Jay Z & Beyonce: Staying In Separate Hotels During ‘On The Run’ Tour

Jay Z & Beyonce Seperated

Oh the irony!

Jay Z and Beyonce are reported to be on the run from EACH OTHER! This, during their ‘On the Run’ tour.

Sources say.. not only are they “staying in separate hotels” on the road, they’re also said to be arriving for sound checks and performances separately too!

“Parties involved in their $100 million tour are worried the extravaganza may come to an end prematurely.”

Here’s what a source has revealed:

‘This [the tour] may not make it to San Francisco. I’m definitely not sure that they’ll make it to Paris.’


  1. Can we not see the same old pic of beyonces ass all the time.

    if jay divorces bey does he divorce sasha too.

    oh yeah beyonce is not blu’s mom sasha was.

  2. Beys wince has her head on backwards.
    Btw, Autocorrect interfered there, but it’s all good…”Beys wince” somehow suits her.

  3. Stop hatin on Beyonces booty….who could ever get tired of looking at that picture of Bey?

  4. I’m sick of hearing about the wicked witch and her animal like husband.please please give the world a break!

  5. public fall out = mucho dollars (see Usher, Confessions). probably working on the break up/diss album now. it’s all fake, merely a business arrangement. however, usually only one comes out of a divorce with the public’s sympathy, and being that neither one of them wants to hurt their brand, their agents are probably negotiating HARD about who will come out the victor. this is where it gets interesting..

    • I agree. This is so fake. They are just sitting back capitalizing off of this. And even it it’s true and they hate each other, there is no way these two money hungry Baphomet Beasts will end their concert no time soon. Money trumps everything for them.

  6. They are humannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn married couples have problems all the time.

  7. I highly doubt any of it. This is a way to keep the tickets sales to stay up. People are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting while they are laughing somewhere counting the money they made from these fools.

  8. when people have a great product and ticket sales are good, they do nt’ need to waste millions advertising the way these 2 have to. i bet 70% of their budget is for advertising trying to fool the public about how great they are.

  9. What ever they’re doing, it is working. Traffic was a mess in LA during their concerts.

  10. Sony no way they quittin early cuz Beyodel feels some kinda way about Rachel Roy and that Bajan she goat. Massa isn’t trying to take a financial hit off their personal problems. These stories dropping now are just a way to drum up sales.

    • I’m done!!! Bajan Goat!!! I believe that those devils are just reaping what they sow!!!

  11. awww no p*ssy for jay he probably got rihanna and rita whora on speed dial as for miss beyummie shake your ass and bounce bytch
    people are getting bored of you and your antics so go ride your camel into the sunset like other couples who are in love do!

  12. Half of me believes this is just a publicity stunt
    For more attention! If it’s true, do we really care?
    I’ve been looking up on this whole Illuminati mess & I feel personally, that if they do worship Satan or whoever, it’s THEIR souls who will burn n hell!!

  13. Couple need space too. These ppl can afford to stay in separate rooms, why the hell not. My mom wishes she had her own bed chamber so she wouldn’t have to listen to my dad snore like a freight train all night long. Some folks hog the sheet, some make the bed get too hot, nothing wrong with couples sleeping in separate bedrooms.

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