Beyonce Home-Hunting ‘on the sly’ Without Jay Z?

Beyonce Home Hunting

Reports reveal… Beyoncé may already have one foot out the door — she’s been secretly shopping for new digs without Jay Z. Word is Bey “looked at a $21.5 million Chelsea penthouse early last month.”

Sources close to the Carters say Beyonce “was very quiet, as if she was looking on the sly.” One insider said, “it seems the new home is for Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.”

Here is what’s out there:

“Beyoncé is not shopping for the both of them. Jay Z has always been extremely involved in their real-estate deals.

Jay also would be loathe to leave their current posh Tribeca pad, noting that the couple’s 8,309-square-foot Tribeca crib is more than twice the size of the 4,045-square-foot West 19th Street pad Bey was looking at. I can say with certainty that Jay is not downsizing,” said the source.


    • I want them together for the illusion/visual of a black couple. It helps the youth since black couples are protrayed as hostile or struggling. Not an Obama fan but a fan of the First Family image. I would probably break down in fetal position if Courtney Vance and Angela or Al Roker and Deborah Roberts were splitsville.

        • Agreed but the former is nearly non-existent while the latter is dominant in households today. A peer who holds an MPA once shared that tv show A Different World inspired them to attend fictional Hillman College. This person thought it was a real university and had no palpable exposure to higher education or the type of bonds and connections made by blacks in a university settings. To my ignorance I thought everyone knew that was the Spelman with Hillman superimposed.

          My around about point is images affect self esteem and perception unfortunately black children ingest more media than any other demographic. Anything to counter this bootleg sister-wives and co-parenting trend. Wishful thinking I suppose. If you aren’t going to marry for love, which I personally believe most are not capable of doing since people are so spiritually broken and devoid of morality, might as well marry for convenience. If abuse or mistreatment is involved then by all means get out of the union.

      • I don’t think people can live their lives to be an image for the public, not forever, anyway. People need to look elsewhere for their black role model couple, apparently.

      • Oh youre sIlly! But only because the black power couple is quIckly becomIng a thing of the past.

        The Carters are our last hope!

          • Thank you for saying this. I’m a harsh critic of Black america but I understand the importance of the almost dead Black MARRIED family. Denzel, Will Smith, Jay Z, Obama , MC Hammer, a very small list of BM sticking with their families a LEGAL FAMILY LEGACY= money going to the grandkids not the slave masters great grandkids like Kanye and Mike Jordan and the rest of the swirling BM.

            • This is what i was trying to.say a long time ago but the dumb bytches on here (say cheese) telling me im a Beyonce worshipper because i said that i hate thier music but the image of a strong,black couple is important for the black community fake or not…..

            • Hey Anon 19:25
              Where in my comment below did I call you a Beyonce worshiper? My statement was a general comment but not directed at you.
              The irony of you are calling me a a dumb B while your reading comprehension level is still stuck at 2nd grade is hilarious.

  1. I guess Bey’s “on the run” from Jay Z, as it were. I would like to see her flourish from under his shadow, and hope their impending divorce isn’t messy.

    • Ha Ha you are right. Looks like her stealing other’s ideas have backfired. She never considered touring with JZ until she heard that Future and Ciara were thinking on it.

  2. Oh please she is not going anywhere unless they have another handler lined up for her. This bitch is very controlled and doesn’t have a say in anything. She must follow all orders.

    • Proof or nah? I’m so tired of seeing those two,but i’m just as tired of everything being blamed on the “devil” or the “Illuminati”

      • Who mentioned satan or the illuminati in the post? Beydunce doesn’t have a mind of her own she can’t think for herself. She has been controlled all her life. That independent crap and being a strong woman is an illusion. She is a SLAVE!

        • Yup. First Matthew Knowles and then Shawn Carter. She’s never really been on her own. But she’s a man now. Time to woman up and get up on her good foot if he’s not treating her right.

