Ex-Side Chick Set To Reveal: “Shaq was molested by a family member around age 8”


Sources have spilled news that Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-long time side chick will soon unleash her revengeful wrath on the NBA legend. Know how? With a reported tell-all!

This would be Vanessa Lopez’s more than three-years in the making ‘get back at Shaq’ penning plan.

Back in 2010, insiders say the Latina squashed her five-year long relationship with Shaq, said to have led the former Laker on a war path against her. “He was harassing her on the regular,” reveals a source. A judge didn’t buy it, but it’s a civil case Lopez probably didn’t have a chance in hell at winning — given Shaq’s deep pockets and powerful connections. That may be what Lopez isn’t holding back any info in the book… even if it means airing out Shaq’s alleged childhood molestation!

Dig the drop:

“Vanessa explains everything in the book. It’s crazy she explains who it is.”


  1. another tell all another pissed off girl

    why shaq would tell a sidegirl his personal business is anyone’s guess.

    still she wants to benefit.

    • If he was molested, it is not her place to reveal it. Molestation is serious and once this is revealed it has long lasting side effects. Dirty, just dirty.

      • I agree – that is just awful for someone to reveal that type of personal info on another person.

        • Ms. Gemini

          So, good to see you back. How are you? I want you to know that I am still praying for you everyday. I have a prayer list with your name included. God Bless!!

          • Hi BP!

            I am finally through the worst. Recovery has been difficult but the surgeon says they got all the cancer. Thanks for continuing to pray for me! I have missed you guys!!

            • I logged in just for you.
              GOD bless you in your fight against cancer.
              In Jesus name your body is a temple and no disease formed against it shall proper.. Amen.

  2. Is it his fault that he was molested at the age of 8? What makes this any different than the millions of other 8 year olds that were/are unfortunately molested? You don’t ‘out’ the molested, you ‘out’ the molester. Fuck her, and any other person that would print this shit.

      • I am replying to my own post because I just posted this question and the links came up. Clearly the site has been compromised. I will wait for it to be fixed before I come back. Something is really wrong. Perhaps now messages will start to be revised and people won’t even recognize their own post.

        Since about 1.5 weeks ago, real strange on HSK. Unbelievable stories, wrong information and now this.

        I’ll wait until you do the investigation Jacky, but I cannot afford a new computer if this site has been jacked or has a virus.

        Good Luck and I’ll see my HSK Fam in a couple of weeks.

    • If it was pillow talk you best believe that the person who molested him was a attractive and horny female.

  3. He should have stayed with Shaunie. Why would this rat chick out a person who was molested? Get back with your family Shaq, by that I mean shaunie oneal.

  4. She obviously has developed and allergic reaction to air. #ShaqonthephonenowtoRickTheFixerFox.

  5. Dang! This hoe wouldn’t have given Shaq the time of day if he wasn’t Shaq the pro basketball player.

    Will these black athletes ever learn? Now she hanging out his dirty laundry so everybody can see.

  6. Kind of figured something had happened to Shaq, like it did Luther Wright but it didn’t have to come out like this.

  7. Molestation isn’t something you just “air”. May Shaw get the help and necessary healing he needs to be a better man… And may Vanessa learn to value herself and become a better woman. Namaste

  8. Why would she expose something so personal, such as sexual abuse? Blackmen in sports invite this betrayal from these gutter women. Barry Bonds got outed by a Becky on Nightline…Killed His Vibe! Then Again, a lot of brothas are pig-headed. Spanish Women/White Women…Same Ish!!!

  9. What and who does she think she is hurting. In all actuality if he was molested at 8, how is this outing him, he was an innocent kid. He might have been 6 feet tall and 220 pounds but he was still a kid. I mean if you think about it, this is sort of a excuse to blame any f*cked up characteristics he has. Anytime a chick is giving up p*ssy out of both drawers holes, she say she was molested and all Is forgiven, anytime a dude starts molesting kids, he says he was molested and all is forgiven. Anytime a dude f*cks every woman he can…..hold up bad example. But you know what I’m saying. If this is this his this hookers master plant to get rich, she needs to pull a chair back up to the drawing board and do better, cause as of right now this stands to get him more praise than bad press.

  10. Umm, how is she a sidepiece when Shaq is single? Him & Shaunie been divorced for a while now. And he never married that reality show chick he was dating, did he? So Lopez is just some bitch he was banging — & his taste in women is terrible!

    Methinks an injunction will come out against this book with-the-quickness. Shaq was lawyers on retainer who will but the brakes on this bitch. She has no right to publicize something as horrific as that about a 3rd party who was victimized as a child.

    This chickenhead needs to have a seat & shut her mouth before she ends up in the trunk of a car somewhere with her tongue cut out.

  11. Well this makes sense. A lot of people who are molested end up in homosexual relationships or are hyper sexual. I guess this explains his friendship/relationship with known bisexual Mark Stevens who is his long term manager.

    Jacky if you want the tea on that, let me know.

  12. q dogs do more than bark they lick balls to keep em clean or a check in the bank.

  13. This is what he get for having a ole sensitive mass moment with this hoe! You gotta treat a hoe like a hoe, just because he had just bussed on her face I guess he was all in his feelings and started telling his life story…to a hoe msg way to go playa playa

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