Jay Z’s New StepMom? Gloria Carter Rolls Out New Boo!

Jay Z's Lesbian Mother

Jay Z may not be the only Carter suspected to have split from a significant other. That’s because recently release images of Jigga’s mom, Gloria Carter, reveal there may be a new woman she’s locked down! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Dania Diaz!

You’ll recall… back in November 2013, HSK exclusively learned the NYC public school teacher was Gloria Carter’s lesbian life partner! Now, less than a year later, it’s looking like she’s letting it be known that she’s on to the next!!!

Dig the Drop:

“Jay’s moms threw a party to celebrate opening a restaurant called “Diamonds N Da Ruff” [July 26th]. It was just like a 90s Budda Bar affair… with all of her lesbian homegirlz in the hizzy. Dania wasn’t there though.”


    • Why is this even news? No one cares if Jay-Z’s dad is into younger women….. Oh my faught that is his mom.

      • The fact that his mom is a man-hating lesbian tells a lot about why JZ hates women. Right now he is focusing his hate on women in entertainment he feels are no threat for retaliation, but when he turns on that beyonce it is going to be murder, and every piece of woman hate he feels will be unleashed on her.

  1. Hope she is happy. Being a teacher she probably had to live a lie for school administration. Cant believe it was that long ago when teacher couldnt be unwed moms or wear pants. Now the teachers have tats and piercings and dress like the students. Whoever said she more handsome than Jay is wrong, but so right.

    • And lets not forget sexing the students… Teachers today are way different than past times but so are the students. Working in the clinic on Jamaica ave i cant tell adults from kids anymore.

      • Teachers have always slept with students. There was a chick at Fairfax high that was doin the whole football team.

      • So… what does man hating have to do with being a lesbian? There are probably more women who love sucking and f*cking men who actually despise them. The proof? The number of women who bash men to their kids and with their girls.

        • man hating has everything to do with being a lesbian or maybe its envy or secret admiration for men??? Lesbians (studs) wanna be men and try to replace us but can’t.

  2. Never knew Jay moomie swung that way. No word on where that scholarship money been going yet i see.

  3. jayz mom looks like a man with dreadlocks no wonder she likes p*ssy she acts and looks just like a man

  4. that’s why women need to be careful what they say around their children if they hate men then shut up and move on
    do’t bad mouth about men around your children it can scar them for life jayz punched a women on camera back in the day

    • lies… that girl was a friend/employee of Roc a fella. He was horse-playing with her. He did not mush her out of anger, smh

  5. is that derek j the guy who wears high heels and has a purse (handbag)

  6. are you serious!? “Diamonds N Da Ruff” for restaurant name now classy not!!

    do’t think white people will be attending that restaurant do you think???
    also what type of food and drink are they selling?????

    • who cares if white ppl come to the restaurant? White folks are not the end all be all of class. Most people don’t know what class is anyways.

  7. Oooh! I want some Thai food bad as shit. dam the red, yellow, green or panang curry.

    • You ain’t alone.

      They look like something out of the Fortune Society who go to middle schools to talk about why you shouldn’t run the streets and wind up in jail.

  8. No wonder. These rappers come from women who look hard as hell. SMDH. No wonder they try to steer clear of BW. Where do these folk come from? I come from a Black family, friends, associates and none of them look this damn hard. What is going on?

    • The projects in Booklyn via North or South (usually South) Carolina.

      I steer clear kneegrows from So. Carolina. Ain’t nuthin’ but trouble, at least up here in NYC. No. Carolina ain’t much betta.

      • you need to get out more. There are good black people in the Carolinas. Some of the most down to earth folks you could meet.

        • Okay, but I was just talkin’ up here in NYC. No shade to the folks still there. Apologies.

    • Yeah everyone but the lady on the far left, who would be pretty to me with a makeover, looks like they would cut you. The lady in the middle has flawless complexion. Its not even the height or the weight but their hard faces, like they wear Timbs and a button down to church functions.

  9. I haven’t laughed this hard alllllllll week! My folks are some fools. Whew! Leave that man’s mom(dad) alone.

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