Busta Coons For Toyota



  1. Whenever White folks appropriate Black style in any particular genre of our culture in a minstream form (hip hop, fashion, slang, etc), that is the proof that the said genre or artform is dying or already dead. That being said, hip hop is dead…Generation Y/Millennials “artists” plus Corporate America, killed the artform with the trash they are putting out now. Although Busta is a remnant from the Golden Age of Hip Hop (the 1990s) he is also a victim of this dying artform, and is clearly trying to cash in before the final epitaph is written on the genre.

  2. And id bet if Busta was in a black family video version it would have been much more raunchier
    They most definitaly toned it down 4 the sprites

  3. Boss Hogg making his paper! Shit, I ain’t mad it him. Get it while u can black man. But i’m curious, WHY is he cooning Jacky?

  4. I stopped the video after”motherfathers”..

    Hip hop is dead. TPTB are shoving the whitewashing of hip hop down our throats with ads for Staples, kids toys, any jingle they can autotune.. its a shame.

    I gave up on hip hop a while ago.. maybe it will go away and come back good again.. but I doubt Id live that long. .

    • Blacks should have never got in the game with the Joos.

      Its hard to say no to money you desperately need.

      But when they started trading their talent for dollars, they opened a Pandoras box.

      He who controls the money sets the rules….
      And here we are today..

      Busta selling minivans. Mary J pushing crispy chicken. Damn shame but no one made them choose this path.

  5. when that little white girl said motherfather i stop it trying to act black!! black people are doom
    as for busta rhythm sellout out his race for a car!!!!!!!

    didn’t the motherf*cker’s bodyguard died all because busta wanted to do a remix!!

    • He sold out his race for a car??? Rappers sell us out for cars and chains all the time. What’s the difference?

  6. This sounds like the crap that most so called hip hop and r&b stations play on a daily basis!

  7. You would not understand….. I am sure you loved the video and are on your way right now to get a swagger wagon….. You should change your fake nome cracker!

    • Another fake internet gangster that thinks he knows every aspect of our culture. Nothing interesting on the KKK website this morning?

  8. You probably don’t even really know any African Americans. You just passing on what you see on the media and the hate your parents taught you.

    • Like 7:47 said, I guess there was nothing interesting on the KKK website this morning.

    • Oh no I am real and I use the term AA, but you already know that because you know everything about every AA

  9. Being surrounded by these types I think the track is a godsend. Anything to stop that Happy song by Pharell. Busta is looking obese.

  10. hip hop is dead old white people are rapping!!!!…… used to like hip hop until white people jumped on the hip hop bandwagon
    you must remember white people rap for fame and money!! yes some black people do it too but i’m taking about real talented rappers

    who learned their craft like nas,jayz,busta, and many more talented rappers

    rappers today are stale their only doing it for the money and the fame look at pit bull his raps are stale like bread he’s not talented
    to me it seem like he’s just started rapping. his raps are weak he probably did hip hop for the money and the fame

    • So u haven’t liked rap since the Beastie Boys? White ppl have been all up and through hip hop since the 80s. Y are ppl getting so upset about it in 2014?

      • @datjerk

        what’s your beef i’m merely pointing out the oblivious white people took hip hop r’n’b soul and jazz and do’t forget rock and roll
        they took that from us. if a black person wanted to do rock and roll white people will fuss is true

        white people have no culture that’s why their steal it from other cultures

        @Juice mane

        there are other careers out their beside hip hop is a safe option people do it because their lazy

        • @Juice mane

          white people have been stealing since slavery times!!! my logic makes sense your’s doesn’t what you doing is defending them stop that shyt
          in the black community we got too many ass lickers and not enough ass bitters

          • Juice mane

            people do hip hip for money and fame etc etc etc

            white people have no culture so they steal it from others!!! if you took the time to look i never said white people are lazy
            i said hip hop is not the only career out there are different career paths people can take beside the entertainment world

            hip hop is about talent some of these rappers are wack their only doing it for the fame is like a hobby to them

          • @Juice mane

            get the f*ck off your soap box yes i said is the truth you coons really need to re-think your cooning
            rock and roll was stolen from us long time ago!!

