Pebbles & El Debarge Double-Up To Shut Alleged Secret Son Down: We Don’t Know Who He Is!


Deceptions of Achieving?

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Pebbles and El Debarge are pulling out all the stops to shut down the tell-all “Deceptions of Achieving” being rolled out by the pair’s alleged son, Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack.

Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid and El Debarge took to their suspected spiel — denying their reported 20-year-old son — TO TWITTER! To be sure… we’ve spoken with this kid… he’s got DETAILS. That’s why we say: Come again with VERIFIED DNA results… Don’t ya’ll agree?

Peep This:



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  1. I dont know enough about this story but a question comes to mind. Why would a mother deny her child?

    • Because she said her husband cheated on her, and made herself look like a saint. That guy does look like a Debarge, Pebbles is horrible.

  2. call me gulliable but I actually believe that isn’t their son. What is he trying to do? SCARY!!!

  3. Also, is that a picture of Pebbles in the middle? If it is she looks different, if it isn’t, who is it?

  4. El DeBarge has enough kids as is…I find it weird his mother would co-sign that that is his son. Pebbles needs to be denying that Tug Boat of a son of hers. Who was put on blast a few years ago…with a pic of his Baby Peen.

  5. El has about 15plus children. He became a father at the age of 15 and never looked back. He has dozens of grandchilren.

    El with all of the crack you’ve smoked… I doubt that you remember all the ass you done got! Pebbles was a prostitute before she came on the scene, So I put nothing past her as well. She kept hoeing after she married LA Reid. Since her husband is gay… what was Pepples to do? Cross her legs and hope for the best?

    Now the continued deniles. DAMN.

    • Woo hoo Pink Kitty – go ahead and shut it down!!! That’s some smokin’ hot tea there. Kudos!!!

    • C’mon what did crackhead El have to offer 20yrs that was out there beaming up to Scotty

  6. Funny how that TLC biopic has re-ignited seemingly every skeleton, real or fake, in Pebbles’ closet. Those two should be ‘Sister Perri’s’ PR team LOL

  7. How could they not have crossed paths ?!!…They both worked with BabyFace back in the day

    • Okay! El & baby Face are good friends! Baby face & L.A. Reed are good friends! Isn’t they cousins? Anyhow, El & Pebbles know one another!

  8. How ould a 20 year old know El & Pebbles old asses’? HOW! They full of shit! Shame on them! They must have forgot that they f*cked while smoking crack!

  9. I’m everthing DeBarge! Sabastian; change your name to Debarge so you can get more MONEY!

  10. JUST TAKE the DNA TEST (already), EL, & “PEBBLES”!! … “DAAANG!!” Smh! Lol

  11. I dont believe shit that comes out of a celeb mouth, Edna Murphy said he there was no way that Mel.b daughter was his and then BOOM! DNA proved he was a dam lie.

    • Yes! They’re so High School! They never grow up! They believe that they’re something that they’re NOT! A Damn Sinner! Like all the rest of us! Yo Shit STINK! Like MINE! It SMELLS BAD!

  12. People who deny always say too much and give themselves away.

    “We never even crossed paths”

    Really, I call BS.

    If he had just said we never dated or f&cked, okay. But he piled on the unbelievable so now we know the kid is theirs.

    • Shit Gluten U will be amazed!These soulless bitches don’t care. All they worry about going to back to the poor house.

  13. If I was Tian, I would sue Pebbles for back child support! Give that bitch a taste of her own medicine! God damn lawsuit happy bitch! Pebbles is a souless dirtbag!

    • Thank you! I left a message for Tian when this first aired. I told him Get Em! He can legal sued both of them. So Pebbles and Eldrick get ready to pay up cause Tian will come for you.

      • Speaking of random paternity, I wonder what happened with Miki Howard’s son claiming Michael Jackson was his father, despite the fact that people online were saying ‘Papa Joe’ was the actual father?

        • Rah, That goes back to where I said these soulless bitches is worrying about their lifestyle instead of family. Now, notice Pebbles, Miki, and Janet are not in the spotlight as we speak. But will deny the family that they gave birth to. I don’t know why, but those same soulless bitches is going to need the same children that they don’t acknowledged them back into their lives. Watch what I tell you.

