Janet Jackson’s Oil-Diggin’ Jig Is Up! Billionaire Bride Makes 500 Mill Tickets Move…


Has Janet Jackson launched a countdown to her personal ‘hang up Hijab’ day? Divorce has been named, and cashing out cited as Janet’s game!

“Janet realized she made a colossal mistake in marrying Wissam,” a source told The Enquirer. “She’s put their New York City home on the rental market, taken off her wedding ring and is weeping on friends’ shoulders.”

This news comes one-year after ‘Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty’ married the billionaire businessman — sparking suspicions Janet may have planned to dupe her Dubai come-up from the jump. But dude’s no Dupri.. Janet’s nowhere near Neverland… and “fighting tooth and nail” for a $500 million dollar payout won’t be anything close to a fun-filled escapade!

“Wissam had demanded Janet sign a prenup. She wanted a guaranteed $500 million if the marriage failed before two years, but Wissam held out and said he wouldn’t pay her a dime unless it lasted at least five years.”

Dig the drop a source spilled to The Enquirer:

“Janet is getting set to challenge the prenup and demand a fat lump sum payout from his fortune. Her argument is that she gave up millions in earnings for her husband… gave up her career to be a dutiful wife – and she even took up Islam for him.

She’s confided to a few close friends and Katherine that she’s preparing to leave him. And she’s been calling friends at all hours, crying and saying how miserable she is.

She’s going to fight tooth and nail for a chunk of his fortune!”



  1. I never understood this marriage. He’s much younger and richer than her and an Arab to boot. I really thought she turnedbto him for some sort of protection. But since she’s too old to have kids, I never saw this lasting. Maybe a big divorce pay out was what she was looking for all along. But she bedraggled be careful or her ass will disappear into a Dubai sex cartel never to be heard from again.

    • you got that right. and not only will she NOT get a cent of his money, HE’s going to end up with all that fools money, which is what he’s been after all the time by having her marry him in his country.

      the fool should have known better. since 9/11 we have had lots of information disseminated to the american community on arab culture towards women, but the fool was silly enough to believe she’d be treated differently. how dumb can u get.
      she’ll be begging blacks to buy her music again, but she wont get one red cent of my money.

  2. nobody knew she was married til after it was done.

    she had to pay rene some millions or he was gonna write about what mj did to those kids, funny how jack gordy was gonna write a book telling about mj molesting kids and animal sacrifices.

    hope they settle it reghardless janet wanting mioney or not.

    • I thought her second husband demanded that money because he produced music on her albums that he didn’t get paid for. And I thought that he was threatening to tell about all the nasty stuff she liked to do in the bedroom and also was going to tell about her insatiable sex drive. Well that’s what I heard, but like I said its what I heard and you know how that goes

      • Same things I heard, ELTH. Rene was her collaborator and he was married to her for nearly a decade, so Rene EARNED his settlement. Community property is real.

        • Bella, I believed that about her and sex because I saw an interview with her talking about how she loved sex and that she likes to masterbated and even went as far saying that she
          Iked porn a lot. Bot the most disgusting thing she said was that she liked man on man porn. She said that shit and I was done withw her ass. That’s just plain nasty.

          • That porn obsession reminds me of Kanye mentioning a porn fetish in an interview when he was with Alexis. He lost his marbles and his way long before Ms. Donda died.

            But man on man porn?!. C’mon now. She is off.

            • That’s what I said, damn porn Janet, really?!?!? I don’t understand thart shit. After that I never looked at her the same anymore

      • Now Eddie, U know me and Janet are Tauruses. I can seduce manly hood to make you make slap the next person mama and sleep with her husband and her brother at the same time! LOL!

          • Well Eddie if you being your ass home I’ll show you! But your ass is still sleeping on the couch with your whoring ass! Lmao! Talk about you working. Yeah working and laying pipe in another woman cooty cat! Lmao! CTFU!

      • Rene was going to tell of Janet’s lesbian affairs. One of Janet’s assistants back in the day revealed that Janet wanted to have sex with women more than her husband Rene, and that he would get jealous of this. When she got with Jermaine Dupri, I believe this arrangement worked perfectly for her. I don’t think Jermaine had a jealous bone in his body of her like women sexually.

  3. You rarely if ever see her smiling when she is with him, and there is no light in her eyes anymore. Her body posture suggests that she is ultra reserved, subdued and repressed with Wissam. I wanted to think this relationship would last, but I’m starting to believe the reports that she is very miserable in this marriage.

    • I hope she cash out an he should be honored she even married his ass. She come from royalty, Straight up! R.i.p Mike.

