Jay Z ‘Desperate’ To Persuade Bey To Stay!


Reports reveal… Jay Z “is desperate” to save his marriage to Beyonce. That’s why Hova’s said to have whisked Bey away on a five-week “make or break” vacation in between their final “On The Run” tour dates.

Here’s what a source reveals:

“Jay wants to save the marriage. He adores his daughter Blue Ivy and he wants a sibling for her, but Beyoncé isn’t sure what she wants to do – their marriage is in flux, that’s the truth. Jay just wants them to spend some time alone together to try and work it out.”



    • they are gonna have to start making people coming from these countries show documentation that they have a clean bill of health before entering this country. These crazy outbreaks are getting out of control.

      • Well these victims do not have a clean bill of health and america is bringing them from africa to emory univ in atlanta. Doctors who were affected treating patients in africa. Should be here any day now. Donald Trump is pissed.

        • If this were an election year, Trump could win with the platform ‘I will not allow ebola victims into the US.’

      • these people as far as i know are americans who went to help and became infected…

      • Im so glad people are keeping the dialogue open for this issue! what’s up with this disease? Is it a part of the new world order? Im terrified for Atlantans, I actually know a few people who live there. This is bat shyt cray crazy yall!!!!

        • And what about all them diseased south american children crossing the border. No telling what they got.

      • yes and it is so scary that u mention that……
        they plan to murder all the people..

    • Why in the world would they send them people with that disease in a black state (GA)? Messy!

        • Thank you.

          We know Ebola was designed to destroy Africa so white devils could control all of the natural resources there. Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world, yet the majority of the people there live in poverty. These devils were content with Africans dying of AIDS, Ebola, and the like, until white Americans became adversely affected and started perishing. There was a young Black American man who recently died after contracting Ebola. They let him die, but they are working overtime to save two white patients who contracted the disease while working in an African hospital with Ebola patients. The disease is transferred through bodily fluids.

          • So the deadly ebola that was created to destroy africa is on its way to what is referred to a black mecca, the good ol’ atl. Mona Scott capture this.

            • Mona Scott-Young is a Haitian pimp. That bitch is part of the problem, not the solution. She isn’t about to cast a light on anything that will empower the Black community because if she did, she’d end up 6 feet under like her mentor, Chris Lighty.

              Since everyone loves discussing illuminati sacrifices here, feel free to confirm that Mona’s voodoo practicing ass sacrificed Chris so she could take a higher spot in the entertainment industry.

              I like Yandy Smith, but I would advise her not to go against Mona. Yandy has some people in her life who are smiling in her face and snitching behind her back. Yandy shouldn’t trust Mona, Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkin and I would even steer clear of Juelz Santana. Juelz is always in trouble with the law yet he is never in jail. You can’t tell me he isn’t T.I., Jr.

            • Wow B. STIVIANO that’s cray. I never fully thought about Mona to that level. But everything you said made a lot of sense.

            • R:

              I based much on observations and what I know about certain people. I don’t believe Chris Lighty was suicidal. The AP falsely reported a lot about Chris. For starters, he had 6 children by 3-4 different women. One of his BMs birthed set of twin girls. She was receiving $15k/mo. for those babies when they were 2, which was circa 2005, 2006.

              Chris was an innovator. He originated the street team as we knew it. Notice, artists don’t sell like they once did with the dissolution of the street team. He was a marketing genius. Formula 50 Vitamin Water was his idea. Chris literally kept hip hop alive through Violator Management. Violator birthed Mona Scott-Young. She would be nothing without Chris.

              How people can sweep his passing under the rug is unfathomable. It should be criminal, considering what he represented to so many people. My mom tried to reach out to Chris via his assistant, Lori, because we wanted to help him with some of his family law issues. Lori f*cked up and didn’t have Chris’ best interests at heart. Because of the magnitude of his financial obligations, I can believe he was in a financial bind. I do not, however, believe he killed himself.

              I pray for the day when the truth is revealed about Chris’ death as well as the untimely death of Dariel Pulliam. Dariel was my heart.

            • and julez isn’t making that much noise in the music scene or jim jones.

              mona has to serve the lgbt and sex agenda which was why mimi could make a sex tape and joseline andf k michelle sell sesx to make records.

          • We do not know that Ebola was “created” in a lab to kill Africans. If you are aware of a credible site stating that, provide a link or a source by which to Google it.
            If bats and bush meat, generally chimps, are avoided, there is little chance of contracting Ebola. And the reason it has proliferated so quickly in central Africa is that the hospital facilities do not practice sterile contact safety prophylactic measures.

            • If you have questions about how Ebola came to be, then Google it. Don’t tell me to post a link pertaining to a thing. Most of you graduated from the school of YouTube, while some of us still read paper book, hardcover and Kindle books and even encyclopedias.

