Billy Ray Cyrus Debuts on Billboard Rap Charts!


“Achy Breaky 2” — featuring Buck 22 and Billy Ray — debuted at number 11 on the Hot Rap songs chart — edging out Drake’s “Worst Behavior” at #12.”


  1. Well of course he did. His skin is white. He has the complexion for the selection. LOL

  2. They know we are the shyt that’s why they hate on us and steal from us. Sad part about it uneono.

  3. …wait….WTF? How long have I been gone from HSK?

    Has hell frozen over in my absence???

  4. Stealing from black people is all they know how to do. This Casper serving up his white daughter to blackmen like a chicken bone to a dog…Babylon!

    • True! As a father, he is supposed to set the example. Instead, he is following her lead by robbing Black culture for album spins, sales and spots on the Billboard charts. So disgusting.

  5. Robbing black culture??? Since when is rap ‘black culture” ? Read a book ninja!!! Cyrus father and daughter are both clowns AND so are all the simple minded folks buying theirs, and Eminem’s “raps”.

    • Hip Hop is our culture. Rap is just rhyming with no real substance. Billy Ray can have that!

  6. bullsh!t! what garbage why do we even do this everything we(blacks) create eventualy always gets taken away !

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