      • What is wrong with women today? Janet is not entitled to any money from this man, she should have her own money. I love Janet too but she is not royalty and judging from her family’s f*ckery she really isn’t much better than her billionaire drug dealer ‘erm I mean husband.

        • Sorry but u wrong. She is his wife. She is entitled to something. It pisses people off because she has her own money but so what. She relocated and gave up performing. There is a monetary value associated with that. Besides these white girls don’t skate out empty handed. Why should she

          • No you’re wrong. I could see if we were talking about a 10 year long marriage where the wife gave up her career in order to take care of her husband but these people have been married for ONE year.
            I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be having this conversation if we were talking about a man married to a wealthy woman.One year of marriage should not equal a financial windfall. White chicks know that, Janet knows that too.
            It’s insulting for me as a woman to read about a woman who should have her own money try and get a paycheck for being married to a man for ONE year. Janet is just feeding into the gold digger stereotype.

            • Hating ass thot. You mad cuz yo nigga prolly a Bum lol janet is Black History music royalty. Them haters…Boy !

            • Cheesy, you stupid.insulted as a woman???? Why the f*ck for? And so what if it was a year? She was w him for years before that. Anyway, women like you so busy trying to be independent, on some principle, meanwhile stripper /ho types clean up. Janet is neither, she is a wife. Let the camel jockey pay her off. Neither if em is hurting for cash no how. But if he hurt her emotionally yeah his wallet is target practice

          • Damn skippy! She entitled to all he has! Foh. You are a bonified hater. An what type of f*cking user name is that? Find yo life an stop watching cartoons or wateva da hell u do! LOSER!

          • Janet has not performed in years. He did not stop that. She deserves nothing and will get nothing. I am sure she got a dowry already, she may even have to give that back. She is not tripping though, she has her own money.

        • i agree. she could have hired all kinds of private investigators to check out this sand n8ggah, but oh no, she too smart for that. there was never any intention to have kids, so why be fool enough to marry and give him rights to your money? he just like lisaraye con man husband. watch her end up broke, get her old saggy naked butt back on the stage, begging us to make her rich again. JUST SAY NO! she wasn’t smart enough to marry jermaine dupri so forget her.

          • ROTFL. Not a sand n!gga! But I agree. He is akin to L. Raye’s ex, Michael. We see how that panned out. They’ll learn one of these days.

        • Co-sign THAT., Say Cheese! Janet’s not a billionaire, but she is hardly hurtin’ for cash. Even Stevie Wonder could she qas strictly chasin’ cash by marrying Wissam — & didn’t even invite any of her peeps to the wedding?!

          It took her 2 yrs. just to cut the divorce deal she wanted, which tells you what was really on her mind. But dude wasn’t no fool, which is why he insisted on a 5-yr. trigger date. Miss Nipple Rings suddenly decided she wanted to move to Dubai & be a good, fully-covered, conservative Muslim wife? Puleeze! Gold-diggin’ bitches like that set real women back 100 years. Greed is NOT a good look for you, Janet!

          And she NEVER should’ve agreed to marry him outside of the US. Islam in the middle east ain’t like it is here — state/federal laws do NOT supercede Islamic law over there. Women have zero rights, married or not. If Wissam accuses her of cheating on him, Miss Jackson could end up in prison — or beheaded if he gets really pissed off!

          • lmao@ Miss Nipple Rings! I’m getting a kick out of watching people defend Janet’s behavior. I’m a fan since her Fame days and I am still disgusted with her greed. You’re right RC, she should have never married him.

            • *damn auto refresh
              She should have never married him in Dubai. They will stone her ass to death or cane Janet if he claims infidelity.

    • What light are you going to have in your eyes when you’re run through? Janet went from being one of the world’s greatest entertainers to a whore for hire. I’m embarrassed for her and ashamed of her. She has a reported net worth of $150 million. She doesn’t need his money and she doesn’t deserve it.

      • She stay getting married, or in a long term and you calling her a whore? If she’s a whore, explain to me why the scion of the billionaire family who is reasonably attractive and could get many women wifed her?

          • I didn’t prove shit. Marrying. A man doesn’t make u his ho, it makes you his wife. She had a shot gun wedding as a teen, was married to Rene for a decade and now she’s w thus husband ….but this strikes you as ho behavior? And why invite your family to your wedding. Now the Jackson s that’s the gold diggers. I think people just hating because she really has it like that. And I hope she cleans up on his ass

        • I’ve known BW with your same mentality. They were in LTRs and produced kids from their LTRs, which isn’t the same as a marriage, though some BW never got that memo. Sad fact is, if Janet wasn’t a celeb, her stans would be dragging her for filth for what she does. Marrying for money makes one a gold digger. She def gets around. You can refer to her as a gold digger. I will refer to her as I have, a whore.