              In the time it took for you to type instructions to me, you could’ve Googled and posted links disproving my statement, but you didn’t.

            • And step your reading comprehension up. I never stated anything about Ebola being created in a lab. That was another poster. Reply to them and instruct them to prove their statement. I doubt you’ll do that.

            • grow up and act like a woman with a brain and some dignity, rather than a school yard bully.
              You said Ebola was “designed to kill Africans.” Was it designed in a baseball park? Yes, I assumed you meant in a lab where most scientific work and research is done.
              I have read two books on hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola and Marburg Virus. I don’t need to Google it. I wanted you to cite your source for such an outrageous claim.
              Obviously you cannot. I’m not at all surprised. You Tube? Please.

            • You’ve read two books based on strangers’ information and purported “research,” so that makes you an expert. Awesome.

              Ebola may not have been an intentional design. It may have been accidental. Since I’m not using my brain but you’re using yours, ask yourself why Ebola hasn’t adversely impacted Europe, Asia or the U.S., but Africa? Ask yourself why Africa is such a rich continent but the people are subject to the most fatal diseases known to man? You need an author to explain that to you? You need a link to a website to explain that to you?

              Since you are a Rhodes Scholar and a MENSA member and I’m such a bully and void of dignity, I’d think you’d employ your deductive reasoning and plain old common sense to see what is REALLY going on. Then again, some people are stupid enough to consider something factual because it was published in a book.

            • P.S. You can scroll down just a little lower and ask the poster who stated the CDC had Ebola in a lab since 1990 where he/she got that info from.

              Ebola could’ve been created in a Burger King bathroom. The origin of the disease doesn’t concern me, but rather the spread and whether or not some one has a cure for it so innocent people will stop dying as a result of the evil that men do. So much for having a social conscience and wanting the best for my fellow man.

            • This is chewbacca, therefore ebola was made in a lab by white people. B. Stiviano logic.

            • Slave1:

              Stick to spreading mustard on dicks placed between butt cheeks. By your logic, you call that hot dogs for lunch.

              There’s always a mf trying to cosign on HSK with bad credit. Keep my handle off of your keypad.

          • Hey B.

            I have a question, this post that you posted…”I based much on observations and what I know about certain people. I don’t believe Chris Lighty was suicidal. The AP falsely reported a lot about Chris. For starters, he had 6 children by 3-4 different women. One of his BMs birthed set of twin girls. She was receiving $15k/mo. for those babies when they were 2, which was circa 2005, 2006.

            Chris was an innovator. He originated the street team as we knew it. Notice, artists don’t sell like they once did with the dissolution of the street team. He was a marketing genius. Formula 50 Vitamin Water was his idea. Chris literally kept hip hop alive through Violator Management. Violator birthed Mona Scott-Young. She would be nothing without Chris.

            How people can sweep his passing under the rug is unfathomable. It should be criminal, considering what he represented to so many people. My mom tried to reach out to Chris via his assistant, Lori, because we wanted to help him with some of his family law issues. Lori f*cked up and didn’t have Chris’ best interests at heart. Because of the magnitude of his financial obligations, I can believe he was in a financial bind. I do not, however, believe he killed himself.

            I pray for the day when the truth is revealed about Chris’ death as well as the untimely death of Dariel Pulliam. Dariel was my heart.”

            Can you please elaborate more on the ebola disease and these issue please? Because I’ve often wondered about that. I’ve been posting here for about 2 years and most of the people with REAL KNOWLEDGE have left because of the site being sold out. But if you can email me solidrocknews22@yahoo.com I would appreciate it. Thanks.

            • Unsanitary living conditions and poverty CREATES disease. A huge part of the african world

              openly defacates in their living area because they have no toilets.

              they have no knowledge of germs and bacteria

              they are living in poverty eating out of the same dish with their nasty fingers

              they are living with roaches, ants, rodents, on dirt floors

              disease is bred from their living conditions

              some even wash their hair with cow piss

          • B…We’re Overlooking The Obvious. Lack of clean water, hygiene, modern plumbing & sewer systems, medical services, and overall corruption is the root of the problem. Africans love to talk smack about the US, but don’t feel the need to ask for our assistance in these problem areas. Nigeria has plenty of money, what are they doing with it? Same goes for Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to a lesser extent. GW Bush made a sincere effort to combat hiv/aids on the continent. Obama has ignored Africa since he got the job, he could care less about Ebola. There have been other outbreaks, but this is the worst to date. They gotta tighten up…Seriously! Washing dead bodies, knowing the virus is spread thru bodily fluids…blood, saliva, feces, and so forth. A lot of African Doctors in the US and other developed countries. But, the blatant corruption in many african nations is nauseating. Malaria kills many in Africa because they lack simple screens that we have over here for pennies on the dollar. God knows, blacks in Africa have enuf ish to deal with…Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Islamic Terrorists, Chinese Encroachment, Poaching of Animals, Skin Bleaching…A Big F**kin Mess! Because so-called blackmen wanna fatten their wallets at the expense of the people…They’re The Problem!!!