    • 6:22:

      You better shine your light on the forum! Lol. She doesn’t have a say in anything or control over anything, either, contrary to what her image projects.

  3. Finally bitchyonce n gay -z’s fake love story is is blue ivy’s real mom coming over .oh and am sure gay -z will end up marrying witchy witch rihanna since she’s a bigger star than bitchonce now.

  4. Jzee is fool for cheating, after a baby..he has reallty messed B UP , i liKE B and if indeed he is cheation , I hope she finds the streght to leave him . no woman deserves to be cheated on

    • bey should have did something 10 years ago.

      jsay was a dog then she thought a child was gonna slow jigga down.

      • Beyonce didnt want no.child that was jayz she always said she wanted to wait a long time because of here career, shes to vain to want to get pregnant y do u think it took so long for her to get knocked up

  5. Damn Bey when u leave your circus camel you should go all out. Ms. “UPGRADE YOU” is downgrading…….isn’t that ironic!

    • Yeap if Blue was a boy no way Jay would have a son running around looking like….dare I say it………like normal folks!

      • I think Blue Ivy’s cute as He77 though. With that being said..Karma is a MF…wonder if Joe Camel would appreciate bums pouring champagne down Blue Ivy’s ass on a yacht during a rap video in the year 2027? Then again, now that Beyonce’s “downgrading” maybe it’ll be Colt 45 behind a bodega next to Pachanga the block drunk.

  6. @Starr I agree, she went to hell every since Gay Z became her manager. She’ll be better off without him.

    • Why would you agree with a anonymous n8ggah who thinks that a woman who calls herself CREOLE, and tries hard to erase any evidence of her blackness with all kinds of cosmetic surgeries???

      Why in the hell should black america revere a dope dealer who destroyed so many lives and his white wannabee whore, who is anxious to get divorced so she can get back to whoring and aborting.

      • if you’re gonna attacvk jigga then get on snoop, tip, master p, eazy e, suge knight, j prince, dmx and several others for selling dope.

        including the late biggie smalls who’s a hip hop legend and we all know his story.

        jay let you know from day 1 he was a dog, a cheater and a whoremonger.

        • None of the men u mentioned are parading around trying to make the world believe they are honorable men now, but that bish camel does.

          • Um he didnt clean up until Beyonce he never ever claimed to be squeaky clean, also theres a such thing as change not that he has changed but alot of people come from a rough past and have matured so you cant hold a persons past against them forever

      • I’m with you @Maria.

        I do not and will not support color struck, self hating black people. I don’t care what it is that they do in life or how so-called important they may be. Not to mention the stealing, the lying, being phony…

  7. I know her dad was taking money from her but when he was her manager things was a lot better for her you did not hear nothing negative about her at all now that’s she sign with rock nation that was the biggest mistake she made when she made Jay z her manger. All the ones that go with there. Mangers. There. Career. Seem to fall off.

    • With any luck she’ll end up like the poor woman she and her daddy tried to destroy, who gave him a beautiful son. Karma is real.

      • Well…Daddy Knowles NEVER stole from bey…Jay and live nation put that out there claiming he “stole” from bey so Jay can Control bey

  8. he’s going to chew her up and spit her out dead broke in divorce court.

    he secretly hates women because his mother is rumored to be a manhating lesbian who didn’t treat him well.

  9. Damn I felt like I was reading a James Payterson npvel. HOORAY. TO THE END OF THAT AUTO RELOAD… we can type books and not be shook….lol.

  10. good read. I like Beyoncé & Jay z, if for no other reason, than they r black, together and successful. Jay z could have got a Kim K look alike or a white women, but no, he got a black girl. and we do need them out there, together making money. they make all the list of most powerful couples and I believe Hollywood is trying to break them up. but Jay z need to sit his self down somewhere, cause no women gonna stick around with all that cheating. Bey is still a young woman, so I understand when u say they need to stay together, but if he is cheating, that will be hard to do.