        • I would not say they do it better than anyone else they are just not targeted like every other race. Let’s not forget that this system is designed for whites to prosper and gain wealth while blacks just do the opposite. The media also plays an important part in making blacks look like criminals and whites look like saints when we all know in reality that that is. to the case. I would also like to take this time to say that history has proven they their is not a sicker more evil race that whites.

        • Lets keep.in mind, the “rock and roll” you speak of in the late 1930s and 1940s, principally on recordings and in reviews of what became known as rhythm and blues music aimed at a black audience. In 1951, Cleveland-based disc jockey Alan Freed began playing this music style while popularizing the term rock and roll to describe it. So the rock today aint nothing like what you claimed was started and stolen by white people..Also Blonde had a rap type toon….expand your listening and learn instead if instead if the hate…. Music is music and everyone dies it different….Damn!!!! Its all about Marketing and making money and that’s what this is all about.

        • I’m black but all this “white peep-pooh STOLE from us” shit is stupid…

          Unless of course you hunt wildibeasts for a spear for dinner.

      • Beastie boys had a couple more songs than vanilla ice they really weren’t that tight…overated extremely…. But because they rapped and were white for some reason and cosigned they are hip hop icons….You might as well throw Blondie, kid rock, house of pain, Markie Mark in there also for grins and giggles, The young black teennagers, and third base. Get the eff outta here with that nonsense. BLACK people are always tooooo willing to take people into our confidence and cosign white people. Dre Did it, Ice t did, a it, alot of them east coast cats did it hating on mc. Hammer (he was garbage but he did his thang).I mean the crazy thing is when isht pops off(they mess up) for rappers singers and sports figures of color everybody comes to isht on them but when white entertainers mess up or call us NI66AS we are the first ones defending they asses. Real talk black people we do some extremely dumb isht on all levels…To be accepted by people who wish only harm to us we will literally sell our souls. ( not all white people, & not all black people but alot on both sides)…Gettem drunk to find out how they really feel…Ask Tiger Woods ask Ojay ask Ti, Ask Usher… They have all had their white cosignees participate in a NI66A moment…

  11. Idk if I’d be quick to call it coining. The man has to live/feed his kids. It’s legit money. What’s the issue besides the fact that his lean addiction is all to evident.

  12. Buffoonery is buffoonery in any color. This video is not representative of my culture and values.My childhood was not perfect but my parents never went to clubs and if my siblings and I spoke like the kids in this video a whipping would be waiting for me. The major problem I have with this type of video is that whites and other races believe it is reflective of how all black people behave. It reminds me of a time in college when some of my white classmates where shocked that I had a two parent household and didn’t grow up on welfare in the projects.

  13. well we all got to eat and need to make a living some how. and I thought it was a cute fun little video. Better than most. Some times can we have fun just a little bit? I like mini vans (I just came off vay cay rented one for family and they roll so smooth/high tech and roomy plus good on gas…)

  14. I don’t know about all that but I’m sure his contract owners are worth that much while throwing him a slice of his own pie. And might i add right along with other blacks in the industry, they don’t run nothing but their mouths. is ran by old money not black dollars.

  15. I don’t feel sorry for none of these negroes simply cause they’re all under slave contacts. Most of them have criminal offenses on them in exchange foot freedom they do add they’re told, such as ti he don’t have a choice but to help that ugly Aussie chick. It’s against the law for everyday whites to own blacks but the government been owning us for along time and the corporations is owned by the government which now owns black Hollywood. It’s so obvious to see. I don’t buy anything or cop any style from white people. I can’t wait til God avenge us , glory be to the father.

    • It’s funny you didn’t respond to the rest of the comment. However, the government do not own whites, yes it’s OVER everyone but blacks that’s descendants of slaves will never get treated the same as Caucasians in America. So you be blind if you want to but I’m going to call a spade a spade. Caucasians in America are descendants of immigrants from European nations. Our people were not freed to be equal but for a new form of slavery and what these negroes are doing is apart of the NEW slave system right along with prisons and the ghettos.

      • The U.S. government doesn’t own whites?!
        Where do you live?

        Miss a house payment & find out who really owns what.

        Ppl of all races coon for a coin.
        Joe Namath wore pantyhose.