            • yep. once they’re accepted to american medical school, the first thing they do is ruin some black american woman’s life to get a greencard so they dont have to go back. they go back on vacation where they sleep with every woman in sight and come back diseased to their american wife.

          • And that is what scares me. We know it is spread via bodily fluids, but by what actions? Sneezing coughing yawning? Toilet seats cups utensils? Perspiration? If it’s spread by just being airborne, we are screwed.

        • They just happened to send them to the gayest state in America. Satan builds you up then takes you down. SAAD




        • Do we love them? We sure don’t act like it, so please, tell us why should they? You actually take advice from a 20 year old who died still wearing bandanas and acted like an uneducated child? Really, I swear. One way street everywhere. Smh…

          • regardless of how pac acted.

            whites are showing us everyday how they love us.

      • One thing for sure they aren’t going to allow them to live amongst them. Instead these people will strategically be housed and places within certain areas.

        • The Emory University Hospital is one of a few in the US which can safely house patients with extremely virulently infectious diseases in complete isolation. Also, the CDC is in ATL. Those patients are missionaries from SC , and I doubt they will survive, but I think officials from the NIH felt they had to give them a chance at treatment. Folks on the continent of Africa have zero shot at survival when they come down with Ebola, because no one will go near them(and with good reason.) The only folks in ATL who should be concerned are the family members of the medical team who will be working directly with the missionaries.
          But they definitely weren’t taken to ATL behind some plot to decimate the black population.

          There’s a really good book about Ebola called The Hot Zone which deals with a lot of African deadly diseases. It came out in the 90’s, but it still holds up today as there’s been no advances in treatment of Ebola in the years since its release.

          • The United States can with its resources and technology build the same facilities housed at emory university hospital, that will treat the ebola patients, on african soil. A facility of such should have already been erected since the missionaries were suppose to be helping the africans with ebola in the first place. If they don’t have the means to help the missionaries let alone any one with ebola in africa, then what were they really doing over there.

            • I don’t agree with missionary work in other countries to begin with so I don’t think they should have been there, but you can’t tell that to Southern Baptists.

            • @anon16:03, I totally agree. Off topic, but a 19 yr old male missionary was recently arrested for molesting kids in one of the third world countries.

            • …Speaking of missionaries, I see a lot of empty boasting about how much more ‘Christian,’ ‘Godly,’ and ‘accomplished’ some people are on here, the punchline being that they live to start, talk, and perpetuate shit while mired in self-aggrandizement and jealousy towards strangers on the Internet. Surely your ‘God’ doesn’t promote envy and bitchiness, or maybe we’ve all been reading the wrong Bible.
              Stay hating.

    • I think the CDC just wants a chance to get their hands on that disease. Use your imaginations for what but there’s more to this than meets the eye. Last month it was some nasty Asian breathing disease. These Mexicans are brought a whooping cough epidemic and measles. Now these dumb crackers who can’t mind their own business and Africans are bringing Ebola up in here. Hope everybody has an evacuation plan in mind. We might have to get on up out of the US. Too many foreigners and nasty diseases.

      • The CDC already had Ebola in their lab at the CDC. They’ve had it since 1990.

      • Yeah how dare those white ppl take time to travel to Africa to help and get a deadly disease.

        Guess they took the disease down there since they just couldn’t mind their own business…


    • The Chinese Republic does a lot of economic building with africa, and has stayed away from this situation.

        • How is paying exploiting? Your happy with the CIA method. Bomb it then set up a puppet regime, take resources.

          • “Economic building” is a vague and ambiguous statement. What economic building is China doing with Africa, and what benefits is China reaping. No one “economically builds” with anyone out of the goodness of their hearts.

            If there’s money being poured into Africa, where are their irrigation systems, hospitals, grocery stores, suitable living quarters, etc.? I see a lot of Christian missionaries going to Africa to provide food, medical care and supplies and to aid with educating the youth, so I’d love to know more about China’s contributions.

      • Ahhhhh, THIS is the HSK I remember! But yeah, I saw a very profound photo on David Banner’s Instagram the other day. It was a dinner table set, complete with knives and forks and the plates represented countries like USA, Isreal, etc and in the middle was a raw steak in the shape of Africa. It was really something to think about.

        • Tomorrow night, Banner will be posting pics of himself at the strip club, surrounded by champagne bottles and big booty b*tches. His conscience always wears off when his Abilify runs out.

          • “Abilify” Lol, that’s funny. I’m not saying he’s a saint but that the photo spoke volumes.

            • Oh, he was taking Abilify, by his own admission. I’m not dragging him, but I wish he’d choose a side and stand firmly on it. He has to be bipolar.