    • “and I believe Hollywood is trying to break them up”

      Why would they want that? You know how much money they make for their white masters? They aren’t trying to break them up they are trying to milk them to capacity hence these constant stories about them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      • Do you much MORE money they are going to make over thier breakup? Think about it

    • Just look around you, there are plenty of successful African American married couples out there to love and look up to. Why in the world would a person choose to worship these two smoke and mirrored devils?

        • What are you talking about? Gawd I swear some people around here are so weird.
          You act like you’re offended by me pointing out the fact that there are indeed people out there who do worship them.
          Of course they have their regular, normal fans but their stans are crazy people.

          It’s also very telling that the only thing you took from my statement was the word “worship”.

    • @Say cheese everything about them is all smoke and mirrors.. business arrangement at best….if one had an Intelligent mind, they would take their “stories” with a grain of salt

  11. Kudos to the poster on the previous Jay and Bey thread who said this story would be posted today. You were spot on!

  12. beyonce is getting her karma ” what you do in past will haunt you in the future” the carters are disloyal dishonest and
    untrustworthy they steal and lie. now that kanye is married the carter’s marriage is crumbling????

    kim and kanye will be the new it couple maybe that’s why the carters ditched him or maybe kris jenner put some type of spell
    on the carters to take the shine away from her tramp of a daughter

      • yeah their sleeping in separate bedrooms and their arguing like mad!!! service them right!!!!

    • Kim and Kanye is fake. All set up. Don’t believe the hype – puh-lease.

      They are trash – and Kim brought Kanye down further than what he is. She will always be a whore and nasty whore at that. The whole family is just trash. Their day will come – sooner rather than later. Scumbags.

  13. there’s a video on youtube where beyonce is questioning god she was also crying she looked tired and sad

      • no it was a private video but someone leaked it she looked tired very sad looking. people were clowning her on the comment section
        blaming her for aaiiyah’s death etc etc

        • You mean the video where she asked God why is she so talented, why did he bless her so? That WAS from her doc.

          • No it wadnt it was on YouTube way before that doc, that doc was nothing but a compilation tube videos from years before that doc came.out

            • it was video it wasn’t on her doc!!! she posted a video probably on her website where she’s questioning god she looks tired
              and she’s crying she looks out of place like she doesn’t know what she’s doing!!

              her pr team said the video was for jay because he was probably on team and she missed him

  14. Solange whooping camel’s ass in that elevator was the nail in the coffin. I think Beyonce will be fine without camel’s cheating ways.

  15. There is nothing about Jay Z that says he’s a one woman man. Maybe she is finally trying to become the independent woman she’s always singing about being.

  16. It is sad to see folks who usually bitch about BM marrying WW root for the dissolution of a marriage between a BM and BW. Yes, they aren’t perfect or even good role models, but they are a high visibility black power couple and I don’t wish them any ill.

    • there nothing like having sex with your own kind two black bodies colliding together bodies deeply thrusting together
      to make a perfect rhythm

  17. if they break up so what, if they stay together so what.what they eat don’t make none of us shit.but either way it will however be amusing.

  18. To say cheese:
    My comprehension level is low but you failed to comprehend when i said “a long time ago” we had a disagreement a few months back

    • Maybe your comments would be easier to understand if you used punctuation in place of the name calling.

      I have no idea who you are or any memory of our past disagreements. I do however think it’s a little weird that a comment from “a long time ago” is still bothering you. Build a bridge baby and get over it already.

  19. Solo is gonna go down in history as the straw that literally broke “the Camel’s” back…

  20. Looks like beyonce betta produce a blood scrafice soon or the negative campainge will continue against these two clowns im so tired of hearin bout them get a divorce already an go drop off the face of the earth.

  21. I think she did this to keep people talking and purchasing tickets. Projecting the image that it may be their fans last time to see them in concert together. They are acting like ring masters and the fans are running toward the tent like the curious.

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