  4. No different than these trophy wives, she married him for the money…Yeah I said it.
    I don’t care if this is 2014 or whatever lifestyle that a person is ‘accustomed to’ or whatever financial problems they may be in, marrying someone for superficial reasons is STILL some bullshyt and we all have met that bytch named Karma.

    Janet needs to get with some Hollywood bigwigs and do some voice/speech making training and go host a dance competition program or something. She’ll be fine with or without this dude’s $500 mill. Some people just can’t be alone for very long though. They just aren’t built like that.

    • I think its safe to say that after 3 flop marriages that Janet is just not Wife material.

      • Or at least short to mid-term wife material. But hey I can’t talk…never been close to getting married.

      • Shut the f*ck up! Mrs. Jackson wouldnt even let you interview to clean her toilets! Are you a wife? You got some underline issues with woman because you either cant get o e or you are in the closet! Or mayb u just ugly lol Foh! Jj get that doe.

    • True, Vandellish. Right before she married Wissam, Janet was on a money grab from MJ’s estate. She needs to take a nap somewhere.

  5. Only a year? You can have all the cookie smelling food you can carry and go kick rocks.

  6. Yeah,Janet was married quietly to Rene E for 9years and no one knew until the divorce.That song Son Of A Gun”was about Rene.

    • For some reason, all of Janet’s husbands/boyfriends have a history of being gay. I think Janet likes soft men that will not try and dominate her like her father Joe. James Debarge, Rene and Jermaine Dupri all have been reported to be bisexual. This pairing with Wissam was very odd, but then again the whole Jackson clan is odd.

      • The Jackson’s have a weirs fixation with the middle east and Islam. Michael lived over there and blankets mom is reputed to be middle eastern. Latoya spent time over there too plying her trade….and now Janet. Wonder what that’s all about

  7. I am not so quick to jump on this as facts. However, if it is indeed true, I think she may not like being the third or fifth wife or whatever position she is in. Interesting that when they were dating they were on the social scene, but now that they have married nobody sees them anymore.

  8. she should get a settlement and thats it not no 500 million or whatever she is trying to get. maybe a million but come on now.. it did not last that long..

  9. We all know how Janet likes to keep things hush, hush. I do believe that this was a contractual marriage. Maybe their one year marriage was apart of the agreement, strange how all of this is coming out around their one year wedding anniversary.

    Maybe, in marrying Janet doors opened for Wissum and Janet that otherwise would not have been opened if it were not for their union. Their marriage heightened their rep.

    Either way she will still come out of this with more money than she came in with. I just hope that she comes out of this okay. I have always been a fan.

  10. she better stop trying to extort his money before she is pushing up daisy.

    • Ok. And she is overseas, where they don’t respect women nor will they send a search party to find her Black ass.

  11. Why is Janet looking for 500mil? I’m starting to wonder if Janet is broke, why else would she marry this guy? It certainly wasn’t for his looks.
    This just goes to show you how much of a fraud Forbes is, none of these music artists have the money that they claim to have.

  12. Where’s that bird who flamed me last week for saying that Wendy announced that Janet and Wissam were separating? I’ll wait…

    • LOL! I’ve missed you guys so much!!! I’m so happy to be back….I missed the drama!!!!

      • MS.GEMINI! WE MISSED YOU TOO, LADY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m very glad to see your name on these boards again. Hope you’re doing well. Blessings & Peace!

      • BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!

        I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see you!!

        You have been sorely missed and I think about you every time I come here. It just ain’t right without Ms G in da house!

        I hope you are healing well and feeling better. Don’t rush your recovery…relax and let your body take care of itself. I know your hub has been taking good care of you. Give him and YOU a hug from me. Mmmmwwah!

        • Wassup Ladies!!

          God came through & carried me through the storm! I might have lost a few of my “pieces parts” but that’s a small price to pay to have my health!

          And I’m just now able after 1 month to start resuming normal activities, so it’s safe to say I’m back!!!! =) =)

    • I was me!! No sir, just kidding. It was probably one of those dumb asses talking that Taurus bullshit.

  13. Marriage Made No Sense. Islam Is Not Hollywood. How would she be able to ball, and be a devout Muslimah at the same time?

    • after 9/11 the news blasted us night and day about how bad arabs treat their women, and the fool who ran around naked on stage, thought she’d be happy in a black sheet from head to toe? she crazier than michael. gets no sympathy from me.

      • @Faye

        Arabs enslaved African Women and Men long before the Iberians did so…Spain and Portugal. Any group of men that enslaved us, I have a problem with that. Today, black Muslims in Nigeria are killing teens and young adults in the name of Allah…Whaaaaat! Add Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Chad, Congo to the list as well. No disrespect to black Muslims…Can’t Do It!