          • DRa

            Are you fo real??! Janet has got a baby??? And please can you tell me what in the hell is going on with this site? It’s like all of the REAL posters with info have GONE (e.g. keepitreal, therealChrista, etc.)

            • They still up here. As far as Janet and the kid? Remembered she was on that TV show called Fame? OK then.

            • ^^^^Agreed.

              Crazychris, DICE, Christa(the real one there is a difference) Nbaisfixed, kingdom8, Eddie LongTHP, along with THE REAL JACKY JASPER & a few more if u EVER SEE THIS U ARE SORELY MISSED. I used to come specifically to read post from u guys, never really post myself but I have been reading since Dec 2011. I don’t even bother to read the comments as much as I use to. But along with the distraction tactics being implemented (i.e refreshing page, disinformation posters, deleted comments, jacky not being the core writing style for the articles) I can understand why I no longer see u guys opinions posted as much. Mite just stop visiting altogether but either way… I meant what I said about u guys’ posts being greatly missed by myself being a loyal reader, I enjoyed all the diverse info and knowledge u guys shared! Peace and love to u all any and everywhere…..

              And all u fake bully posters (no names needed) CAN ALL SUCK MY BALLS!… Cartman style hahaha
              ^that was for all y’all^

  14. Whoever came to with this story is a fake. This was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. The alleged son pictured is not even named “Sebastian.” In fact, there is NO Sebastian McKissack. The guy in the pictures is named Greg. Here is his twitter account. Someone jacked this poor guys pictures from his twitter and instagram account. Who would go to so much trouble, someone must really hate Sister Perri. Stop the madness!!! I don’t know how many children Sister Perri has, but this guy ain’t it. He makes it very clear that they are of NO relation.

    • Who in the FUCK know Pebbles & El? Sister Pebbles? Yeah Right. God has nothing to do with her EL for LYING! I’m Malcom X & Martin Luther King! I have a DREAM!

    • His name is Greg and he does tattoos for a living. He sometimes sell Molly as well

      • Furthermore if the story was true how come well-known sites like TMZ hasn’t broke the story? I think this is a hoax, what a cruel joke!

        • But why would this young man choose Pebbles & Eldra? If he is only 20 years old, he wouldn’t even know who they are. That means he was born in 1994. So, in 2004 he’d be 10 years old. When he was born Pebbles & El been out of the lime light. Sabastian/Greg wouldn’t even listen to their music. He’d listen to Hip Hop. Wouldn’t he choose Snoop Dog or Master P or Lil’Wayne’ or Ice Cube etc; to say that one of them is his daddy?

    • Further, don’t nobody hate “Sister Pebbles” or “Brother Eldra”. If this Sebastian/Greg is lying; El & Pebbles should file a lawsuit against him. Lawsuits & DNA Tests should be flying everywhere if this is not TRUE!

  15. Pebbles doesn’t know him but one source has HER mother raising him. El doesn’t know him but his mother claims it’s his kid & she had him living w/ her. Somebody is lying! El’s mom has nothing to gain from a lie about this kid. Unless she’s dead, Pebbles’s mom hadn’t come forward to refute the claims that she raised him. Which would mean Pebbles does know him & is lying! Like she always does. She lied about robbing TLC, she lied about Ashley being LA’s daughter,& I bet she’s lying now! El’s on crack & has a history of lying about being clean & sober, how many kids he has, etc. DNA WILL CORRECT ALL OF THIS! Maury & Rickey Smiley will be happy to set it straight since y’all records aren’t selling!

  16. Get over it people. Ya’ll have been duped by a really clever person, who kept this lie going for 2 years.

    • Clever? Well, Where is this “Clever” person that’s been duping us for two years? Clever, is broke as f*ck! Shit if he/she been lying for two years and still not rich… hmmm? You know that Clever is a broke ass DeBarge & Pebbles! Broke; Broke; Broke!

  17. Go to a bank and say I’m a DeBarge; watch them lock the doors & call the FBI! Go to the same bank & say I’m a Jackson; watch them open up the damn Vaults & tell you to walk in there & take whatever you want! Cause we bank roll your ass!

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