Remy Ma NOT Joining Love & Hip Hop AND We Know Why She’s Still Locked-Up!

Remy Ma Love & Hip Hop

HSK Exclusive – If Erica Mena had her way, Remy Ma would be joining the LHHNY cast. But, according to our insider, that’s not the case. HSK has exclusively learned Mena has been contacting the 34-year-old rapper in jail… to try a persuade Remy to join her as an ally on the show.

Dig the drop:

“All the reports saying that Remy was released from jail yesterday… and that Love and Hip Hop cameras were rolling are not true! Mona shut down filming on New York on July 4th to fly to L.A. to fix the Love & Hip Hop L.A. show.

Remy will stay incarcerated pending a response to the incident report.”

We’ve also learned exclusive details surrounding the July 21st “disciplinary action” that led Remy Ma – whose real name is Reminisce Smith – to be held at Bedford Correction Facility for Women.

The New York State Department of Corrections website currently lists Remy as “In Custody.” No release date has been given.

Sources tell HSK Remy caught the extra time after it was discovered that she took part in a three-way jailhouse phone call on July 21, 2014… to take part in a Power 105.1 radio interview. Don’t believe me.. Ask Papoose. It’s an incident that violates inmate protocol.


  1. I’m sure Nicki Minaj is happy to learn Remy is still incarcerated. I’ve heard she may have some stories to tell.


    • Remy and nicki are cool. She said it herself in the interview with angie. In the beginning she said they had problems but worked it out, and nicki has been reaching out to her while she was in jail. She also said she will have her own reality show when she gets out.

  3. i think remy should do lahh cus its easy money and u really dont gotta fake and front and its clear that her nd her hubby love hip hop u guya rock and were gonna watch cus we love u n miss u as ericas sidekick noooooo way not a good idea

    • She would put the “hip hop” in a show primarily about Ray J and his love problems.

  4. I’ve been wondering if Remy will shake female rap up when she gets out like she did previously? She can spit and never had a problem saying whatever was on her mind, so part of me says that’s a no-brainer, but you never know. I mean, it’s not like she has to pay Crips and Bloods to pretend to be down with them for safe passage through certain cities or anything…LOL

  5. Wait she risked her freedom to do an interview, which she could have done AFTER her release.

    That story makes absolutely no sense! Why risk getting more time days before your release date for some nonsense oyu can do without penalty once you’re free?

    Who in the HELL is advising this chick? The same person who told her to shoot her friend in the gut? Remy has a daughter. Why would she mess up the chance to reunite with her child?

    None of this story is making any sense.

    • …And she looks great, rocking the V.Stiviano visor. I need to do a bid instead of spa day. Kim looked good and refreshed after her jail release also. I wish Remi and Papoose the best though.

      • Did you ever get your visor(s)? Also, have you seen the little girl in the V. Stiviano visor who is reportedly V.’s secret daughter? V. has some tricks in her Birkin bags. I look forward to her next revelation.

        • Yes mam and I really enjoyed being pretentious with it in the airport and also provided an even tan while on vacay. I wasnt aware of Vs baby stunt until you informed me. Its a shame that he is up exploiting his niece or some womans child to stretch minute 14 of 15.

    • Thank you. Beyond an appearance on “Lean Back,” what did Remy do that was so memorable that the future of female rappers has now been placed on her shoulders?

      • Can’t front she did have a few dope features lean back ante up had 3 club banging singles but she should have did what kim did when she got released came home quietly no interviews no nig hype just come home hop in the studio amd drop a track the next day

      • Huh? Her verse on ante up with mop was arguably the hardest verse by a female. She may not of had popcorn success but she is very respected for her lyrical ability. Will that make a difference in that gumball industry? I doubt it.

        • I never said anything about popcorn success, in large part because I don’t like popcorn rap or rappers. I asked because I’m not familiar with her discography, if she even has a discography. The Mr718 answered my question. No further replies are necessary.

          • She went to jail shortly after her debut album dropped something about Remy check it out and also its been confirmed by her ppl she’s home

            • I’ cool on listening to her album. I didn’t catch it then, so I won’t try to dig back 8 years and catch up. I thank you, however for your polite responses. You’re cool people. I see you repping for NY!

          • I will reply to whatever I choose. If you are looking to have a private conversation, Is a gossip site the place to do it? #ijs

            • I took your response to me as being antagonistic because of the “popcorn” comment. You likely stated that because top 40 is more popular and Remy isn’t typically in that genre. I was 2 seconds shy of replying in a belligerent manner because I thought you were being an ass towards me. I re-read your reply and you really weren’t being rude. You were simply answering my question. I charge it to a misunderstanding and reserve the right to curse you for filth if you’re ever rude to me in the future. After all, it is indeed a gossip site.

              Thanks for your reply. Have a good weekend.

            • Lol. To this day, I never really saw all the hoopla about her. She gradually did improve her lyrical craft however. But to me she seems too rough. Oh well…that is all

  6. Failing to see where any status or female rap burden was placed on Remy Ma(rtin) here or anywhere else.
    ‘Zzz Zzz’ indeed.

  7. Hmmmm this sounds fishy…..her whole situation that landed her in prison seemed odd to begin with…..and now she’s being detained over something that seems odd……

    • What seemed odd about her shooting somebody that she thought stole money from simple case of when keepin it real goes wrong and her ppl confirmed she’s out

      • LMAO @ “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Remy thought someone stole money from her purse, though. Unless she had Floyd Mayweather cash in her purse, she shouldn’t have gone there.

        • 5000 dollars she accused the girl of taking and the girl was actually somebody Remy use to babysit when they were younger

          • Remy is a damn fool. She spent 6½ years of an 8 year sentence over $5,000. How petty. To add insult to injury, she could’ve killed the woman and been incarcerated for life. Niggas and flies, man…

    • I forgot that Erica’s son’s father, Raul, is in the Terror Squad. That explains why and how she would reach out to Remy. They seem like such an odd pair without that connection.

  8. Reminisce!!! What the f*ck, they need to lock her moms up for naming her that bullshit

  9. nicki minaj said she sexed remmy and remmy said nicki was lying!!!

    remmy is s good looking black women probably nicki get sexual aroused by black women

    • whats so gangster about her tits she has some thugged out tattoos or something.

        • Ed:

          That isn’t a tattoo of your name. It is a serial number to her breast implant. That’s what the manufacturer uses to ID a woman in the event that she dies and her body is unidentifiable.

  10. Remy will be the best thing to happen to lhhny since emily chrissy momma jones and jimmy left i sure her in papoose will bring in raitings i jst hope mone find some more interesting characters because peter & amina storyline was wack

  11. So if Remy is still locked up how is it that her and papoose are posting pics on instagram?

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