They refer to poor whites as trash. One of my girlfriends who comes from a wealthy family says that white trash people are dirty and carry skin diseases and things like lice – things that are difficult to get rid of so she doesn’t want to be around them. (Her words, not mine) And before anyone informs me of what wealthy whites call blacks – I don’t give a shit. And that’s part of my point here; people (no matter what race) can ONLY make you believe about yourself what YOU ALREADY BELIEVE! Most whites are terrified of being viewed as inferior, a minority, low-class or trash. So stop calling them “crackers”. They don’t care about that word – they chuckle at it. We aren’t in the70’s! Hit home and call them what they are! WHITE TRASH!

  29. Actually there is some truth to what that white devil said. Blacks respond with emotional rants and not logic. That cracker is right when he said we don’t look back and help our own community when we get paid. Do yall realize how many rich blacks we have now? Then why are we the highest unemployed all the time?

    • Wow,it’s amazing how things connect because i was just on YT listening to Dr Umar Johnson video on “Black Entertainers ” and he said they are forbidden to reach back and help the Black Community. Sam Cooke tried and they killed him. Go listen to Dr Umar break it down.

      • Wow. What a great excuse. They are forbidden.
        By the Illuminati? Of course.

        I guess all the millions that non-celebs give to better the opportunities and lives of black people just went unnoticed by The Illuminati. They only want to stifle celebrities I suppose.

        My grandfather left a 5 million dollar charitable trust endowment to a HBUC last year. I guess “they” let that slip by.

      • People who listen to Umar, buy his books and donate money for him to open up a school are being played. He isn’t a revolutionary. He is a fraud. That negro is piggybacking off of real revolutionaries’ plans that never came to fruition. Umar has CIA agents in his meetings whom he is in direct communication with.

        The establishment always grooms some slick Black man to attempt to “lead” the lost flock otherwise known as Black people. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and now Umar Johnson are all pawns of the government. All Umar cares about doing is sticking and moving the thirsty women who show up at his conferences.

        There’s a reason why bookstores and libraries still exist. People need to stop believing every conspiracy thrown at them via YouTube.

  30. We’re also glad that you are white and not black. You would be an embarrassment to claim.

    • All those ape looking whites, ODing or killing themselves and their families. With all the privilege and largesse that was afforded to their non-deserving unworthy asses, what shame. What a sad race of people those YTs.

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