              A lot of his images speak volumes and some of his words. As much as I like him, I just can’t take him seriously. I’m certain I’m in the minority. What’s new?!. Lol.

              I’m just here, sucking up air and taking up space. I can comment about today being a nice, sunny day and some bitch will ask me to produce proof that the sun is out and the birds are a chirping.

              Anywho, let me run these errands. If I can make you so much as crack a smile with my snarky little post, then I’ve done SOMETHING right today.

          • DEAD @ “when his Abilify runs out”
            You are so damn clever B. I wish you would go just a little easier on folks, because your words are worth reading.
            Now I will anticipate the verbal shellacking I’m about to get.
            But seriously, I was the one who asked the question as to the basis for your theory on Ebola. And I am also the one who said that the CDC has the virus in-house. I will let that battle go, because neither of us are helping things by sniping at each other. The only reason I challenged you is that it’s dangerous to have people think that it is a factual reality that Ebola was created for genocidal purposes. We have so much to worry and be suspicious about, it seems a bit reckless to add fuel to that fire without solid basis for doing so. Okay. That’s it. I’ve said my peace. I’m dropping the subject.
            Have a good weekend and let me know if you enjoyed H&F after you see it.

            • You, Christa! Gotdamn it. Just post as yourself. I had a feeling that was you when you said you read two books about it. Smh.

              I have nothing else to contribute to the discussion. No wonder you never questioned the other Anon. That would literally be you questioning yourself.

            • B. I’m not trying to disguise myself or be mysterious by posting as one of the many anonymi…I just found that after almost 2 years of screen name drama I am more comfortable as one of the crowd. It has more to do with the name cloners than anything else. Since I have this opportunity to speak directly to you, I want you to know that the handful of times you have hinted in your posts the “if this is who I think is” (paraphrased), it was not me. Just as I am now copping to the posts on this thread, I would have done the same if it had been me at those times.
              I have a weird(semi-begrudging)affection for you, because, we are so much more alike than either one of us would care to admit. And I mean that for good AND for bad.
              I think it is because I GET you that I sometimes get twitchy over some of your words. But enough of that stuff. You have a really good heart, and when you get angry, I know exactly where it’s coming from. Because I too have been there. So, be assured that, while I don’t expect any Kumbayah going down between us, neither do I want to step on feelings or know that my words have hurt. Because, words can hurt, whether we strong azz women will admit it or not. Rapprochement?

            • Regardless of people’s opinions of me, which they can keep, I don’t fire certain shots at people. I don’t question people’s intellect, refer to them as dumb, stupid, etc., nor do I imply or flat out state they don’t use their brains. I don’t think that something I’ve read or even experienced is law. Some of you base your contributions on what you read on other sites, heard from what you consider reliable sources or the like. Many of my contributions to the threads are based on my years of personal experiences with the people Jacky publishes stories about. I don’t consider myself a contributor to HSK beyond my comments to the threads, but I have a rapport with Jacky and occasionally bless his inbox with info that he often waits too late to use.

              I know what I’ve read, experienced and have been told. I don’t trivialize other people’s knowledge on this forum, but people sure work OT to attempt to discredit me, with no receipts.

              I have friends in real life who actually know me, not me as a contributor to an entertainment site, and I have more family than I want. I’m civil to those who are civil to me. If people have been repeatedly shitty to me, then I just see them for who they are and let them stay where they are, away from me. I haven’t come for anyone here, even if we’ve disagreed, but folks miss that.

              I’m not interested in doing anything here other than posting. If anyone crosses the line with me, I’ll pull their card. Otherwise, I honest dgaf. HSK isn’t life.

            • **I honestly… Because I truly don’t. That’s why I laugh @ “when you are angry.” Annoyed, yes. Angry, no. I don’t allot people the authority to anger me.

            • Yup, should have known. Christa is an expert on everything. Can’t have a view that is different than her point of view. I appreciate the varying insights on HSK. I don’t post when she is in the mix because she is an expert on everything. Now that she is claiming anonymous, I will stop posting.

            • 12:19:

              That attitude is pervasive amongst a few of the regular posters. Notice how they stick their tongues up each others’ asses. The only tossed salad I want had romaine, cucumber, red cabbage and carrots. Lol

            • 12:19:

              Also, it isn’t just her constantly debating a difference of opinion. She ALWAYS seeks to challenge facts that I post because she is never familiar with them. That isn’t my fault. Log off of the Internet and live a little. I know what I’ve witnessed and experienced and I will never spill all of the beans. People respect you when you keep your sources anonymous. Even when I correspond with Jacky, he knows I’m not giving up my sources. But I let folks be who they are and do what they do, because that’s all some of them have.

              Don’t stop posting, though. It’s your world as much as it is anyone else’s here.