        • Exactly, these white people couldnt believe it when they got put out in 2008 when the housing market went down, not to mention all the gov employees who went without paychecks durring the shut down, they.havent been through as much as blacks but it does show you that when money is involved they dgaf

        • @15:43 U are so correct! That furlong f*cked up a lot of people, especially me! I am a Navy Vet and drawing some of my SS retirement. But the point is the government doesn’t own U, God owns US!

  16. hip hop is nothing but garbage anyway, it needs to go away it sends the wrong messages to black kids.

    • It used to be about having an outlet for inner city kids to express thier frustration through music, but when it went corporate thats when rappers started killing eachother and beefing because more money was involved

  17. This new hip hop generation doesn’t understand that they were given a privelage to be able to tell their stories in ink and on stage, given to them by the pioneers of rap. Like the saying goes, too bad youth is wasted on the young. lol

  18. That’s why Magic went out there and opened up his own businesses, became his own boss. ISHT! Those Magic Johnson movie theaters were popping up EVERYWHERE! LOL

  19. hip hop is has gone pop we should called it pip pop because the beats are bubble gum pop!!!

    real hip hop is stick in the 80’s-90’s era it will never come back!!

    who do we blame for this shyr!!

    1) black people for helping white people destroy hip hop
    2) ungrateful white people taking all the credit and not thanking black people

      • it’s true…there will never be another era like 80’s and 90’s hip hop. Those were the Golden Years. I can’t get with the isht they got out now. It’s a given that hip hop is contagious, but I agree with you Chocolate Lips when you point out that the Anglosaxon takes it all and never gives due props. I mean look at the Grammy’s. That white dude won almost every grammy for the rap categories. What’s his name, Macklemore. a.k.a “blacknomore” Check out this BS link: http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-white-rappers-of-all-time

        • @TainoBoriqua lol i agree with you

          most of these white rappers are racist even white racist are spreading their hateful message with rap music!!
          basically they rapping their hateful message with black music lol!!!!

          do’t forget eminem did a song called white america?? why would he do that song if he liked black people what a load of burn noodles

            • both eminem and kid rock are silent racist kid rock called his ex girlfriend who is black women a n1gga

              eminem called someone a n1gga and benzino tape it is now youtube

              many white rappers are racist and it just takes one incident to expose them for what they really are

              also back in 90’s there was a German band who did a reggae song one of the member was a racist!!!!

            • If they said what you claim they said, how does that make them silent racists? I know Eminem made that diss track early in his career, and he has apologized for it, but I have never heard that he called his son’s mother the n word publicly. Did you hear it or read it?

        • You know what im an old head of sorts as far as hip hop is concerned. I use to be on that hip hop is lost its dead(it really does suck now) these artist are trash, but one day I had a revelation this aint hip hop for me (@ the time being a 35 year old dude). This is music for these young cats that are making the music they aint making it for me. Then ultimately the question evolved into who was making music for people my age. It sure aint the mainstream rappers my age because they are still rapping about the same things they were rapping about 10, 15, 20 years ago. I know that all rappers have a lane who am I to tell you your music sucks when you aint even talking to me? The problem is the media and the lack of vision on artist and black peoples part blacck people have a trillion dollars in discretionary income yet we have no economic infrastructure. Yes in the bigger scheme of things some celebs atheletes entertainers do get to live in the big house but it aint they house. And occasionally massa checks that ass every now and then my point is there are people rapping singing and doing all forms of art that appeals to everyone, we just dont control any aspects of distribution to get it done. The really sad aspe t of this is digital downloading and radio and satelite to an extent has changed the game but we have not use those tools in their infancy to capitalize off of them. We are still stucck in trying to be lpayers in someone elses game instead of playing in our own game

        • You know what im an old head of sorts as far as hip hop is concerned. I use to be on that hip hop is lost its dead(it really does suck now) these artist are trash, but one day I had a revelation this aint hip hop for me (@ the time being a 35 year old dude). This is music for these young cats that are making the music they aint making it for me. Then ultimately the question evolved into who was making music for people my age. It sure aint the mainstream rappers my age because they are still rapping about the same things they were rapping about 10, 15, 20 years ago. I know that all rappers have a lane who am I to tell you your music sucks when you aint even talking to me? The problem is the media and the lack of vision on artist and black peoples part blacck people have a trillion dollars in discretionary income yet we have no economic infrastructure. Yes in the bigger scheme of things some celebs atheletes entertainers do get to live in the big house but it aint they house. And occasionally massa checks that ass every now and then my point is there are people rapping singing and doing all forms of art that appeals to everyone, we just dont control any aspects of distribution to get it done. The really sad aspe t of this is digital downloading and radio and satelite to an extent has changed the game but we have not use those tools in their infancy to capitalize off of them. We are still stucck in trying to be lpayers in someone elses game instead of playing in our own game.

