’12 Years A Slave’ Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed at D.C. Nightclub

Anwon Glover Stabbed

Reports reveal… Anwan Glover, known for playing a gang member in the TV series “The Wire,” has been treated for a laceration after he reported being stabbed and kicked at a nightclub in the nation’s capital.

According to a police report, Glover told investigators he was at Cafe Asia early Sunday when an unknown person punched him and another person hit him on the head. Glover told police he was then kicked repeatedly and felt a sharp pain in his side.

“I was at Café Asia early Sunday when an unknown person punched me and another person hit me on the head. I was then kicked repeatedly and then I felt sharp pain at my side.”

Authorities say Glover was treated for a laceration to the torso at George Washington University Hospital. His condition wasn’t immediately known.

The 41-year-old actor lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and most recently appeared in the Oscar-winning movie “12 Years a Slave.”

Here’s what Anwan has since put out there:



  1. The crabs and ninjas are everywhere, none of us are safe in these streets. But, negros will still make excuses for their ungodly behavior. Luckily, it wasn’t worse. Brothas, some among us are not on our side…Wake The Hell Up???

      • A damn’ shame sistas and brothas can’t have a good time at any club…hood, in-between, upscale, etc. The world going mad, but, it’s always been like this…Be Aware Ya’ll!!!

  2. This incident ocurred in a supposedly decent “yuppie” area of DC too. Like Tyrone said, no one is safe in these streets.

  3. He is a very nice looking brother
    Some of our people behave like animals now in days

    • Not to be mean because I also have the pores of a lemon, I thought that was a really grainy pic. Black ppl a lot of us are not meant to eat gluten, just saying!

  4. Kneegrows actin’ da fool.

    And sum of us surprised when folks don’t want us in their clubs, neighborhoods, etc.

    I hope the young man gets better.

    Can someone tell me where all this hate is comin’ from in our community? Weren’t we suppose to feel some type of pride and joy in having a mulatto president who identifies as black?

    Unlike Chris Rock, I am more afraid of my own, than Mr. KraKKKa. Muthaf*ckas act like they gotta have a sacrifice. Shit is real, lots of n*ggas are on some satanic shit!

  5. I knew that place was getting a lil too integrated. It will slowly morph into half hood half Huxtable like Bar 7 then straight gutter like Luxe. They could have chosen Eighteenth st lounge as a venue.. Nothing ever happens in Dupont because those rich gays don’t play that mess. Mixed crowd good music and everyone goes back to the comfort of their Bethesda, Fairfax and Georgetown high priced condos/lofts safely slightly twisted with good memories. But he lives in pg so it is what it is…

    • You’re right…rich white gay people don’t take no mess. Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan were my stomping grounds back in the day. Never had any problems there. Parking sucks though, and I’m in the boonies of Howard Co.

    • You know damn well they are not going to have a go-go at nothing remotely upscale. So they had to play the location they had. I think he needs to show love from a far. DC not the place if you are doing anything other than street shit. Crabs in a barrel. And Adams Morgan is hood now. I recently saw two Mexicans beat the breaks off two white boys.

      • I haven’t hung there in many years. Sad to hear it’s hood now…which is surprising due to all the gentrification going on in DC.

      • I feel you though, they could have chosen Busboys in Hyattsville(HIGHyattsville). I can’t believe Adams is getting hood and hope its just a few incidents. Weekend brunch at Jyoti was our ritual during internship and the diner. Where is it safe for bourgeois professionals and government employees in Ann Arundel and PG to go and enjoy a good time without getting stabbed?

  6. Cuz cafe asia is on 14th st. Not dupont circle white people build condos and night clubs right in neighberhoods where if they do there history they would know its still the hood..g gets a lot of hate from back in the day he use to do a lot of crazy shit back in the day..then its some people hate him just cause he’s big g if you all knew the go go scene you would understand a lot of family members have lost love ones do to the beefs that start at go go’s…one thing I know for sure whoever did it got it coming g got plenty of crash dummies up here if they find out where they from its a wrap..dupont circle lls only reason shit is going on in the clubs cause police focus they man power down that area cause that’s where the youngins go to rob the gay people…..

  7. Sunni u beat me to the punch he must not have been down adams morgan in atleast the last three years. I don’t know where all the gogo promoters went too but I really miss the outdoor affairs that use to go on like wilmers park the battle of the bands..its not hard to promote these shows I just think its harder to get the proper permits..or they just get turned down when they hear gogo event or festival,but men can dress in drag for a whole weekend every year this shit is ridiculous…..

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