            • Okay. Fuck rapprochement. You have the nerve to tell me to get off the internet and live a little? I challenge your words without facts and sources to back up my information?
              Bitch I graduated from Duke, worked to put my husband through Duke Medical School, was the VIP customer liaison for the largest airline in the world, an I now am running my family’s charitable trust foundation.
              You are a Cal dropout legal secretary who has effed a few celebrities.
              But I need to get out and live a little?

            • *yawn*

              I am so glad to see your true colors shine! I am over the passive-aggressive Christa.

              You worked to put your husband through medical school. Kudos. Is he still your husband, while you’re worried about what’s going on in my bed?

              You’re making false assumptions about me and my associations, but everything you post is backed up by facts. Oh.

              You most assuredly have issues. You’ve sat here and called yourself studying me, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I transferred from Cal and continued my education. I may have more college credits than you, but you hug your degree. I hope it keeps you warm at night.

              You’re mad at my occupation which has served me and my family quite well. You were a “customer liaison,” which means you were assisting “VIPs,” but you’re calling ME the help?!. I’ve had clients from millionaire to billionaire status, and they all respect me, my work product and my work ethics.

              Last I checked, anyone in a customer service based industry is assisting someone or multiple people, so you may want to yank your pedestal down just a tad.

              You posted things about yourself to say or prove what, exactly? You and I both know IDC about you or what you do, so you can continue to hide behind your Anonymous posts.

            • I enjoyed my time making travel arrangements for those clients who needed the extra attention and security. I’m not in the least bit ashamed of working in the Customer service arena. It was a BLAST and I will miss it tremendously. I have spent the entire season traveling with college and NFL teams to their “away” games, and running the Crown Room in ATL is a job which left me with inside anecdotes and stories for the ages! I loved every moment of it.
              Philanthropy is a dry business. I miss the excitement of my menial job. But then again, it does have its perks.

              Bye Cinderella. Hope you finally get your slipper.

    • If ebola is transferred by bodily fluids, then I am puzzled at how the docs came in contact with fluids considering the massive amounts of protective gear they wear. Maybe ebola can be transmitted easier than thought.

      • Saliva, mucus, perspiration… People assume breast milk, semen and vaginal fluid. Our bodies are always secreting fluids. It doesn’t appear that Ebola is so difficult to contract.

    • Ebola isn’t as dangerous to us in the states as it is in Africa. There they have had epidemics because of how they handle the bodies of people who died from the disease. In the 60s rural tribes practiced ritual cannibalism to their loved ones and this was hard to combat and led to entire families being infected. In the 90s health care workers spread the disease in a prenatal clinic because they were rinsing and reusing syringes. Even in this outbreak today people are distrustful of doctors (probably for good reason) and opt to treat their family members themselves. This is dangerous because handling vomit, blood, and feces exposes you to the virus. For these reasons ebola is a danger to immediate health care personnel but not to society at large. Also the strain in this epidemic has about a 60% mortality rate, which is not as bad as the ebola zaire strain.

      The hospital in Atlanta and the CDC jumped at the chance to treat these Americans, I’m sure. Because if they can save them it will bring instant celebrity, but if not they can still learn from the experience and be better prepared for other epidemic emergencies

      • Then why not save an african, then move forward to continually saving other africans with this good medical care in atlanta. If the docs are about to get the best treatment that could save their lives, then the care the africans received from the missionaries must have been horse play.

        • Really the best thing they can do for them is give them fluids and blood transfusions for the blood loss while their bodies fight the infection. I think the female missionary received an experimental drug but otherwise there is no tried and true cure for ebola. In west Africa the challenge is in getting people to come to the hospital for treatment, lots of people are so distrustful and afraid that they hide instead. I think the CDC treatment center probably has state of the art isolation capabilities to make it safer to treat contagious individuals but I doubt they have any miracle treatments.

          • I’m glad you mentioned an isolation center, because I just saw one on the news last night.

            I have no idea who you are, because I’ve never seen you post before, but you are a breath of fresh air.

            • Thanks, I read a lot of posts on hsk but just recently started posting.

              I just watched a clip of the doctor arriving at Emory, he can still walk but looks pretty weak.

          • A specialist who is trained on ebola is fighting for his life after following all precautions when helping his ebola patients. Maybe doctors are not aware of the ways ebola can be transmitted. At this point no one can be sure.

    • Dr. Allan Jamison who treated ebola patients in liberia is quarantined in tennesse. He was told to stay in home.

  1. Well, I hope they can make it, too many images of broken AA homes. I think this visual gives the image the black love is beautiful and possible. Even it is a business deal.

    • My parents are still together after 40 years 3 kids 11 grands and all the ups and downs like everyone else, and did it on a mid-level insome. Thats who I look to for a strong black/AA marital image. I bet there are a lot in your community and family. Can people please stop thinking that Jay and Bey set the standard for a loving black marriage all they have is money and fame. Me personally I look at thse two with a side eye.

