Nichole Murphy Takes Post-Split From Strahan Fest To The Bahamas…


“Nicole or someone close to her was trying to ruin the biggest moment of his career.”

Nichole Murphy’s spilt from Michael Strahan is far from her first time at the rodeo for the Hollywood Ex star. That’s why it’s not surprising the green-eyed bandit has let it be known that she’s livin’ it up in the Bahamas… shortly after word broke that she left newly-inducted NFL Hall of Famer kicking rocks.

“Michael was right in the middle of receiving his official HOF yellow blazer when the story came out.”

This news comes five-year after Nicole supposedly said ‘I do’ to Strahan… FIVE-YEARS! From what it’s looking like… they may have just wrapped their beard-agreement. Don’t you agree?

“They’ve called it quits over ‘distance.'”

Here is what’s out there:

“Michael and Nicole had actually broken off their engagement several weeks ago. But we’re told there was no plan — certainly not on Michael’s side — to announce it before his induction into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

“During their time together, Michael and Nicole helped raise each other’s kids. Michael has four children from previous marriages, while Nicole has five children from her last marriage to actor Eddie Murphy.”


  1. Well she helped him with a wholesome image and things are looking swell 4 him so i guess her services isnt needed anymore

    • He bedda be careful. Next beard might not be the discreet old pro Nicole was. Hollywood loves to build you up to take you right back down.

  2. Contract over . That is all. She let it be known she’s is Bahamas because the hunt for a new sponsor starts now. Let me just say she must not know how to manage her money for shit. She’s pushing 50.Isnt that about the age “modeling gigs” start to dry up. Why don’t these hitches save a few coins so they don’t have to live off some dude?
    Oh well, there’s always Eddies child support and hush money, I suppose. Smdh!

  3. Trust me she is not hurting for money. And u can rest assure personally I think nicole needs a break from a relationship. She didnt gv herself no time to be divorced anyway I like nicole.beard wrangler and all

    • She is 50 years old, with all do respect when does she just decide to give her old, smelly twat a break and focus on providing a good role model for her kids.

      • Just like men who never want to fully commit and find themselves in the nursing homes hitting on the nurses because they have no one else…… Women look just as stupid. No man is good enough for them until they find themselves in their 40’s or 50’s alone with a bunch of kids long after their looks have faded.

        • From my observation and experience its spinsters and cougars who are playing the field especially if they look half their age. These women dating and marriage experience and know what they want out of a relationship. Guys tend to go for them since they are financially stable, mature and can cook outside of box/can. Half the reason why the dating pool is so damn small because men literally want to eff their moms. I know a sixty year old woman (who looks 40) thats dating a 34 year old man. Zsa Zsa Gabor found a loyal tenderoni. My ex had a tv crush on Angela Bassett which damn near brought me to the point jealousy. Unless single old men have money they are s.o.l. Children will keep mama in the backroom with in home healthcare but ship dad off to Shady Pines to rot away.

          • No honey, Zsa Zsa has a fake prince who bought his princehood! When she was younger she had a real Hilton. Same thing with Paris, she had guys who were worth real money, now she’s with some 23 year old. Money talks, Bullshit walks…

  4. I never believed she was going to give up that eddie money in the first place.

  5. One of the reason he got with Nicole was for his “new” public image. If anyone remembers, his ex-wife was running around town telling anyone who would listen dude was on the DL (and threatened to out other DL players in the league). 15 milllion dollars and $18,000 in child support divorce settlement/hush money later(most of it more than likely paid by the nfl..dude was only making 5 million a year in 2006/2007 with a net worth of 22 million), she doesn’t talk much anymore. Word is, he’s so careless lately, Nicole’s just jumping ship before he gets caught, and she’s made looking like a fool.

    • So basically that pre-nup is a cover for her and him not getting married because of the DL situation?

    • Michael Strayhan was f*cking his white Ex wife’s sister putting money into her bank account behind his wife’s back.So perhaps she was still salty and wanted to out him because of those actions.

  6. i swore she was gonna give him the Eddie special! ahhhh guess she couldnt do the beard business no more.

  7. nicole is a beard bytch she dates men who are butt lovers but wanna have a clean image so she dated them for a huge fee of money
    she’s gold digger a old one as that. all the money in world won’t make you happy these men use her like a dirty rag!!

    damn she looks old!!!!!!!!

  8. I had a feeling they had split up because when Nicole was questioned about the Micheal’s stalker, she didn’t know anything about the arrest on the GMA set and she didn’t even act concerned.
    I find it hard to beleive, that the announcement of Micheal and Nicole breaking up during his induction into the Hall of Fame speech was just a coincidence.

  9. Hell I’ll be a beard for a small fee also. Nicole is smart she knows all these celeb men are Gay. So if they want to hide in the closet on her expense you have to pay. Lol

  10. Actually she was there to judge the Miss Bahamas contest and promote that alcoholic beverage she’s always talking about.

  11. I know this is a gossip site but some of these comments are so off base and not true.Especially the comment about the stalker.

      • Eddie might just take her back before she threaten to expose those JohnnyGill and Tranny stories.

        • Nah, she ain’t gonna talk.

          Remember what happened 2 the Tranny who would not sign a statement recanting what she said bout Eddie. (The only 1 2 do so)

          She was pushed….ehhhh… ACCIDENTLY fell off a roof.

          Say what U want bout Nicole, but she iz no fool.

  12. Ok…I missed the story…How is M. Strahan gay? Where and who did he caught at and/or doing???

    • His ex-wife outed him in the divorce.

      Said he shared a crib with Dr. Ian Smith of News4NY

  13. her alcoholic beverage should be called “beards are us” or “beardolicious”

  14. Is it just me, or does Kelly seem scared of Michael? All the other host she was buddy buddy with, but with Mike there is a lot of distance, and uncomfortableness. He seems like he’s trying but it makes the show very odd.

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