            • it seem black artist today need white people on their music just to sell record looks at marry j blige she collaboration with white singers
              just to sell her chrtismas album

          • @Anonymous

            true!! but back in day white artist would get black artists to featuring on their record today is now different
            black artist have to relay on white artists to sell their music!!! which is messed up!!!

            @Juice mane
            if you do’t believe me!! go search for yourself jacky did an article about it in December she got jessie j barry manilow etc etc
            to feature on her Christmas album. it sold because white people were on her record

          • @Juice mane

            very true but you forget she did a song with George Micheal and u2!!
            have to agree with you on some on your stuff what your pointing out but it seem like your defending the enemy black people
            do’t need uncle toms or sellout or coons what category do you see yourself in????

  20. Bubba Sparxxx is another one. Copying moves and dialect…just be yourself.

    • I hear you…but that doesn’t mean he’s street. Rap brings a philosphy attached to it. Some people think that just because they were brought up in a poor environment that that is all you need to succeed in the hip hop game. It’s more than a location…it’s a frame of mine.

        • No, I’ve never been to Athens. And I assumed he wasn’t well off, hence his connection to the life. But, like you said…he grew up around blacks in the hood..hence his emulation of the culture. He may suffer from an identify crisis…most white rappers do. LOL

        • @Juice mane…nah that’s alright. I’ll stay in the South Bronx…those Nebraska girls sound racist as a fug. LOL. Oh and by the why *frame of mind* was a correction to my typo not an attempt to emphasize the phrase.

        • So her p*ssy smells like cancer and broken dreams? Nice.

          At $4.70 a box, I hope she’s not giving away free puffs…

        • That is just retarded in the truest sense slow…So blacks smell like Newports? So if I said a black girl told me her pu$$y was so white it smell like wet dog Am I supposed to be like damn thats really a white girl cuz they smell like wet dogs? Im not saying that but reverse the comment and thats how it comes across…

      • Just cos a rapper is black means he has street cred. Come on now…lets keep it real!

    • also he had a black women in bathtub in milk he dipped his cookie in the milk yuck talk about unhygienic

  21. @Chocolate Lips…Chocolate milk, smh…I’m done. I can’t stop laughing.

  22. Jews are maInly white in skin color, yes.
    They have their own religion (Judaism), and their own temples for worship. Their own languages (yiddish and Hebrew). And they do not encourage inter-religion dating and marriage.. you gotta convert.

    They don’t believe in Jesus being their savior and don’t believe in heaven or hell because they feel they are the chosen ones.

    Cause they look down on whites who weren’t born a Jew. I’m not a Jew. Don’t wanna be a Jew.

    Hitler didn’t like the Jews so he gassed millions of them during the Holocaust. Jews had to wear a badge saying they were Jews.

    Jews aren’t the exact same as a German who is white

  23. @kansasdarkman…or they can say “they’re so white their pu**y smells like Bologna.” LMAOO@wet dog

  24. Question Jacky I know you are a old head such as my self dont you think the more pop they make or take an artist they less talent is needed. For example American Idol (I hate that isht) they tell really soulful singers “we already know you can sing but we dpnt need that you need to appeal to a broader audience”. Dont you think pop takes the soul away from really good artist? As for rap look at the transformation of Ceelo Green. For anyone who does not know look at his work with Goodie MOB before that bullisht Cd world party… His singing aint even the same..

