R. Kelly Dropped From Headlining Ohio Music Festival Over Sexual Predator Allegations


R. Kelly’s string of alleged sex crimes is something that’s members of one Midwest music scene understandably refuse to ignore. Their protests against R. Kelly headlining Columbus, Ohio’s Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio, have led organizers of the event to pull R. Kelly from the Labor Day weekend lineup.

“R. Kelly’s selection as a performer ignores the very serious allegations made against him”

R. Kelly was scheduled to appear on the Aug. 29, opening day of a three-day event in Columbus’ Arena District. His publicist released a statement: “R. Kelly is sorry to disappoint his fans but looks forward to seeing them in the near future during one of his upcoming tours.”

Here’s what local musician Saint Seneca told the press:

“We feel R. Kelly’s selection as a performer ignores his very serious allegations of sexual violence and assault. We feel it is an affront to all survivors, who are already often overlooked and forgotten in our society.”


  1. Tony,

    I said the same thing when first read this story…I thought something new had come about.

    I have my own candid personal opinion about R. Kelly as do most people but that’s irrelevant. Looking at this from a flip point of view one can see the lack of professionalism demonstrated by the organizers of the event. They KNEW all about the “serious allegations” against R. Kelly prior to requesting his presence & scheduling him to perform. Not sure if there was a signed contract of any kind associated with this deal but what I get from this is “Kells required a certain amount of money for his time” & they opted to use the “serious allegations” as a means to pull out & not pay R. Kelly without them looking bad. This should not have been allowed to happen this way.

    • Yeah I speculate money over morality as well. You would think after the #AskRKelly debacle and with Black Panties selling 300K he would retire the house search and wife beaters and fade into obscurity or at least try to get his life together and stop promoting lower nature sex songs.

  2. R.Smelly is an undercover gay f*cker! Pied piper homo thug 90 year old still wearing braids son of a gay douche!

    • Damn right he did it it was on video it was seen all over I eyeballed that shit, disgusting and our people don’t give a shit about black girls but cry freedom if a bro is done wrong by the slave master. Karma is real you can’t be such a disgusting predator and don’t think some of the shit you did is going to splash back at you. I parted ways with the Black community in general after he got a CHESTER THE MOLESTER pass, to this very day I avoid kneegrows who ride for him.

    • I totally agree with you…
      In spite of being acquitted of certain changes most people no only heard about it but a great amount of people actually viewed Kells peeing on that girl. Having said that do you see what I mean in saying “the organizers of the concert KNEW damn well those allegations were out there & all of them probably saw a copy of the sex tape themselves.”


  3. Disgusted that this pedophile is still invited to ANYTHING and welcomed ANYWHERE by ANYONE. I’m also disgusted at how the black community sweeps his filth under the rug like it never happened.

    • 100%!!!!!!! Black people don’t give a shit about black girls and guess what ONE SIDED LOYALTY IS FOR SUCKAS. Yall may have noticed many BW have stepped OFF riding for the Black man and shit like this is one of the reasons why.

      • Thee 1:

        Black people don’t care about Black girls, even their parents in far too many instances. These girls were pimped by mothers who are likely single. They used their daughters as bait for a child predator in hopes of getting some money. The girls were hoping to get some sneakers, a jacket, an outfit, their hair and nails done — petty isht. How you can pimp a child is beyond me. If a parent doesn’t know where their minor child is, there’s a problem. I also fail to understand his motivation in recording his sexual exploits, particularly with underage girls.

        I’m merely speculating, because I haven’t seen the tape and would never. That is child pornography. Those images should be destroyed as to protect the victims from further victimization.

        R. Kelly and the parent or parents of any underage girl(s) in that video are dead wrong.

        • “Those images should be destroyed as to protect the victims from further victimization.”

          Agreed unfortunately those girls will never get the Traci Lord treatment for obvious reasons.

    • The community is mentally ill and as a sub-culture absorbs pathology of the dominant group, an anti-life materialistic culture, that discards women and children. Black abortion stats and rates of population in foster care attest to this. People sacrifice lives of children for safety, convenience and comfort. Sparkle needed a record deal in exchange for her niece, Aaliyah was collateral for her Uncle’s label and the rest who Soul clapped along to the acquittal wanted another Chocolate Factory lp. Those girls knew what they were doing, not the predator or enabler. America eats it’s young per Funkadelic.

  4. I stopped supporting this pedophile years ago after the whole Aaliyah fiasco. Anyone with two eyes and a brain should have known he was predator after that.