      • That is beautiful nothing but truth. Especially with the rise in the 50+ demographic filing divorce. Many elder couples I see are together but look like they cant stand one another.

        • You saw my mama and daddy?? Nah. Couldn’t have. They know better than to go anywhere together. Especially since THE RESTRAINING ORDER. SMDH.

          You havent lived until you are an only child stuck in the middle of your parents CRAZY DIVORCE.

          *Back to meditating*

          • omg…really…girl, i bet u have some stories! IM watchingmy in laws get a divorce after raising children, now they are battling over property like celebrity death match. My poor hubby is getting his first grey hairs over their epic battle. It’s ugly.

          • Wow just joi. I’m glad now my parents never bothered to get married–I’m an only child too and what little contact there was with my father and his family was dramatic enough for me. Eek.

  2. So can business arrangements marriage couples get divorced? I mean if the elites made them I guess its their decision to tear them apart.

  3. Jacky you might as well call this THE DAILY CIRCUS CAMEL AND BEYODEL REPORT! Damn I feel like I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up on Rhymes With Snitch.

    • LMAO ..all these reports clearly let me know that the Carters are just doing fine.. funny how most of these reports began going hard when they went on a dual tour suggesting this may be their last tour together prompting MANY to go out and buy their over inflated concert tickets ..WAIT as soon as this tour is over the carters will be on vacation somewhere spending all that money they just made while we will still be reduced to clicking on an article speculating about their life ..SIGH

  4. I hope they work it out, but, the gremlins in the industry want them to fail. Jay needs to show his metal as a man. Beyonce is a beautiful, talented, iconic figure in urban and pop culture. They can create something beautiful together. Queen Latifah…Where You At Ma? U-N-I-T-Y—U-N-I-T-Y

    • Jay needs to make up his mind about what he wants. We all know he’s controlling this relationship anyway.

    • @tyrone

      the marriage is fake!! now that kanye is married he and kim will take the crown from jay and bey
      remember kanye wanted to have a marriage like beyonce and jayz!! probably to compete with them for more fame and money

      black love is doomed in hollywood everyone is dating white people!!!

  5. If Jay is smart he will do what he needs to do to keep his family together. I’m sure at his age he doesn’t want to start over. I hope it works out for them.

  6. Glad he finally got his head on straight. Rhianna is not wifey material. I would not leave Bey for RiRi. She’s way to young and loose

  7. Jay and Rhianna might have messed around at the beginning, but that elevator fight had to do with him flirting openly with Rachel Roy! Why do you think right after the Met Gala and Before elevator gate Bey posted a pic of her wearing an Aaliyah sweatshirt? That was to get back at Rachel because Damon dropped a pregnant Rachel for Aaliyah. Then after the story about the white hostess and others started appearing on mag covers, just embarrassed and humiliated Beyonce . It’s bad enough when you are suspicious, but when your dirty laundry is put out to media, something has to be done. I really think that Bey never had any real plans to divorce Jigga just to scare him and hope he wakes up and realizes what he’ll be losing. After all do you think she wants to carry Blue everywhere? (Just joking)

    • Why are they carrying Blue anyways? She can’t walk? She’s too old to be carried everywhere. .

  8. I hope they work it out and stay together. No matter if its fake or real you can’t be with someone that long and not catch real feeling say whatever you want but you can’t. I wish them all the best in whatever they do.


    • They both are professional people who try to work together. Now Keyshia Cole and Boobie Gibson it’s a wrap. Jacky can we get a story on Keyshia Cole saying Boobie and Diamond are kicking it?

  10. I too am fortunate to have been raised by parents marred 40 years. They are my role models. But I am in the camp that hopes Jay Z and Beyonce can work it out IF there is love between them. And no matter what we believe to be true, none of us know what they really feel for each other. I agree with the post which sad that it’s important for the younger population to see black married couples from all social strata.
    And for those who say their marriage is more of a business relationship, all marriages of 10 years plus are an amalgamation of love, family, BUSINESS and other not particularly romantic factors. The whole “madly in love” thing isn’t what hold most couples together or the long haul.

  11. They are divorcing. They are playing it out in the press to sway public opinion. Ignore what you read. Pictures may be released months after they were taken.

    Every time a negative story is posted, pics of them an Bleu appear in the press. And, the happy family stories re-appear.

    Jay is know to break in all his young talent.

    Rita Ora
    Etc. There are quiet a few girls he signed the never dropped a single. But Jigga man screwed with them all right.

    Beyonce is no innocent.
    The bodyuard Julius dissapeared for a minute after the elevator incident and people started commenting on how close he is to Beyonce.

    Sean Paul… after his hit single with Beyonce his career stalled. Yeah, after he screwed Jay’s main… Sean Paul was dunzo!

    Wyclef Jean got a piece of Beyonce to get a copy of “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say my Name”

    • I agree. These stories are to keep the Beyhive from committing mass suicide when the inevitable happens.