    • So my questions to you @Juice Mane was Ceelo fronting then or is he fronting now? I mean you yourself know Ceelo was sooooper deep, and now all the things he is, he was rapping against back then, the brother put a lot of knowledg and wisdom in his lyrics, the entire group did. So what im saying is knowing the things he knew back then, he has sold out hook line and sinker. He has worn tootoos been I peacock suits been in a wedding dress, they have emasculated him taken his soul away he is the epidemy of pop he is the poster boy for “Safe NI66A”. Just like they do with “They Ni66as” they pit his ass in check w them reoccurring rape charges. I loved the scene in Hoodlum where Bugsy Seigel checks Clarence Williams character with the sandwich he has eaten and didnt finish and tells Clarence to wrap it up and take it home to his kids. Clarwnce Williams is like its okay they are fine and Bugsy makes him take the scraps. That was one of the greatest ni66a moments in film . Bugsy was telling him no matter what you do and what you might have in the end you are MY NI66A. Get that Guap Ceelo. Also dont you think its odd that as hard and as pro-black and as militant Ceelo was that he would be on the voice and his lyrics aint never came backbtonhaunt him ?

      • @Juice Maine I feel you I just hate how it seemed like it was all a dream that somehow got f^cked up. Hey that still standing is in My top 10 all time probably top 5. Hey keep listening to that Goodie MO . Off subjects Andre 3 stacks one of the most underrated M.C.s of all times.

      • 3 Stacks is arguably the best rapper/lyricist period, but of course that all depends on where you’re from. I have never heard a wack verse from Dre, ever.

      • 3 Stacks being ‘the best rapper/lyricist period’ is subjective, though what isn’t subjective is him being one of the LAZIEST rappers/lyricists period. And don’t give me that ‘He doesn’t want the fame’ stuff, as there’s ways around that, especially since he hasn’t released a solo body of work in over a decade.

      • As for Cee-Lo, he was/still is a good lyricist, and I agree that much of what he wears nowadays is for (Pop) attention i.e. him coming out on stage at the 2011 BET Awards looking like a Church Mother singing ‘Somebody Loves You Baby’ in tribute to Patti LaBelle. And then there’s Madonna’s post-Superbowl comment about Cee-Lo being a ‘new artist’ that he never countered, which was odd.

      • @Rahiem I would have to argue that one hands down goes to Doc Dre. He also gets the Ive destroyed the most rappers careers Award also. I guarantee somebodies gonna be like “Eminem” saying it with Jazz and tap Hands. And that will thoroughly bring the convo full circle… He is or was a great producer, that gets credit for alot of peoples work. He also is one of the greatest at spitting ghost written lyrics. I am being dead seious on that for dre not to have wrote his lyrics he spit those lines dopely back in the day.

      • Did I say it did? And yes, true art doesn’t have deadlines, which is coming from an artist, though rap isn’t R&B Soul, no matter how deep and poignant the artist is, so there is little comparison between what D’Angelo and Andre ‘Ben-Jammin’ do. The only rapper who could take upwards of 10 years off between albums and still be commercially (Not necessarily critically, but eh) successful is Eminem, and that’s only because he was a white household name who had legions of angsty, mad-at-nothing white teens and young adults the world over in his corner.

      • ^And I’ll add Jay-Z, Biggie, and AZ to the ‘deep thinkers/Best lyricists’ list.

      • lol Yeah, Mos IS an actor and activist along with being a rapper and singer, but what I meant is that he’s been spending more time singing than rapping on his albums, which is a shame considering what he’s capable of lyrically. ‘Ghetto Rock’ alone still gets played to this day! As for Andre and D’Angelo, yes, they’re the same in terms of being real artists and both doing collabos and production work every once in a while to let people know they’re still around; it’s just that Andre’s genre is too fast and ‘young (You know how rap & Hip-Hop are, especially now with the advent of the Internet)’ to let you take too long of a break, even with the ‘Hey Ya (a.k.a. 2004’s ‘Happy’)’ success.

        Regarding the artists I listed, many have gone (Deep) underground, but still have dedicated fans to this day. I’d also like to add GZA a.k.a. ‘The Genius,’ Pusha T, and Killer Mike. GZA has always been lauded for his lyricism and lyrical craftwork, and Pusha & Mike, in my opinion, have the potential to be in the upper echelon of great lyricists.

