Tony Yayo Drops Lock-Up As Alibi: I didn’t run during 50 Cent & Fredro Starr’s Brawl!


    Tony Yayo says Fredro Starr’s account isn’t accurate, refuting claims that he ran during an altercation between Fredro Starr and 50 Cent.

    “He and 50 Cent have not spoken since their scuffle.

    Fredro recently shared his side of the story about the fight with Fif at The Breakfast Club. “Nigga tried to swing on me,” Starr said. “Nigga missed. Straight up.” Later in the interview, he added that several members of the G-Unit boss’s entourage also ran. “Him, Tony Yayo, all them niggas ran,” he added. “And I don’t gotta front, nigga.”

    Peep Tony Yayo’s Tweets:

    fredro-star-50cent-fight-2fredro-star-50cent-fight-3  fredro-star-50cent-fight

    Peep what Fredro Star had to say:

    “The nigga tried to swing on me. Some physical shit happened. So, we left it at that. I haven’t spoken to the nigga since and that’s what it is.”

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    1. Who gives a f*ck or a shit about Midget Starr and Fisty Cent! What year is it again? 2003?

    2. Yayo was locked up when this went down at the 2003 VIBE Awards, hence G-Unit and Eminem wearing ‘Free Yayo’ during their performances back then. Fredro needs to get his stories and temper in check.

    3. Lol @ at getting head from Brandy. Charlamagne is a dick for that. Fredro lil ass talked ish about everyone from NY in the past even Dipset. Glad Angela is the voice of reason on the show. Onyx made a good point about music being entertainment and business(as it has always been) and that thoroughbreds are either dead or in jail. Just enjoy the music without worrying about the entertainers background. I know Rick Ross is somewhere smirking. They look good and havent aged and Sticky stays high af.

    4. Do yall see the stupid juvenile bullshit Black people be focused on? No need to wonder why our enemy is always 2 steps ahead of us. Fucking grown ass men acting like they are still in grade school. Look at the Black Community and see that there are way more important things that we need to tend to.

      • OMG..I said the same @keith, it’s always us, my own Black kind that hold us back..We are the strongest race on the planet yet we act as the sad SMFH…

        • We be focused on the stupidest shit for real. Our people are dying,unemployed,gang violence, murder,AIDS….so many more important things going on but this stupid shit will get more attention. No wonder THE MOST HIGH has not helped our race anymore than he has. What a pathetic race of people. Some Blacks are a cancer to those of us who want better and are trying to do better. We all know what needs to be done with cancer.

    5. 50 and onyx was fueding back in the 90’s thought they were over this.

      whats worse is 50 and game still dissing each other come on are these guys secret lovers or what how many diss songs you gonna make and game was dropped how many yeasrs ago.

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