    • Wyclef didn’t even write those songs lol
      You fools will come up with everything to discredit this black couple. You will praise whites before you give them any credit. Not part of the Hive, because I think the stan thing is stupid as f*ck but come on! If you’re going to talk about things you can’t prove at least be 50% right about it.

      • They discredit themselves by leaking all this irrelevant bullshit to the blogs. Tell them to take their asses home and fight like normal people do instead of using their PR teams to do it for them.

        • Exactly. I’m so sick of their fugly asses. They are both a couple of crooks and con artists. I’m thankful to whomever turned this thread into a discussion about this Ebola epidemic because that’s what matters. To hell with stories that exist to distract Black people from focusing on what’s really going on.

          Oh, and f*ck Seabiscuit and Joe Camel.

      • Speaking about things with no regard to facts is standard operating procedure here.
        Take everything with a grain of salt.

        And the envy factor is out of control too. They will say, I’m not jealous of that Camel and that p*ssy poppin’ heffa! But they are envious of the life those two have access to. Of course, they will never own up to that.
        Usually when a person dislikes something or someone, they just close their mind to it and shut it out. Not with these two. People love to hate them. They are obsessed with hating them. If they showed indifference, then all the hype would evaporate.

        • You can see many untalented or marginally talented people in all walks of life that dont take themselves seriously, nor talk about themselves in the third person. The ones who get frowned upon or ridiculed the most are the pretentious ones who have no real talent (or its exagerated) and plagiarize/copy/their actual skill.

          Sorry not jealous of two illiterates who are std infested, don’t claim kids because “it goes against the image” pretends to be private as a couple but as soon as the popularity/shtf or paid for attention/self documentaries are mocked laughed at suddenly “open up” and wanna blab about their wedding/show videos of their kid twerking etc. etc.
          Neither are virtuoso’s or innovators in any aspect of their career. Both are lucky about their timing and that certain people died, and both are narcissistic cut throats. Advertising and lack of musical knowledge have these Stans/paid damage control confused.

          These two are annoying and disliked for the same reason kimye are. Both think way too highly of themselves for both life and/or career accomplishments and who they are as people. PERIOD. Said this months ago they are beyond predictable…break up album to capitalize on their business arrangement to milk the last few pennies out of their waning popularity 5,4,3,2……

          Does anyone else think a 50 year old man is kinda goofy looking on stage talking about what “allegedly” was his life growing up? Dream Hampton wrote that book of his decoded. Is it kinda strange that a woman who lives in weaves cuts it in the middle of the show like it was her own hair or even thinks that people actually believe its her own hair? Sigh at what will be raising the next generation well off or not.

          Back to something more important/relevant Ebola….

      • wyclef wrote on the first album and appeared in a video for the first album…how/why I dunno bit its a FACT

      • Rodney jerkins I believe wrote and produced say my name.

        kevin shakespere produced bills bills bills check Wikipedia for the punlishing credits no wyclef had no involvement with those 2 songs unless he popped on a remix.

        • again in my post I said FIRST album involvement…. they had many heavy hitters on the second including Missy and then for the time period Shakespeare…again wyclefs involvement was on the FIRST album check the credits or video for “no no no” on you tube from the first album.

    • Yeah, Jay subliminally told Sean Paul to back off of Beyonce after word that SP was trying to get with Beyonce came out:

      “…Look but don’t touch, motherf*cker think twice/’Cause the gat that I clutch has got a little red light/Need a Light?”
      –Jay-Z, ‘La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)

      The significance is that Sean Paul had a hit song at the time called ‘Gimme The Light.’ Also, I would imagine this is why Beyonce and Sean Paul haven’t performed ‘Baby Boy’ together since at least the 2003 MTV VMAs.

      • Wow! That verse and song was cold as hell but I had no idea it referred to Paul lol Jay a fool…

        • lol Yeah, he’s one of the kings of subliminal rapping. Not many people know he and Nas were dissing each other for a while prior to their ‘beef.’ Fat Joe’s various Ghostwriters apparently allowed him to play the subliminal game, too. Pusha T is another one who will clown the shit out of you without ever mentioning you by name, just ask Wayne, Drake, and Baby lol

          • Where I come from, being subliminal means you won’t say it to my face..

            Its not clever.. its p*ssy…

            • And where I come from, I agree with both perspectives, being that rap, like many other creative forms of expression, often requires its audience to read between the lines/understand subtext in order to get the real or full message. Not to mention that rappers have always dissed each other both directly and subliminally for years now, with many fans and other artists being completely unaware of what was really bieng said. Also, you and I both know if every rapper did what the likes of 2Pac, 50 Cent, The Game, Snoop, and Ja Rule, among others, did and directly call other rappers out, people would again start decrying them for ‘beefing all the time,’ ‘perpetuating negative stereotypes about black men,’ and so forth. Basically, the rappers can’t win for losing.