      • @kansasdarkman–Man, that’s a good question, one I don’t have an answer for at the moment–I’ll have to think about that one. I mean, on one hand, to get a good idea of who an artist is, one would have to view their entire oeuvre. On the other hand, however, I’m sure there have been several artists who have done some of their most poignant and masterful work near ‘the end,’ whatever that may be. But on the flip side, you could say the artists’ work throughout their career was building up to that last great work, so…

        See why I need time to think about this? lol

        As for your list, I like it, especially since it reminds me of how COLD so many rappers are when, as Saigon says, ‘They’re ribs are touching (In other words, they’re hungry [to make it]), especially the ones like Snoop, LL, and Cube who went Sooper-Mainstream (Especially Snoop), basically admitted to having Ghostwriters a couple albums ago, and, as I said before, will do anything for a paycheck (Snoop again for the last two points). I know D.O.C. was pretty prolific prior to that fateful accident, Twista was getting collabos for years without a major deal/release, so you know he’s cold, and Immortal Technique finally fixed that ‘Rapping off-beat’ shit he used to do, so he’s good (And has some very intelligent [Of course] and insightful interviews, many of which are on Youtube–Check ’em out if you haven’t already).

        Speaking of Tha Dogg Pound, I totally left Kurupt out of my list–Dude was/still is a lyrical beast! And I keep hearing about K-Rino, but haven’t listened to anything from him, which is about to change. And since you and Juice Mane are Southern cats, allow me to add Big K.R.I.T. to the list–He has as much potential to be truly great as Kendrick, Pusha, and Killer Mike.

      • Lets not forget Tribe, De La Soul, Leaders of the New School(Busta was in) …..music just aint the same!!!

      • @CrazyChris–Are you saying M.C. Eiht, Quik, Geto Boys & Da Lench Mobb should be listed among great lyricists? If so, the only two who are good enough, in my opinion, are Scarface and Cube, and both of them were already mentioned. Quik gets his props for being a dope producer, of course, but he’s aiight on the Mic, like most producers. I like WC, too, but the same goes for him.

    • Where to begin with White Hollyweird…
      This wouldnt be a website it’d be a series of books..

      I guess black folk should know better and that’s what makes them better targets for the gossip..

      Black perpetrators.

      White folk been perping, its not news..

      • @kansasdarkman–You’re entitled to your opinion, even though I never said Andre wasn’t one of the top lyricists out there. Introverts and/or deep thinkers like Andre, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Chino XL, Mos Def (Another lazy one, to an extent), Canibus, The Last Emperor, and Kendrick, just to name a few, will always occupy ‘Top Lyricist’ spots, regardless of their commercial success & viability. But then again, I’m like Nas: “Ain’t no best!” All the greats bring something different to the table while oftentimes being inspired (Derivative if you want to be negative about it) by those who came before them.

      • @Rahiem I agree with you on your list Kendrick is like when they put Shaq on the dream team its too early too tell, Also like you said music as all things are subjective. My question to you and all true hip hop heads is it truly your last work that you are judged by or your body of work. Ill add jay elec. Immortal technique K rino Scarface Twista Early cube early Dogg Pound early Snoop. DOC Killer Mike Cool J Krs One AZ Redman…. Some are for delivery some are for content. ALL are great Mc.s it just depends on your genre of music and your age.

      • @notfromthisplanet–Yeah, those groups were good lyricists, as well, though they often get passed over for being ‘greats.’ I’d also like to add Rass Kass, Lupe Fiasco, Big Pun and Keith Murray to the ‘top lyricists’ discussion. Like I said before, there are so many other greats I’m missing, but maybe they’ll be remembered & mentioned in time.

      • how come nobody said mc eiht dude made 20 something albums and was never shot.

        can’t believe nobody said dj quik, and wc either.

        geto boys made some serious songs besides all the kill you, shoot you up chit they were known to make.

        can’t forget lench mon qwhen they was making hostile threats towards whites uyes cube and his crwew was very racist back in the early 90’s.

  25. I just want to ask you a question on your comment if a person looks white they are white to you. So what is your take on author Jean Tommer? What race would you consider him?

    • Lol, ok. Jacky I know this is an entertainment site but can you mention the Ebola issue? A person in NY has been quarantined due to having symptoms of that disease.

  26. busta as dropped from cash money recent;ly he needs the money.

    busta been on every label known hasn’t he.

    he needs to give it up he had a long career.

