Phaedra Parks’ Defamation Case Against Angela Stanton Falls to Pieces


It was March 16, 2012 when HSK first revealed that Phaedra Parks is a criminal mastermind. Since that time, Parks used the media and the courts to viciously deny these accusations. Accusations brought to light by both HSK, and by former Parks associate, Angela Stanton (part 1, part 2 & part 3).

Well, here is an update on how that is going, here’s a hint: Not so well!

After failing to show up for her deposition in the defamation lawsuit she brought against Stanton, related to her tell-all book, “Lies from a Real Housewife”, Phaedra has now also failed to show up to the court proceedings. Many suspect that since her husband and co-conspirator, Apollo Nida, has been arrested on Federal fraud charges, Parks has been trying to distance herself from the criminal empire and cohorts.

Here is what Stanton’s lawyer, James Radford had to say:

“I have received numerous inquiries about this motion today. Rather than comment on it, I am publishing it here. I’d prefer to let the pleading speak for itself. In sum, we are seeking summary judgment in favor of Angela Stanton, against Phaedra Parks, on defamation claims asserted by Ms. Parks. All the evidence that has been developed in this case points to the truth of Ms. Stanton’s book, Lies of Real Housewife, and Ms. Parks has failed to put on any evidence to support her claims. Ms. Parks has not sat for her own deposition. We are also seeking sanctions in the form of attorneys fees due to what we believe to be frivolous litigation.”


  1. Angela Stanton is a Damn RAT! phaedra is a smart black female attorney and this dumb bitch is trying to tear her down along with this Jacky maggot. Much respect to phaedra

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    • Please tell her dumb behind again! Shady characters are usually the first ones calling attention to themselves. Phaedra knew not to show up for her deposition. It’s sad when an Attorney is as dumb as/is the client.

    • Cosign! Someone is a little “too” adamant over Phaketra (Philly, I mean you). Cussing up a storm over someone you see on TV and probably will never meet. If Philly/Phaedra wants real role models, try opening up a history book or study up on the people who are making a difference in the Black Community…not some shyster “lawyer” with crooked business dealings who seeks 15 minutes of fleeting fame on a wack reality show.

      • If all lawyers are crooks why single out a black female one.? Let her live but rats like biting holes through perfectly good items. Lol

  5. Once Angela’s story was found to be true there was no other way for Phaedra’s defamation case against her to go.

    • Homegirl had to much detail to her story foe it to be a lie.Phaedra used her prestige as a Attorney to shut Angela down but the truly really looks like it’s starting to manifest itself.

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  8. MS.PARKS NIDA is innocent till proven guilty because all I have seen thus far is angry, jealous people formally of Phaedra’s circle try and bring her down, but I don’t believe she will ever be indicated on any crime, Apollo will do his time and when gets out of prison he will be running there funeral home along with Ms. Parks Nida as it’s director #VISION #FUTURE

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  11. Phaedra will have to be brought to her deposition kicking and screaming, because she knows that she will be questioned under oath, and there are many questions not pertaining to the defamation case that she does NOT want to answer.

  12. What’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light. And hopefully in your lifetime.

  13. Apollo looks at Phaedra like she smells. And he’s always looking at Kenya with supreme thirst in his eyes. Like, Sahara desert thirst. Like he ain’t had a cup of water in 8 days thirst. Just like his lips are dry & crusty from lack of hydration thirsty.

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  15. Shady Phae-Phae..I bet now y’all gonna believe Kenya crazy ass about Phaedra..**side eyes**

  16. Phaedra Parks is a criminal and she’ll have to pay Angela Stanton some money. Frivolous lawsuits are taken very seriously. She in fact is the one who slandered Angela Stanton. She’ll have to pay for that. Not only that but she knows that the FEDS are looking at her and looking to lock her up. She was involved in check and title fraud. Her name is on fraudulent businesses tied to her husbands criminal activity. I am sure she received some of the stolen money. Her assets are about to be snatched and her fake bullshit ass thrown in jail. Good riddance. She needs to be making arrangements for someone to care for her two kids. The bitch.

  17. Yall I notice something about Phaedra. Remember she was suppose to represent Sheree about her child support case and Bob Whitfield outsmarted her ass by 1) Representing herself and 2) File a motion to reduce his child support. I was like, Damn Phaedra! U got outshitted by an ex football player! And two, when shit get too hot for fast money, she always tryin to do something legit to cover her ass? #Exposed101

    • #boom #pow #ziiip#zoooom. #mmmmkay. Tell it girl. Let me help you out Chile. But my point was made eons ago. You broads, or one broad under many user names are indeed haters and should go to a haters anonymous class. Raise your hand in the beginning and say my name is Angela Stanton and I’m broke, and a hater…I get mad when I see phaedra making moves

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