  12. I truly believes Jay is feeling the raft of his wrong doings and is truly sorry and trying his best to fix what he has broken of Beyoncé’s trust in him. Jay loves his family and he will fix his damages he caused.

  13. jayz should of kept his d*ck in his pants!! probably f*cking rihanna on his desk. how classy not!!!

  14. (Provided this Story is true) If she were smart she’d leave. Camel has ugly man syndrome and not only that he has ugly man syndrome and MONEY. He’s never gonna stop cheating on her until he’s old and decrepit because he know that had he been broke he’d never have a chance, he’s also rumored to be DL as well. So theres also the issue that he’s just using Bey to mask his homosexual discretions.

    I mean who’d believe Jay-Z is gay if he’s married to beyonce right??

    Insecure males (DL males as well) tend to get the most beautiful woman they can afford to boost their ego by lowering her self esteem by abuse (physical, emotional and/or mental). Usually they like them young because young girls are usually easily manipulated and naive. The entire relationship will be about him cheating and pushing her away, then when the “mask” is at risk, him pulling all the stops to maintain the mask/marriage.

    It’ll look bad on both ends esp. on Bey because she’s been putting on this facade of being a strong independent woman yet she stays with a man who gives no f*cks about her.

    In terms of Bey And Jay, this is on a grand stage, a lot of people look at their relationship as some kind of pinnacle for black success and marriage. A lot of Blacks would lose hope if bey and jay broke up even though the evidence is pilling that this is all a business deal . Once again pointing out the terrible self esteem issue running rampant in the black comm. Some of us are so desperate to see a working marriage will believe the lie in a heartbeat.

    Jay-Z is a business man and Beyonce is well Beyonce but anyone with a working brain could tell if they are selling and making as much money as they would have us to believe.

    1. certainly wouldn’t be buying publicity
    2. touring excessively
    3. Constantly in our faces with some new material

    But hey what do i know?
    Maybe the masses will wake up.

    • “A lot of Blacks would lose hope if bey and jay broke up”

      This is so true that it’s depressing. Black folk practically LIVE through the Carters which is the worst kind of mind control a people could have smh

  15. Black people seem to stick marriage problems out. I’m not sure about the Hollywood black folk, but us normal people are taught to love and never give up on each-other, no matter what. Divorce is not an option.

    • The moral of what I’m saying is they may just stay together. Because that is usually what we do. It is not that hard to get back to where you were and love all over again. It’s a choice.

      • True but we are talking about two people with huge egos and lots of money. Jay dropped all his friends or artists once they were no longer benefitting him. Bey’s parents recently split. Jay’s dad left the family when he was young. What do either of them know about true fidelity?

  16. Don’t no one knows what truly is going on in the lives of Jay z/Beyoncé but them. Since the elevator attack between Jay z/Solange every media/tabloid/blogs and so call known sources know exactly why that situation happen and what is happening in their lives now they are either splitting/divorcing because of Jay z cheating, which nothing have been proven with real receipts of true facts. I believe people as a whole so want to see this union fail until they believe whatever the media throw out at us. I’m not saying that they may have some issues, but like any other married couple, you work thru your issues and fight for the strength of your love.

  17. Strong true love prevails all and I believe they will be alright and Jay will probably convince Beyonce to have a sibling for little Miss Blue Ivy.

    • Jay-Z and Beyonce can call the surrogate who carried Blue, ask her if she has any more viable eggs and make her an offer for their new child, Green Leaf, Poison Ivy…something sane people would never name a child.

  18. If Beyonce would have worked on her acting skills and stayed away from woman beating Jay-Z, she would have been one of the biggest hollywood celebrities in the game! She would have achieved the rare feat of triple threat. Beyonce giving herself to Jay-Z was a terrible decision! Her last album was a even worse decision! If she were smart, dump Jay-Z immediately after the tour!

    • c’mon be fair maybe she could of worked on the acting but triple threat? Her dance moves are recycled Tina turner faux stripper routines. Both Ciara and Maya while not revelant are the only other women that come to mind still living that could dance.
      But hey maybe there are more, mainstream isn’t my thing especially what people seem to lose their minds over or what’s being pushed w/ corporate money/payola stations…

  19. he should put on blackface like that bitch did ,cooning for the white folks, pitiful the arrogance and the ignorance is astonishing. how did her ass licking fan defend that ? what’s next taking a shit on stage you foul bitch ?

  20. Seal the border! Deport ALL illegal aliens – add Beyonce and Jay-Z for good measure.

  21. a local newspaper reported last year that beyonce is f*cking rita ora or said i say rita whora

    word has it they been f*cking each other with jayz in toll!!! and thy even said that beyonce is insecure!!!! having rita and rihanna
    around jayz

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