    • He still thinks it’s the late ’90s-early ’00s, though the facts that he’s an arrogant asshole who was quoted as saying he ‘Doesn’t give a f*ck about his fans’ shouldn’t garner him an iota of sympathy. Let him keep clawing at rap relevancy while looking like somebody’s drunk-ass Uncle wearing dress shoes to BBQs.

      • Yeah, he said that shit to fans’ faces on more than one occasion, but the consensus is that Busta has a shitty attitude and thinks he’s God’s Gift to the World, so it kind of comes with the territory. I’m glad I never bought any of his music, but I still like some of it. Old habits die hard, I guess.

        • Yeah, their videos back then, along with Missy Elliott’s, were the shit! Colorful/vibrant, cartoony, in-your-face, haphazard/never-know-what’s-coming-next, and all captured on the ‘classic’ Hype Williams ‘fish-eye’ lens. They were like mini-events and not the ‘Me and my friends in my Grandma’s house yelling at the camera’ or basic club & street shits that comprise many videos today.

      • Thanks. I was going off the dome, so there’s a LOT of people I didn’t list (Hell, Redman & Method Man just came to mind while typing this! lol). And yeah, some of these people should’ve never been signed/uploaded videos to Youtube/Whatever–Just terrible. The rise of the ‘Super-Producer’ has resulted in many artists being SAVED by their beats/production, something that should compliment what they’re spitting/rapping, but hey, whatever makes $$, right? lol

        • I would say you reach that demographic with good music on sites like Youtube that are/can be independent of the Majors. It sounds simple & easier said than done, I know, but it’s true. Even Soulja Boy used the Internet to his advantage to both get noticed and signed, and then there’s the new wave of artists who also came up via the Internet, like this year’s Grammy competitors Kendrick and Macklemore. The labels don’t like the Internet because they can’t line their pockets as heavily as before, but it can be a Godsend for someone trying to get on without having to get f*cked for a Major Record Deal.

          And speaking of which, what is with those blonde dreads? I thought that shit died with Diamond from Crime Mobb on the song ‘Knuck If You Buck’ lol

  27. MTO is all speculation and made up stories.
    SFTA doesn’t expose much.
    WSHH doesn’t count.
    TMZ lies.
    BOSSIP is too gay friendly and too Obama friendly

  28. Juice mane where have u been all my posts….lol u are my new fave that’s people how u have an intelligent disagreement of opinions. I loved it. I don’t know about any other sites I came across this one couple years ago and I haven’t left but I just recently started to comment. Jacky’s great though. To me it’s just entertainment.

    • I am also a fan of juice mane he is pro black eithout having to put down other races

    • I don’t know about any other sites. I stumbled upon this one. I was hooked on the blind items but now I dunno wat had happened. I like it all the same but just recently started to comment. Ooo..it’s raining here in mobile. thunder I hate it lol

  29. This is wack. Busta look unhealthy.

    Madison Avenue believes that only white people can sell to white people. I don’t know if that is true, but if they make some wack shit I this, it must be true.

  30. Hehehe. Before I watched the vid I was like “why’s faggy jacky hating again?” Then I saw the vid.

    … brb … gotta throw up

    • @ mane

      Your doing alright so far. Don’t ruin it the video shouldn’t change your opinion. Life is about the hustle, Busta is just on his. The video is NO big deal.

  31. OMG!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 @juice mane I should’ve watched too before I commented. I don’t think…am I still black who in the hell left that gate open

  32. Nelly did a cereal commercial, MC Hammer did a Taco Bell commercial, Busta does a car commercial, rappers been doing commercials for alcohol, rap music died years and years ago! This little shit Busta Rhymes is doing shouldn’t suprise anyone. Rappers will do anything for money!

    • @nba is fixed

      mc hammer also did a commercial for kfc!!! dancing for fried chicken!!!

  33. Old broke rappers are similar to hookers, they will do anything for money! Shit, some of them had to do hooker shit to get the record deal! When they go broke they have to do more hooker shit to pay bills. That’s when they have to take visits to the pharmacy to get the shots and the pills. I’m not making this up. Why do you think Aaron McGruder created the character gangstalicious.

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