  5. A commentator stated that Kells was acquired of the sex charges against him and, this is absolutely correct.

    It was based on this, that organisers included him to their list of performers-the HSK post, weirdly left that part out. Even stranger, I can not locate that exact article myself.

    • acquitted? It’s on tape does it matter. Lots of brothas are in jail for no reason at all are they thugs? Do you trust the system then?

      • George Zimmerman was acquitted too. Does that make him innocent? Acquittal means you have the better attorney who was able to provoke doubt and confusion among the jurors. It does not mean you are innocent.
        Even some of the O jurors will tell you that they felt he was guilty but that the state did not prove its case. And then factor in police misconduct too.
        I’m just saying that “not guilty” is not synonymous with innocent.


  6. Just because he was found not guilty doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it means we have a corrupt system. Google around you will find the rest of the girls he’s done this too. No one is defending young black girls against their predators. Shocking I know. He’s a creepy ass who has been known to hang out where kids are, to find girl to take advantage of.

    • Tony,

      I clearly get what you’re saying, however, don’t you see how the “organizers of the concert did NOT feel the need or urge to judge/attack R.Kelly when they scheduled him to perform at their event.” They had ZERO concern for any “abuse survivors or our society.” So, what happened to cause their sudden change of heart? Afterall, it’s unlikely they didn’t know about the allegations BEFORE they scheduled R. Kelly to be apart of their concert, right?

      By no means am I making excuses for the pedophile we know as R. Kelly. My thing is the unprofessionalism of the organizers of the concert & “the spin they put on the situation.” Something happened & rest assured it was about money. Instead of simply replacing Kells with another artist quickly & quietly moving forward they chose to “make like they’re so holier-than-thou & carry such high moral concern for others” all while pushing R. Kelly further under his personal bus straight to hell & omitting the real reason they “dropped him from their line up.”

      They had no business putting him on their roster in the first place!

  7. Folks need to get a clue. The world is different now. Just ask Stephen A. Smith.

    You cannot support wife beating homophobia and child molesters. In any way, shape, form or fashion.

    Also, due to the immigration debacle, Pres. Obama has lost a lot of support. People just see, rightly or wrongly, a sleazy, BS, untrustworthy, corrupt black man out of Chicago. People are not going to support him, his pedophilia and his city.

    Discontent has a way of spilling over.

    • Ask Stephen “Leave of Absence” A. Smith indeed. He’s within a hair’s breadth of losing his career for saying something which women deem mildly complicit with misogyny. In this PC climate, just keep your mouth shut. Tony Dungy didn’t do himself any favors either. You simply cannot speak against the conventional wisdom today.

  8. Ohio (Columbus especially) needs to worry about all the black on black crime, killing of innocent babies from drive bye and shoot outs, and the robbing and murdering of the elderly. Now I’m not taking up for R.Kelly but where was the parents of those young girls he molested?? How long do we judge a man? I thought we are suppose to forgive let go and let God! I forgave my rapist years ago. I am in a better place in my life since i did.

    • Wow… God bless you. I’m thankful you are able to be at peace in spite of what happened to you. The devil is a liar!!! <3

  9. Let me also say this.. Y’all say dont support RKelly by buying his music but yet y’all support the people who raped, killed, enslaved our ancestors. Y’all support the people whom till this day does us injustice on a daily basis. When you buy toilet paper, flat screen TVs, clothing, jewelry, pay your gas bill, electric bill, rent, ect…..if its not black owned you support this people everyday. How many of them you think can be child molesters? Im wuit e sure plenty but you wouldnt know unless someone tells it.

    • So we shouldn’t own a television because Mr. Mitsubishi may be a perv? Or buy a car because the CEO of BMW is a German sex freak like most Germans?
      That’s a bit unrealistic.

    • So I am suppose to support R.Smelly for the mere fact that he is black? Give me a break!

  10. I’m from Columbus, an the difference I believe this time because it was labeled as a festival, the group that protested did not want him to perform. So the organizers backed out . However, 3 years ago he was here in concert w/ Keisha Cole. So I’m not sure but again it may have something to do with the type of function it is; public vs private. Just a guess.

  11. ya’ll wasn’t saying this chit in the 90’s and early 00’s.

    you was all stepping in the name of love.

  12. Not having a car or TV amongst some other things is not unrealistic. We are proggramed to want and to think we need these material things. Our life would not cease without them. I guess you missed my point entirely.

  13. @EdGreen. I bet you support the other races when they do wrong. Now i will give you two breaks and a day off.

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