    • We, Muslimahs, ball out All the time. Lol. We have just as much fun as anybody else. 🙂

      • @Rah

        Janet married an Arab, Why? These mixed whitemen love them some black women, but, will kill me and other black males in a heartbeat for even looking at their women. Does Janet hate us so much, that, she would jump into bed with a group of men that despise african men, Really? We need to air this dirt out in the open. Some of us don’t know the half.

  14. That’s what Janet gets for marrying that Ishmaelite anyways.Those Arabs of all people the most high forbids us from intermarriages with.

  15. An if some of yall think Janet wont get Rapped up, Yall crazy! No way she walks empty handed. She is a taurus woman an they dont play games when it comes to there bread! The Bull aint having that lol I hope she get everthing she can from his ass. She deserves it an she is Royalty!Thats Mike lil sis lol

    • Amen Monique Amen! We TAUREANS don’t play about that! I am a Lady Taurean we don’t play about the three things, 1) Sex, 2) Money, and 3) home.

      • Preach! My mom is a taurus an she stay riding down bout her Bread! Its really funny but it has taught me alot! Taurus woman are a special breed. Well, april taurus at least.

  16. Janet married Wissam for his money. It backfired. You convert because you have strong belief in that faith. She can’t deceive God. This is payback for her being wrong. I hope she doesn’t get a friggin’ dime and I hope he didn’t contract her STD.

  17. A blackwoman walking around in a Arab country covered up from head to toe on a daily when she’s accustomed to dressing provocative and being on stage half dressed?Not Janet’s forte. This union was doomed from the gate.

  18. Janet, has to realized that if she doesn’t read her contract and pay attention to the fine print, she can walk away with nothing. If she is not to careful, she can be sold to the underworld of sex slave servantude. And her being a rich entertainer, she can be very profitable if she is not careful. There is no amount money is the world for your insanity and your freedom. If she don’t know, she better ask her big sister LaToya. She should know. LaToya is a prime example of what happen to her.

  19. This damn fool isn’t going to receive one damn dime from this man unless he decides to be nice to her and give it to her from the kindness of his heart. What did she expect when she married a Arab Muslim and decided to live in his country? Did she expect to get over there and behave as she does in the United States?

    I am sure she was warned beforehand about his customs and rules over there. She did it anyway and now unhappy. There is no doubt in my mind that she got over there to discover she may not be the only wife that he has and now has to live under Sharia Law.

    What a dumb f*cking bitch she is. Can she not just get on a plane and get back into the states? Why call on the phone doing a bunch of weeping. Get your ass out of there dumb ass. Unless she can’t. I bet he ignores her now. Treats her like a house pet. Dumb bitch.

  20. And the women on this thread talking this Taurus nonsense. How f*cking ignorant!! This woman needs to worry about how to get from underneath the laws over there and come out unscathed. Dumb ass “shes a Taurus” bullshit.

  21. I agree with you on all that! But, janet aint no damn fool. She sitting pretty an trust! She bout her bread! That nigga lucky she even f*cked with him…. Period.

  22. Why in the shell does she look like Edward scissor hands in those pics…she look like the walk in dead and I’m not talkin bout the TV show…Janet scissorhand

  23. She looking like Edward scissor hands in those pics,why does she look like the walking dead and I’m not taking about the TV SHOW….Janet scissor hands

  24. Anyone notice that this old hoe is wearing a DOG COLLAR in the first pic where they are both wearing all black?


  25. No, Anon, not SMBD, more like MECJ (Mad Expensive Handmade Jewelry).

    I think that’s a Yossi Harari 24K oxidized gold collar (he invented a process that turns pure gold black – don’t ask me why), accented with rose-cut yellow, white & black diamonds. An INSANELY pricey piece made not to look like it. When you’re f*cking a billionaire, that’s what you rock. I’ve only seen one other photo of it, but if I find it, I’ll post a link.

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  27. Sister’s always think it will be easier on the other side but they don’t think about the cultural difference which can be a challenge. Them folks want you to commit to Islam and there culture and she couldn’t do it so now she wants to leave.

  28. All these jealous, fat, hatin’ ho’s and downlow men and fags on here talking about someone elses life. Most of you fat lazy bitches ain’t got a piece of man, let alone a rich one, but passing judgement on Mrs. Al Mana like you ho’s are doing so much better. Whatever her reasons for being with this man is her business, his money, his love, his whatever far well succeeds anything you worthless fat jealous, flabby, weekend club twerking ho’s have done.

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