What Happened Between Kanye & Riccardo Stays In Ibiza: Diddy Deletes Swinger Evidence From IG!


Diddy deleted his picture celebrating Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday in Ibiza this past weekend with his swinger buddies Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Cassie and Kate Moss.

This is what’s out there:

“The Italian fashion designer was joined on the night by an array of celebrity pals for a wild night as he toasted the milestone in style on the Balearic party island.”


    • He and Kanye were dressed alike google you will see the photos hiding in plain sight flaming gay. Give it up come out Kanye don’t worry BM will still love you no matter what LOL!!!!

  1. Why would Kanye be the only 1 out of dozens of people be the only wearing a matching outfit with the birthday boy? Something is most def going on

    • Is this a trick question surely you cannot be serious THEY ARE GAY LOVAHS, LOL! Black folks be staying in the closet of their minds.

  2. Why would Kanye out of dozens of people, be the only 1 wearing matching outfits with the birthday boy?

  3. How is this evidence of swinging? Riccardo isn’t even in the pic,. And why would Diddy delete it? It looks harmless to me except Kate Moss is obviously high as fuk….
    Is it just a trick of lighting/shadows or is another person behind kanye and Diddy?

      • More like drugs.

        Damn, these folks are so empty and useless.

        Naomi looks good, must be stickin’ just to the booze and nuthin’ else.

        Kim looks alert, prolly cuz her trick azz is on the clock.

        Ciara looks just as dumb as dirt.

        Diddy tryin’ hard to promote how good a time he is supposedly havin’.

        These folks betta stop flossin’ and representin’. It is hard out here in this economy and folks ain’t on the bullsh*t.

          • Thanks, let me correct myself.

            Cassie look dumb as dirt

            Kate look like she OD’d.

            Where is Ebola when you need it?

  4. Is that Maxwell?
    Naomi looks happy like she just beat a bitch with a cell phone.
    Cassie and Naomi are much prettier than Kim. All that nip and tuck has her looking like Morticia Adams.

  5. Anyone else notice the influx of known occult celebs flocking to Ibiza? I believe that this was either a black mass ritual or a satanic wedding between Kanye and Ricardo, hence the matching outfits. Kim is Kanyes “wife” to the outside world but on the inside he is married to Ricardo. Kim knows the deal, that’s why she’s still getting pimped out and going on escort gigs (Austrian Ball, Caan Film Festival) and why kanye is ok with it. Ricardo is Kim’s sister wife. Seriously. Congrats Ricardo and Kanye! Hope this marriage lasts longer than 72 days

  6. Kim looks stoic and lifeless slowly morphing into Jocelyn Wildenstein. Who needs surgery at 30? Where did they ship the poor baby off to enjoy this event?

  7. p diddy is coon 4 years go he had a busted looking white women on his perfume ad (commercial). the black women was no where in sight this grease ball
    is sellout cooning for money as for big lip kanye west and his pet rat kim that marriage won’t last is business arrange just like
    his ex best friends joe camel and his dummy beyummy!!! who can’t talk probably!!!

    blue ivy needs etiquette lessons when she’s older both her parents are dumb!!

    • Ibiza is a go to island on the summer vacay circuit, world class DJs, extravagant parties, drugging, has been for years similar to the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

  8. Kim’s ugliness really shows in this picture. She should never allowed herself to be photographed next to a true beauty like Naomi. Kim is butt ugly and stank.

    • Or Cassie. Hell even coked out Kate is better looking than Kim.

      It didn’t have to be that way.. kim ruined herself with unnecessary surgery

    • I said the same thing. You put her beside true beauties that are women of color and she can’t hold a candle.

  9. kim is looking like a black women each and everyday!!

    these white women are obsessed with black women geez

  10. Kim looks f*cked up she aint pretty nomore her new nane is plastic face she ulgy to me now just like all the plastic fraks in hollyweird

  11. Wait wait wait didn’t Ms Naomi Campbell shade Kim Kardashian about her magazine with Kanye?? Now they all hugged up? Oh no!

    • I think that she is TOLERATED by the fashion crowd that he is sooooooo NAUSEATINGLY eager to be a part of…. most of them snicker about her behind her back but the real nasty ones do it smoothly in her and KW faces

    • Naomi looks like she is smirking about it. kiM belongs in selfies and tabloids, not vouge.

  12. this is the dumb shit Cassie gets to go to!!!SMH…
    psst, Cassie as long as you and Diddy been hanging out/dating you should be in a better position than what you are in. Clothes go out of style and looks fade I hope you are stacking and hide your jewels for when this comes to a end and he’s onto the next YOUNG pretty face, or actually decides to marry KIM!!

  13. Looks like they had to prop Kate up on diddys shoulder, like she died for a second and then right after they took the pic they shot her up with adrenalin pulp fiction style

  14. I dont believe thats Kim, i believe thats a card board cut out, thats the only logical explanation for her looking like a mannequin in a department store

  15. They must all be tired of hanging out in Dubai. I see this Ibiza is there new “in” spot. Pics like this make me lol because they’re all standing there like they think they’re the shit because they’re taking a pic w/ each other. LOL. I do not say “I wish.” Naomi is an old coked-out white man’s whore. Kate is a h addict nodding off. Cassie is a talentless gold digger who is wasting the best years of her life bearding for wide-hipped DL Diddy.Koonye is the true epitome of the word Koon. And then we have the human sperm receptacle Kim Katrashian. SMH.

  16. do’t you think kim looks like one of those bratz doll big lips and a flat stomach!!!

  17. Looks like a demon between Kanye and Diddy’s head. Lawd, look at Kate Moss. She needs Jesus.

  18. you concerned with who kris sleeps with.

    maybe you fantasize about her at night.

  19. Stop hatin Kim is fine as a mothaf*cka!!
    I would dick her down.. No condom .. No pullout!
    I would stick my tongue in her booty hole and tell
    Her to fart!

      • ~flatlined~

        Ain’t it the truth, ain’t heard a word about the deadliest virus yet.

  20. Gonna do some searching on this Ibiza shit, They said somewhere that Ciara is there too with her BD’s mother and her baby hmmmmm. And about Kim, I never looked at her before until lately because she and Beyonce are plastered everywhere. To me her face just looks frozen all the time. Makes me wonder what years of botox will do to your body and will it cause botulism.

    Diddy’s hand shadow and that character in the back look kinda creepy. (shudders)

  21. Stop hatin on these folks and just live your best life!
    I guarantee they dont think about u.. And besides the public that hates them
    Made them rich… Go figure

  22. Stop reporting on these folks it’s getting old and tired and no one cares about the kkk

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