Trinidad James: “I Got No Money”

Trinidad James is Broke

Trinidad James says he’s keeping his Gold… his guap… and his tracks too! In a shocking Twitter announcement, Mr. ‘All Gold Everything’ let eery artist who may have collaborated with him that they shouldn’t be expected to get paid. Know why? TJ says Def/Jam dropped him!

Here’s what TJ tweeted:

“I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money.”


  1. Is his teeth naturally like that? Not being pretentious but this guy doesnt look right. smh

  2. Why aren’t more (c) rappers coming out as broke?

    How do they make any money? I have not paid for music since the 90s. Ten years ago I met the bootleg man. Now they couldn’t pay me to listen to the garbage out today.

    Up working early today HSK? You are on East Coast time this morning!

    • Tmz reporting that cash money is low on funds, lawsuits filed against baby, wayne, and others for unpaid bills.

    • Rappers with hit records/albums make money on shows, ringtones, appearances, merchandising, liquor, etc… Record labels want a piece of all of the above now, smh

  3. do’t feel sorry for him he should of invested his money instead of spending it on unnecessary shyt the he doesn’t need
    a lot of these rapper are unguided when it comes to money they spend their money on dumb stuff they do’t need.
    they need to think about “the what if’s?” that’s why a lot of black entertainer are doomed because they try to compete white people but they can’t
    white people are money wiser than black people is just logic and facts why invest their money on stocks and buildings

      • Whites, in general, do not feel the need to purchase their self esteem.

        Whites typically do not waste money on wasteful things.. rims, label clothing, label purses, expensive liquor.. you know, classy stuff that makes stupid ppl think you are rich.

        Typically, a white would not park his 30″ rims in front of his apartment. He’d park his ’93 Honda in his garage at his house..

        Whites often have different priorities. Looking cool is rarely one of them.

        Black folk are all about appearance and caring what others think of them. Won’t have a pot to piss in but will have every Jordan that came out since 1999.

        Purses, shoes, haIr and chrome do not appreciate in value.

        • looking good is important you do’t want people thinking you do’t care about yourself??
          there is nothing wrong in treating yourself to clothes now and again!!!

          white people dress plainly when it comes to fashion they copy black people’s dress sense and style etc etc etc

          • Looking good is not important to whites.

            They are good with some Walmart khakis and a polo shirt they got from their job. A shirt is a shirt. And will hang those clothes in the closet in their HOUSE.

            Who’s copying from blacks? I live on the west side of Charlotte. My neighborhood is 90% black, 5% white, 5% other. Whites could care less about labels and impressing black folk, wearing same bummy scraps day after day.

            The blacks wear scraps too, and aren’t worried about impressing whites. Westside aint exactly the nicest area of Charlotte but we all get along.

            And btw, most ppl in my hood are onto the agendas, etc and know what TPTB are up to. They know about the ‘Nati & em!

            • Willie Jones jr

              your right is not important to look good but we live in conceited world where people want to look good

            • And I originally said “looking cool”.
              White squares wouldn’t know from cool..

              Looking good is subjective. Some women think those hammer diaper pants and rainbow hair is looking good… or wearing a dress 3 times too small..

  4. saw him wearing a skirt and I was like what the hell a shame to see a ugly ass dude wear a skirt it was comedy.

    yeah knew this fool was gonna be a 1 hit wonder he sucked.



  5. A lot of “Thangs” going on with this brotha. The photo says a lot. The game done changed, if an artists is not touring consistently…No Pesos! When Napster was created by the nerdy collge student from Boston University or Boston College…See You Later Alligator! Check It…All the mixtapes these dudes have put out, i mean, full cds at that. And, then come with their palms wide open, For What? Naw Bru-Bru, you gave it away. At least charge a dollar and change, get some paper out of the process…Ain’t S$$t Free In This Life! Creating music is expensive, some cat gotta create the beat, melody, and hook to make the song pop like rice krispies…Old School! People pay for apps, they can pay for music as well. Brothas, nobody respects a clown. How we carry ourselves matters…Rakim Never Smiled For A Reason…Meditate On That!

    • If Doin’ Me is the freebie track I clap to this brother for not cheating the public of their hard earned 1.99 for that awful song. Only a Southerner can make the words “renovate” and “energy” rhyme in a verse. I have a feeling that my younger sibling will play it as a ringtone and they did with all gold everything.

  6. Silly fans think everyone famous is rich and that they still have every dollar from their heyday. Incredible.

  7. He is a comedian that’s Jerome from Martin you’ve seen the video. I agree I’m from Greensboro now in Alabama @ Willie another one of my favorites on hsk I’m not on labels like that myself I shop from Wal-Mart, target, pretty much anywhere it’s wat I like but I have my own I don’t spend my money on crazy crap I own a 2004 Buick I love it’s mine and still in mint condition have enough sense to leave something for my kids like my mom did me. Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but it’s not my first resort when I get my income tax lol or a good piece of change.

    • Hey NC fam!
      That “ghetto fabulous ” lifestyle isn’t for everyone ..

      Ppl don’t worry about the future generations like they used to. In a sense, its a good thing, cause the way the world is going, it doesn’t look like we have much of one ahead of us…

  8. I heard this guy has a pretty successful sneaker boutique in ATL. Could be lies though.

  9. I wish people would stop doing this whites vs Black’s thing not all black ppl invest in stupidity or like how were always represented but yes over the year’s some blk ppl just have been getting ridiculously stupid and it is very annoying that that’s the new image of us I perfer a lowkey lifestyle that don’t stand out but I’m still living good all that ignorant mess is for the bird’s

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